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Sketch a scene in the book depicting a part of the plot.

(Im marking for detail and

accuracy not drawing talent) Explain your illustration and why you chose to draw this

I chose to draw this scene because this was an essential part of the book, the ultimate plot twist,
the scene where everything is explained. Now, although, the drawing is quite simple, with a doe
surrounded by a dark forest, this scene represents much more than it seems. It had proved the
love Snape had for Lily Potter, Harrys mother, it had proved the protection he had provided for
Harry Potter all these years, it had proved how much Snape had cared. The silver doe had been
Snapes Patronus, the exact same as Lilys Patronus, proving he had still loved her, after she
had gotten married, after she had a family, after she had died, his love for her lived. Your
Patronus is determined by your happiest memory, Snape had been close to obsessed with Lily
Potter, having loved her all his life, his Patronus followed her Patronus, meaning she was his
happiest memory, even after he lived a different life, without her. This scene had also proved the
protection he had provided for Harry Potter, since, when Harry was at his time of need, he would
be given necessary supplies, but without knowing who gave them, just seeing a Patronus he
didnt recognise, a doe. When it was revealed that Snapes Patronus was a doe, it had all made
sense, Harry understood, that all those needed supplies, that were from an unidentified
person, had been Snape all along, who had despised of Harry, yet protected him because of his
love for Lily. This scene had provided a warm closure to when Snape died, as Harry was never
able to thank Snape for what he had done, for he was long gone. I had also added two
quotations taken from this scene to my sketch, from Snape and Dumbledore, After all this
time?, Always , this is a very famous quote from the Harry Potter series, being taken from
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Again, these few words had described how much Snape
had loved Lily, how much effort he put into the protection of Harry as well as how much he had
cared. I drew this scene, because of how it added an emotional sense, to a war, rather than
pure action. This scene, was one of my favourite parts of the entire book, as it had been the
ultimate plot twist, since almost everyone was sure of the fact that Snape would never do such a
thing to help Harry, as he was the son of the man he envied. This is why I chose this scene to
illustrate as it portrayed more than it visually seemed.