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Person Possessi Possessi Examples.

al ve ve
pronou adjectiv pronoun
n. e. .
I My Mine Its my money. Its mine.
You Your Yours Its your Its yours.
He His His Its his money. Its his.
She Her Hers Its her Its hers.
We Our Ours Its our Its ours.
They Their Theirs Its their Its theirs.

My/our/your/her/their + a noun (my hands / your book etc.):

- My hands are cold.
- 15 this your book?
- Ann gave me her umbrella.
- It's their problem, not our problem.

Mine/ours/yours/hers/theirs without a noun:

- These books are mine but this newspaper is yours. (= your newspaper)
- I didn't have an umbrella, so Ann gave me hers. (= her umbrella}.
- It's their problem, not ours. (= our problem)
- 'Is that their car?' 'No, theirs is green.' (= their ear)

His with or without a noun:

- Is this his camera?
- It's a nice camera. Is it his?

We say: a friend of mine / a friend of this / some friends of yours etc.:

- I went out to meet a friend of mine. (Not 'a friend of me')
- Are those people friends of yours? (Not 'friends of you ')

Whose ...?
- Whose book is this? (= 15 it your book? his book? my book? etc.)
You can use whose with or without a noun:
- Whose money is this? } Its mine.
Whose is this?
-Whose shoes are these? } They're John's.
Whose are these?
>Finish the sentences with mine/yours etc.
1. It's your money. It's__________.
2. It's my bag. lt's___________.
3. It's our car. lt's___________.
4 They're her shoes. They're__________.
5 It's their house.________________.
6. They're your books.______________.
7 They're my glasses._______________.
8 It's his coat._______________.

>Choose the right word.

1. Is this your/yours book? (your is right)
2. lt's their/theirs problem, not our/ours. (their and ours are right)
3 Are these your/yours shoes?
4 Is this camera your/yours?
5 That's not my/mine umbrella. My/Mine is yellow.
6 They know our/ours address but we don't know their/theirs.
7 They've got two children but I don't know their/theirs names.
8 My/Mine room is bigger than her/hers, but her/hers is nicer.

>Finish these sentences with ... friend(s) of mine/yours etc.

1. I went to the cinema with a friend of mine.
2. They went on holiday with some friends of theirs.
3 She's going out with a friend__________________.
4 We had dinner with some____________________.
5 1 played tennis with a_______________________.
6 He's going to meet a_________________________.
7 Do you know that man? Is he a____________________?

>Look at the pictures. Write questions with Whose ...?

1. Whose book is this? ___________________________________.

2. ____________________________________________________.
3. ____________________________________________________.
4. ____________________________________________________.
5. ____________________________________________________.
6. ____________________________________________________.