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From "Brown Derby Jump" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies:

shake, trip, shimmy and we'd do the bump

everybody swingin' to the brown derby jump

From "Its Goin Down" by Yung Joc:

make the block bump
Boys N da Hood
Call me Black Donald Trump
Dope Boy magic

From "No Good" by Nappy Roots:

Erything tight, Volume 2 off in the trunk, bump
In a slump, head-shot got me pumped like a gauge
Turn the page, flip the script
Hit the script jump, shorty with the dump

From "Down 4 U Part 2" by Jhene:

I see your skin bump up
And the hairs on your arms jump up

From "Make Some Noise" by Kurupt:

Slump me and bump me
Pull out a pump and pump me

From "Do It Knightowl Do It" by Knightowl:

With a mothafuckin style that'll bump
All them lyrics come tight when I dump

From "Nikki The Plump!" by Lucky 7:

and when she does her tummy goes bump bump bump
then her rump goes thump thump thump

From "Come Come" by Dem Franchize Boyz:

In between the sheets we can grind and bump
Make the bed thump

From "Turn This Up" by T-Bone:

them bump it, bump it,
Cadillacs better dump it, dump it,

From "Scream Shout" by I5:

Bump, bump
Shake your rump

From "Dumpin'" by Psychopathic Rydas:

Low down with master hump, bump bump
Buckin with the master pump, dump dump

From "Mimic A Stranger" by Kill Paradise:

I'm gonna sit and make a bump,
Contemplating I'm gonna jump.

From "Stay Saved" by Canton Jones:

I'ma be the bigger man and let you bump me,
cause it's eight of ya'll and ya'll probably gon jump me

From "Moonbeam Woman" by Freak Power:

years later she's back in her stride,
Down Full Circle doin' the bump,
Lovely Lady, up on her feet,
She's getting over the hump.

From "Gunz Will Bust" by Tech N9NE:

It's all out war 4 the punks funk finna jump
Chumps get a lump when I dump tonks for the bianks
Gump wanna thump over pumps and a bump
Rumps get it krunk when I skunk runts

From "Adrenaline Rush" by Twista:

To make a trigger pick up and dump
So turn the bass, kick up and bump

From "(Have Some) Fun With the Funk" by Aaron Carter:

This party's gonna pump
Bebop and body bump

From "Money Maker" by A Tribe Called Quest:

And if you need a boost, then I got the jump
Because we prone to make the party
Go bump bump bump bump bump bump bump

From "B R Right" by Trina:

Get it right brother, jump
Gimme the beat then I'mma make it bump

From "Lions Roar" by Asher Roth:

C'mon, got to make you wanna jump, jump, jump
And I come with another banger and I know you wanna bump

From "Flovilla Thatch Vs. The Virile Garbageman" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies:
Ain't talkin' bout your rump
Dat viscious double bump

From "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer:

Move, slide your rump
Just for a minute let's all do the bump, bump, bump

From "Bring It Back" by Jibbs:

As soon as we open them and any doors the party gone jump
As soon as we turn up the music the speakers go bump

From "Woof Woof" by 69 Boyz:

Kris-Kross know to make ya jump
Wit the way that I bump bump bump

From "B R Right" by Ludacris F/ Trina:

get it right beother, jump,
gimme the beat then imma make it bump,

From "Everybody Move" by Kottonmouth Kings:

laid back let the beat thump
Let the beat bump

From "In the Trunk" by Tech N9ne:

and even though she had a big plump rump
i threw her in and let the beat bump

From "Get Up And Jump" by Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Get up and hump
Get up and bump

From "Put It Down" by Twiztid:

They call me Mr. Lump Lump
So when their heads hear the thunder and the bump bump

From "I Killed An Ant With My Guitar" by John Hiatt:

He was a chump
It was no bump

From "Wolf Wolf" by Three 6 Mafia:

Hit the floor like a maniac, everybody thump
'Cause nobody bump like the Hypnotized bump

From "Symphony (feat. Attitude and D.O.E.)" by Timbaland:

And then I made my city jump(jump)
It's your favorite producer, come on baby let it bump(bump)

From "Glitter & Grease" by Lady Gaga:

Knock it,
pump it,
wash it,
bump it.

From "Push Me Pull You" by Alexz Johnson:

Think you're tall as a building,
you're just a little stump.
Think you move like an earthquake,
but you're just a bump.

From "Crazy People" by Rehab:


From "Recognize" by Warren G:

its part of the plan to get mine from the jump
G-Dub hooked it up, so you know its gotta straight bump

From "Off Da Chain Daddy" by Drag-On:

Mommie wanna fight, we can thump we can thump
Then I throw my Hammer like Pumps and a Bump

From "Sholiz" by Nappy Roots:

Peoples in slums just slump, sholiz
Nappy with the country bump, sholiz
From "Can You Shout" by Mac Dre:
put the guns in the trunk, come listen to some slump
you neva know, cutty you might bump

From "Nikki The Plump!" by Lucky 7:

a guy named forest gump
and when she does her tummy goes bump bump bump

From "An Annoying But Funny Song" by Family Guy:

[Peter] Don't like it? Kiss my rump.
[Peter] Just for a minute let's all do the funk.
[Peter] Can't touch me
[Peter] Yeah, do the Peter Griffin bump,

From "Can't Touch Me" by Family Guy:

kiss my rump
Just for a minute let's all do the Bump

From "Don't Hate The Player" by Loop Troop:

Yo I'm bringin' the monstafunk your babymoms a pump,/
the ladies' hearts a thump, your neighbours cars a bump/

From "Playtime" by Lazytown:

You can stomp you can thump
Even double bump

From "Like Air" by Tommy Page:

All I wanna do is hump you!
All I wanna do is bump you!

From "My name is Leki" by Leki:


From "Casey Jones" by Pete Seeger:

Boy, you'd better jump
Cause there are 2 locomotives
And they're bound to bump

From "The Bertha Butt Boogie" by Jimmy Castor:

When Bertha got off o' her stump,
The whistles were blowin'
And everybody did the bump
But all the time bertha

From "Got To Know Remix" by Supergroove:

I was driving late at night with my best girlfriend, her name was Tracy Trum
We took a left up at Norfolk and stopped the car after I hit a bump

From "Rivals, The" by Paul Laurence Dunbar:
An' he 'ud sort o' turn an' twist
An' grind his teeth an' shake his fist.

From "To Baynard Taylor" by Sidney Lanier:

The cross of love, the wrench of faith, the shame
Of science that cannot prove proof is, the twist
Of blame for praise and bitter praise for blame,
The silly stake and tether round the wrist

From "The Ballad Of Reading Gaol" by Oscar Wilde:

They mocked the moon in a rigadoon
Of delicate turn and twist,
And with formal pace and loathsome grace
The phantoms kept their tryst.

From "Culprit Fay, The" by Joseph Rodman Drake:

He bridled her mouth with a silk-weed twist;
He lashed her sides with an osier thong;
And now through evening's dewy mist,
With leap and spring they bound along,

From "Bagman's Dog, The : Mr. Peters's Story" by Richard Harris Barham:
At each twist
Of her wrist,

From ""Who's Tommy, The" Script - Broadway musical" from ""Who's Tommy, The" Scr
ipt - Broadway musical":
He's a pinball wizard.
There has to be a twist.
A pinball wizard,
S'got such a supple wrist.
From "It's an Art" from "Working":
There's a twist
To my wrist

From "Washington Twist" from "Mr. President":

Doing the twist with a twist
No one is set till they finally get
On the President's favorite list
President's doubts while the ins and the outs

From "Pinball Wizard" from "The Who's Tommy":

He's a pin ball wizard
There has got to be a twist.
A pin ball wizard,
S'got such a supple wrist.

From "Some Other Me" from "If/Then":

Trace every turn and twist
The lives that we just let go by
The dreams we might have missed

From "Big News!" from "Parade":

It's a scoop! It's a twist!
It's a reason to exist!

From "The Schmuel Song" from "The Last 5 Years":

Get up at dawn and start again with the hems and pins and twist
Forty-one years had come and gone at his tailor shop in Klimovich
Watching the winters soldier on, there was one thing Schmuel missed

From "Something Funny's Going On (Reprise)" from "Lucky Stiff":

Annabel: And an ending with a twist
Vinnie: And a brother who is pissed

From "THE BRACELET TO JULIA" by Robert Herrick:

Why I tie about thy wrist,
Julia, this my silken twist?

From "The Ballad Of Boh Da Thone" by Rudyard Kipling:

And the brown flesh blued where the bay'net kissed,
As the steel shot back with a wrench and a twist,
From "A Light Woman" by Robert Browning:
With no mind to eat it, that's the worst!
Were it thrown in the road, would the case assist?
'Twas quenching a dozen blue-flies' thirst
When I gave its stalk a twist.

From "The Ballad Of Reading Gaol" by Oscar Wilde:

Like travellers through a mist:
They mocked the moon in a rigadoon
Of delicate turn and twist,
And with formal pace and loathsome grace

From "Tragedy, The" by Richard Harris Barham:

With his great bony fist,
And pinch'd it, and gave it so painful a twist,

From "Dis-o-bedience" by KMFDM:


From "Shake Shake Shake" by Shaggy:

Move to this, let me see you jump and twist
Pump your fist ~cause you know it's hard to resist

From "Where Do We Go from Here?" by Jamiroquai:

If your love comes with a twist
'Cause I want the part that lingered
On my lips when we first kissed

From "The Gift" by Annie Lennox:

It seems our lives have taken on a different kind of twist
Now that you have given me the perfect gift

From "Bun Down / Stop Hitch" by Elephant Man:

Gal a yuh deh move dat wine up and twist here
Shot inna mi face fi get dat fist here

From "Place Of Higher Power" by Edenbridge:

The inner twist
Can I resist
From "Learn to crawl (ost. spider-man)" by BLACK LAB:
You can dance with a little twist
Tell you pretty red-head babe, you forget that I exist