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Remedy and Dosha in Astrology

What is Doshas in astrology. According to vedic astrology if the malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu,
Mars etc are present in certain houses that can ruin the positive effects of the horoscope.
Meaning of doshas in Vedic astrology is the condition that has flaws, unfavorable Or not good.
These Indian astrology doshas occur because of the unfavorable position of the planets in the
birth chart.

Types of Doshas:

1. Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha:

Manglik dosha occurs when the position of planet Mars placed in 1st, 4th,7th,8th,12th, house in
birth chart. So if the planet Mars is present in any of these five houses it is known as manglik
dosha or kuja dosha. Some astrologers also consider the dosha if the Mars is in 2nd house. 50%
of the people have this dosha in their birth chart. The biggest misconception regarding manglik
dosha in vedic astrology is the death of the spouse if one suffers from manglik dosha. It does not
happen in every case. This happens when other bad combinations of the planets influence are
also there in birth chart.

Manglik Dosha Remedies:

1) Chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily it is one of the best manglik dosha remedies.

2) Keep fast on every Tuesday every week or at least every month of a new month in a rising
Moon if you can.3) For the period of 40 days keep chanting Sunder Kand from Tulsi
Ramcharitmanas. Start it from Tuesday.

4) Recite Gayatri Mantra for 9 times in a day.

5) Om Shreem Hanumate Namah is the mantra to worship Lord Hanuman. People having
manglik dosha must chant this mantra daily and go to Hanuman Temple for Worship especially
on Tuesday. They can also distribute sweets, sindoor along with lighting Ghee lamp.

6) Donate red cloth to the needy people.

7) Do meditation every day.

2. Kaalsarp Yoga/Dosha:

Although in our ancient vedic astrology does not mention Kalsarpa dosha but I have seen its
effects in real life of people who this yoga. Kaal means time and Sarpa means snake, which
means the soul of an person cAught in the mouth (time) of snake. In Kalsarpa dosha means,
when all the planets are to one side of Rahu and Ketu. The main impact of this yoga is
psychological. There is two types of kaalsarpa dosha. One is planets coming towards Rahu and
other is planets going towards Ketu.

A person with the Kaal Sarpa yoga May find himself stuck. No matter how much they are
capable, their life is impeded due to past karma . There are many obstacles in their life for
without any reasons, and no amount of effort seems to be rewarded. But in fact the rewards are
spiritual rather than material. It acts mysteriously, without other indications in the birth chart. An
individual May be extremely successful, yet an equally large part of their life remains unfulfilled.
Many people with this yoga find half their life in darkness and half in the light of their
achievements. A heavy price is now being paid for past karma. To counteracting the effects of
Kaal Sarp yoga/dosha requires the person to move towards their higher self and is important to
understand the psychic of the inner blocks created by this yoga.

Kaalsarpa yoga/dosha Remedies:

Snakes are the parts of Hindu God pictures, but hardly anyone think of or notice them. These
snakes which presents in God pictures are Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are the planets of
subconscious mind . These are some remedies for kaalsarpa yoga/dosha.

1) Lord Shiva have many snakes around his neck. Recite Lord Shivas mantra Om Namah
Shivay 108 times daily.

2) Recite Mahamrityunjaya mantra daily. Whenever any bad thought comes to your mind or you
see things going in the wrong direction.

3) Keep fast at least for 16 Mondays, if you can.

4) Make habit to go temple whenever abhishekam performed in temple and recite Rudrashtakam.

5) Offer prayers to Lord Shivas family.

6) our indian culture full of wisdom. You May observe fast on Nag-panchami.

7) Donate to those people who have leprosy.

8) Donate Blue or Brown cloth, wheat, mirror, sesame seeds, oil, iron and blanket in charity.

9) Avoid wearing black clothes.

10) Do meditation every day.

3. Nadi Dosha:

Nadi is one of the eight aspects that are considered while checking compatibility with Marriage
partner. The points assigned to nadi are 8 which are the maximum. Nadi dosha occurs when
people with similar nadi means they have similar element in their body, and when they get
Married the excess element create problem to the health. Children born to them are weak. So it
must be taken seriously.
Nadi Dosha Remedies:

1) Chant Maha Mrityunjaya mantra japa.

2) Donate grains, cloth and cow to the brahmin for nadi dosha.

3) If someone want to Marry inspite of same nadi then girl should Married to Vishnu before the
actual Marriage and is considered as a nadi dosha cancellation.

4) Do meditation every day.

4. Shrapit or Shapit Dosha/ Yoga:

Whenever Rahu and Saturn when come together known as shrapit means the one who has been
cursed. Many people think everything is bad but it is not so. Depending on the sign and house
placement this yogs give give good result. E. G. For Libra Ascendant people Saturn is
yogakaraka planet means it is the planet which give good result. If Saturn is placed in the fift or
ninth house then it means the person have rajyoga and if Saturn placed with Rahu then its means
rajyoga gets amplified. When this happen then it is know as Nagmani Yoga (Snake jewel). The
person will rich and wealthy. But if this yoga/dosha is not in harmony to your chart then it can
gives great amount of fear in person life. It happens because of the wrong deeds that have done
in past life of the native.

Shrapit or Shapit Dosha/ Yoga Remedies:

Same as Kaal Sarpa Yoga plus Hanuman Chalisa to combat over fear.

5. Pitra Dosha:
In astrology there is pitra dosha means curse from ancestors. But can be taken as you have done
wrong deeds in your past and now you are facing problems in this lifetime. There is one more
theory, that our life is link with our family lineage. If our ancestor or parents do good then we get
good things in life and if not then we suffer in life and this known as pitra Dosha Or paitrik
dosha. Basically we are suffering from our own good or bad karma.

There are many combination for this yoga. Mainly affliction to 5th and 9th house create this
yoga. 5th house related with our past life deeds. The Sun according to vedic astrology is The
father and Moon is the mother whereas Rahu and Saturn are the enemies of these Two. So if
Sun/Moon, Rahu and Saturn are in same house then pitra dosha occurs. The person will not able
to progress because of this dosha.

In the vedic astrology Rahu is considered the main cause of these doshas. Pitra Dosha is due to
any of the following main reason, and there May be others.

1) Bad deeds (bad karma) of your in earlier life, knowingly or unknowingly, are embarrassing
your ancestors souls.

2) Bad deeds (bad karma) of children, knowingly or unknowingly, are embarrassing to the soul
of ancestors.

3) Lack of fulfillments of parental desires of our ancestors,

4) A sudden and unnatural death of any relative ancestors in early age.

5) If someone fails to remember and honor the ancestors properly.

6) If certain wishes are remained attached with the soul of the ancestors, etc

7) an unnatural death in family.

Following are the most important signs to identify the existence of Pitra Dosh:

* Children are falling sick repeatedly.

* The couple has problem in conceiving the child, i. e. Problem in getting pregnant.

* Repeated miscarriages.

* Quarrels among family members without any reasonable reason.

* The persons educational and career growth is obstructed.

* Disruption in educational and career, growth and success.

Remedies of Pitra Dosha:

1) Every Saturday, make rice balls by mixing cooked rice and ghee. Feed these rice balls to
crows and to fish.

2) Unconditional services to parents, old-age needy persons, and to the poor people.

3) Worshipping Lord Vishnu, especially the form of Sri Ram.

4) Perform Rudrabhishekam ( Rudra Abhishek ) in the name of the KUL or ancestors.

5) On any somvati amavasya (when there is amavasya and also monday) go to Peepal tree,offer
one Janeu to tree and one to Lord Vishnu. Pray to tree and Lord Vishnu and ask for forgiveness.
Then do Parikrama of tree at least 11, with each Parikrama offer a sweet to tree. While doing
Parikrama continuously chant the mantra OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA.

6) Do meditation every day.