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I recently graduated from Boise State
University with a B.S. in K-12 Physical
Education with a Health
endorsement. During that time I
accrued 240 hours of observations
within 6 schools throughout the
West Ada and Boise School Districts,
I student taught with John Bale at
Riverside Elementary and Jake Miller
at North Jr. High, and graduated with
a 4.0 GPA in a year and a half. I also
taught secondary science at Questions?
Middlesboro High School in
Middlesboro, Kentucky, for three
years prior to enrolling at Boise
State. During those years, I lead Please dont hesitate to reach out to
district wide training programs, me if you have any further questions
developed curriculum for a junior- or comments! I am honored and
level Physics/Chemistry course, extremely excited to be a part of this
coached middle school football, school and community.
started an intermural rugby program,
and revitalized their National Honor
Society program.

William Blechschmidt William

1910 W. University Dr.
Boise, ID 83725
Blechschmidt K-12 Physical Education & Health
K-12 Physical SHAPE America created the National

Education Standards Standards for Physical Education in 2014.

The 5 standards listed to the left are
necessary for the physical, cognitive,
affective, health-related, and long-term
development of children and adolescents.
These standards guide every instructional
and curriculum-related decision I make in
the classroom.

K-12 Physical Education Standards at Work

Personal Physical Education Breakdown of Each PE Standard:

Mission Statement: Standard 1: Your child will learn proper technique
I believe Physical Education (PE) is meant for and practice basic motor skills such as kicking,
throwing, striking, volleying, and running.
to: teach ALL students motor skills
necessary for health and skill related Standard 2: Your child will understand why they
physical fitness, activate cognitive are performing movements on a cognitive level
recognition in student learning, and and be able to practice them on their own given
develop social and emotional skills cues/guidelines to remember.

necessary for a child's affective
Standard 3: Your child will develop a healthy
development. As a result, you will see lifestyle that includes both fitness and diet related
students practicing motor skills while decisions.
engaging in moderate/vigorous physical
activity each and every day in my class. Standard 4: Your child will develop character
Students will feel a sense of ownership in traits such as leadership, perseverance, and
their education and will work together with
their peers to achieve their goals. Standard 5: Your child will begin a life-long
journey full of physical activity.