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Subject /Class /Topic Details Reflection

Tajuk : Kejar mengejar
Standard Kandungan: 1.9 Berkebolehan melakukan kemahiran asas berlari Attendance: __/__
dengan lakuan yangbetul.
Class Standard Pembelajaran: 1.9.1 Berlari dalam pelbagai kelajuan. __/___ pupils were
3 AL KHAWARIZMI Objektif Pembelajaran : Murid dapat melakukan kemahiran asas berlari able to achieve the
Time dengan lakuan yang betul. objectives.
Aktiviti PdP :
1. Memanaskan badan Teachers action:
2. Penyampaian standard
3. Permainan Kecil
4. Menyejukkan badan
Subject /Class /Topic Details Reflection

Subject Theme : World Of Knowledge REFLECTION

Topic : Technology at Home
Content Standard : Attendance: __/__
1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words
Class and speak confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation.
1.3 Understand and respond to oral texts in a variety of contexts. __/___ pupils were
3 AL KHAWARIZMI able to achieve the
2.1.1 (a) /i:/, 2.2.2, 2.2.3 (LBI)
Learning Standard : objectives.
Time 1.1.4 Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance.
10.05-11.05 1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate
understanding of oral texts by: Teachers action:
(a) asking simple WH-Question
(b) answering simple Wh-Questions
Objectives :
By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to :
a) Name things in the living room
b) Talk about the electrical appliances in the kitchen.
c) Ask and answer questions on electrical appliances in the kitchen
d) Form words using letter cards
Activities :
1. Teacher shows some picture about things at home.
2. Teacher asks pupils to look at their Textbook pg 105 and 106.
3. Teacher asks pupils to identify the pictures.
4. Teacher asks the pupils to name the objects in the living room and kitchen
as in the picture.
5. Teacher drills the pupils on spelling.
6. Doing exercise on pg 99 in their Activity book.
7. Completing exercise in worksheet given.
8. LBI activities:
a. Organise pupils into pairs.
b. Pupils go through the word list for reinforcement.
c. Distribute letter cards to each pair. (Appendix 2)
d. Join the letter cards to form correct words.
e. Pupils read the words aloud
Teaching Aids :
Textbook, AB,flash cards, word cards. worksheet
Subject /Class /Topic Details Reflection

Subject Tajuk : Catur REFLECTION

Standard Kandungan : 1.14 Berkebolehan melakukan aktiviti rekreasi dan
kesenggangan Attendance: __/__
Standard Pembelajaran :1
Bermain permainan strategi yang
6 AL FARABI melibatkan kemahiran motor halus seperti karom, dam,congkak, dan catur __/___ pupils were
Time .Objektif Pembelajaran : Murid dapat melakukan aktiviti rekreasi permainan able to achieve the
08.45-09.15 congkak objectives.

Aktiviti PdP :
1. Memanaskan badan Teachers action:
2. Penyampaian standard
3. Permainan Kecil
4. Menyejukkan badan

Subject /Class /Topic Details Reflection

Focus: Reading
English Theme: World of Self, Family and Friends Attendance: __/__
Topic: Real Life Heroes
Class Learning Standards: 2.2.2 (b), 2.2.3
__/___ pupils were
Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
5 AL FARABI 2.2.2 Able to read and understand phrases and sentences from: able to achieve the
b) non- linear texts objectives.
Time 2.2.3 Able to read for information and enjoyment with guidance
12.35-1.35 Teaching Aids: sample poster/ flash cards
CCE/EE: , Contextualism Teachers action:
1. Teacher puts up the chant of heroes and read aloud.
2. Pupils read and recognise words.
3. Teacher explains about the words and highlighted 10 words.
4. Pupils guess the meaning of the words based on the teachers explanation.
5. Teacher asks pupils to answer the questions in group work.
6. Ask them at random to read their answers and teacher discuss the answer