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"Little Bad Boy: Binatang Rizal sa Europa"

A documentary film by i-witness
A Reflection Paper

Little Bad Boy (Binatang Rizal sa Europa) , a documentary made by I-Witness

on GMA 7 last 2004, featured the life of Jose Rizal in Europe. It was shown in the
documentary that aside from Rizals prior intention in going to Europe which is to
study, Rizal became a tourist and lived his life as an ordinary human being. Apart
from being known as our national hero, the documentary film shows his other side
of being a normal bachelor who also have fun with friends, took time to win a girls
heart, and even try his luck on gambling. Rizals life in Paris and in other places in
Europe is a manifestation of how well-off his family is since living a life like that in
his time is a privilege not everyone could afford. Perhaps, his family being affluent
had a great role in molding the national hero that he has become and it is also
admirable that Rizal used this opportunities wise enough to influence his
countrymen. But aside from being an example to his fellow countrymen, the film
shows the impact of Rizals life not just to Filipinos but also with the foreign
nationals. The enthusiasm of Jean Paul Verstraeten, a Belgian, of studying Rizals life
and works as well as his eagerness to make Rizals life to be known in Europe. As a
matter of fact, his desire in putting plaques on the places where Rizal went in
France and educating some French about his life is commendable for his interest
and adoration to Rizal is far stronger than most fully blooded Filipinos have. No
wonder he has been awarded by our government for his loyalty in appreciating our
national hero and advocacy in enriching his life and his works.

On the other hand, the film also showed another side of people who has been
greatly affected by the life of Rizal. Living in Mt. Arayat, Pampanga, this certain
group of people called Rizalistas are people who worship Rizal as their savior and
use his works Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo as their bibles. Their
admiration for our national hero are so extreme to a point they were able to create
an idolatrous belief which I think is considered a cult. In my personal opinion, I think
these people are confused and misguided on how they concluded Rizal in
comparison with the Lord since both of them are involved in sacrificing their lives.
However, I believe that being patriotic is a different matter with regards to our
spiritual lives and personal relationship with the Lord.

In conclusion, the documentary film is an effective way of letting people know

more about Rizal and the different people who were greatly affected by his life and
works, how people have heard about his life and acknowledged him either as
national hero or more than that. From the life of non-Filipino individual whom
because of his admiration of Rizal is like a full-blooded Filipino; a group of people
who have laid their faith in Rizal by seeing him more than a hero and a man; and
the life of Rizals descendants who continued living their lives enriching the life and
works of Rizal up to this time.