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Exam Questions

A Good interpersonal skills; tenacious; technically astute; firm

C Logical; methodical; tenacious; forthright; analytical

• Which incidents should be logged by the Service Desk?

B Only incidents from bona fide customers

D All incidents

1 Number of incidents closed on without onward referral

3 Number of hardware faults reported

A All three

C 1&3

Incident mgt

ALL calls should be logged

Exam Ques

• On several occasions they have found that when a certain modem had been installed,
communication was unsatisfactory. Which processes other than Incident Management are
involved in achieving a structural solution?

B Only Configuration, Problem & Release Management

D Only Change, Release & Configuration Management

A trend analysis of incident data that over 30% of incidents regularly recur.
A A presentation to the board of directors to explain the importance of Problem

C The selection of an appropriate tool to log all incident data more accurately

• Which of the following data is least likely to be used in the incident control process?

B Make/model of faulty item

D Cost of faulty item

A The Incident Manager

C The Problem Manager

Problem mgt

Root Cause with workaround

Problem Control

• What is the difference between a Problem and a Known Error?

B There is no real difference between a Problem and a Known Error

D In the case of a Known Error the underlying cause of the Problem is known

• This is probably due to an incorrect change in the software. This change was also
introduced in a monthly program that has not yet been run. What is the best possible solution to
be adopted by Problem Management when handling the error?

B The errors are reported as problems at the Service Desk and because manufacturing is
involved, are directly introduced as Changes

D The errors are reported as Incidents and a Problem is identified.

Config mgt

Configuration Activities

Identification of Configuration item (CI)

Status Accounting (ordered, delivered,tested, installed, under repair, retired)

Configuration Management Database

Technical Documentation

IT Staff

CIS’s ALWAYS have Unique ID and CI Type ID attributes

Baseline = Snapshot of CMDB structure and detail

Keyboard CI may have French and English variants

• What information does Configuration Mgt provide to the IT management of an

B Time spent on investigation and diagnosis by each support group (IM)

D Details and history of the IT infrastructure

• Which of the items below would NOT normally be regarded as a CI?

B A video monitor (SW)

D A procedure (DOC)

B There is no difference

D A CMDB is a database that shows the relationships between items

2. Hardware
4. Staff (NOT USERS)
6. Network components

B 1,2,4 & 5

D All of them

Basic and Urgent Change Control Process

CAB Members

• Change Manager

Exam ques

A If it is urgent, as soon as the Request for Change has been classified

C As soon as the impact analysis has been discussed by the members of the Change
Advisory Board

• How frequently should CAB/EC meeting be held?

B Monthly

D As required

1 Effective Change Management ensures that urgency and impact are keys to decisions
made on the scheduling of changes

Which of these statements is true?

B Neither of them

D Both of them

Release is associated with ROLLOUT

Exam Ques

• Which statement most closely describes the DHS?

B Before setting up a DHS a tool should first be purchased for releasing the hardware into
the environment

D A DHS is a database in which all definitive hardware Configuration Items are recorded

• Which one of these following statements is true?

B Urgent changes are always Delta releases

D A Full release releases the ‘normal release unit’ into the live environment

• They can then check their results on their PCs. Which process is responsible for the
correct configuring and transmission of the programs?

B Change Management

D Network Management
Negotiate and Agree

• Which of the following are direct advantages of entering into Service Level Agreements?

2 Fewer incidents will occur

4 The number of changes that have to be backed out will decrease

B 1&2

D 1&3

ABC of Finance

Budgeting (MAN)

You must have a cost model before you can charge

THE SPA – Cost Types

Direct cost can be traced in full to a product or service, cost centre or department e.g.
Indirect Cost cannot be traced directly in full to product or service, cost centre or department
because it has been apportioned.

• Without a good Accounting System you cannot:
2. Judge the efficiency of Problem Management

Which of the above is true?

B 1 & 3 only

• Note!

• Which of the following is NOT the concern of IT Financial Management?

B Invoicing

• Which of the following statements on IT Financial Management is correct?

B In order to set up Budgeting and Accounting, SLA’s and OLA’s need to have been

D IT Financial Management must agree charges with the customer before establishing a
Cost Model (Cost Model comes before charging)

Remember the ABILITY



Exam ques
2. Understanding the reliability of components to carry out a required function under given
conditions over a certain period of time

Which of these is correct?

B Only 1 & 2

D Only 1 & 3

1 is definitely correct and 3 is definitely wrong (SLM) 2 is disguised!!!!

A DT * 100 C (AST – DT) * 100

------------- ----------------------

B AST * 100 D AST

------------- ---------------------
DT (AST – DT) * 100

It just is – Remember it!

(100 – 20) * 100
------------ = 80%

A Component Impact Analysis (ITSCM)

C Configuration Item Availability

• Managing service availability is now more important than ever because ……

C More IT systems are outsourced

Capacity mgt

Service Capacity Management – current service delivery

Demand Management – Differential Charging

• Tuning

• Simulation

Application sizing

Exam ques

• Why is Application Sizing Important?

B The use of an IT application can be controlled

D The resources needed (RCM) for an application and its performance can be predicted

A FTA (Fault Tree Analysis – ITSCM)

C Demand Management (Capacity Management – Varying Tariffs)

Service Cont Mgt

Exam ques

A The time of day it occurs

C The type of disaster, whether flood, fire etc

2. The intermediate recovery external option offers a remote installation, fully equipped with all
the required hardware, software, communications and environmental control equipment

A Both
C Only 1

Your organisation has just entered into a Gradual Recovery (Cold Standby) IT service Continuity
A A building, electricity, telecommunications equipment, office space for technical staff

C A building, telecommunications equipment, a computer, support staff, documentation

• Which of the following would you NOT expect to see in an IT Service Continuity Plan?

B The version number

D Full Service Level Agreements (SLM)