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TSR Ltd 120 Church End, Cherry Hinton Cambridge CBI 3LB United Kingdom TSR, Inc p Credits Written by Wolfgang Baur Graphic Design by Sarah Feggestad and Dawn Murin Typography by Nancy J. Kerkstra Edited by Steve Winter Original Auxzinc Excine® design by Zeb Cook Project Management by Karen S. Boomgarden Cover Art by Brom Interior Art by Rabb Ruppel Cartography by Diesel Production: Paul Hanchette Satellite images provided by the EROS Data Center of the U.S. Geological Survey. With thanks to Werner Baur, Karen “Cyberfairy” Boomgarden, William W. Connors, David “Zeb” Cook, Cornell Uni- versity, the Cyberfairies, Richard Dreiser, Steve “Bunny Ears” Kurtz, Pete “Plotting and Scheming” Magsig, Mike "Misjump” Marchi, Belton Myers, John “Firepower” Noddings, Craig “Muzzle Velocity” Sheeley, Bill “1 Get Back to You In a Minute” Slaviscek, Lester "Bugzapper’ Smith, Jonathan Szeto, Teeuwynn, Tamiko "Zen Businesswoman” Toland, the U.S. Geological Survey, the University of Ilinois at Urbana-Champaign, Yerkes Observatory, and Lih Min Yuan for feedback, commentary, and useful information on just about everything. Playtesters from Thanatos, Inc.: Michael Baum, Ben Dickenson, Neal Dickenson, Michael Marchi, Rebecca Marchi, Shelly Nichols, and John Noddings. Playtesters from Pegasus: Carol Clarkson, Glenn Overby, David and Laurie Ballenger, Brian Burr, Bruce Inglehart, and Matt Taylor. Dedicated to the people who taught me biotechnology and its history: Wemer Baur, June Fessenden-MacDonald, Rebecca Goldberg, Bruce Lewenstein, and Will Provine. House andi flats companies have wordnidedtibon rights i the book wade or ng angie po lathe hook and hoy tae the Ute Kingdom by TSK Drs to he oy ad abby ace by ——