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Kaplan Student Rep Sales Sheet

Sections below:
1. Response when someone says theyre already with Barbri
2. Is there a difference in the bar companies?
3. Key Marketing Points
b. Distinctions vs. Barbri and Themis
c. Marketing Points vs. state specific companies (Insert your
companies here)
4. What if student is unsure which state they will take or unsure of Live vs. On-
demand? (free to change. Should lock in price now!)
5. Myth of waiting until end of year for best bar review deals
6. Pass Rates
7. Whats needed when collecting a 3L enrollment and your points?
8. How to fill out 3L enrollment form
9. How to fill out the Payment Plan
10.What if they have a Law Firm Paying for their course?
11.What Discounts do we offer?
12.What if Barbri is less expensive?
13.What if a student is going with Themis
a. Based off of Price
b. Based off of Pass Rate
c. Based off of On-Demand
14.What are the promotions for this week/month
15.What can enrollee expect after signing up (login credentials and MBE access
16.How does enrollee Pay In Full?
17.When will enrollee receive books and Complete Access?
18.When do courses actually start?
19.What books do we give away for free? (1L, Upper Level, and MPRE books)
20.How do I earn my course and commission money?
21. What is the easiest way to get enrollments?
22.Login credentials to show our course

1. What if someone says, Im already signed up with Barbri.

a. NOBODY IS SIGNED UP WITH BARBRI (unless they signed Bbs
k) OR ANY OTHER COMPANY YET! Students think that because they
paid $250 already to another company that they are OBLIGATED to
continue paying. This is not always the case. A good amount of Kaplan
takers paid another company money at some point in time. DO NOT
THEM A LOWER BALANCE DUE WITH US. For example, If a student
paid $1,000 and their remaining balance is $1,600, well flat out say
pay $1,500 to us and this will complete your payment (assuming they
Bottom line, it will always be cheaper to go with us than Barbri

(we dont price match Themis for reasons discussed below). And, our
course obviously offers so much more than any other and this
is why they should ultimately go with Kaplan (see section 2).
you need to do the above, just write BB price match and the amount
they owe to us in the Total Price line of the enrollment form.

2. Is there a difference in the Bar Companies?

a. YES!!! THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. You need to make this very clear
to students otherwise they will not pay attention to you.
b. First off, you need to let students know that we have 3 DIFFERENT
i. Live Class Course We have a live course in which you go into
a classroom to watch the professor in person. Additionally, with
our Live course, youll also get access to all of the On-demand
video lectures in case you miss the live lectures. Youll only have
access to the live lecture for that day, and after that, youll have
to watch the pre-recorded On-demand lecture. The Live lecture
includes live polling, the ability to ask questions of the professor
in real time as the lecture is going on, and in class exams (more
info below). Most of my students take this course or the Live at
Home and you should really push for this as discussed below in
section 3f
ii. Live At Home Course - With this course, you can stream all of
the live lectures from home (or anywhere you have an internet
connection) so you dont need to drive to class if you dont feel
like it. You also get the live polling, the ability to ask questions,
in class exams and all the on-demand lectures.
iii. On-demand Course - We have an On-demand course where
you watch pre-recorded lectures. If you hear someone say
theyre taking Themis, you need to mention this (weve been
doing this a long time) as well as the Live at Home course.
c. Similarities: The only thing that is similar with all of the companies is
that the law is all the same despite who is reciting it. Bar Review is
very different from law school in that the lecturers arent trying to hide
the ball and are for the most part all very clear. It does not matter one
bit if a company has the most famous person in the world teaching the
course. The fact of the matter is that all of these professors, regardless
of company, are pretty much going off of a script.
d. Differences: Passing the bar is all about PRACTICE! Just like in law
school, you arent simply going to do well on exams by going to
lectures and listening. Your score will increase due to the practice that
you put in after the lecture is over. As you will see in our Marketing
Points below, Kaplan offers so many more useful features than any
other company to ensure that you can get all of the practice you need.

Kaplan is leaps and bounds ahead of every company in the experience
we give our students.
e. Essays improve in score 20% after submitting 7 essays for grading!
Kaplan is the only company that offers Unlimited and Unconditional
grading. (see flyer)
f. MBE scores also drastically rise with the more practice you do (see
flyer). We have more MBE questions than anyone 4,000 (next
competitor I believe has a max of 2,500).

3. What are our key marketing points:

a. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the courses where it matters
most!: Being successful on the bar exam is all about the amount of
practice that you put in. No other company allows their students to
practice as much as Kaplan. And because of our personalized pass
program tailored to each students strengths and weaknesses, our
students practice in a much more efficient way, spending more time on
areas heavily tested on the bar and on areas they are weakest in.
These resources are provided to guarantee students a pass on the first
try. Effective and Efficient Practice Practice Practice!! Theres a huge
difference in bar courses and it can clearly be seen here.
b. MBE (50% CA exam) CA Test Change Favors Kaplan With MBE
i. I cant emphasize how big of a deal this is for Kaplan in CA
(thats why this is all in red font ;)) Kaplan has been regarded as
the MBE EXPERT for years and the MBE portion on the CA
exam is now A LOT MORE IMPORTANT going from only
35% of your score to 50% starting this July! This, along
with our Money Back Guarantee* will be your biggest talking
ii. Most students know about the CA test change but all they know
is that its going from a 3-day exam to a 2-day exam. THIS IS
NOT THE BIG TEST CHANGE! The BIG test change that a lot of
students are overlooking is that the weight of the exam is
changing drastically. The CA exam has always been 65% essay
and 35% MBE. The exam is NOW changing to a 50%
essay/performance test and 50% MBE (multiple choice)
model. Nationally, it is very well known that MBE scores are way
down so this is actually likely making the CA bar exam harder (a
low score worth 50% will drop your total points much more than
a low score worth 35%).
iii. PMBR - For years Kaplan has been regarded as the
experts on the MBE and is rated time and time again as
out PMBR who had been preparing students for the MBE for 35

years and have always been regarded as the KING of the
MBE section. You can assure your friends that they wont even
hear another bar company claim they have a better MBE section
than us. We also have more questions than any other company.
We have 4,000 and the next closest company I believe has
2,500. Having that many more MBE questions is important
because although you likely wont use all of them, youll have
more questions in each particular subtopic. For example, lets
say you want to practice Joinder questions. Other companies
may have 7 questions here while we will likely have quite a bit
more like 15. Here you can really get a lot of practice in the
areas you need most without repeating questions you already
know the answers to.
iv. Our MBE questions are so good, that when I was enrolled with
another company for bar prep (before switching to Kaplan), I
was actually told by their director to take Kaplans MBE
questions. This is how big of a deal this point is!
v. Youll want to emphasize this point like crazy. So, regardless of
what your friends were leaning towards before this test change,
this test change is A COMPLETE GAME CHANGER and it would
flat out be silly to take any other course with this big MBE
change that most students arent aware about without you
informing them. Make sure youre letting them know that its a
lot more than just a 3-day to 2-day test change as this is going
to really help you get enrollments.
c. Essays: (50% of score) - ONLY COMPANY with UNLIMITED and
UNCONDITIONAL essay grading. Unlike other companies that only will
grade a few, or have several restrictions, or provide computer
generated responses, Kaplan doesnt have restrictions to getting your
essays graded by a Kaplan Certified grader. You turn it in; we grade it!
i. Licensed attorneys grade your papers. You get these
back quick (3-5 business days) and you will get 1 FULL
ii. You also get instant feedback in that we have sample
answers and sample outlines for each essay.
iii. The essays we provide are also the real thing! These are
the actual essays that were on your state bar exam. Just
like our MBE section, you can select by topic and even
subtopic if you want to get really specific.
d. Personalized Pass Plan We dont treat all students the same and
push them through the material at the same pace as everyone else
regardless of if they are comprehending the material or not. We track
everything you do and adjust your syllabus on a daily basis based on
YOUR strengths and weaknesses as well as what is heavily tested on

the bar exam. We plan every single day for you all the way up to the
day of the bar exam. Weve been doing this for a long time.
e. LIVE IN CLASS COURSE: We have more LIVE lecture locations than
any other company making it most convenient for students (NO OLD
CANNED DVDs). Other companies will call some of their classes Live
but the reality is that these students will many times just pay a high
price to sit in a classroom with their friends while someone plays an old
DVD. If the lectures are old, emails could then have to go out updating
the students on new law and how it differs from what they just
watched. CONFUSING! With Kaplan you dont worry about this as it is
LIVE and therefore new and good law! Themis doesnt even have a live
class and only has pre-recorded lectures.
f. LIVE AT HOME COURSE: Kaplan now gives all LIVE students the
ability to stream their live course from anywhere in which they have an
internet connection. Students no longer need to spend time and money
driving to a campus as they can now get a live lecture in their own
home. Students now dont have to go into a classroom with strangers,
but can instead be in a room with their closest friends watching the live
stream in the utmost comfortable environment.
of if youre in a class or streaming from home or the beach,
Kaplan is the ONLY COMPANY that allows all students to ask
the professor questions as the lecture is going on. Youll just
type your question into our mobile app and our professor will answer it
during the break so the lecture isnt disrupted. Our class is also
interactive in that we ask questions and poll the US so that our
professors can see if the students are understanding or if he/she needs
to slow down and spend a bit more time elaborating on a certain topic.
length practice bar exam 2 weeks before real bar exam (also have
several full length MBE practice exams). Gets the nerves out and lets
students work on their timing and endurance so that they are 100%
ready and confident for game day!
i. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Kaplan is the only company that is
so confident, that if you dont pass on the first try, youll get
your money back!* This goes further than all other companies
who simply say that, if you dont pass, you can take it with us
again. Thats dumb though because if they failed you the first
time, why would you ever want to take it with them again?!
Furthermore, I hope you all see what they are doing here. If
you dont pass with them, they still keep your money. They are
not investing any more money into you. So, this really doesnt
say all that much about their confidence in their product.

2A. Key Marketing Points vs. State specific companies (if
student is thinking about going with tiny company)
1. Always be capable of mentioning the above points as well
as these below when talking to students who are
considering these companies.
2. Kaplan gives 50% off all additional bar courses: For
those thinking about taking multiple bar exams, Kaplan
gives 50% off of all future bar exams once you take one
with us. This is a huge selling point for students that plan
on taking multiple states.
3. Kaplan has more resources: Lectures are not where
scores improve. Much like 1L year, you dont simply get
good grades by showing up to class and listening. Its all
about the practice that you do after your lectures. The
most important part of bar review is all of the work that
you do after the lecture. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!
Students need to remember that these are small
companies that simply do not have the resources
that Kaplan has. Among many other limitations, here
are just a few below that are a result of not having the
same resources as us.
a. Essays: They cannot offer you unlimited and
unconditional essay grading. They simply cannot
afford to do this. They cannot give you a full page
of personalized feedback for every essay that you
turn in. Kaplan is unlimited and unconditional.
b. Individualized Syllabus: They dont have the
resources to track all of your progress to give you
an individualized syllabus.
c. Full Length Exam: They dont have the resources
to give you a full-length bar exam and then grade it
for you.
d. Ask an Expert: With Kaplan, you not only have me
answering your emails within a day, but you also
have a full staff of attorneys on the Academics
team to get back to you promptly with your legal
questions. Many of these companies simply dont
have the resources to hire nearly as many people
as Kaplan and therefore response times are
inevitably much slower.
4. MBE is worth 50% in CA: These companies claim to be
state specific. What about the MBE!?!? The MBE is worth
50% in CA!! The MBE is not state specific! Students
end up paying a lot more because they end up coming to
Kaplan to sign up for our MBE course as well. Kaplan
covers both the MBE portion as well as the state specific
portion. Although they offer the MBE in their course, there
is no way they are nearly as good (we bought out PMBR
as stated above).

5. They only teach that state so they must be better:
ILLIOGICAL! You will hear this claim. For anyone that has
ever taken the LSAT (which is all of you), please start
laughing if you hear this. This is illogical. Example: In high
school, there was always that one really talented athlete
that was amazing at Baseball, Basketball, and Football.
Are you going to argue that a kid is better at basketball
than this superstar simply because he only plays
basketball?? Of course not! You would actually have to
look at them both playing basketball to determine that.
Same here. Look at what we offer in that particular state
compared to what they offer before making illogical

4. What if student is unsure of the state that they want to take or

whether they want Live or On-demand?
a. Some students dont know what state they want to take yet
and therefore they dont enroll now. This is BAD! Tell them to
lock in this low price and worry about the state later as prices
go up throughout the year! At least this way they are
guaranteed the lowest price for all states on that particular
date. When a student enrolls, we are guaranteeing that this is
the best deal of the entire school year and if there is ever a
deal they like more in the future, we will happily give them
that new deal. So, in essence, they are locking in all future
deals as well to ensure the lowest possible price make this
very clear to them otherwise they wont sign up and will drag
their feet.
b. Students can change which state they are taking as well as change
whether they are doing Live or On-Demand all the way up until the end
100% FREE TO CHANGE! Just make sure they do this before their
books ship (see section 17 to see when books ship) as it is a bit of a
hassle for me after that.
c. With that being said, its always best to encourage students to
take one of the Live course options. We have consistently seen
students who take the Live courses actually end up doing more
practice work and doing better on the exam. The goal here is to PASS
so spending a little more for the Live course is definitely worth it (see
section 8bii).

5. Myth of waiting until end of year for best bar review deals
a. Every year I hear some students say that they are going to wait until
the end of the year to enroll as that is when they will get the best price
as all the bar companies will essentially fight for them and give them a
low price. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Students believe that since they
get discounts (lets hypothetically say a $400 discount) at the end of

the year, that they are getting a better deal. This is completely false. It
is true that they might get a discount at the end of the year and the
person that signed up in the Fall didnt get any additional discount, but
those that wait are only getting a discount off of a very expensive List
price. So, even if we give discounts in the Spring, they are ultimately
still paying much much more than those that enrolled in the fall.
b. Heres how you should explain why thats not true. Tell the student that
the reason Kaplan doesnt do this is because it makes for bad business
and we would essentially be shooting ourselves in the foot. We want to
encourage students to sign up early to help us plan how many essay
graders we need, how many classrooms and what size they need to be
and to get our books out early to our students so that we arent
scrambling at the last second to figure this out, have unhappy students
because they dont have their books, spend more money than
necessary on classrooms/graders or not spend enough and then not
have enough classrooms/graders (long list, right?). We want to be
prepared so from a business standpoint, it makes 0 sense to
incentivize students to wait until the last second as that puts us in a
really bad spot and thats why we incentivize students to enroll early
with really low prices at the beginning of the school year.

6. Pass Rates
a. I am truly honored and proud to say that Kaplan has not participated in
this silly pass rate war. However, the only pass rate that matters is
yours and it needs to be 100%. We stand by our success rates by being
FIRST TRY OR YOUR MONEY BACK! This really says it all.
b. As you all know, statistics can be very easily manipulated to say
exactly what you want them to say. Whenever you are looking at pass
rates, make sure you read the asterisk. These are not actually
indicative of how well the course performs as the companies can pick
and choose who they want to include in the survey to work in the
companies favor. There are 0 guidelines for how to collect these stats
and who you need to count. For instance, some companies will only
survey those that have done 90% of the work. For some of these
companies, 90% of the work means that you are working 15 hours
every single day throughout the summer which next to nobody is
capable of doing. So, of course these people are going to pass, but
what about those that work the standard 9 hour days (which is the
majority)? Additionally, some companies only go after the top students
of each class and wont target those at the bottom of the class. I think
it goes without saying that some students are more prepared to pass
the bar exam in May of their 3L year than those ranked at the bottom
of their class. Schools dont publish this info either so its hard to tell if
one company just got all the top students vs. a well-balanced
representation of your class. Kaplan helps all students pass and we

dont care if youre at the top or the bottom of your class. Reasons
such as these show why the statistics can be extremely misleading.
c. Furthermore, companies cant always just go online and get the names
of the students that passed and that failed. A lot of times students
enroll with companies under a name that might not be their official
legal name which is what they use for the bar exam. We arent allowed
to jump to conclusions and assume thats the same student.
Furthermore, if a student doesnt sit for the bar, companies dont see
this as well and dont know if the student failed or didnt sit. So,
ultimately, a lot of this comes down to self-reporting. After finishing
such a long process, honestly ask yourself how many of you would
then take a survey regarding the bar exam? As you might have
guessed, it is not high and there lies a ton of problems.
d. Look at the companies guarantees, Kaplan is the ONLY company to
offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! We obviously wouldnt be doing this
if our students werent doing well on the bar exam as this would just be
a horrible business practice. So although some companies might say
they have a 145% pass rate, Kaplan puts its money where our mouth is
and offers a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE* as we truly believe in our

7. What do I need to collect from 3Ls for Complete Bar Review

a. Must get a minimum of $250 (NONREFUNDABLE) payment towards the
bar course.
b. 3Ls are not technically in the class until that money is put down toward
their bar course.
c. Try to get every one of your enrollees on a payment plan
(FREE). If they want to pay in full that is great; however usually
unlikely so dont push for this and stick with the payment plan. This will
prevent them from switching over and losing your points (see section
9v for tips on getting them on Payment Plan).
d. You get credit for 1 enrollment for each complete bar review
enrollment you submit (Law firm people dont need to put any money
down as explained in section 10 below making them the easiest
students to enroll.)

8. How do I fill out the Complete 3L Complete Bar Review Enrollment

(Especially Tuition and Fees Section) and who do I give it to?
a. Guarantee them that this is the best deal of the year
i. When a student enrolls, we are guaranteeing that this is
the best deal of the entire school year and if there is
ever a deal they like more in the future, we will happily
give them that new deal. So, in essence, they are locking

in all future deals as well to ensure the lowest possible
price make this very clear to them otherwise they wont
sign up and will drag their feet.
b. Live or On-demand class?:
i. As you can see we have 2 live courses; Live In Class and Live At
Home. They are the same live lecture except one you do solely
from home (or anywhere you have an internet connection) and
the other you go into a class. Other than that, they are exactly
the same.
ii. LIVE COURSE: You want all of your friends to do one of the live
courses if possible.
1. Live course allows you to stream live lecture from
anywhere you have an internet connection and participate
in polling and ask questions of the professor in real time
as the lecture is going on.
2. Live allows you to go into a classroom (where we have our
Live In Class locations) and sit for a full length simulated
MBE midterm and full length bar exam as your final to get
the real test jitters out of your system.
3. You also get all the On-demand lectures when you
purchase the live class and can watch these any time in
case you want to get ahead or are behind.
4. Students tend to do more work if they are in the live class
and ultimately do better because of it.
iii. On Demand the prerecorded lectures.
c. Must get minimum of $250 NONREFUNDABLE deposit (explained in
section 7a above).
d. School Name: NEVER use school abbreviations. Must write out
the enrollees entire school name!
e. Location Line: Never write a school name on this line. You must write
the city. At your table there will be a list of all US locations for your
reference. If you dont see a particular location on there, please check
with me as we have added some new locations that arent on the list
f. Tuition Today Line: ALWAYS write the price after the discount
(which is listed on the enrollment form directly above! So,
$2,999 (for live) or $2,299 (for On-demand) minus whatever the
discount is equals this number. The prices above (on the enrollment
form) are used to show students what the course will go up to as the
year moves on. This is a great tool to show them the huge discount
they are receiving by enrolling now. Make sure you emphasize this
current discount as a way to get them to enroll with you now and to
save them money. Im not sure when the above price on the enrollment
form will take place and it can happen at anytime. I will make it very

clear when it happens. So, encourage students to enroll immediately
so that they dont risk having to pay that price.
g. Total Price Line: Tuition Today + Refundable Materials Deposit ($275) +
Shipping and Handling ($25) = Total Price Line. In other words, Tuition
Today Line + $300.
h. Balance Due Line: Total Price line minus Non-Refundable Registration
Fee (what theyve paid today) will equal the balance due.
i. Remember, if its a law firm person that has their firm paying,
you dont need to do anything with this section and just move
over to Payment Information as law firm students dont put
any money down with us unlike other companies. Always try to
get non law firm students to pay as much as possible or set up
a payment plan so that they dont drop (tips for convincing
them to set up Payment Plan found in section 9v below).
j. This Non-Refundable Registration Fee that they are paying goes
toward paying off their course.
k. Feb. takers must be paid in full by 11/1 and July takers by 4/1
otherwise they will get a late fee unless they are on a payment
plan which extends their dates to 1/31 (for Feb. bar and 7/1
(for July bar).
l. Make sure to get them to fill out the Payment Plan so that they
dont switch on you!!! This happens a lot so protect yourself
from that! I will ALWAYS waive the Payment Plan fee (despite
the form saying $35). See section 9 on how to fill out Payment
Plan and how to suggest this.
side to get credit!!
i. Scan/email
ii. Email via Genius Scan App on Smartphone
iii. Picture Text/Email as attachment (only if in good quality and
complete form shows in pic.)
o. MUST keep track of all of your own enrollment points with names!!!!
Suggestion: Keep your point count/enrollees names on your phone or
in a Word Doc.

9. How do I fill out the Payment Plan?

a. (You dont need to get Law Firm people on Payment Plan as they are
done once enrolled.)
b. For Kaplan Bar Review Use Only (box on the right):
i. Outstanding Balance: LEAVE IT BLANK!!!!
ii. Installment Billing Fee: CROSS THE $35 OUT AND LEAVE IT
iii. Total of Installments: This is their Balance Due line. I WILL
ALWAYS WAIVE THE $35 Installment Fee so dont let this scare
off your enrollee.

iv. Student needs to pick 3 dates of equal payments in which the
money will be automatically withdrawn from their account. I
recommend at least 1 payment in the Fall if not 2. The more
they put down early, the less likely they are to switch on you.
Try to get the dates as early as possible as those that
backload their payments sometimes run out of financial
aid money because they dont properly account for all
the costs of graduation, the moral character application,
and signing up for the bar exam. Additionally, they are more
likely the ones to switch and then youll lose your points from
that enrollment.
v. Advantages of Payment Plan: To convince the student to fill
out this form you can say something along the lines of:
Dont you want to get Bar Review out of mind and out of
sight until after graduation?? By filling this form out, you
never have to think about bar review again until post
graduation. You wont have to worry about missing or
late payments and your books will show up on your
doorstep (about 3 months before the test) without you
having to do anything else. Youve made the decision to
get bar review off of your mind and to go with us, so why
not completely get this off of your to-do-list?
Additionally, under the Payment Plan, you no longer need
to pay the full amount of the course by 11/1 or 4/1 for the
Feb. and July bars respectively. The Payment Plan allows
you to extend payments to 1/31 and 7/1 for the Feb. and
July bar respectively.
c. The rest is pretty self-explanatory

10.What if they have a law firm paying for their course?

a. These are the EASIEST enrollments!! These people almost NEVER drop
and they dont have to pay a penny making them the easiest to enroll.
b. They dont need to put any money down unlike with other companies
which require them to put at least $250 down. (these are the easiest
c. Leave Tuition and Fees section blank and fill out the Bill My
Employer section under Payment Information and state the person
at their firm that takes care of this (if they know that persons name.
But DONT let them not fill it out because they dont know the persons
name. We can figure that out if necessary). They are then done! They
dont need a payment plan or anything like that.
d. Just about every single law firm that pays for Barbri will pay for us and
then some! So, dont let this stop you!

e. There should always be a Law Firm List in the folder at the table of all
of the participating law firms. If you dont see that firm on there,
contact me as we are adding more firms each day.
that firm people know this as many get a letter from their
firms and they think they are automatically enrolled when they
actually can still and often do choose Kaplan. So, dont let
them stop you and ask them if theyve actually gone to Barbri
and enrolled personally this year. If not, get them with Kaplan.

11.What Discounts do we offer?

a. At the beginning of each month, I will state what the discount is (if any)
via email. At that point, you can just write the discount in and save
that as a pdf so that you never forget for that month and so that you
always have forms ready to go.
WITH US- We will always beat Barbri by at least $100 (this
usually actually comes out to $200 as we dont tax our course).
So, if a student has paid Barbri some money and their balance is
$1,700 (assuming they arent in a binding k), we will make their
balance with us $1,600.

12.What if Barbri is still less expensive?

a. Impossible. Well always beat them by at least $100. ALWAYS. Also,
note that they tax their course. So, when we beat their price by $100,
it is actually more like $200.

13.What if a student is going with Themis?

a. If they are going solely based on price:
i. Just remind students that you always get what you pay for.
There are obvious reasons why their course is so much cheaper
than the others. However, this year, we have dropped our On-
demand price (at least initially) to pretty much what there price
is. The fact of the matter is, they dont offer nearly as many
resources as Kaplan as explained above. They wont get our
unlimited and unconditional essay grading and essay bank, our
quantity and quality of MBE questions, our individualized
syllabus, our full-length bar exam, and OUR MONEY-BACK

ii. We wont match their price because we dont see our courses
being nearly comparable to one another. Furthermore, explain it
to them this way: If money is an issue, take our On-demand
course as these are pretty much the same price. It might be a
couple hundred more than their course, but you need to make
sure that you pass on the very first time and have all the
resources you need/want to do so. Youve spent roughly $150k
on law school and the only thing standing in between you and
making this investment all worth it is the bar exam. This is not
the place to focus purely on cost. A couple hundred dollars is a
drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. If you dont
pass on the first try, that means you wont be making attorney
money for at least another 6 months. That is well over a couple
hundred dollars in lost income. Plus, youll have to take a
significant amount of time off to study again and pay around
$1,000 just to sit for the exam again. A couple hundred dollars in
the grand scheme of things is tiny cost should not be the main
factor in a students decision.
b. If they are going solely based on Pass Rate:
i. Make sure to read above comments on pass rates. Make sure
that students read the asterisk on their claims to get an idea of
the sample size and who is included. Ask yourself the question,
if a company is crushing it with pass rates, why wouldnt they
offer a MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE like Kaplan? If a company is
crushing it with pass rates, from a business standpoint, wouldnt
it make sense to have higher prices to make more money like
the other courses in the industry? You can read above about how
statistics can paint any picture you want them to paint above in
Section 6. Just always remember the saying that if something is
too good to be true, it often is so dont just blindly rely on
these numbers without doing your investigation on them.
c. If they are going solely based on On-demand:
i. Some students know that they want to study at home alone and
they believe Themis is the only option for this. KAPLAN HAS A
actually had our On-demand class for quite some time now and
you still get all of the exclusive features Ive spoken about in
Section 3. The CA bar is extremely difficult and our features are
so incredibly important in students success and thats why we
invest so much money in all of our features. Additionally, all of
our On-demand students still have access to the Ask-an-Expert
Function in which you can ask our attorney any legal questions
that you may have. Finally, all of our On-demand lectures are
available to students 4 months before the exam and students

have complete access to the videos at all times and they will
never be locked out from them. Some companies make you wait
until that particular lecture is being given to upload that video.
ii. If the student just doesnt want to leave home for bar
study, make sure you point our Live at Home and our On-
Demand course. There are a lot of advantages about our
Live at Home course in that you can take the exams in a
test like environment with other students and ask
questions of the professor as the lecture is going on. We
should try to have every single student in the live course
regardless of if they want to actually go into a classroom
or not. Also, remember that with the Live course, students also
get the On-demand lectures that they can watch at any point in

14.What are the promotions for this week/month?

a. ALWAYS read and save my emails! Ill usually send them Sunday night.
The emails directed at the reps will usually say Rep in the
subject line. All other emails usually are being sent to all those
that enrolled in our 1L, 2L, or MPRE product and is advertising
our specials or something like that (youre likely in one of
those so youll receive these emails as well). PLEASE take the
time to 1. read that weeks email to see if there are any additional
specials AS WELL AS REP PRIZES and 2. go through this document as
these 2 things will usually answer your question. If you still have
questions after reading the previous email, and after going through this
document, dont hesitate to reach out to me. Im always more than
happy to help

15.What can enrollees expect after signing up?

a. Enrollment/payment will be processed in a little over a week. (I submit
enrollments on Fridays and then it takes a few business days to
process). It takes a couple days longer when students wait until the
deadline to turn in their enrollment.
b. Next, they should receive an email when their enrollment is processed
(a little over a week after they turn it in to us) giving them login
credentials and online access to our course. If they never receive this
email, tell them to check their spam folder or trash. If they still dont
see it, they need to call the office (1-800-523-0777) as their email
address was probably not legible. You should check up with your
enrollee about a week after that Friday that I submit it to ensure good
customer service.
c. Once your enrollee pays the initial $250 they will immediately get
access to over 2,000 MBE online questions as well as our Foundation
Course videos (lectures on the MBE subjects), and MBE topic flashcards

as soon as their enrollment is processed (a little over a week after they
hand it to you). LLM students additionally can start submitting essays
for grading immediately for extra practice.

16.How does an enrollee Pay-in-full?

a. Ideally, we would love them to pay in full at the time they are enrolling.
Most wont do this though. So, try to get them on a Payment Plan on
the spot (instructions on how to fill out this form in Section 9v above).
Remember, if they dont stay with us, you lose those points! If
they dont do either of these, they can Pay-in-Full by doing any of the
following later on:
i. Can Pay In Full Online by logging into and
going to My Account
ii. Can Pay In Full by calling our office at 1-800-523-0777
iii. Set up a Payment Plan: By putting them on a payment plan, they
will receive all of the benefits of those that have actually paid in
full (like receiving full access and books) and they no longer
need to worry about doing anything bar related.

17.When will enrollees receive their books as well as complete access

to their course?
a. Only students that have Paid-In-Full OR are on a Payment Plan will
receive their books and get complete access to the course!
b. Complete access to the February and July exam are expected to be
given in Late November and mid-April respectively.
c. Books are expected to start shipping to students that are Paid-in-Full Or
on a Payment Plan in late November for the Feb. exam and in mid-April
for the July exam.

18.When do the courses actually start?

a. Students get full access to their course 90 days before their bar exam.
b. Depending on the state, Feb exam classes usually begin around Dec.
22nd while July exam classes begin around May 26 th (right after
Memorial Day).

19. What can we give away for free?

a. It is important to get these free books in your friends hands because
those that end up seeing our 1L, and MPRE products, usually will
ultimately enroll with you as they are now familiar with our product. So,
make sure you get these books out to as many as your friends as
in trouble if you give away books and dont get this in return.
b. 1Ls Free 1L outline book/ They must fill out the free enrollment form
and then you need to leave it in the folder at the table. MAKE SURE
THAT THE ENTIRE FORM IS LEGIBLE! I will then submit it and they
will receive an email a little over a week later with login credentials to
access their free online materials (video lectures and multiple choice

questions). We have a limited supply of these so it will be on a first-
come first-served basis. Make it very clear that these are 100% free
and the reason we need their email address is so that we can give
them online access to the questions and lectures and so that Kaplan
knows that Im not simply just passing these books out to random
people on the beach ;)
c. 2Ls/3Ls- Upper Level Review Outline and MPRE book (Free). They must
fill out the same free form for these books and then you need to leave
it in the folder at the table. MAKE SURE THAT THE ENTIRE FORM IS
LEGIBLE! I will then submit it and they will receive an email a little
over a week later with login credentials to access their free online
material (video lectures, multiple choice questions). They must fill out
a new form for each book regardless of if they gave us their info 1L
year. They can obviously check more than 1 box if they are taking
more than 1 book rather than fill out a whole new form. Make it very
clear that these are 100% free and the reason we need their email
address is so that we can give them online access to the questions and
lectures and so that Kaplan knows that Im not simply just passing
these books out to random people on the beach ;)

20.How do I earn a free course as a student rep? What about

a. You must get 5 enrollments to earn your free course.
i. All reps must also keep track of all of their points.
ii. Make a word doc or keep a note page in your phone so that you
know exactly when you received each point and what it was for. I
cannot emphasize this strongly enough. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE
b. Commission:
i. Once you get your 5 enrollments, it is all commission after that!
Every enrollment then on out is worth $25 and we pay reps
every other month.

21.What is the easiest way to get 3L Complete Enrollments?

ABOUT KAPLAN IS IN THIS DOCUMENT. Ask me questions while
tabling. Watch my demo, re-watch my rep info session.
b. Come across as knowledgeable about more than just Kaplan
but about the bar exam and the BIG TEST CHANGE!! Once again,
I cannot emphasize how big of a deal this test change is so come
across as an expert on it and you students will value what you have to
say a lot more from that point on.
c. Take advantage of the 3L List: I will provide your school with a 3L
list in which we will track which students have already signed up and
with which company. You want to contact as many people as possible
on this list as well as update it every time you table to ensure that you
reaching out in the most effective way possible and not all targeting

the exact same students or contacting the same ones over and over
again. Also, a lot of times youll see a lot of students on this list that
you simply never considered talking bar review with. Finally, there are
certain students that just kind of slip through the cracks in law school
and not many people know them. These are often very easy
enrollments as reps from other companies likely dont know them
either and therefore, no competition for you as nobody is talking to
them. The 3L list Is KEY to your success and makes things really easy
for reps if you update it weekly.
d. Reach out to your closest friends first. They trust you the most
and know that you wouldnt steer them wrong. Thus, they are a great
place to start. There is a real snowball effect, as friends want to take
the course that their friends are taking. So after talking to your closest
friends, talk to their closest friends and so on. This is a very easy and
methodical way of brining in enrollments.
year reps walked away with as many as 11 enrollments at once simply
by getting their friends to show up to my bar talk (whether it be in
person or online). I usually provide free food for students here and just
talk about the bar and the course itself. When students actually see
and hear what Kaplan is all about, they love it and enroll! These have
high success rates so please make sure that you bring as many people
as possible to these events and watch the enrollments roll in!
f. Set up group talks where I can present. These can be for your
journal members or even just a group of friends. You know what day Ill
be on campus so gather a group of friends together and I can sit down
with you all and present the course if you need some help. It doesnt
get much easier than this. You get your friends there, I present, they
enroll, you get enrollments ;)
g. Start talking about Kaplan early. The reps that are most successful
start talking to students at the beginning of the school year. This is by
far the easiest time because nobody is enrolled yet and other
companies arent really all that present yet, meaning less competition.
Furthermore, the price is lowest at the beginning of the year and only
goes up. As the price rises, the sale gets a little tougher. So, start
talking Kaplan early!
h. Pay Attention To How I sell the course when Im on campus:
Maybe you will like the way I phrase something and can copy it when
Im not there and ultimately close without me. That is definitely the
goal so make sure you use this as a learning experience.
i. Make sure people know you are a Kaplan rep! Promote deadlines on
Facebook and wear your Kaplan shirt (if we pass them out) on tabling
j. Share the demo link: This is
a 22 minute video going through the course. Other companies often

wont show their course for various reasons, and you should make that
fact very well known to prospective students that we are very proud of
our course and we love showing it! It doesnt make any sense for a
student to spend $3,000 before actually seeing what they are paying
for. Challenge them on this if they are thinking about taking another
company before actually seeing anything and just relying on promises.
Ask them, When was the last time you spent $3,000 on something
without even seeing it?
k. Demo the course yourself: If Im not there, and youd like to show the
course, demo it for them yourself. I will provide a script for you to use
as a guideline if you need help in demoing the course.

22.Can I actually show my friends what our course looks like?

a. ABSOLUTELY! We are very proud of our course and are actually the only
company that will show our course to students before they pay-in-full.
We are completely honest about what we offer and feel as though
anyone paying thousands of dollars for something should at least be
able to see what they are paying for if they want. Really emphasize
this point.
i. Go to
ii. Log in at the top right corner and then type the below Username
and Password
iii. If the state the student wants isnt below, dont worry. Just use
one of these. All the states interface look the same and this is
just a demo
iv. Username:
v. Password: kaplan#1
vi. You can use the Demo Script that I provide you to make sure
that you hit all of the main marketing points.