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Karen Reyes
Erin E Lain
COM 307-001
February 16, 2017
A day in the Life of an Inanimate Object

A day in the life of a dollar bill.

Hello, my name is a dollar bill, and today as usual I am in a different pocket. My

everyday life is not very comfortable because most of the time I am blended in a wallet, or in any
other dirty pocket, or suitcase. I wish my next owner can take care of me, I am not asking too
much, just someone that treat me well. I have been circulating for about fifteen years without any
break and it is tiring. Yesterday, I spent the night over a dining table, it was dirty and some
leftovers were near me, after couple hours it started to smell bad and one kid that was near just
spilled his juice over me. I was wet but nobody around me care, until they needed me. So another
kid who was bigger than the one who spill the juice, took me. When I was in his hands he
blended me many times, throw me up and catch me on the air. He was thinking that I was kind of
a baseball, the kid started walking in one direction doing the same action over and over again
until we arrived to one store. There, he asked for a candy and gave me as payment. The owner of
the store took me and examined me while he was walking to the counter. It was probably because
I am worn out for all the years in transit.

In the counter, I meet another dollar bills which were having the same bad day as mine.
By now, it has passed around three hours, and it feels good being resting in a warm and
comfortable cashier. The store owner just opened the cashier on the counter, took me and gave
me to a person, I do not know what he exchange me for, the only things is that my new owner
took me, placed me on his wallet and blended it. I am wondering how long I am going to stay
here, it is not the best place that I can ask for, but at least it is quiet.