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The following text is for questions 1 to 3

Rain is advantageous because it brings water for all living things. But rain can be
disastrous, too, because too much rain will cause floods which can wash away people,
houses and other valuable properties.
The following is how rain is formed. The air is filled with tiny particles known as
vapour. Vapour is actually the gaseous form of water. Vapour is a part of air. The air
around us is constantly moving because the air near the surface of the earth is hotter and
lighter. This is why this is air rises. The air higher up in the sky is cold and heavy, so it
sinks. The rising of hot air and the singking of cold water cause the air to move. When
the hot air rises to a certain level, the vapour presents in it, cools and changes to water.
This is known as condensation. When the water particles are too heavy for the air to
carry, the air is said to be oversatured. The water particles then fall as rain.
1. The air cannot carry the water particles as they are so that they fall as rain
a. Hot
b. Tiny
c. Light
d. Heavy
e. Constant

2. What is bad abaout rain?

a. It makes the sky cold
b. It washes away waste
c. It makes the weather hot
d. It damages useless properties
e. It damages valuable properties

3. What is the purpose of the text

a. To explain how rain is formed
b. To share experience in a rainy season
c. To amuse readers with the information
d. To warn people about the danger of rain
e. To persuade readers to prevent much rain

4. Man : What is your favourite food?

Woman : .
What is the best response?
a. I dont like fried rice
b. Its really amazing
c. Sorry, I didnt like it
d. Im very fond of seafood

5. Man : Finally, I can enjy my spare time after the hectic day
Woman : Thats great! Take your time. Anyway, what do you like doing during
your free time
Man :

what is the best response?

a. Well go on a vacation
b. I love reading books
c. Please get relaxed
d. I was in a rush

6. Rizka : Finally, Ive finished my painting, what do you think of it?

Bayu :
What is the best response?
a. Help yourself
b. Its naturalistic
c. You look fabulous
d. Thats a good idea

The followingtext is for questions 7 and 8

Tom called you when you were out. Youre espected to return immediately to Jakarta.
Danny had an accident and is seriously injured. Your wite is at the hospital now. A fight
has been booked for you and Ricky will drive you to the airport. Ive asked a Ben to open
and direst the meeting. Sorry, I cant see you off.
7. youre expected to return immediately to Jakarta
What is similar to expected?
a. Anticipated
b. Exposed
c. Thought
d. Recommended
e. Considered
8. Who had an accident and is seriously injured?
a. Tom
b. John
c. Danny
d. Ricky
e. Ben

9. (1) She also had to have a rest for five days so she couldnt go anywhere
(2) The doctor said she had to consume medicine and drink a lot of water
(3) It was the worst holiday she has ever had
(4) On 22nd May, Anita went to Singapore for a five-day shopping trip
(5) Anita returned to Jakarta on 27th May without buying anything
(6) She arrived in Singapore at 10 a.m. and the weather was very hot
(7) Due to the hot weather, she felt sick and went to a doctor.
The correct arragentment for the sentences above is.
a. 4-6-7-2-1-5-3
b. 4-3-5-1-7-6-2
c. 4-1-5-3-7-6-2
d. 4-5-1-6-2-7-3
e. 4-3-7-6-2-1-5

10. (1) The lion saw its reflection in the well and thought it was its enemy
(2) So, is told the lion there was a very strong animal that looked like the lion
(3) The rabbit took the lion behind a hill and pointed to a deep well
(4) The rabbit could stand it no longer and wanted to teach the lion a lesson
(5) So, it plunged into the the well and drowned
(6) A long time ago, there was a lion that always frowned upon the rabbit and
(7) The lion was angry and asked the rabbit to show it the animal.
a. 6-4-7-5-2-3-1
b. 6-4-7-3-1-2-5
c. 6-4-5-2-7-1-3
d. 6-4-3-1-5-2-7
e. 6-4-2-7-3-1-5

For questions 11 to 13, complete the following text with the words provide

Once upon a time there lived a young man, named Nazar. He lived very poor. One,
day, Nazar went to town to look for a job. He had to climb up the hill and (11) thick
jungle to get to the nearest town. Suddenly, he heard (12) from a bush. As he
approached, he saw people gathering around a big tree. Nazar realized that the people
were going against Gods orders. So, he took out a big (13) axe and decided to cut
down the tree

11. a. checked b. examined c. inspected d. go throught e. hunted throught

12. a. trembels b. shadows c. movement d. gestures e. sounds
13. a. sharp b. edge c. dull d. rough e. thick

For questions 14 or 16, complete the following text with the words provided.
The (14) groups in the mountain regions of southwest and central Sulawesi
(Celebes) are known as Toraja, which means those who live upstream or those who live
on the mountains. Their name is in fact derived from the word Raja, which is Sanskrit
means King. The society is hierarchically structured: the noblemen are called rengnge,
the ordinary people, makaka, and the slaves, kaunan. Birth (15) which status a person
will hold. The distinctive features of the traditional houses (tongkonan) of the Toraja are
thebuffalo horns, the roof design and the rich decoration on the walls. The buffalo is a
(16) of status, courage, strength and fighting spirit.
14. a. modern b. ethnic c. relative d. interest e. recial
15. a.chosses b. needs c. calls d. describes e. determines
16. a. symbol b. feature c. structure d. name e. design

For questions 17 or 19, complete the following text with the words provided.
Now see came to me and whose not reluctant to help me when I was in trouble.
She would always came me want I was angry; she would always came back to help me:
she would always get me a glass of water when I (17) after having a nightmare; she
would always cheer me up when I cried helpleesly; she would never let me carry (18)
which I couldnt hold but why? Why would she to that? She would always comfort me
when my parents quarreled.
Hunny, do you want a glass of water? Anna asked me, pulling my bed-sheed
(19) to my meck, with a glass off water in her right hand I woke up and saw her white
face in the dim moon light.
17. a. lifted up b. pick up c. brought up d. woke up e. stood up
18. a. opportunities b. a burden c. chances d. a prospect e. a responsibility
19. a. close b. deep c. biond d. narrow e. huge

Question 1 and 2 are bassed on the following monologue.

After graduating in Tourism from the University of Texas, Pat Crown was
enemployed for almost a year. During the period, she visited many countries around the
world and took notes on special attractions, traditions, cultures and environment of those
When an advertisement was published by a leading local newspaper looking for a
journalist, she applied for the post and was employed by the company. With her travelling
experience, she was assigned to the tour and travel department.
Needless to say, her new job suggested that she travel extensively from one country
to another. Her degree in tourism and ecent trips to vorius countries helped her get along
well with the job. She has written many remarkable articles and short stories about toru
and travel, ever since she started working there.

20. What did pat crown do ?

a. a lecturer d. a photograper
b. a journalist e. a tourism minister
c. a tour gaide
21. how long was pat crown unemployed ?
a. almost a year
b. one amd a half years
c. two years
d. two and a half years
e. three years

Hanif and putra dont 22. What is the purpose the message ?
forget to submit your assignment a. To remind hanif to submit his task
b. To suggest Mr. Aditia to be on time
to Mr. aditia at two oclock this
afternoon. Put them into white
envelopes. Mr. aditia will be
expecting us in Room 206. Please
be on time. Send me your reply.
c. To assign Mr. Aditia to wait in Room
d. To inform hanif about Mr. aditias
e. To ask hanif to prepare for a white

23. Mr. aditia will be expecting us in Room 206. The word us refer to
a. Diana, putra and Aditia
b. Hanif, putra and Aditia
c. Diana, Hanif and Putra
d. Diana and Mr. aditia
e. Mr. aditia and Hanif

24. The letter tells us about

Dear Nicole, a. David invites Nicole to come to
How are you? I am writing to his birthday party.
invite you to my birthday party on 5 b. Nicole invites David to attend her
August 2009. birthday party.
It will be veru great because I c. David invites his friends to attend
invite all of our friends. My mother will Nicoles
make me a huge birthday cake. I am sure d. David is invited by his friend to
you will be delighted. Do you still celebrate her birthday party.
e. David asks Nicole to attend his
remember bill, ivone, George and nick?
friends birthday party.
Ihave asked them to bring their musical
instrument. After dinner we can dance
25.and sing
The together.
birthday party will be held
a. In the morning forward to you.
I am looking
b. In the
Sincerely evening
c. In the afternoon
d. At midnight
e. Between 9 p.m and 12 p.m