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Political Terrorism Simulated with CTAS
by Glenn L. Williams

Almost as if driven to extreme by some sort This article takes the system, playing (2.411 Coordination of Attacks. If an agent is
of diametrical compulsion, gamer/designers pieces, and map of The Creature that Ate stacked with at least one terrorist assault team or
take serious games and invent frivolous Sheboygan and expands the game to simulate heavy weapons team in an attack, the ratio for the
scenarios for them and use frivolous games a small scale war in a typical city. The system entire attack is shifted one column to the right.
to present the most uncomfortable of needs very little modification; therefore, the There is no additional bonus for having two or
realities. In much the same way that come major innovations are new units. Agent pro more agents participate in (he attack.
dians aspire to play Hamlet (I suppose), a vocateurs the hobgoblin of the House Un- 12.42] Retreat before Combat. Whenever the mu
wacky game like Creature is perceived to be a American Activities Committee many years nicipal player announces an attack on a block con
stage for the actors of urban terrorism. But ago as well as small terrorist teams, taining an agent, the agent has the option of
does it keep them off the streets? - RAS snipers, and heavy weapons groups are add retreating one block. The agent may not retreat in
to a block containing or adjacent to any municipal
ed. In addition, the population may riot.
combat unit (police or national guard). If an agent
Finally, to provide the municipal government elects to retreat and abandons any terrorist units,
and the terrorists with objectives, counters the municipal attack against those left behind is
are used to designate building blocks which shifted one column right on the CRT.
Historically, collective violence has flowed contain the critical installations necessary to (2.5| SABOTAGE
regularly out of the central political processes of the life of the city. Once each game, an agent may attempt one
Western countries. Men seeking to seize, hold or building destruction attempt with a Building De
realign the levers of power have continually [1.0] NEW COUNTERS struction Strength of I. The agent may use its
engaged in collective violence as part of their The players will have to make these playing pieces strength only against a block it has just moved
struggles. The oppressed have struck in the name from spares counters. through. Exception to Stacking Restrictions: For a
ofjustice, the privileged in the name of order, sabotage attempt, the agent may ignore the
and those in between in the name offear.1 presence of Friendly or Enemy units in the block it
intends to sabotage.
The Creature thai Ate Sheboygan sim |2.6| ESCAPE
ply and vividly portrays a 1950's B-movie Any time a lerrorisi unit (agent, assault team,
version of violence, but with slight modifica heavy weapons or sniper) is in the line of sight of
tion it can be easily adapted to portray no municipal unit, it may be removed from the
another, metaphorical monster the grim map. For this purpose, a unit is out of LOS if it is
mer form of warfare that has yet to take a in a building block and there are no municipal
firm grip on American cities, terrorism. units adjacent to it. The escaping unit is placed on
Warfare was once very personal; combat the wind direction rose on 4. At the beginning of
each turn, it is moved to the next lower number.
and its thrills were no more distant than the
When it reaches 1, the terrorist unit may be placed
end of an arm, axe, or spear. Among the frus on any block out of LOS of municipal units, unless
trations of modern warfare is its intensely im it exercises an ambush option (see Case 3.2). Ter-
personal nature. For the soldier or airman, roist units may never reappear on critical installa
long range artillery and stand-off smart 12.0] AGENT PROVOCATEURS tions.
Each counter represents a single man or woman
bombs have made them technicians rather whose charisma and absolute dedication give them [3.0] TERRORIST ASSAULT TEAMS
than warriors. However, modern technology the power to evoke spontaneous violence from an For movement and stacking purposes, these units
has produced another form of warfare that is already dissatisfied public. are treated exactly as national guard units.
paradoxically both personal and impersonal. |2.1| MOVEMENT |3.l| MOVEMENT
Theories of anarchism and violence reduce Agents are not affected by terrain costs for move Terrorist assault teams may be led by agents gain
the citizen-targei to a cipher, a number, a sta ment. All movemeni cosls are one point per block ing a movement poinl bonus (see Case 2.3).
tistic, while the terrorist has regained his per whether street, building, park, or bridge. Thev |3.2| AMBUSH
sonal involvement. Psychology and techno may not enter river blocks. Once a terrorist assault team has used escape and
logy have produced a modern warrior tilting 12.21 STACKING has reappeared, it may appear adjacent ut a
at windmills of flesh with lances by Kalish- Agents do not count against slacking limits. They municipal unit. Ii must attack thai municipal unit
nikov. in the Combat Phase of the turn it appears. On
may never slack with opposing units of any type
Highly (rained, well-equipped and dedi (helicopters excepted). that turn only, its Combat Strength is doubled.
cated teams can wage war amid shoppers and |2.3| LEADING OTHER UNITS (3.3| HEAVY WEAPONS TEAMS
commuters. The police teams evolving in If an agent begins a Movement Phase stacked wiih Some lerrorisi assault teams arc more heavily
response resemble commandos more than other lerrorisi units, it may carry those uniis. So equipped than others. To determine how much
they do traffic cops. They have more in com long as they remain stacked with the agent, the ter more heavily equipped they are. ihe terrorist
mon with their opponents than with their rorist units may move four (rather than two) player picks one of the randomizer chits before the
fellow police. blocks per turn and ignore terrain costs, as an game begins and consults the Heavy Weapons
agent. Team Equipment Table (3.5). His choice musi be
The new warfare is characterized by its completely random and remains secret until he
|2.4| COMBAT
youth. The new generation understands the uses ihe heavy weapons team in combat for the
ends and uses of violence, perhaps because in Agents have no Attack Strength. They may lend
first lime. The bonuses shown on the table are
their Defense Strength to that of terrorists with cumulative with all other bonuses such as ambush
stantaneous communication and rapid transit
whom they are stacked. Agents may make building
are part of their natural heritage. Thus, a team with RPG-75 ambushes a tank at
destruction attempts, but not as normal combat. four times its normal combat strength.

|3.31| Mortar Restriction. A mortar equipped not affected by the movement penalty of a park or
heavy weapons team which is attacked on the roadblock (6.0).
municipal turn following an attack with the mor (5.4) RIOT ARSON
tar does not receive any defensive bonus for being At the end of its Movement Phase, a riot uses its (6.2) EFFECTS
in a building block. The team is assumed to be on fire breathing ability against one building block Any counter except a riot or helicopter must stop
the roof. adjacent to it. Determine which block by random on entering a block containing a roadblock. A unit
(3.321 Example of Team Composition. When a die roll. attacked in a block containing a roadblock
player draws a chit, the team has each weapon defends at double strength, except for riots and
marked with an "x" under that chit number. If the helicopters.
player draws a 2, his team has a machinegun, an (6.31 REMOVAL
anti-tank RPG-7, and a shoulder launched anti A roadblock may be removed by any national
aircraft missile, the SA-7. guard infantry unit or tank unit which remains on
A riot will not enter a block containing a police or
|3.4| BUILDING DESTRUCTION the block undisturbed for two complete turns.
national guard unit. However, if slacked with an
All terrorist assault teams have a one time building agent, the riot may attack the municipal unit. The
destruction strength of 1. They may not combine [7.0] SUICIDE ATTACKS
agent may not lend any strength or use co
their attempt with other units (including agents). Terrorist assault teams and police car units may
ordination. Note: Riots always attack fire
Note that because of building destruction restric also make suicide attacks.
fighters, even if no agent is present.
tion to one per unit per game, players will have to
identify units and keep track of their building
Whenever the municipal player has national guard [8.0] BERSERK NATIONAL
destruction attempts.
infantry or police patrol cars next to a riot, he may GUARDSMEN
(3.5) HEAVY WEAPONS TEAM attempt to quell the riot during his Combat Phase.
If any national guard unit is attacked and
EQUIPMENT TABLE He rolls a die and consults the Riot Table (S.7). If
destroyed by a riot, all national guard units go
(see bottom of this page) the attempt to quell the riot is unsuccessful, the berserk for the rest of the game. They must always
municipal player may attack the riot during the
move toward and attack the nearest riot, popu
same Combat Phase. A quelled riot is flipped back lace, or terrorist unit in that order of priority. A
over and becomes an ordinary populace counter
A sniper is a single terrorist equipped with a high- berserking national guard unit may never withhold
again. A destroyed riot is removed from play.
powered rifle, scope, and appropriate night an attack.
fighting devices. A sniper has no combat ability as
such. Its defensive value is one. It is considered to
have the creature ability "Fear Immobilization." [9.0] CITY INSTALLATIONS
Snipers have a range of four blocks. If they are in a The municipal player must create seven coumers
high building, they may ignore the LOS effects of representing the critical installations in the city:
adjacent low buildings. Snipers have the retreat three radio-tv stations; two power plants; one
before combat option of agents, with the same water treatment plant; and one city hall. (Note: A
morale effect on other terrorists they abandon. Siarship Troopers game has the first six of these
Snipers may not .be attacked with artillery or counters, requiring the player only to create a city
tanks. hall.)Before the game begins, these installation
counters are placed in any building blocks on ihe
map. They may never be closer than three blocks
to another installation. The installation counters
do not affect the defense or building destruction
|5.0] RIOTS strength of the building blocks they occupy. They
Populace counters may be incited to riot by agents Die Roll Modifications ; simply mark which of those blocks are these in
and quelled again by police or national guard, in stallations.
1. If municipal player has attacked any riot during
the game, subtract 1. (9.1) CITY HALL POLICE GUARD
|5.11 RIOT CHARACTERISTICS Cily hall must always have at least one police car
2. If municipal player has a unit adjacent to popu
A riot is a creature for game purposes with a or helicopter on it.
lace center, subtract 1.
building destruction strength of zero, movement
3. There are no modifications for quelling riots. (9.2) EFFECTS OF CAPTURE OR
allowance of three, defense strength of two, range
of one, and the special ability of fire breathing.
[6.0] ROADBLOCKS Control of any radio-lv station at the end of the
|5.2| INCITING TO RIOT Any terrorist assault team, police car or national game doubles terrorist victory points. Control of
Whenever an agent occupies a block adjacent to or guard unit may attempt to build a roadblock in a additional stations has no effect. Power or waier
containing a populace counter, it may attempt to street block. The unit must remain in the block un treatment plants are worth 8 points, while city hall
incite a riot. The agent does so during either the disturbed for a specified number of turns. The is worth 10 points.
terrorist movement or combat phase (although on presence of other Friendly units in the block has no
ly once per turn). It may even do so while it is mov effect on the length of time it lakes to block a road. [10.0] RIOT SCENARIO
ing. The agent rolls a die and consults the Riot
Table (S.7). If the populace counter riots, flip it
The municipal player receives 44 points and
deploys installations first, then police and national
[5.3] RIOT MOVEMENT guard. The municipal player moves second.
When incited, move the riot counter immediately I6.1| TIME REQUIRED
into a randomly determined adjacent street block. Terrorist learns and police cars require three turns
This player assumes the monster role with two
Thereafter, the riot moves randomly in as straight lo build a roadblock. National guard units require
agents, four terrorist assault teams, two heavy
a line as possible. Use a die roll and the wind table iwo turns. Use a web counter to symbolize the
weapons learns, and iwo snipers. He deploys se
to determine riot movement direction. Riots are roadblock.
cond, and may deploy adjacent to municipal units
but noi adjacent lo critical installations. The ler-
rorisl player may withhold units and use as rein
forcements later in ihe game.
The lerrorist player may use ambush on (he first
lurn only if he rolls a I or 2 after deploymeni.


The lerrorist victory level is 55 points.
Each lime he incites a riot, he earns 3 points.
For each rioi quelled, -2.
For each assault or heavy weapons learn killed,
minus double the combat strength.
For each sniper killed, -5. Designer's Notes tmntimtdjnm operate from their bases on the game-map,
For each agent killed, - 10.
whereas British units are placed on the game-
the battle consisted mainly of probing
map only when actually intercepting German
Installations captured or destroyed at the end of attacks on British shipping and would have
the game: see Case 9.2.
units. At other times they are kept on the
required an extensive system for convoy
British Player's Airfield Dispalys, as explain
For destroying municipal units, use the regular movement, which would add complexity and
Creature point schedule. ed further on.
playing time without much effect on the out
In the Strategic Game, the hex is the
come of the game. After the game is
[11.0] COUNTER-TERROR TEAMS basic area*of action; ail German raids into a
(Optional Rule) published, perhaps an enterprising Battle
particular hex are resolved at once. In the
The municipal player may exchange two police car over Britain enthusiast might want to con
Tactical Game, the six sub-divisions in each
units for two counter-terror teams. These have the tribute a July expansion system to MOVES
hex facilitate resolution of individual raids in
movement advantage of agents, as well as the magazine.
escape and ambush capabilities. A counter-terror
a detailed combat system. These sub-divi
The second game, the Basic Tactical
team may be carried by a helicopter which picks sions, along with altitude levels assigned to
Game, returns to my first idea of a raid-by-
them up simply by moving through their block and all planes in the hex, create a three-
raid portrayal of the battle. Each Game-
then depositing them anywhere along the dimensional air-space that presents the
helicopter's movement path. A team may not be Turn represents three hours of time during
players with subtle tactical considerations in
dropped in a block it could not otherwise enter. the day and six hours during the night, for a
an elegant way.
Each helicopter may carry one team per turn, and total of six Game-Turns per day. In one even
Hidden displays are used extensively in
a team may only be carried by one helicopter per ing, the players should be able to play out
Battle over Britain. The British Airfield Dis
turn. five days of the battle. Scenarios will allow
play is used by the British Player to keep
Creature is a classic "beer and pretzels" the players to recreate critical periods of the
track of the current status of all his units and
game whose system is ideal for expansion and battle in single play sessions, or they may
to keep the German Player in the dark about
experimentation. Sheboygan could represent play the entire campaign "monster" game.
the whereabouts and strengths of the RAF.
a medieval town with a bow and pole-armed The third game, the Advanced Tactical
Almost 80 airfields, including all those used
militia and peasants with bill hooks. Alterna Game, is a more detailed approach to the
in the Battle of Britain and many that were
tively, the riot rules in this article could be us game system and time scale put forth in the
not used (but the Germans didn't know
ed to simulate the chaos on contact with an basic tactical game and increases playing
that), are shown. Each is represented by its
extra-terrestrial civilization. time by about 50%. More on this one later.
own track, and all are organized by sector
The three games are organized so that
and fighter group. In the Strategic Game, the
Probably foremost in the minds of most public concepts learned when playing the Strategic
British Player records any damage incurred
and private officials who deal with public protest Game also apply to the Tactical games.
by each airfield as a result of bombing here,
and violence is: What are the relative merits of While easing the sometimes painful learning
and all squadrons that are operating out of
concessions and coercion for maintaining an process, this will also allow players to switch
orderly and reasonably contented .community? A
the field are kept here. Each airfield is limited
back and forth between the tactical and
case can be made for the development of either to a maximum number of squadrons it may
strategic systems in mid-game. For example,
policy approach and any combination of them, service at any one time; this capacity may be
if the players have completed four turns of
by selective choice of examples. The careful altered by bombing and repair. In the Tac
the Strategic game and suddenly feel like us
study of comparable cases, historically and tical game, the squadrons are moved along
comparatively, needed for a judicious answer ing the tactical system for a seemingly critical
the track of their base airfield to show their
has scarcely been started.2 five-day period, they simply alter some infor
current state of readiness: just landed; pre
mational counters as outlined in the rules,
paring; resting; delayed; available; or in
It is my hope that an entertaining expan and off they go. Conversely, when play of
flight. Damage incurred by the airfield will
sion to The Creature that Ate Sheboygan the tactical game reaches a point in time that
affect the smooth "turnaround" of its
might also be a thoughtful one. matches the starting point for any Strategic
Game-Turn, they may switch to the simpler
Each squadron is assigned to a par
system to get through a "lull" in the battle.
ticular airfield at the start of play. If the
NOTES: How are we abfe to achieve this inter-
British Player wishes to change the base loca
t. Tilly, Charles, "Collective Violence in Euro changeability of game systems? Let's begin
pean Perspective," Violence in America, The
tion of any squadron during the game, he
with the map, which is reproduced here for
Complete Official Report of the National Com uses the Squadron Location Log Sheet to
your perusal (p. 29). The map is a full-size
mission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, record the change. The German Player uses a
22" x 34" representation of England, Wales,
June 1969, New American Library, New York, similar form, the Gruppe Location Log
NY, 1969.
southern Scotland and part of northern
Sheet, to note any changes he may wish to
France and Holland. As you can see, the
2. Graham, Hugh Davis and Gurr, Ted Robert, make in the deployment of his forces.
"Conclusion," ibid., p. 794
hexes are big. There is no movement perse in
the game; the hexes act more as area bound The German Player has no hidden air
aries than a movement regulation system. field display, since intelligence as to the
1. Daly, Charles, Urban Violence, The University
They are used to determine range and the ex deployment of his forces in France, the low
of Chicago Press, Chicago, 111, 1969.
tent of detection and reaction to a raid. countries, and Scandinavia does not do the
2. Luitwak, Edward, Coup d'Etat, Fawceti
Within each hex containing British soil British Player much good. Airfields used by
Publications, Greenwich, Conn. 1968.
are a number of named targets for the Ger the Germans (historically) and the capacity
3. New Mexico Quarterly, Special Issue on
man Player to bomb. These are color-coded of each (in game terms) are listed on the game
Violence, University of New Mexico Press, Albu
as to type, including radar stations, fighter map in the boxes the German Player uses for
querque, NM, Winter, 1968.
command airfields, other airfields, aircraft his bases. Keeping the British Player guessing
4. Violence in America, op. at.MM
factories, other factories, ports, military about the employment of these forces is im
bases, towns and cities. Hexes along the portant, however. Therefore, the German
British coast, in the Channel, and along the Player uses the German Raid Display to
coast of France contain radar values, which secretly plot all his air operations at the
the British Player uses to detect incoming beginning of each Game-Turn. The display
German raids. Hexes containing mainland includes a miniature map of England and a
Europe have bases for German aircraft. Ad number of boxes, each used for an individual
ditional bases located off the hex field are raid. The German Player places numbered
represented along the southern and eastern chits on the mini-map to denote target hexes
edge of the map and are coded to show their for his raids and places the units that will
distance from the hex field. German units carry out each raid in the correspondingly
/continued on page 28.'