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[Mrs. Garlic dying. He advised the only daughter]

Garlic: "Yes, ma'am."

Mother Garlic: "After the mother died, remains a humble kid."

Garlic: [tears.] "Yeah, bu ..."

Dad Garlic: [Crying, witnessed this.]

[After notices like that, Mrs. Garlic died sobs accompanied Garlic and Garlic father.]


[After Mrs. Garlic died, my father was married to Mrs. Garlic Shallots. It makes life Garlic
unhappy. Together with his son named Bawang Merah, the old woman was treated Garlic as
good as her.]

Mother Onions: "Onion Putihhhhh !!!"

Garlic: [Coming up with hie] "Yes, mah. '

Mother Onion: "Where the hell wrote you. Called from the last, really old! It spilled!

Onions: [suddenly came and menoyor Garlic. And dropped food.] "It bersihin all yes."

Garlic: [Sighs. But, inevitably do too.]

[Mother Bawang Merah Bawang Merah and chuckled see it.]

[Because behavior stepmother and stepbrother, Garlic feel distressed. He is now an orphan.
Nothing could maketh lean since his father died.]

Garlic: [Staring at the stars in the sky sadly.] "Oh, Lord, why is my life like this? People who
are close now everything is gone. Nobody loves me now."

[Garlic prayed that someone good-natured man who came and became his mistress. The
prayer recorded by angels and played to the Lord.]


[Garlic going home after washing clothes in the river, when she met a handsome prince.]
Prince: [Sitting on his horse.] "Oh, beautiful girl, may I ask you?"

Garlic: [Turning to the origin of the sound. And took a few steps because of a glare Prince.
Later, he lowered his head.] "Please, sir. What would Mr. ask me?"

Prince: "I'm hunting with the bodyguard. But, so spirits, I went too fast than they are. When I
want to go back, I lost track of them. If you do not mind would you give me a hint what path
is better to go home to my palace? "

Garlic: [Pointing to the street dimaui by Prince.]

Prince: "Oiya, before I go, may I ask who's your name?"

Garlic: "The name of the servant, Garlic, Prince."

[That was the first meeting between the Prince and Garlic. The meeting impression in the
hearts of Prince. So, quietly, Prince noticed Garlic. Since he's been in love.]


[Garlic running scared. He pursued stepmother and his half-brother, has escaped his clothes.
Prince helped Garlic.]

Prince: "Hey, Garlic, come here."

Garlic: [Immediately following the words of the Prince.]

[Finally, selamatlah Garlic from the pursuit stepmother and stepbrother. Prince brings Garlic
to a safe place. Then, tell-tale. Prince sympathy with the life story of Garlic directly proposed.
He wanted to save lives Garlic.]

Prince: "The story of life is dramatic. But, despite all that, since I saw you, I was in love.
Garlic Will marry me?"

Garlic: "If it was the desire of Prince ..."

[So, marry them. Once married, the Prince settle problems between Garlic with stepmother
and stepbrother.]


[Mother Bawang Merah Bawang Merah and knelt in front of Garlic and Prince. The boy's
mother facing trial for their actions in advance.]

Prince: "Guards, take the two of them here!"

Mother Onion: "Forgive us, Prince. We promise to change the nature of the bad that is in us."

Prince: [Staring Garlic, his wife. Asked for his decision.]

Garlic: [Reply to gaze Prince, her husband. Then, he rose toward stepmother and stepbrother.]
"I can just forget about all that mother and brother did. But ... One condition you should
do ..."

Mother Onion: "What is it? Tell us. We will do it with pleasure ..."

Garlic: "You must go away, and do not let me see you again. If I am to see you again, then I
will rule the guards to catch and throw you into jail."

Prince: "Now, be off with you from before us!"

[Mother Bawang Merah Bawang Merah and bowed gratefully acknowledge the generosity of
Garlic and Prince gave.]

Mother Onion and Shallot: "Thank you for the kindness you two." [Both of them soon pass.]

[After the departure stepmother and stepbrother, Garlic lives happily with the Prince.]

The End