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Appendix A

Lesson Plan Templates for Signature Assignment and Mini-Teach

Choose the template that best fits your lesson

Direct instruction
Subject: 9th grade

porting evidence clearly, concisely, and logically such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning and the organization, de
task. (9-10.SL.4)

heir comprehension of the story Hermes and The Divine Cattle of Apollo by creating a comic book in groups of their section o

ion (3 paragraphs). Each section of the comic book must describe the event that happens in the paragraph. Students will also come up with a


reek mythology by taking notes on a Prezi presentation on an Introduction to Greek Mythology.

e in groups on 3 paragraphs of the story Hermes and The Divine Cattle of Apollo.
section of the story by creating a short tweet summary of the most important details of their part.
of the section of the story by presenting their comic book page and summary to the class.

Materials/Technology Resources to be Used:

urney Comic book page handout, pens/pencils/markers, noteboo

ing, and make relevant to real life)

mythology is embedded in current culture. Students must write down 3 examples of mythology in popular culture. Students will discuss any ex

Student Will:

i presentation on mythology. The presentation will go through a brief Students will watch the Prezi presentation and take notes o
asic terminology on mythology, as well as examples of mythology in current on mythology.


that they can focus on the content of the notes rather than keeping up with the notes, if needed.

Student Will:

be expected of the students for the comic book page and summary. The teacher Students will follow along as the teacher models an examp
he story, and create the comic book page in front of the class for the students to summary. Students will ask any questions if they are confu
e tweet summary for the first 3 paragraphs.
Students will repeat back the directions to show that they
tudents are expected to work in groups to come up with the comic book page
explain that each student is expected to participate in the presentation. The students will be divided into groups and take the com

repeat back the directions to make sure that everyone understands what they

to groups. The teacher will then give each group a section of the story. The
ok page handouts to the groups.


y are currently at in English (low, medium, high). Low level groups will be given the simpler, most straight-forward paragraphs, which the h

Student Will:

udents work in groups on their comic book pages. The teacher will address any Students will close read their section of the story.
Students will draw out what is happening in each paragrap
age of the comic book first. Then, the teacher will call up each group in order to figure out the most important part of the paragraph to il
esent their part. The students in the group will present their piece of the story, tweet summary for their section. They will decide which
rew. Then, they will read their summary. discuss.

Students will present their section of the story in order of

group must participate, one person describing one of the d
one person describing the last drawing, and the last person


y are currently at in English (low, medium, high). Low level groups will be given the simpler, most straight-forward paragraphs, which the h

w drawing the events and summarizing them helped them understand the story better. Students must write down one way that this method wa