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Toate aceste lovituri i dau ocazia s i testezi limitele i s All these shots give you the opportunity to test

rtunity to test your limits and

forezi depirea acestora. i dau ocazia s vezi cine te-a iubit cu push overcome them. I'll give you a chance to see who truly loved and
adevrat i cine te-a iubit doar declarativ i interesat. i vor da ocazia s who loved you only declaratory and interested. Will give you the
vezi cine eti, ce poi i ce nsemni, att pentru cei din jurul tu, ct i opportunity to see who you are, what you can and what you mean, both
pentru tine nsi. for those around you and for yourself.
Cu toate acestea, orict de multe experiene vei tri, nu vei ti However, no matter how many experiences you live, you'll
niciodat cte poi ndura. Pentru c oamenii nu i cunosc limitele. Nu never know what you can endure. Because people do not know their
vei ti unde vei ajunge i nici felul n care te vor schimba loviturile limits. You will not know where you get or how you will change the
primite, care te pot nri sau te pot face mai bun; te pot transforma ntr- blows received, you can embitter or you can do better; you can turn into
un om puternic, ncreztor, lupttor sau te pot transforma ntr-un om a strong, confident, fighter or you can turn into a man vulnerable,
vulnerabil, speriat, resemnat. frightened, resigned.
Viaa, drumurile, loviturile i oamenii ei, te pot ndeprta sau te Life, roads, beatings and its people, you can remove or near
pot apropia de tine... totul ine doar de alegeri you ... it can just keep everything elections
Oamenii atepta cu bucurie Crciunul, dar eu doar ateptam s People waiting for Christmas joy, but I just expected to pass.
treac. Timpul era singura mea speran ctre uitare, acceptare i Time was my only hope to oblivion, acceptance and healing wounds. I
vindecarea rnilor. Eram deprimat, descurajat i pierdut. Dei eram o was depressed, discouraged and lost. Although I was a very young
femeie foarte tnr, aveam un suflet mbtrnit, niciun chef de via i woman, I had an old soul, no life and no prospect chef. I'm torn
nicio perspectiv. M zbteam ntre sentimente contrare, m between feelings contrary, I blame myself and self-pity. I feel sorry for
nvinoveam i m autocomptimeam. mi plngeam de mil i uram myself and I hated my inability to change anything.
neputina mea de a schimba ceva. At Christmas Eve, I realized that it was the first time in my life
In seara de Ajun, am realizat c era pentru prima dat n viaa when I did not have a Christmas tree. In my house and in my soul there
mea, cnd nu aveam un brad mpodobit. n casa mea i n sufletul meu was no celebration. I had only a few days when I was sitting in bed, as
nu era nicio srbtoare. Aveam deja cteva zile de cnd stteam numai sick. My friends, Simona and Timeea not left me any moment, enduring
n pat, ca o bolnav. Prietenele mele, Simona i Timeea, nu m-au prsit hard to see me crying for hours and often crying with me.
nicio clip, ndurnd cu greu s m vad plngnd ore n ir i plngnd I heard the doorbell and because I dont react, Simona went to
adeseori alturi de mine. see who was looking for me at that late hour . "They're probably
Am auzit soneria i pentru c nu reacionam, Simona s-a dus s carolers," I said silently. After a moments, Simona came back into the
vad cine m cuta la ora aceea trzie. Probabil c sunt colindtori, bedroom with a big smile on her face, followed by someone holding a
mi-am spus n gnd. Dup cteva clipe, Simona s-a ntors n dormitor tree in his face adorned ready. The person behind the tree was sneaked
cu un zmbet larg pe fa, urmat de cineva care inea n faa sa un brad into the bedroom and put the tree in the corner of the room. It was
gata mpodobit. Persoana din spatele bradului s-a strecurat n dormitor Robert.
i a aezat bradul n colul liber al ncperii. Era Robert. - Ho, ho, ho !, he said, coming toward me.
- Ho, ho, ho!, a spuus el, venind ctre mine.