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Root Mean Square Amplitude:

The Root Mean Square (RMS) Amplitude is the square root of the sum of squares of means of
an alternating quantity.

It also can be expressed as the effect that is produced by certain input of ac quantity is
equivalent to the effect produced by an equal input of dc quantity.

Consider an example, the heat produced by a resistor when one ampere Direct Current (DC)
passed through it is not equal to the amount of heat produced when one ampere of Alternating
Current (AC) passed through the same resistor. The ac current is not a constant value rather it
varies with time. The heat produced by ac quantity (equal amount of dc quantity) is nothing but
RMS amplitude of an alternating parameter or quantity.
irms i12 i22 ....in2

i1 , i2 ,
Here, are the mean values.
irms max