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Mia Newcombe


Tech 4

February 16, 2016

Child Abuse

More than 2 million children get abused a year in the United States. Most children dont

speak up and tell and adult because they are scared of getting abused even more. There are three

different kinds of abuse, physical, neglect, and emotional abuse. All of the different kinds of

abuse lead to the child having low self-esteem, depression, or even suicidal thoughts etc. Abuse

can unfortunately lead to death ( ).

1 out of 20 children go through child abuse. It is a very serious thing that is hard to

notice. Most of the time is by someone they love so they dont want to turn them in or they are

afraid that the abuser will get mad if they find out that the child told someone. It is very

important to look for symptoms of child abuse in children. You can do this by physically looking

for bruises and cuts or you can look for fearful behavior or depression. ( ).

Children that are being abused usually find it hard to trust anyone with anything. It is a

problem if you cant trust your parents with your safety. Most people think that child abuse just

means that someone is physically hurting a child but emotional abuse can be just as harmful to

the child. Telling the child there no good, worthless, or a mistake is child abuse. No matter

the form is it very harmful. ( ).

When a child is getting abused the child will usually show sudden change in behavior and

school performance. They might also have learning problems, not ever supervised by an adult

and is always fearful of what is going to happen. The parent on the other end might show little

concern for the child, make people use harsh words on them when disciplined or even blames the

child on things they didnt do. Theses some of the ways the parent and child might act.

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