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All games are made from love.

This one is made from hatred...
...of renovations
...of business shysters
...of political fanaticism
...of consequentialism
...of the idea that evidence and belief make a baby called truth, and all who disagree with that truth must face
the justice of abuse and death.
May all these things and the forces who empower them drown in the strangling void.


I want to thank my Alpha playtesting group: Kelsa, GoldenH, Sythmaster, and Sunny. Thank you for being the
backbone of the first 10 months of this game.

I also credit five people with influencing my path as a game designer where I am now:
My uncle, for having a D&D Fiend Folio and colorful translucent dice whose images stuck themselves into my
memory until adulthood.
A High School Science Teacher who ran a Curse of the Crimson Throne game for some of my friends and let me
in on the group at book 4.
Adam Koebel for showing me a weird door to a mystical library of modern RPG thinking.
John Harper for making Blades in the Dark and teaching me how to playtest.
Stras Acimovic. Because, by definition, this wouldnt be a game if his name werent appearing in it somewhere.
Also, you know, advice and whatever.

This game is a hack of Blades in the Dark by John Harper and presumes you already have access to the rules.
This game is for adults and is intentionally designed to create an imaginary world of normalized psychopathy. As
players, keep emotional safety a priority.
If you ever feel like taking a break, stopping abruptly, or leaving entirely for any reason, presume you have the
permission to. You have my permission and certainly that means a lot, right?


Daemons, they call them. They perform action without user interaction. Monitoring, logging, notifica-
tions, primal urges, repressed memories, unconscious habits. Theyre always there, always active. You can
try to be right, you can try to be good, you can try to make a difference. But its all bullshit. Cause intentions
are irrelevant. They dont drive us, daemons do. -Mr. Robot

You play pseudo-human psychopaths: beautiful Mortals with venomous minds and truly evil hearts. There are
smartphones, coffee shops, forbidden technologies, mind-bending phenomena, and woo-woo psychics.

You and the other players comprise a crew of deplorable amateurs starting and managing a small enterprise. Can
you all come together to achieve your mutual goals? Or will your hearts of evil and greed undermine everything?