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The Unit Impulse Sequence:

The unit impulse sequence is a sequence of discrete samples having unit magnitude at origin
and zero magnitude at all other sample instants.
1 at n 0
0 at n 0

Figure 1 depicts the unit of impulse sequence.

In continuous time systems, the impulse function is obtained by differentiating the step function.
t u t
Consider is an impulse function and is a step function. Then,
t u t

In discrete time systems, write the relation between impulse and step sequences.
n u n u n 1

n u n
Here, is impulse sequence and is unit step sequence.

Write the properties of continuous time impulse sequence.

x t t t0 x t0 t t0
Sampling property:
a t b t a b t
Linearity property:
at t
Time scaling property:

t t t
Derivative property: