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Graphical Analysis:

The Graphical analysis is the method of analysis which performs graphing by taking the input
from data tables.

Graphical analysis is used to calculate statistics, integrals, tangents, and interpolations. Graphical
analysis can be done by creating the graphs, histograms, data tables and FFTs (Fast Fourier
Transform). It can perform automatic curve fits. It also adjusts the curves (or graphs) for the
required parameters. It is possible to compare different parameters and the comparison of various
parameters can understand easily in graphical analysis.

Graphical analysis plays a significant role in electrical engineering. Graphical analysis has
numerous applications in electrical systems. The characteristics of many parameters in electrical
systems such as current, voltage, torque, power, speed, and efficiency are analyzed by graphical
analysis easily. Efficiency, voltage regulations of various machines are compared and the best
machine is chosen by graphical analysis. The load and demand curves in transmission, and
distribution systems can be analyzed with graphical analysis. The output curves of analysis
plays a vital role in power system. Further, the analysis is useful in anticipating the future
characteristics to maintain the stability of complex systems.