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Teacher: Cmpeanu Alina Andreea

Date: 27 th February
School: Scoala Gimnaziala Slobozia

Grade: 7th
Level: intermediate
Students book: High Flyer
Time: 50 minutes
Unit 15: Matters of the heart
Type of lesson: mixed - acquire new vocabulary
Aims of lesson: by the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
develop and practice the productive skills (writing, speaking) and the receptive skills
(listening, reading);
get students involved in the topic
to raise expectations and involvement in the reading task
to verify the degree of understanding of the text
to learn and practice First and Second Conditional

Procedures: conversation, asking questions based on text, explanation, dialog

Skills: listening, reading, speaking, writing.
Classroom interaction: frontal, individual
Teaching aids: blackboard, notebooks, chalk, handouts.

Stage of Tim Teachers and students Interacti Teaching Skills Materials

lesson e activity on methods used
Organizationa 5 min Teacher enters the class greets the T-Ss Conversation Speaking Notebooks
l moment students, and then T asks if there Ss-T Listenin
are any absents. The students g
greet the teacher and tell the
absentees if there are any. Then,
the teacher checks the homework.

Introduction 5 min Teacher asks students to open T-Ss Conversation Book

to the topic their books at page 62, to look at Ss-T Speaking
the lesson title The Juliet advice
line and to give their opinion
about it. Another question is if
they have heard about Romeo
and Juliet and they are asked to
give some additional information.

Development 35 After their answers, the teacher T-Ss Conversation Blackboar

of the lesson min writes the title on the blackboard, Ss-T Writing d
then the students take turns in Listenin Notebooks
reading the lesson and while they g
read the teacher writes on the
blackboard the new words.
Students also write the words in
their notebooks.
To see if the students have T-Ss Conversation
understood the lesson, they will Ss-T Explanation Book
solve exercise 2 on page 62, in Reading Notebooks
which they have to choose the Writing
correct alternative in order to Listenin
complete the sentence correctly. g
After that the teacher announces T-Ss Explanation
that they will learn about If
Clauses, which are known also as
Conditionals. The teacher tells Listenin
them that there are four types of g
conditionals in English(Type 0, 1, Speaking Blackboar
2 and 3), but they will study only d
Type 1 and 2 and that If Clause Notebooks
Type 0 is incorporated in Type 1,
it is rarely used in exercises and it
expresses general truths. The
students will learn that a
conditional clause is always
introduced by the conjunction if
and that it is followed by a T-Ss Explanation
comma if the main clause comes
after it. Blackboar
After that, the teacher draws a d
table on the blackboard(Appendix Listenin Notebooks
1), with three columns: in the g
first column she will write the Speaking
type of the conditional, in the Writing
second If Clause, with the right
tenses, and in the third Main
Clause, with the right tenses that
are used.
Then the teacher makes up
sentences with both conditionals
and then gives students the
Type 1: If you are late,
you will miss the bus.
(Dac ntrzii, vei pierde
Type 2: If I had money, I T-Ss Explanation
would buy an expensive Ss-T
car.(Dac a avea bani, a
cumpra o main Handouts
After the explanations, the Speaking
teacher tells them that in Type 2 Listenin
Conditional, if we have the verb g
to be, it will have the form were Writing
in all persons, this means that the
speaker gives an advice: If I were
you..(Dac a fi n locul tu,
The teacher makes sure that the
students understand and gives
them a handout with exercises on
conditionals(Appendix 2).
Homework 5 min T-Ss Explanation

The teacher announces the

homework, exercise 3 from the
handout, explaining that it
consists in mixed sentences with
type 1 and 2 conditionals and Listenin
thanks them for cooperation. g