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Volume XII, Issue 1 (June 2013), pp. 37-42 (6)

The vulnerability of the European Road 85 to blizzard,

on the road section between Urziceni and Buzu
Romulus-Dumitru COSTACHE
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography,
Corresponding author,
Received on <15-08-2012>, reviewed on <15-11-2012>, accepted on <18-02-2013>

Abstract Rezumat. Vulnerabilitatea la viscol a Drumului

European 85, pe sectorul dintre Urziceni i Buzu.
The blizzard phenomenon is the climate risk that has the
greatest impact on the road-ways in the South-Eastern Viscolul reprezint riscul climatic cu cel mai mare impact
part of Romania. The E85 section between Urziceni and negativ asupra funcionalitii cilor rutiere din partea de Sud-
Buzu has a great vulnerability to blizzard. Its vulnerability Est a Romniei. Cu o vulnerabilitate ridicat la viscol se
was proved during the 26th of January the 14th of prezint i sectorul Drumului E85 dintre Urziceni i Buzu,
February 2012, when the road-way was blocked for 10 aceasta fiind confirmat n perioada 26 ianuarie 14 februarie
days. In order to establish the vulnerability level for E85 2012, cnd artera rutier a fost blocat pentru o perioad de
road, the section between Urziceni and Buzu, the Roads 10 zile. Pentru stabilirea gradului de vulnerabilitate a
Vulnerability to Blizzard Index (RVBI) has been calculated tronsoanelor componente sectorului de drum analizat, s-a
and spatially modelled by using the GIS techniques. This calculat i spaializat n mediul GIS Indicele Vulnerabilitii
index integrates several factors, such as: road sections Cilor Rutiere la Viscol (IVCRV) care integreaz factori
orientation, buildings density in the vicinity of the road, precum: orientarea tronsoanelor de drum, densitatea caselor
width of the villages that are crossed by E85, the snow din vecintatea drumului, limea satelor traversate de E85,
drift potential, within built-up areas orientation to E85, the potenialul la troienire a zpezii, orientarea zonelor construite
negative relief forms along the road section. The traversate de E85 fa de acesta i prezena formelor negative
calculation of the RVBI points out that 74% of total length de relief n lungul sectorului de drum. Calculul IVCRV
of the road present high and very high vulnerability during evidenieaz prezena pe 74% din lungimea tronsoanelor
blizzard phenomenon. The road sections with high and analizate a unei vulnerabiliti ridicate i foarte ridicate la
very high vulnerability need protective measures, such as: fenomenul de viscol. Aceste poriuni de drum necesit
forest belts plantation, using bigger snow fences, adoptarea unor msuri de protecie precum: plantarea unor
increasing the snow fences density and achieving more perdele forestiere, ndesirea i creterea dimensiunilor
equipment for snow moving off by the local authorities. parazpezilor i dotarea autoritilor locale cu un numr mai
mare de utilaje de deszpezire.
Keywords: E85, Buzu, Urziceni, snow drift, road
section, blizzard. Cuvinte-cheie: E85, Urziceni, Buzu, troienire,
sector de drum, viscol

Snow sweeping off, intense snow drift and

Introduction severe visibility decrease cause major trouble on the
In Romania, blizzards were studied by Vancea, N. roads, by blocking them and also cause important
(1956), Blescu and Beleag (1962), Drghici human and economic loss (Cordoneanu E., Drghici
(1986), Ciovica and Beleag (1973), Bordei Ion I., 2011).
Ecaterina and Bordei Ion Nicolae (1983), Ciulache The present study was made due to the high
and Ionac (1995), Cordoneanu and colab. (1997), vulnerability to blizzard phenomenon of the roads in
Bojan Dorina (2008), Meda Georgescu (2010), the Brgan and Buzu plain area, where the most
Costache R. (2012) and others. important road is found: the European Road 85 (DN2).
Blizzard is a typical climate risk phenomenon of The practical utility of this study results from the
the South-Eastern part of Romania, which occurs necessity of identifying the vulnerable parts of the
during the second half of November and the first roads, in order to take protective measures. This
half of March (Ciulache & Ionac, 1995). This necessity was proved at the beginning of year 2012,
phenomenon occurs in the study area as a result of during 3 weeks of severe blizzard phenomenon (25
the atmospheric coupling between the Siberian January 14 February), when the area between
Anticyclone and a Mediterranean depression (Bordei- Urziceni and Buzu was closed for 10 days,
Ion Ecaterina, 1983). The blizzard phenomenon is according to the National Highways Company and
marked by abundant snowfall and high wind speeds, the National Roads Company.
of over 20 km/h, which generate the snow storm According to the Romanian Transporters Union,
and the intense snow drift (Bordei-Ion N, 1988). the closure of the Southern and South-Eastern roads