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1. The speaker approaches the stage with his spiel.

His hands were shaking and he was

sweating tremendously. He experienced:
A. nausea C. Epilepsy
B. Heart attack D. Stage fright

2. He was like snake in the night, what figure of speech is present?

A. Metaphor C. Personification
B. Simile D. Apostrophe

3. The words inadequate, disembark, uneducated and illegitimate have prefixes that are:
A. Neutral C. Negative
B. Positive D. Common

4. She is a star in the heavens above. What figure of speech is used?

A. Hyperbole C. Simile
B. Metaphor D. Personification

5. The suspect was spared because all he said were all white lies. The word phrase means:
A. Lies are type written C. The lies are made in public
B. lies recited are illogical D. Lies that bare harmless

6. A distinct feature of poetry during the age of modernism is:

A. Blank verse C. Free verse
B. Measure D. Rhyme

7. Which of the following is Carlos Bulosans celebrated autobiography?

A. Footnote to Youth C. The Laughter of my Father
B. America is in the Hearth D. Falling Leaves

8. When materials in the real world are brought to the classroom to expose learners to language
in real life, the materials are considered:
A. Graded C. Appropriate
B. Suitable D. Authentic

9. Which is NOT included in external evaluation?

A. Introduction C. Activities
B. Blurbs D. Table of contents

10. Which of the following is an example of sequencing materials?

A. Bottom to top C. By stages
B. Top to bottom D. Whole to parts

11. To make a fantastic group work, each member must put his/her finger in the pie. The phrase
A. Participate in the group C. Taste a pie
B. Bake a pie D. Join a group

12. To be or not to be, thats the question this line takes from what particular Shakespearean
A. The Ghost C. Romeo and Juliet
B. Hamlet D. Macbeth
13. The period of American Renaissance gave birth to:
A. Realism C. Naturalism
B. Romanticism D. Transcendentalism

14. Her way of speaking is an entertaining as a laundry list is an example of:

A. Onomatopoeia C. Simile
B. Metaphor D. Hyperbole

15. To punish himself for murdering his father and having sexual relationship with his mother,
what did Oedipus do?
A. He gouged his eyes C. He killed himself
B. He castrated himself D. He ordered his sons to murder him

16. The playwright who used the alteration effect in his plays to educate the audience and not
merely to play upon their emotion is:
A. Thomas Mann C. Henrich Ibsen
B. Bertolt Brecht D. August Strenberg

17. Organizing the materials so that it is clear to the learners is referred to as:
A. Balancing C. elaborating
B. Structuring D. Sequencing

18. Writers of instructional manual must link the materials to:

A. The level of students C. The curriculum
B. A teaching technique D. A course guide

19. Which of the following best describes the difference between figures that Dante encounters
in the three canticles of the Divine Comedy?
A. In Paradiso, they have neither bodies nor images but not corporeal substance
B. In Inferno, they become more corporeal as Dante descents into lower circles
C. In Purgatorio, they have corporeal shape but not corporeal
D. All of the above

20. What literary type will begin with the following lines? In the beginning these were Malakas
and Maganda
A. Folk tale C. Creating myth
B. Supernatural tale D. Legend

21. To ensure the relevance of instructional materials to the curriculum, it is important to:
A. Include test evaluation C. Base them on the textbook use
B. Consider the grade/year level D. Have a list of goals and objectives

22. Which of these statement is TRUE of textually authentic materials?

A. Not written for teaching C. Promote interest in language learning
B. Are interactive in character D. Improve learners vocabulary

23. The Euripides purpose in producing the drama Medea is to:

A. Criticize Greek behavior C. Attack deepest prejudices of the levels
B. Entertain the audience D. Express his shock
24. The Noh play is greatly influence by:
A. Buddhism C. Shintoism
B. Hinduism D. Zen Buddhism

25. A sound converted electronically into a numerical system to achieve better sounds
reproduction is called:
A. Digital sound C. Sound blaster
B. Electronic sound D. Analog sound

26. Which is an example of a learning task having direct authenticity?

A. Role playing C. Simulation
B. Small group discussion D. Filling in a blank application form

27. What is the English translation of Rabindranant Tagores Gitanjali?

A. Devotional songs C. Songs of Songs
B. Song of Offerings D. Patriotic Hymns

28. Which of the following plays was NOT written by Sophocles?

A. Ajax C. Antigone
B. Agamemnon D. Oedipus at Colonus

29. The following headline appeared in the July issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Army accuses rebels of using civilians as human shield
The phrase HUMAN SHIELD is enclosed in single quotation marks. This indicates that the
A. is newly-coined C. is not used correctly
B. is important D. is extraordinary

30. The 17th centurys greatest contribution to prose is:

A. The Novel C. The essay
B. The Biography D. The Drama

31. What is distinct characteristic of vowels?

A. Vocal cord vibrates
B. Friction is present in the vocal tract
C. Air flow freely through the nasal cavity
D. There is little obstruction in the vocal tract

32. The type of novel which became popular in the 18th century is:
A. Picaresque C. Epistolary
B. Religious D. Gothic

33. Which of the following is a feature of suggetopedia?

A. Only listening activities are provided
B. Reading and writing are emphasized
C. Learners shares their feelings in small group
D. Learners are in a relaxed and reclining position

34. The press is referred to as Fourth Estate because it ________.

A. Is a powerful political force
B. is an adversary of government
C. Checks all branches of government
D. Acts as the fourth branch of government

35. Which minimal pair illustrates that /s/ and /Z/ are separate phonemes?
A. trace-craze C. seize-see
B. lacy-lazy D. juice-peace

36. Which reading takes place when the learners read each line then the repeats it?
A. Echo reading C. Small group reading
B. Chorus reading D. Cumulative reading

37. Which of the following will influence the pronunciation of ice cream and I scream?
A. stress C. juncture
B. patch D. intonation

38. When a teacher wants to emphasize the learners needs to identify when they are writing
and for whom, he/she can use the _____________.
A. free writing approach C. process approach
B. controlled writing approach D. communicative writing approach

39. Which type of reading is CHORAL READING?

A. guided C. shared
B. buddy D. reading aloud to student

40. What can be the most appropriate follow up sentence to the given statement below?
I have been teaching for 32 years
A. And I cant imagine doing anything else
B. And my children are now teachers, too
C. And I want this to end right now
D. So it is now time to quit

41. The death of Ninoy Aquino prompted the CONGLOMERATION of people from different
walks of life. The words below are synonyms of the capital word except.
A. Diffusions C. Criticized
B. Condemned D. Excluded

42. For a non-believer, the noise heard during the street procession would seem
CACOPHONOUS. The word means:
A. Soft and pleasant C. Soft and yet unpleasant
B. Loud and unpleasant D. Loud and yet unpleasant

43. A paragraph is believed to have coherence if:

A. The sentence are independent
B. The sentence are all about the topic sentence
C. The sentence correctly written in terms of grammar rules
D. The sentence are smoothly connected with each other through transition devices

44. As a historian, Herodolus never missed ant SALIENT point in his creation The Hostories.
The words below are synonyms of the capital word except:
A. Relevant C. Significant
B. Minor D. Leading
45. Which of the verbs below would fit the sentence?
It ______ unfair the she should stay home to do all the work.
A. needs C. seems
B. has to D. tends to

46. Which of the following will provide appropriate encouragement for a learner to a learn a
A. explanation of rules C. learning environment
B. language form D. self-satisfaction

47. If the teacher would like a behavior to occur again and eventually become a habit, it should
A. imitated C. modeled
B. corrected D. reinforced

48. A teacher who wants to conduct an intensive and drilling of basic sentence pattern should:
A. do pattern practice C. assign fair work
B. explain grammar rules D. demonstrate the lesson

49. This is the first accepted masterpiece in Philippine Literature in English.

A. Desire C. Dead stars
B. Small key D. My Father Goes to Court

50. Which does not characterize our countrys primitive literature?

A. Some were written in not so sturdy materials such as leaves and wood
B. Recognizes the existence of supreme being
C. Has continued to flourish in the colonial time
D. Mainly in oral tradition

51. Which does not characterize our countrys primitive literature?

A. Some were written in not so study materials such as leaves and wood
B. Recognizes the existence of a supreme being
C. Has continued to flourish in the colonial time
D. Mainly in oral tradition

51. The period is considered as the Golden Age of the Filipino Language.
A. American Regime C. Marcos Regime
B. Spanish Regime D. Japanese Regime

52. They are considered as the first teachers in the Philippines who taught English in a formal
classroom setting.
A. The Thomasites C. The Thomasians
B. The Sophists D. American Soldiers

53. Who wrote the short story The Wedding Dance Which is about the ill fated love of Awiyao
and Lumnay?
A. Paz Latorena C. Manuel Arguilla
B. Estrella Alfon D. Amador Daguio
54. If the student can relate the words in a sentence with each other to create a significant idea,
he/she is said to have:
A. Fluency C. Comprehension
B. Vocabulary D. Phonemic Awareness

55. After 10 depressing long years, Elaina finally quit the job. She ____ along with her superior
for a long time before she finally decided to look for a new position.
A. isnt getting C. didnt get
B. hasnt been getting D. hadnt been getting

56. Five years of intensive language study are required for second language learners. Charlie
____ English for three years, but he will need more training to be more proficient.
A. will have been studying C. will be studying
B. has studied D. has been studying

57. The editor found the news story not so entertaining. He found it full of:
A. adverb C. verbs
B. adjectives D. pronouns

58. Who is considered the goddess of Philippines poetry?

A. Teresa Subido C. Aida Rivera Ford
B. Angela Manalang Gloria D. Ophelia Alcantara Dimalanta

59. Filipino as a language blossomed during the time of the:

A. American C. Commonwealth
B. Spanish D. Japanese

60. Jose Rizals novel Noli Me Tangere is inspired by the novel written by Harriet Beacher Stowe
titled ______.
A. War and Peace C. Les Miserables
B. Tom Sawyer D. Uncle Toms Cabin

61. Which of the following inspired Rizals El Felibusterismo?

A. The death of his Father
B. The death of Andres Bonifacio
C. The execution of GOMBURZA
D. The imprisonment of his mother

62. What is the first American School in the Philippines that aims in teaching the Filipino how to
use the English Language?
A. Far Eastern University C. University of Santo Tomas
B. University of the Philippines D. Philippines Normal University

63 In developmental reading, this pertains to the familiarity of the students towards the sounds
of the language.
A. semantics C. phonology
B. phonemic awareness D. syntax

64. In developmental reading, the pertains to ability of the learner to relate the written symbol to
its corresponding sounds.
A. Phonics C. Semantic
B. Syntax D. Phonemic awareness

65. In the cueing system, this pertains to the structure of grammar.

A. semantics C. syntax
B. phonology D. morphology

66. Who wrote the novel A Christmas Carol which is about a man who hates Christmas?
A. H.G. Wells C. Oscar Wilde
B. Charles Dickens D. D.H. Lawrence

67. The poem The Road Not Take which road did the traveler takes?
A. high way C. clear road
B. streets D. road less travelled

68. Mark Twains novels Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are set in the _____ River.
A. Rio Grande C. Amazon
B. Nile D. Mississippi

69. Who among the following is known as the Indian Shakespeare?

A. Sadi C. Khagyam
B. Kalidasa D. Tagore

70. Which two groups are at war in Iliad?

A. Trojans and Phaecians C. Trojans and Achaeans
B. Trojans and Minoans D. Trojans and Macedonians

71. What work of Geoffrey Chaucer is regarded as the first collection of short stories in English
literature written in poetic form?
A. Beowulf C. Carterbug
B. Iliad D. Decameron

72. Which of the following literacy genre was used to express social protest during the early
days of American regime?
A. Duplo C. Comedia
B. Zarsuela D. Cenaculo

73. Who wrote Mga Ibong Mandaragat?

A. Edgardo Reyes C. Lualhati Bautista
B. Virgilio Almario D. Amado Hernandez

74. Which of the following cities was NOT a center of government, religion and culture in the
third millennium B.C?
A. Thebes C. Babylon
B. Nineveh D. Baghdad

75. Who died at the end of Iliad?

A. Hector C. Achilles
B. Menelaus D. Agamemnon

76. In Zeus plan, what is it that comes from suffering?

A. The ecstasy of truth C. Understanding
B. The consolation of death D. The certainty of more suffering

77. Which of the following is NOT a lyric poem?

A. Ballad C. Sonnet
B. Elegy D. Ode

78. Madame Bovary is considered as the best example of French ______.

A. Symbolism C. Naturalism
B. Realism D. Puritanism

79. When a learner tries out with a competent second language speaker the rules of language
he/she has formulated, he/she is _____.
A. generalizing C. practicing
B. reviewing D. hypothesis testing

80. Venus is an exemplification of feminine pulchritude. Pulchritude means:

A. Homeliness C. Beauty
B. Plain D. Ugliness

81. This pertains to the pauses or rests in speech.

A. stress C. juncture
B. pitch D. intonation

82. I would not leave you come hell or high water. Based on the given sentence, we can
surmise that:
A. the speaker wants the person to give up
B. the speaker want the person to continue fighting
C. the speaker wont leave the person no matter what
D. the speaker wants the person of a forthcoming disaster

83. One thousand hands made the pyramids of Egypt. What figure of speech was used in the
given statement?
A. metaphor C. onomatopoeia
B. metonymy D. synecdoche

Shall I compare thee to a summers day?
Thou art lovelier and more temperate
Rough winds to shake the darling buds of May
And summers least hath all too short a date

84. What is the rhyme scheme of the first quatrain of the given sonnet?

85. The sonnet above is the example of a:

A. Italian sonnet C. Shakespearean sonnet
B. Jacobean sonnet D. Petrarchan sonnet

86. If a student has familiarity with the sounds of the language, he/she is said to have:
A. fluency C. phonemic awareness
B. vocabulary D. graph phonemic

87. On the street of this position of Gods world I feel neighbor to a rat, so brother of a worm;
Forever chasing rainbows at muddy margins. This line on Quemadas poem is saying that:
A. Life is fruitful C. Life is empty and meaningless
B. Life is not worth living D. Life is full of challenges

88. The whale has no famous author and whaling no famous chronicles. Base on this line from
the novel, Moby Dick is treated as:
A. whaling is an old hobby
B. whale is a wild mammal that haunts mariners
C. whales are ordinary creatures
D. whaling is not truly creatures

89. The laborers are so happy that ____ now reaping the fruit of ____ efforts.
A. theyre there C. their their
B. there their D. theyre their

90. Which word has the C pronounced as /k/?

A. cold C. censure
B. city D. century

91. Which word has the C pronounced as /s/?

A. comma C. collaborate
B. connote D. censure

92. The teacher was asked to speak for her student when they won the speech choir
competition, and so she says ____ of my students, I want to thank you.
A. for C. on behalf
B. because D. in behalf

93. Taking an examination is like baking an buko pie. The first step is to gather the ingredients,
mixed them prepare the crust, place it on a pie pan, and then bake in an oven at 350 degrees.
This suffers from.
A. a faulty comparison C. an omitted conclusion
B. alliteration D. a hasty generalization

94. He is considered as the greatest English writer/ He is also known as the bard of Avon.
A. Francis Bacon C. Geoffrey Chaucer
B. Sir Walter Scott D. William Shakespeare

95. He is known as the father of horror stories.

A. Mark Twain C. Edgar Alllan Poe
B. William Faulkner D. Harriet Beecher Stowe

96. Gothic architecture is known for its:

A. round domes C. pointed arches
B. height D. decorated ceilings

97. In writing his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin stated that he was unable to arrive at
perfection, Yet, I was, by the endeavor, a happier and better man I otherwise should have been
if I had not attempted. Which of the following best describes Franklin attempt to achieve
A. time is money C. nothing ventured, nothing gained
B. ambition is its own reward D. cleanliness is next to godliness


98. She had ILLUSIVE dreams of instant wealth.

A. Moving swiftly C. Beyond comprehension
B. Tending to slip away D. Based on false ideas

99. Minoa is taller than ANY GIRL in the class.

A. Minoa is the taller than other girls in the class
B. Minoa is taller than any other girl in her class
C. Minoa is taller than other girls in the class
D. Minoa is the taller girl in the class

100. There was an ESOTERIC lecture on holography.

A. Out of content C. Under stable only by a select group
B. Irrefutable events D. Something ancient

101. Lepidopterology is WHERE YOU STUDY moths and butterflies.

A. Lepidopterology studies moth and butterflies
B. Lepidopterology is the study of moths and butterflies
C. Moths and butterflies are studied by Lepidopterology
D. The study of moths and butterflies is Lepidopterology

102. The brain can store ADMINITORY information.

A. valuable date C. advance knowledge
B. past experience D. under stable only by a select group

103. The