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1. hygiene= the practice of keeping yourself or your surroundings clean

Max doesn’t care much about food hygiene.

2. cooking utensils= something that you use for cooking with

This hardware store offers a wide range of cooking utensils.

3. be nutritious= contains things that your body needs to stay healthy

Raw vegetables are actually more nutritious than cooked vegetables

4. food nutrition= food that is considered good for your health

More people attain an advanced age as a result of developments in medical care and better nutrition

5. fattening = ( of food) making people fat

Take more exercise and try to avoid fattening food.

6. be in season = currently available for selling

Strawberries are in season.

7. be out of season= not the time of year when certain vegetables or fruits become ready to eat

The technological breakthrough will allow UK retailers to cut down on importing out-of-season pears from Spain.

8. food supplies= the food that is available

Fish were a vital commodity in growing towns and cities, where food supplies were a constant concern.

9. frozen food = food that is preserved by freezing

Many people feel that frozen food is inferior to fresh food.

10. canned food= food that has been preserved in a metal container without air

Canned vegetables usually contain a lot of salt.

11. TV dinner= a frozen prepared meal that you buy in a container

Some manufacturers are trying to make TV dinners low in salt and additives-free

12. refreshments= something to eat or drink during a party or a meeting

13. a wholesome diet= the healthy food that someone eats each day

Some people believe a salt-free diet is wholesome.

14. an unhealthy diet= unhealthy food

Public awareness of the dangers of an unhealthy diet should be raised.

15. greasy= prepared with a lot of oil or fat

Evan can shed more pounds if he eats less greasy food.

16. cut down on sth. = reduce the amount of sth. that you eat or drink

My doctor told me to cut down on carbohydrates

17. intake= the amount of sth. that you eat or drink

Ruby should reduce her intake of salt and sugar.

18. a fast food junkie = someone who likes junk food very much

Fast food junkies should be made aware of the psychological reasons for fast food addiction.

19. carbonated drinks= drinks that have small bubbles of air in them

Carbonated drinks can destroy the protective enamel around teeth.

20. dietary habits= what we eat and how we eat

Dietary habits can be very difficult to change.

21. eating disorder= a medical condition in which a person does not eat a normal amount of food

The family have a history of eating disorder.

22. trace elements= chemical element that a living thing needs in only extremely small amounts in order to grow and develop normally

Iron and zinc are two important trace elements that the human body needs.

23. protein-rich= (of food) high in protein

Many dieticians believe that protein-rich diets are best at keeping weight off.

24. have a sweet tooth= love to eat food with sugar in it

It ’s things like cakes and candy bars that I can’ t resist. I ’ve got a sweet tooth.

25. be a gourmet=Molly is a gourmet. She’s an excellent judge of good food and drinks.

26. be mouth-watering= ( of food) looks as if it will taste good

27. be disgusting= ( of food) arousing aversion

The frozen food we had at that restaurant was disgusting.

Traditional food is undergoing great changes and being replaced by new diets. What do you think are the reasons and what do you think about this phenomenon?

Our contemporary society has been apparently characterised by the hustle and bustle of our life’s tempo, coinciding with the shift in dietary consumption and energy expenditure. Accordingly, artisanal foods and culinary traditions have been left with little room to cater for modern people’s requirements to their satisfaction. This essay aims to indicate some rationales behind this phenomenon.

First, family size is the proper explanation for this change. Formerly, the large size of families frequently led to economic sense for one person to devote himself or herself to time-consuming domestic tasks. Yet, an increasing amount of family planning and a following decrease in the fertility rate have paved the way for numerous nuclear families with fewer members, but with higher demands for a better life, compared to the past. Understandably, parents have to earn their living more industriously, and processed foods, therefore, are no doubt substituting decent meals with conventional foods to save their time.

Second, this dietary shift is also attributable to recent leaps in technology. Daily tasks that were once laborious engagements are presently far easier with the help of technological advancement, with examples being appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and stoves. Therefore, new diets are taking the place of long-established ways of handling food by a

simple press of a button. Further, technology has rendered our lifestyles more sedentary and convenience food is an optimum choice of white collars who are frequently chasing after the clock.

Third, the enormous penetration of transnational cartels throughout the developing world is also inextricably linked to this transition. In fact, the liberalization of foreign investment, the commercialization, and the saturation of Western markets have pushed domestic companies into other foreign locales. Also, improvements in the logistics and procurement systems employed by supermarkets have allowed them to compete, on cost, with the more typical outlets in locals - the small mom-and-pop stores and wet markets for fruits, vegetables, and all other products.

There are myriad of negative consequences. First, the demise of cultural norms will be inevitable. Specific techniques and practices would die out with our ancestors as they have no one in the younger generations to take up their craft. Moreover, various ailments such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are exacerbated in our society.

Overall, I reckon that this phenomenon is triggered by many factors and has put our modern society in jeopardy. However, we should take full advantage of each kind of food, and to grasp all negative impacts of new diets to ensure ourbetter life.