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Quad County 10 & Under Softball

Updated 05/9/2014 W L Tie Coach Phone Phone Email

Elkhorn Kunes Country Kevin Wallace 262-949-9045
Elkhorn Ascot Agency Breck Ward 262-215-5633
Elkhorn Frank's Piggly Wiggly Mike Meinen 262-210-4992
East Troy Pirates Dean Kapelka 262-441-1536
East Troy Phillies Ben Gorres 262-642-9246
East Troy Nationals Rich Kubly 262-684-5061
Palmyra Traci Wiegert 262-470-8671
Waterford Angels Jim & Sandy McCann 262-206-4003 262-206-3338
Waterford Brewers Ryan & Melissa Krueger 414-333-6911 414-550-6086
Whitewater Ashby Hibbs (920)723-0668
Williams Bay Bayside Angels Chris Peck 262-903-9184

Home team & Winning team, please report game scores in one of the following ways:
email to
via voicemal at 262-473-0119
via text message at 262-443-5896
within 48 hours of the completion of your game