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Section AA Proposed Proposed sewer PLan Scale 1:20

Code 4 Lead Cover Flashing 5850 mm

Velux Roof Light CFP 090120

50x100mm Sw Treated Wall Plate

1450 mm
Straped @1200mm c/s Exsiting Rear Wall

Scale 1:20
Thames Sewer
75mm Sand & Cement floor screed. On 75mm
Celotex insulation. On 100mm Concrete slab. On

4450 mm
1200g Polythene DPM. On min. 150mm Compacted hardcore.
Connection to Thames Sewer
DPC min 150mm to be Clay "Y" Joint
above ground level


800 mm
2830mm 1450 mm

600 mm Exsiting Thames Sewer

Invert 950mm
Exsiting foundation
(assumed position)
New Manhole
Invert 800mm
600 mm

New Manhole New Manhole to be Precast Concrete

Invert 850mm Rings 600x400mm With cover Slab
Section AA Build over Detail

Trench Block
Ground Level
Existing sewer Plan
1200x100x150mm Concrete Lintel x3
450 mm
950 mm

Insure 150mm Clearance around pipe

Infill with Pea Shingle

450mm Exsiting Thames Sewer New Foundation

2830 mm 1450 mm

Scale 1:20
No 19 No 21 No 23
Scale 1:100
DRG No. A03 Rev: 00

Mobile 07515723812 Title: Drain Plan Ref: Client: Mr S Ahmed Date 14/02/2017 21 Beech Grove Rd, Mitcham, Surrey, CR41LD