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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2017:

Principal Translations
Ingls Espaol
beg [sb] vtr formal, dated (implore, rogar a vtr + prep
plead with [sb])
suplicar a vtr + prep
Please don't leave me, I beg you!
No me dejes, te lo ruego!
beg [sb] to do [sth]v (plead with [sb] to rogar a alguien que
expr do [sth]) haga algo loc verb
She begged her parents to buy her the toy.
Le rog a sus padres que le compraran el juguete.
beg [sb] for [sth] vtr + (implore [sb] for [sth]) implorar a alguien
prep que, rogar a alguien
que vtr
He keeps begging his mother for a new phone, but
she says she can't afford it.
Le sigue implorando a su madre que le compre un
telfono pero ella dice que no puede pagarlo.
beg [sth] vtr (request food, money) mendigar vtr
pedir vtr
We have become used to the sight of homeless
people begging money from passers-by.
Nos hemos acostumbrado a ver gente sin hogar
mendigando dinero a los transentes.
beg [sth] from [sb]vtr (request food, money) pedir algo a loc verb
+ prep
The poor boy begged food and money from strangers
on the street.
El nio pobre peda comida y dinero a extraos en la
beg vi (request alms) mendigar vtr
pedir limosna loc verb
When he lost his job, he started to sit on the street
corner and beg.
Cuando perdi su empleo, fue a sentarse en la
esquina de la calle a mendigar.
beg vi (ask humbly) suplicar vtr
Would you please do me this favour? Don't make me
Podras hacerme este favor? No me hagas
beg vi (dog: sit up to request pedir vtr
My dog does tricks when I say "roll over!" or "beg!"
Mi perro hace trucos cuando le digo "rudate" o
beg of [sb] vi + prep formal (implore [sb]) implorar vtr
rogar vtr
pedir vtr
I must beg of you to grant me one favour.
Te imploro que me concedas un favor.
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2017:

Compound Forms:
Ingls Espaol
beg for [sth] vi + (plead to obtain) rogar vtr
suplicar vtr
(figurado) pedir de rodillas loc verb
Susana le pidi a su mam de rodillas que la dejara ir a la
fiesta, pero aun as no la dej ir.
beg for mercy v (plead for leniency) pedir piedad vtr
Even though the unarmed woman begged for mercy, the
terrorist killed her.
(Espaa) suplicar clemencia vtr
implorar clemencia
beg (plead for pardon) (de rogar perdn loc verb
forgiveness vtr + alguien)
It is easier sometimes to beg forgiveness than to ask
(de alguien) suplicar perdn loc verb
beg forgiveness (plead for pardon) rogar el perdn de loc
of [sb] vtr + n verb
beg leave pedir permiso loc verb
beg off vi phrasal informal (excuse yourself) disculparse v prnl
Me hubiera encantado ir a cenar contigo, pero debo
disculparme porque me ha surgido un imprevisto.
excusarse v prnl
Me hubiera encantado ir a cenar contigo, pero debo
excusarme porque me ha surgido un imprevisto.
beg off (excuse yourself) dar una excusa loc verb
on [sth] vi
beg off [sth] vtr informal (excuse yourself) pedir disculpas loc verb
phrasal insep
beg pardon pedir perdn loc verb
beg the (avoid the issue) evitar la pregunta, evitar
question v expr el tema loc verb
beg the incorrect but common (raise genera la pregunta, traer
question v expr the question) la pregunta loc verb
beg to differ v (politely disagree) permitirse disentir loc
expr verb
Estoy de acuerdo con casi todo lo que has dicho pero me
permito disentir en un punto.
I beg your (sorry, excuse me) disculpe interj
pardon v expr
I beg your pardon, I didn't realise my chair was on your
I beg your ironic (indignation) (AR, disculp?,
pardon!interj irnico) disculpame? interj
cmo? interj
I beg your pardon! I'm certainly not in my sixties!
I beg your (Could you repeat that?) disculpe? interj
disculpame? interj
qu?, cmo? interj
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch that.
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