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April 7, 2017
Baker University Student Media ~ Baldwin City, Kansas vol. 124 [issue 8]

Are Textbook Prices

Really Rising?
pgs. 8-9

Whether driven
up by the new
competitive markets
or down by todays
ease of access to
renting or electronic
sources, the price of
college textbooks
is forefront on the
minds of students,
professors and


After four years at The mens track and
Baker, Director of field team took first
Choral Ensembles at the annual Baker
Cathy Crispino will Relays, and the
be retiring in May. womens team took
pg. 10 fourth. pg . 12

The Official Mexican Restaurant

of Baker University

CARRYOUT 711 8th St. in Baldwin City

Sunday - Thursday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
785-594-2711 Friday & Saturday 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
First copy free; additional copies 50 cents. The Baker Orange Copyright 2017
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April 7, 2017

The future of the media industry depends on us
Alternative facts. Fake news. Graphic by Bailey Horlander that. We need to embrace media
This is the world we live in sources and help them. If you
today. Does it have to be that notice something that seems
way? Both Trump and his untrue, question it and try to help
supporters view the media as find the real answer instead of
the enemy, and this idea is just automatically saying its fake
starting to transfer to the rest news.
of the U.S. population. The future of journalism rests
The media are portrayed in our hands. We dont have to
as sleazy and tricksters, but tolerate alternative facts and
that simply isnt true. Sure, fake news. Dispute these things
some journalists are sleaze- and find out the real answer so
balls, just like some bankers we can share the truth instead
or businesspeople are, but of complaining that its all lies.
not everyone is. There are Journalism has the potential to
conscientious journalists who educate people and help them
just want to report whats make informed decisions in their
happening in our world so that the truth. nothing. Worse yet, we could rely everyday lives.
people can be informed. If you think the media are lying solely on social media for all of our We are the most connected
If you think the media are to you, look into the issue yourself. news. Reporting by the masses via generation because of social
biased, think again. Even if they Investigate to make sure youre social media, like Twitter, would media, so lets use it to our
report just the facts, people will getting the right information. involve only opinion and not advantage. We need to band
read the information differently Someone, somewhere, has told the provide the whole truth because together. Even if youre not
and project their own opinions truth about an issue, and if you no one would put in the effort of involved in a journalism career,
onto it, thus making it seem look you will find the answer. investigating and reporting. it still directly affects you. A
biased. The solution? Get your If we view the media as evil News media outlets serve as new golden age of journalism is
news from multiple sources. and the enemy, like chief White our watchdogs. They alert us to just around the corner, and its
Only then can you truly have an House Strategist Steve Bannon, what is happening in our world, millennials like us who will help
understanding of whats actually we are at risk for knowing literally but we seem to have forgotten get us there.
going on and who is reporting

BU marketing gifs humor to social media

give colleges a chance to Graphic by Maria Echeverry
SPENCER BROWN establish brand loyalty and
Assistant Editor connect with the student
body. Baker utilizes Twitter
and Facebook as well as
other popular platforms
Search for Baker University on such as Snapchat and
Twitter, and youll see something you Instagram.
probably would not have seen only a From representing
few short years ago: gifs. Of course, current students to creating
with any use of social media today, immediate connections with
its all about engaging followers, and potential students, Bakers
Baker is doing just that. Retweet after social media presence
retweet, the marketing department demonstrates its ability to
continues to step up its game, continue keeping students
promoting the enjoyable campus engaged. Whether it be
atmosphere. through celebrating their
What ultimate impact does successes or encouraging
this have on students? According current students when
to a recent study outlined by the theyre down, the
Journalists Resource and published universitys social media
in Computers in Human Behavior in campus itself. socially and academically. The
platforms create relationships that will
December 2016, brand loyalty Continuing the appropriate and Journalists Resource suggests there
last for years to come.
seems to be connected to students effective use of social media is more is a relationship between students
And it doesnt stop there.
desires to continue their studies at the important now than ever before. As loyalty to a schools brand and their
With each share on Facebook and
same university, even in the face of long as the university continues to willingness to recommend the school
retweet on Twitter, the university
academic difficulties. stay up-to-date on its social media to others, share good experiences
is able to find a further connection
Its a small sample size because strategies, it will be able to build on with friends and participate in school
with the BU community. From family
the study looked at only the Facebook retention and create a deeper love for activities.
members of current students to
use of 206 students at Eastern the university. After all, who doesnt love a like
well-connected alumni, social media
Mediterranean University; however, Social media posts can inspire from the top-ranked private university
platforms reach far beyond the
social media platforms seem to students to better themselves in Kansas?
April 7, 2017 The Baker Orange | Voices page 3

Conservative views stifled on campus

on campus.
LAUREN It may be surprising to
FREKING consider that liberals are
Columnist squashing conservative
views when the typical
glance at social media
Things usually do not go
suggests that Republicans
right for college professors.
are closed-minded and
And by right, I mean right-
overly aggressive in their
positions. By stigmatizing
According to Boston
conservatives as the closed-
Magazine, In the South
minded villains, liberals
and throughout the Great
are creating a faade that
Plains, the ratio of liberal
conservatives are actually
to conservative professors
the ones suffocating other
hover(s) around 3 to 1. On
the liberal left coast, the
Indeed, even as a college
ratio was 6 to 1. And then
female who identifies as an
there was New England
independent conservative,
standing at 28 to 1.
I have been stereotyped
Conservative professors
as discriminatory, closed-
across college campuses
minded, even racist and
are a rarity and could Graphic by Maria Echeverry
homophobic. I can promise
eventually become extinct.
you that I am none of those
The four years students Graphic by Maria Echeverry
things, and the people who
spend attending college
know me well realize that
are the some of the most assume I am ignorant and Another argument points both sides must develop
I have extremely middle-
transformational years of delegitimize my opinions out that many members a sense of respect and

line views for someone who
their lives. With such a high from that moment forward. of a more conservative understanding for people
identifies as conservative.
percentage of liberal What caused this dynamic generation have retired from with opposing opinions.
professors, it is no wonder on college campuses? Why teaching, opening the door Mutual respect will foster an
that most college students I have been are conservative opinions for a rise in younger, left- environment of growth and
are also affiliated with the
stereotyped as hidden in shame and liberal
opinions widely accepted or
leaning professors.
College students
learning that could create
progress and change our
Due to a sweeping discriminatory, even glorified? and professors need to nation.
majority of college Some argue that the examine their own beliefs College students are

students identifying with closed-minded, definition of conservatism and biases. Liberals must the future of America, and
the Democratic Party, the even racist and has changed to be only what consider whether their professors are cultivating
conservative minority has Fox News and President conservative counterparts the opinions that those
often been silenced on homophobic. Trump exemplify in their should be stereotyped as students will carry on
U.S. campuses. In a survey daily proclamations, and racist, homophobic, anti- into the future. When we
at Brandeis University because of this change in feminist or anti-Semitic. begin to respect and listen
in Massachusetts, three- definition, people who would Conservatives must become to differing opinions and
I rarely express my
quarters of students who have normally identified more outspoken on issues promote open conversation
opinion to others on
identified as conservative as conservative now must instead of continuing to be on campus, our country
popular issues. I fear that
said they chose not to identify as moderate or silent due to fear. will surely become a better
my professors and fellow
express their political views independent. Most importantly, place.
students will immediately

Word Around
What is your most
Sarah Baker
trusted news source? Whitney Silkey
Shelby Stephens PHOTO EDITOR
Dave Bostwick ADVISER
PHONE 785-594-4559
Mission Statement
The Baker Orange and KNBU-TV are produced by Baker
"Mostly links from Reddit, "Most of my news comes from "Business Insider and Fox University students with the goal of keeping the university
Twitter or Facebook. I trust social media or my peers. I don't News are my main sources community informed while providing an educational
Twitter the most. If The New watch the news or read the because they've never steered and practical experience to mass media students. Staff
York Times tweets something, newspaper, but if I did, I would me wrong. I care about members will accomplish this goal by paying the highest
politics because it affects me, attention to detail and consistency in reporting, by
it's most likely reliable, but if trust the newspaper the most." considering the variety of interest and perspectives of the
but I tend to avoid news about
one of my friends randomly Baker community and by producing well-planned content.
tweets, then I can't be sure." Staff members will adhere to the highest level of
journalistic ethics in their reporting as outlined by the
Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. The
Tyler Cawley Ziara McDowell Mariq Stigler staff works independent of the trustees, administration,
senior junior sophomore faculty and staff of Baker University.
page 4
April 7, 2017

Interterm to include summer travel

JULIA SANDERS credit hour.
Staff Writer Freshman Erynne Jamison
participated in an education
Baker students will soon have practicum over her interterm and
the option to enroll in a summer believes that the program is a positive
travel interterm, and freshmen will experience for Baker students.
no longer be required to take an Interterm wasnt something that
interterm in their first year at Baker. drew me to Baker, but being here,
Faculty Senate has approved these I think it is definitely a positive,
changes, which will now be submitted because it not only allows us to get
for administrative approval. credit over that break, but if we arent
For the past two years, Faculty here, it gives us a longer break to
Senate has been discussing changes enjoy at home, Jamison said.
to improve the interterm program. Interterm courses must satisfy
According to Associate Professor of one of three requirements: increase
Biology Scott Kimball, a committee student awareness of cultural
Associate Professor of History Leonard Ortiz and his students on the Yucatan, Mexico, travel
began evaluating how the interterm interterm in January. | Photo courtesy Logan Pope experiences and knowledge, increase
program was meeting the needs of knowledge of the diversity of life or
the students and fulfilling the idea of domestic travel, which is usually The previous policy requiring all incorporate a completion of a project
being a distinctive program to Baker cheaper than international travel. freshmen to enroll in interterm was as part of a team.
that would attract students. Students who participate in not heavily enforced, according to Freshman Hannah Greer found
Interterm has historically been winter sports often miss out on travel Kimball, so it didnt make sense to the out about the changes through her
scheduled for two to three weeks at interterms because they have to be Faculty Senate to keep telling students sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, and she
the beginning of January, the time on campus in January. The summer that it was a requirement if there was believes that the summer term could
between first and second semester. term will give more students the not a continuous effort to enforce it. benefit students.
The new summer interterm opportunity to take part in a travel The summer term will allow As long as its not mandatory, I feel
will provide distinctive travel interterm during their time at Baker. students to complete their interterm that it is a good opportunity for people
opportunities. The January interterm It [summer term] provides the requirements in one calendar to travel and experience something out
session will continue to offer both on- option for science things that need year. While this increases student of the norm, Greer said.
campus and travel courses. to happen in warmer weather, or if opportunities, it could also potentially Above all, these changes give
Travel interterm trips to some you want to do mountain climbing or increase the cost, depending on a students more opportunities to
study-abroad destinations are not orienteering where you need to be students particular situation. participate in a travel interterm.
always feasible in January. Kimball able to be out in the summer season, Currently, students are allotted My favorite part is the flexibility
said that several faculty members Interim Dean of the College of Arts three interterm hours in their yearly for students and faculty members
wanted to offer travel interterms that and Sciences Martha Harris said. tuition fees; however, with the new and the possibility that we open
did not work as well in the winter. Students who enter Baker as ability to complete two interterms in up some destinations that werent
Also, traveling domestically in January freshmen are required to complete one calendar year, students will have available before, Harris said. I like
can be hard due to inclement weather, two interterms, but they can now to pay for additional credit hours the idea that we have opportunities
and the addition of a summer term complete an interterm at any time if they go beyond three total hours for students to travel that havent had
will open up more options for during their four years. in one year. This will cost $425 per it in the past.

Visiting biology professor to become full-time

ANGELA BOBER with them in person and seeing them
Staff Writer nearly daily is really fun.
For 2017-18, Hemingson will
Visiting Professor of Biology become a full-time faculty member,
Danielle Hemingson is no longer just a teaching classes for both biology and
visitor on the BU campus. exercise science.
I really have enjoyed teaching and I am so happy for her, senior
being in the classroom, Hemingson Maddie Wilcox said. Baker is really
said. I really like our lab experience a gaining a great asset in hiring her
lot, but just being at Baker itself is like full-time, and I have no doubt she
a small family community all in one will go on to inspire countless other
little place. students.
Hemingson is originally from Hemingson has had a lot of real-life
Waverly, Iowa, and she graduated experiences involving the sciences,
from Buena Vista University, where and some students say this is an
she studied athletic training before advantage for her classes.
attending graduate school and majoring She is super knowledgeable
in kinesiology and sports science. and knows a lot about how the body
This is the first time I have works, junior Brenna Herdman, who Danielle Hemingson teaches the Anatomy and Physiology class. | Photo by Elizabeth Hanson
taught full-time at a university. I came is a teaching assistant for Hemingson,
said. She is super-personal, and if I We have been dating for a while, has gained as an athletic trainer and
from the YMCA, and I am more of a
ask her a question, she is going to give and he proposed a couple of weeks working for the YMCA.
practitioner, so I have worked with a
a straight-up answer. ago in our living room, Hemingson My favorite part of the job is when
lot of clients and patients, Hemingson
Hemingson recently gained said. I see a student realize something,
said. This is really my first full-time
another connection to the Baker They are planning a May wedding. Hemingson said. Either they realize a
teaching, but I have always taught
community when she became engaged In the meantime, Hemingsons concept in anatomy, or they put some
adjunct, which is online a lot more,
to Assistant Professor of Exercise students can benefit from the different things together and have an aha
and you do not really get to know
Science Chris Todden. types of training and experiences she moment.
your students that well. Being here
April 7, 2017 The Baker Orange | News page 5

Study drug:
a quick fix with harmful consequences

Staff Writer

Madison Armoneit lay still on the

bathroom floor of her lecture hall. Her
body had begun to shut down from
days without sleep or food, her heart
rate was dangerously slow, and her
blood count was severely depleted.
She woke up to her sorority sisters
standing above her in fear and disbelief,
completely unaware of the substance
abuse that had taken over her mind,
body and health.
Armoneit, a former Baker student,
left the university in 2016 during
her sophomore year to be admitted
into a high-level inpatient treatment
facility for substance abuse and eating
disorders. Adderall became her escape,
her mechanism of control. Eventually,
however, it took control over her, and
her life spun into a battle of addiction
as she was fighting for months to
Graphic by Maria Echeverry
overcome a dependence on a drug she
felt she could not function without. these statistics, as the use of Adderall According to ADDitude Magazine, LEARNING DISADVANTAGES
Adderall became THE thing for me has become more of a concern in recent users metabolize medication Adderall is not only extremely
when I thought I had lost everything, years. differently. Therefore, a level of dosage dangerous, but it puts students at a
Armoneit said. My emotions were Its a much larger issue than what may have completely different effects disadvantage when they graduate.
heightened. we adjudicate, Dean of Students Cassy on two people, even if they are the Bailey said students arent always going
She felt unstoppable. She started Bailey said. We know the abuse is same weight and height. to be able to deal with life by popping a
using Adderall to balance her busy happening. Baker University Nurse Practitioner pill and staying up all night.
schedule. She could focus on school, Bailey said the schools goal is not Jody Mitchell compared taking Youre learning no skill set, Bailey
soccer, friends and work without being for the students selling or abusing unprescribed prescription pills to said. Taking a test is so much beyond
influenced by outside distractions. the drug to be arrested or expelled. Russian roulette, a dangerous risk that the content. Its about the preparation,
That was the first time I thought However, if university officials find students are taking every time they organization of your time.
that I really felt comfortable in my

" "
a large amount of any controlled ingest a medication that isnt medically By taking the easy way out, Bailey
own skin, Armoneit said. It took me substance, those approved for said students are cheating themselves;
a really long time to develop a clear are immediately them. they are developing no coping skills.
understanding of how deep I had
turned over People regularly taking You dont She said they are setting themselves up
to the police know how that for failure in the future.
Armoneit not only became heavily and can result
Adderall at unprescribed drug is going The use of study drugs also detracts
addicted to Adderall, but said it was in a student doses are at a high risk of to affect you, from those who have legitimate
the number-one cause for the eating facing felony Mitchell said. prescriptions and need Adderall to
disorder that ended up threatening charges as well
becoming addicted. She also had perform in school or function normally.
her life. as revocation of a warning for Taking Adderall unprescribed is a
Food didnt even cross my mind federal student aid and expulsion from students who are taking Adderall on lazy way of learning, Bailey said. You
when I was abusing Adderall, she the university. a prescription. She said you cant tell dont need it.
said. It was easy for me. Bailey hopes to improve students how Adderall will interact with other Sophomore Hunter Collins
She is now more than three awareness of prescription abuse. She medications you are taking. was prescribed Adderall this year
months clean and hopes she is on the said students dont realize the long- According to Live Science, after struggling with focusing and
road to a full recovery. She said she term effects of Adderall, both mentally, prolonged use can cause productivity. He said the medication
still has a long way to go and a lot of legally and physically. developmental problems in the brain, has enabled him to regain the ability to
learning to do. We didnt see this kind of Adderall negative changes in brain activity and feel in control of his school work and
Substance abuse and addictions abuse 20 years ago, Bailey said. We severe withdrawal problems such as his life, and he is no longer consumed
dont just go away, Armoneit said. dont know the longitudinal impact. depression, psychosis, restlessness and by distractions and stressors.
They just change. According to the Addiction Center, agitation. He said his grades truly depend
people regularly taking Adderall at Armoneits story shows the damage on this medication, and it isnt fair
ABUSE, MISUSE unprescribed doses are at a high risk of Adderall abuse can have on ones body. that those people who dont need it
AND RECREATIONAL USE becoming addicted. In fact, she is still suffering the physical are using it to get an advantage, while
Across campuses throughout the While students may begin taking consequences that came with the others are studying rather than using
nation, college students are popping Adderall pills only occasionally, for abuse. She said it has taken a while to drugs to get ahead.
Adderall like its chewing gum, often example, once or twice during a regain her energy level. For BU students, Adderall may seem
without considering the mental, legal semester in the midst of finals week or Something I dont think people like a quick fix for the stress that comes
or physical repercussions that have before a large project is due, many find really believe or think about when it with attending a private university with
been associated with the misuse, abuse themselves increasing the dosage and comes to substances that have become a tough curriculum. However, it can
and recreational use of Attention frequency over time. so cultured, is that there are major have adverse and life-altering effects.
Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) health consequences, even to someone Adderall controlled Armoneits life
medications. Adderall has been called PHYSIOLOGICAL AND prescribed, Armoneit said. as she became dependent, unable to
a study drug by the National Center PSYCHOLOGICAL REPERCUSSIONS Education is key for proper Adderall function normally without it. She hopes
for Health Research, which says that With addiction comes tolerance use. Mitchell said students need to others can see hope for the future.
the abuse rate for study drugs is and withdrawal. Armoneit said with communicate with their primary care I think its so important to
somewhere between 7 and 33 percent increased frequency of use, she began physician and discuss the possible side advocate and express not only the
among college students and is rapidly to develop a tolerance to Adderall and effects before deciding to take Adderall harsh realities but also the incredible
increasing. needed stronger dosages and increased or any ADHD medication. recoveries, she said.
Baker University is contributing to milligrams to produce the same effects.
page 6 The Baker Orange | News April 7, 2017

Common book to feature PDF availability

ANGELA BOBER and negatively. freshman Cordy Wesonig. understand how even small decisions
Staff Writer Unique to this selection, Baker will I was chosen by Dean that we make might have bigger
not purchase books for Salon classes. Bailey because we had previous consequences.
The common reading book for Instead, students will be able choose conversations about the environment Fitting to its content, the author of
fall 2017 Salon classes will be Deep to access it through a PDF version, and the importance of it, and that the book is an environmental writer
Economy: The Wealth of Communities which will be emailed to students, or was the objective of next years Salon and activist himself.
and the Durable Future by Bill to purchase a paperback copy. book, Wesonig said. Anytime you read someones
McKibben. Part of this is that we do not want The committee narrowed down the writing, you should consider it in the
I think students will have the to have the impact of buying books, books to four and went through the context of who is writing it, Kimball
common experience of everybody Bailey said. pros and cons of each. said. This fellow Bill McKibben is a
reading the same book, as well as a Salon 101 classes have read a Deep Economy focuses on how we huge advocate for creating a more
greater understanding of how energy common book since 2009. Choosing affect the environment through our sustainable nation and world. He has
is produced, Dean of Students Cassy the book can be a lengthy process. different products and tools. written a lot for mass media including
Bailey said, adding that students will This year, the committee in The more explicit outcome we in magazines and newspapers.
better understand the environmental charge of selecting the common are hoping for is to become a little Through learning about the
burdens of some of our convenience book consisted of Bailey, Professor of bit more aware of our environmental environment, Wesonig hopes that
items we have, such as bottled water, Psychology Tony Brown, Director of impact as human beings, as college students will become more cognitive
and understanding the impact we can Student Life Randy Flowers, Assistant students, as people in Kansas, as and have an open perspective on how
have on our community both positively Professor of Biology Scott Kimball and people at Baker, Kimball said. And to our actions affect what is around us.

Harlaxton graduation sashes now available

SPENCER BROWN as she walks across the stage to receive through the process of discernment
Assistant Editor her diploma in May. about how theyre going to spend
The sash for Harlaxton College is a their time and energy at Baker,
When graduating seniors walk across reminder of my time abroad in England, Long said. The things that they are
the Collins Center stage, wide arrays something I remember quite fondly, she representing indicate things that were
of regalia line their necks - from honor said. Although I did not go to Harlaxton really meaningful to them and are
cords to medallions and stoles - graduates with people that I will be graduating with, partially an extension of graduation
display their academic achievements it is a way to tie us together and to reflect itself, which is a celebration for
and experiences. This year will feature a on the memories and experiences that we [students] achievements but also
new sash only available to students who had abroad. a way to recognize people who
studied abroad at Harlaxton College. The new Harlaxton sash is only one have contributed to [them] getting
I was so excited to learn of the of many that line students necks on there.
Harlaxton sash because Harlaxton was graduation day, however. Both Minson Harmon continues to collect
a huge part of my Baker experience, and Harmon noted the many other honor her remaining cords and honors
senior Liz Minson said. Im proud that cords and regalia that theyll proudly before finalizing her graduation
Harlaxton is forever a part of me and that display. ensemble and walking across
Im able to show that at graduation. I will have one for Cardinal Key, one the stage in May.
The sashes became available this for the National Society of Collegiate All of these cords and the
semester through Bakers sister school, Scholars and one for Alpha Chi Omega, sash represent a part of my
the University of Evansville, which owns Minson said. These symbolize the time at Baker, Harmon said.
the popular study abroad destination in participation and achievement that I was The honor societies honor
Grantham, England. able to attain during my Baker adventure. my time and commitment
Weve not promoted [the sashes] yet They remind me of the opportunities that to my religious studies and
because theyre so brand new, Director Baker provided me and the activities that communication studies
of Study Abroad Robyn Long said. Im helped mold me into a better version of degrees, both of which have
glad to hear that Harlaxton is emailing myself. been very important in the
alumni. Im hopeful that students who are Of course, with much involvement formation of who I have
Harlaxton alumni will make the choice to comes much recognition through become through Baker.
[purchase one]. graduation regalia; however, Long advises Delta Delta Delta has given
The burgundy colored sashes feature students to wear their regalia with pride me many opportunities
an embroidered official Harlaxton College and in the most representative way and relationships, and the
logo on one end. possible. Total Equality Alliance cord is
Senior Brittney Harmon is another At their best, I think they are a a symbol of the hard work I have
student who will be displaying the sash recognition that a person has gone put into something that I believe in. Harlaxton College graduation sash

Due to technical problems, we are no longer

able to support the Baker Orange mobile app
on the Apple Store and Google Play.

We hope to launch a new and improved mobile app in the 2017-18

school year. If you have the current app on your device, please delete it.
April 7, 2017 The Baker Orange | News page 7

Introducing all-gender restrooms

LILY STEPHENS held annually on March 31.
Staff Writer These speakers shared with us
their medical complications that arise
Director of Diversity and Inclusion from not feeling or being welcome
Teresa Clounch, Assistant Professor of in public restrooms, Harmon said.
Religious Studies Nicholaus Pumphrey Knowing that we have students and
and senior Brittney Harmon placed visitors that are impacted by these
gender-inclusive restroom signs over same complications, last spring we
the specific gender signs of several began brainstorming ideas on how to
single-stalled restrooms around make improvements on our campus
Bakers campus in early March. for those in similar situations.
With the backing of Total Equality After a brainstorming session and
Alliance, these signs went up to allow review process, TEA and Clounch
transgender and non-binary students decided that transforming these
to have a comfortable space to use the restrooms would be their new mission.
restroom. TEAs purpose as an organization is
Members of TEA have been working not only to serve as an ally to the LGBT
for two years to implement this idea, community but also to help advocate
which they hope will leave a lasting for changes as needed, and the
impact on campus and allow Baker organization saw the bathroom issue
to be a leader in gender diversity and as a change that needed to occur. Gender-inclusive restroom signs have been placed over gendered signs in eight campus buildings.

inclusion. Most gender-binary students on

The gender-inclusive signs have campus do not have any concerns with In the future, I hope we can have In an interview with KNBU-TV,
been placed on selected restrooms the change. dorm situations for students who are Clounch said the university and TEA are
in the Alumni Center, the Bennett Art Bathrooms are bathrooms, trans or non-binary, Smith said. really glad about what we are doing.
Building, Collins Library, the Long freshman Carlos Galindo said. Smith also said that when filling Harmon said that if students or
Student Center, Mabee Hall, the New People make such a big deal out of it out a Same Room, Same Hall staff are uncomfortable with the
Living Center, Parmenter Hall and for no reason. housing form this week, the university idea of gender-neutral restrooms to
Owens Musical Arts Building. Non-binary student Blythe Smith, a provided female, male and non-binary remember that all people, not just
In the past, TEA has brought in member of TEA, was excited to see that boxes under gender. cisgender people who identify with the
speakers on International Transgender gender-neutral restrooms were on the I got so excited just seeing that there gender binary, have a right to use the
Day of Visibility, a day of awareness clubs to-do list. is the right box for me, Smith said. restroom when they need to.

Big Event to inspire students to volunteer

ANGELA BOBER The Big Event is basically noon. The event is also more geared Students will get a chance to gain
Staff Writer one big day of volunteer service toward those within Baldwin City. connections and see how their actions
that students are given the I think its a great opportunity are helping out those around them.
Baker students will have the opportunity and presented with to give back to the community and It brings us together because it
opportunity to give back to the opportunities to volunteer in their interact on a different level, Assistant shows that Baker cares about Baldwin
community by participating in the Big communities to give back to those Director of Student Life Josh Doak said. and Baldwin cares about Baker,
Event on April 22. around them, sophomore and Big This is actually hands-on connection freshman Darian Eddy said.
The Big Event is a day of Event coordinator Emily Riggs with people, and all the locations have The event is open to all students.
volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, said, especially the people and the business employees there so that Those who participate will receive a
Midland Railway, Rainbow Experience organizations that support Baker so (students) can interact with what free T-shirt and food.
Preschool, Homespun Hill Farm, much throughout the year. those businesses are doing. Its a really easy day, Riggs
Worden United Methodist Church and This years Big Event is slightly Doak said that the Big Event said. It is not a lot of work, as far as
United Way of Douglas County, as well different. Instead of having multiple offers students the chance to develop preparation for it goes. You just show
as for individuals in the Baldwin City times throughout the day, all community connections, both on up with a good attitude and help out
community. volunteering will be from 8 a.m. to personal and business levels. for a few hours.

April 20 BU Theatre: A Late Snow
Calendar times and dates may change after print publication.
For updates on sports schedules, visit
24 Lawbreakers for the Common Good
7:30 p.m.| Rice Auditorium 7 p.m.| Owens AV Room
8 Bone Marrow Drive 21 BU Theatre: A Late Snow 25 Lunch and Learn: LGBTQ Awareness
9 a.m.| Collins Center 7:30 p.m.| Rice Auditorium 11:45 a.m.| New Living Center: Room 303
Honors Recital 22 SigEp Spiking Out 26 Scholars Symposium (No Classes)
7:30 p.m.| McKibbin Recital Hall Sigma Phi Epsilon Volleyball Court 8 a.m. 3:30 p.m. | Various locations
10 Golf: Baker Spring Invitational Trombone Day Workshop 28 Masterworks Concert
8 a.m. | Eagle Bend Golf Course All day | Owens AV Room 7:30 p.m.| Rice Auditorium
11 Golf: Baker Spring Invitational The Big Event 29 Baker Zach Kindler Invitational Track
8 a.m.| Eagle Bend Golf Course 8 a.m.| Baldwin City Liston Stadium
14 No classes - Good Friday Softball vs Missouri Valley
Softball vs Peru State 1 p.m.| Canvaness Field
Amanda Conrade Senior String Recital May
4 p.m.| Canvaness Field
15 Softball vs Graceland 3:30 p.m.| McKibbin Recital Hall
1 p.m.| Canvaness Field BU Theatre: A Late Snow 1 Corey Matteson Senior Trombone Recital
17 No classes - Faculty In-service 7:30 p.m.| Rice Auditorium 7:30 p.m.| McKibbin Recital Hall
18 Micheal Sturm Senior Trombone Recital 23 Softball vs Benedictine 4 Symphonic Winds Guest Artist Concert
7:30 p.m.| McKibbin Recital Hall 2 p.m.| Cavaness Field 7:30 p.m.| Rice Auditorium
19 Grocery Bingo BU Theatre: A Late Snow 4-5 Production I
9 p.m.| Mabee Gym 2 p.m.| Rice Auditorium 7:30 p.m.| Darby Hope Theatre
page 8 The Baker Orange | April 7, 2017 page 9

Statistics from a survey of 100 BU students | Graphics by Sarah Baker

he world looks very different in 2017 than it did in 1977. A fourth cause of growing whole-price textbooks occurs when For most people coming here, its pretty expensive
For instance, in 1977, Apple Inc. was just taking off, Tom students choose to buy used or rent textbooks from secondary already, and they have to take out student loans, so adding
Brady was born and the average annual cost of college markets, like Amazon and Chegg, in the search for cheaper a couple hundred dollars on top of that is a pretty big deal, ECONOMIC ANALYSIS
tuition was $4,080. Now, 40 years later, Apple Inc. is one of alternatives. This practice causes textbook publishers to miss out on Hardgrove said. OF SOCIAL ISSUES
the largest technology companies in the world, Tom Brady has five profit and compensation for the textbook, leading them to hike up Professor of Philosophy Don Hatcher, who has written 2015
Super Bowl rings and the cost of going to college is higher than ever. their wholesale prices. two textbooks of his own, recognizes the divide in prices
College students frequently complain about the cost of textbooks. The textbook market is very different than it was when I was in between different areas of study.
Are these complaints well founded? According to data from the college, Grant said. It is very different than it was four years ago in In philosophy, a lot of the stuff that I teach is historical
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), textbook prices have increased that Amazon is now doing rentals, Chegg is doing rentals, and plus those being classics like Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Kant,
more than 1,000 percent from 1977 to 2015, which is more than we have a much more fluid secondary market. Bookstores arent Marx and they are all online. Just follow the link and print
three times the rate of inflation. In the 2015-16 school term, getting stuck with old copies. Their students are selling them to it off yourself, Hatcher said. I try to keep book costs to a
students spent an average of $1,310 on textbooks and supplies people all the way across the country. That secondary market works minimum. I would assume the books in the humanities even
alone, according to a College Board annual survey of colleges. Based much better, which means fewer primary sales for Pearson, so they in the anthologies that they are pretty reasonably priced, just
on the 1,000 percent statistic, a textbook that cost $25 in 1977, want to get some of that money back on a smaller amount of copies - because this stuff has been out there for decades and is in the
would cost approximately $250 today, wholesale. making them super-expensive. public domain.



The high numbers appears to be attributed to several causes. Sophomore Caitlin Hardgrove chose to major in biology, With students turning toward resale options more often,
First, the earlier BLS statistics likely were focused on the wholesale originally intending to become a heart surgeon, but she publishers sell fewer total books. The textbook industry, like many
price of textbooks, brand new from the publishers, instead of rediscovered her love for animals and pursued her dream to become others, must adapt to the new digital age to succeed.
including an average of prices among both whole and resale (buying a veterinarian. Hardgrove is taking 18 credit hours this semester, I do think the concern over the rising price of textbooks is an
used or renting) market values. The resale market was smaller in plays on the softball team and is vice president of Zeta Tau Alpha unwarranted concern from the students perspective, Grant said.
1977. Students would have to visit a physical store to buy used or sorority, so finding time to make an extra $800 for a semester of The cost of getting a semesters worth of books actually hasnt
rental books, because the internet was not an option. books is time-consuming. gone up. It is actually probably much cheaper today than it was
Second, textbook prices are higher today because of less On a normal day, softball takes up about three hours, and on 20 years ago, because you have access to these temporary rental
competition among publishers. Eighty percent of the textbook game days its at least five, Hardgrove said. markets that just didnt exist before. I think the real concern for
publishing industry is controlled by only five publishers Cengage Similarly, senior Jamie Steury, who takes 17 credit hours, is a the textbook industry is if the resale industry is so active, how are
Learning, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill Education, member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity, participates in track and field, we going to cope with that and keep producing new books that
Pearson Education and Scholastic effectively excluding is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon (economic honor society) and provide more to students? And I do not know the answer to that.
competition that could drive down prices. is pursuing a career in accounting. I think the textbook industry is trying to figure that out.
Third, the journey of publishing a textbook, from start to finish, I wait until after the first or second day of classes, Steury said. In order to decrease the resale markets and steer customers
is long and difficult. I do this to see if I need to order the book or not and also to see if back to the source, publishers have started utilizing the digital DON HATCHER
Baker University Professor of Business and Economics Alan anyone in the class is interested in sharing a book or even splitting components and forms of some textbooks as a way to keep revenue
Grant authored his own textbook, Economic Analysis of Social Issues, the costs. flowing. Some textbooks now have access codes to digital content
published in 2015 by Pearson Education. He recounts the process Some students end up with extra cash from scholarships to use that students can either buy separately if they bought a used copy or
for getting his book published as long and painful. on textbooks, but most students end up paying out of pocket. Not to receive it free when they buy the textbook new from the publisher. SCIENCE, ETHICS
After four years of basically working full-time with someone mention, some professors may not stress the importance of reading They want to steer people toward the content that is not re- AND TECHNOLOGICAL
from Pearson and all of the other people who are involved in the required textbooks. Hardgrove and Steury each estimated that they sellable, mainly electronic content, Grant said. ASSESSMENT
process, you end up doing about six or seven drafts with a lot of have lost $500 on textbook purchases due to lack of use. Grant said that publishers include online components at a lower 1987
eyes on them, Grant said. We sent out a survey to the Baker University student body and price that could drive customers to the electronic market and away
The process begins by the author writing a few sample chapters asked them about their majors, how many books they needed this from the resale market.
and a prospectus explaining the need for that particular textbook. semester, whether they buy their books online or in the campus Some students can make the cost less detrimental to their bank
If the author gets a contract with a publisher, then there are a lot of bookstore and what website they frequent most. accounts by using the option to write off textbook expenses on their
drafts and editing followed by final publication. The top two majors reported were those falling under the tax forms (IRS form 8863). WRITING: FROM
There is just a lot of money that gets pumped into one of these category of math and science and those related to business. Whether driven up by the new competitive markets or down by CRITICAL THINKING
before it ever hits the market, he said. My guess is that $500,000- Biology and business majors say that their textbook costs ranged todays ease of access to rental or electronic sources, the price of TO COMPOSITION
to-$750,000 went into getting this thing ready before it showed up. from $250 to $800 per semester. Textbook costs for students in college textbooks is forefront on the minds of students, professors 2000
So they want to recoup some of that. other majors ranged from $25 to $200. and publishing companies.
page 10
April 7, 2017

Director of Choral Ensembles retires in May

Staff Writer

After four years at Baker

University, Director of Choral
Ensembles Cathy Crispino will be
retiring at the end of the semester.
Prior to her teaching at Baker, she
taught in public schools for 32 years
and was involved with the Kansas
City Symphony chorus.
I had retired from public school
and had one year of retirement
when they needed somebody here
at Baker, Crispino said. I was glad I
was able to stay here four years and
see one group of students all the way
from freshmen through seniors.
While at Baker, she has directed
the Concert Choir, Chamber Singers
and the University Community
Choir and conducted music for the
recent theater production Ernest
in Love.
I will miss leading a group of
singers, although there are many
ways to be involved in music, such Director of Choral Ensembles Cathy Crispino directs a Concert Choir rehearsal in McKibbin Recital Hall. | Photo by Mykaela Cross
as joining a choir myself, Crispino
said. Rodenbeek said. Shes like our mom junior Sarah Queen said. She would from her experiences and her passion
Crispino has developed many on campus. go above and beyond when helping for music.
relationships with students during Many are thankful for the personal someone. She is always there for you Its really been an honor to be at
her time at Baker. Both on a personal touch she has added to her classes, no matter what. Baker. Its an experience I didnt ever
and professional level. whether it be a story about her dog or Throughout her time at Baker expect to have, Crispino said. Baker
I was able to sit and talk to a deeper conversation. University, Crispino has left an has always had a great choir and they
her in her office, freshman Chloe She is so kind to everyone, impression on the choral program will continue to have a great choir.

Freshman Danny Griese, a member

of Zeta Chi fraternity, participates
in the donut-eating contest during Members of Kappa
Greek Games on March 30. Griese Sigma fraternity and
was the winner among the fraternity
Alpha Chi Omega
sorority dance and lip-
sync during Greek Sing.

Members of
Sigma Phi Epsilon
participate in

Greek Sing in Rice
Auditorium on
March 27.
April 7, 2017 The Baker Orange | Entertainment page 11

Choral Evensong
Between now & then:
April Baker University Concert Choir will perform with the Grace Cathedral Choir at 4 p.m. on April
9 at the Grace Episcopal Cathedral in Topeka. The performance will take place during a church
9 service. The choir will sing Mozarts Vesperae Solennes de Confessore and will be accompanied
by a professional chamber ensemble. University of Missouri Director of Choral Activities R. Paul 6-28
Crabb will conduct the choirs.
A gallery show
Theater Production: A Late Snow highlighting the

April The BU Theatre Department will present A Late Snow by Jane Chambers. The play follows a
college professor, Ellie, along with her first lover, second lover, current lover and possible future
Baker University
Wetlands will be
open through April
20-23 lover all of whom are women as they are snowed in. Awkwardness ensues. A Late Snow will
premiere on the Rice Auditorium stage at 7:30 p.m. on April 20. Subsequent performances will
28 in the Holt-
Russell Gallery on
be at 7:30 p.m. on April 21 and 22, concluding with a matinee at 2 p.m. on April 23. the second floor of
Parmenter Hall.
3rd Annual Trombone Day Workshop
April Approximately 20 to 25 music students from the area will attend the 3rd Annual Trombone Day
Workshop and perform in the following concert that night. The workshop will include a gear talk,
The gallery will
feature work by the
22 a master class and a clinic, available to all participants. The Trombone Day Concert will conclude
the day-long workshop at 4:30 p.m. at Baldwin First United Methodist Church. Director of Bands
Cynthia Back
Caetlynn Booth
Frank Perezs trombone group, KC Bone Connection, will also be featured in the concert. Amanda Bulger
Julie Cambell
Masterworks Concert Stacey Cushner

Kathleen Deep
The spring choral concert will feature all three Baker University choirs and will include the Dawn Lee
Mozart Vesperae Solennes de Confessore, along with other short works. The concert will also Betsy Litton

28 feature student soloists performing works by Mozart, along with a professional chamber ensemble
conducted by Director of Choral Ensembles Cathy Crispino. The performance is at 7:30 p.m. in
Carsten Meier
Eric Rennie
Rice Auditorium. There will be a reception in honor of Crispino following the concert. Ruth Wetzel

Gallery Hours:
Symphonic Winds Guest Artist Concert
May The spring band concert will feature Friends University Adjunct Professor of Percussion Von
Hansen as a guest artist. The concert will include a marimba solo by Von Hansen and a marimba
Monday Friday
10 a.m. 5 p.m.

4 and vibraphone duet with Baker University Adjunct Instructor of Music Andrew Foerschler. The
concert is at 7:30 p.m. in Rice Auditorium. Saturday
Noon 5 p.m.

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to
9 inclusive. Puzzle by GFR Associates.

The last SPRING issue of

the Baker Orange
will be Published May 5
page 12
April 7, 2017

Left: Freshmen Myan Elrington and Erica Esch

exchange the baton to help their 400-meter
relay team toward a win with a time of 4:05.57.
Below: Freshman Greg Flores and junior Joe
Linder took second and third, respectively, in
the mens 5,000-meter run on April 1 at Liston
Photos by Marilee Neutel and Alex Fortuna

Wildcats shine
Right: Freshman Jack
at Baker Relays
Taylor throws for his first NATHALIA BARR Peoples and Logan Lamb, who both
attempt in shot put at Sports Editor qualified for nationals in the first
the Baker Relays. outdoor meet of the season.
Below: Senior Matt Bush
placed fourth in pole The Baker University mens track Baker claimed first and second in
vault with a mark of 4.15 and field team took first at the annual the womens 400-meter dash. Gloria
meters. Baker Relays on April 1, while the Mares took first, and Myan Elrington
womens team took fourth. took second. The womens 4x400
On the womens side, racewalkers meter relay A team also had a first-
Brenda McCollum and Caitlin Apollo place finish for Baker.
took first and second, respectively. Several BU men had top finishes in
Both McCollum and Apollo hit their events. In the mens 3,000-meter
the qualifying mark for the NAIA steeplechase, Corey Matteson finished
Outdoor Track and Field National first with a time of 10:09.24. Greg
Championships. They join Cory Flores took first for the Wildcats in
the mens 10,000-meter run. The
Baker mens 4x400 meter relay A
team also ended the meet with a first-
place finish.
Ben Carpenter took second in
the pole vault with a mark of 4.3
meters. Bakers Simeon Windibiziri
and CJ Hess took second and third,
respectively, in the mens javelin throw.
On Saturday, both teams will
compete at the Ottawa University
Invitational. Baker will host the Zack
Kindler Invitational on Saturday,
April 29.

Caitlin Apollo competes in

the womens 5,000-meter
racewalk. Apollo took second
and qualified for the NAIA
Outdoor Track and Field
National Championships.
April 7, 2017 The Baker Orange | Sports page 13

Wildcats prepare for conference

CHAD MULLEN (Junior Blake Barnard) wasnt at 100
Sports Writer percent, but he still went out there and gave
everything he had against a good opponent,
The Baker tennis teams are on a hot Pipkin said.
streak heading into a stretch of matches One player on the mens side who has been
against conference opponents, with both the racking up wins is junior Thomas Irick, who
men and women winning their past three has been playing at the No. 2 spot.
matches. First-year head coach Keith Pipkin Our number one is great, and (Irick)
didnt even realize it. has also been playing great, Pipkin said.
I just go one match at a time, honestly, Thomas has really dominated these last few
he said following the teams most recent matches, so he would be the one Im most
wins over Hesston College. Tennis is a game impressed with.
of confidence, so its good to string together The lower seeds and doubles teams
wins, but at the same time every match is on both sides have also been consistently
different. You can only focus on so much at winning lately, which has pleased Pipkin.
once. We could always have more depth. We
Much of his focus has been on adjusting have a couple of injuries right now, he said.
to his first college head coaching position When it comes down to conference, Im not
after serving as an assistant at Baker from sure how our depth will stack up, but for the
2011-2013. He then left to become a head teams we have beaten the last three matchups,
coach, first at Baldwin High School, then that is what really shined through.
at Lawrence Free State High School in Although they did not play formal matches
Lawrence. His familiarity with the program this past weekend, Pipkin is excited for the
gives him a sense of comfort, but he knows prospects of the womens team against the
there is still work to do. coming conference opponents.
Its definitely been a learning Our women should be top three in the
opportunity, he said. I wasnt exactly sure conference, he said. The talent we have on
of how they would react to a new coach, but that side is very impressive, and next year
I was confident that we would figure things should be even better.
out together and we would be comfortable The upcoming conference stretch starts
with each other. Friday against the Missouri Valley Vikings in
After both teams earned victories over Marshall, Missouri.
Bethel College and Ottawa University Mo Valley is great. Theyll be vying for
last month, the men took down Hesston conference, and William Woods is in the
on Saturday 8-1, and the women won via top 10, he said. Our win streak might be
forfeit. The men moved to 5-4 on the season, damaged this coming weekend, but its good
while the women now sit at 7-4. The one to get whooped every once in a while. You
match loss came on Saturday at the No. 1 learn more from the losses than you do from Junior Thomas Irick warms up for his singles match against Hesston College
singles spot. the wins. on April 1. Irick won his match in the No. 2 spot, 6-2, 6-2. Baker defeated Hess-
ton 8-1 as a team. Photo by Elizabeth Hanson

Cats record another history-making season

NATHALIA BARR and Caitlin Modesett were all
Sports Editor named Daktronics-NAIA Scholar-
Athletes. To be nominated for this
The womens basketball team honor, athletes must be at least a
ended another history-making junior and have at least a 3.5 GPA.
season after falling in the Round Three seniors led the way for
of 16 in the NAIA National the Wildcats all season. Larson,
Championships. The Wildcats Buchel and Cook each played their
recorded 30 wins on the season, last game in a Baker uniform. In the
won the Heart of America Athletic past four years, the Wildcats have
Conference outright and claimed gone 106-31.
the Heart tournament title for the Larson ended her career with
first time in program history. 925 points, putting her at No. 13 in
The Wildcats finished the 2015- all-time scoring for Baker. Buchel,
16 season with 28 wins to set a who played for just three years,
school record, which they broke totaled 579 points and 119 blocks,
again this season with 30 wins. and Cook totaled 600 points and
Baker finished the 2016-17 357 rebounds.
season 30-5 overall and 24-2 in As a team, Baker led the nation
conference play. The Wildcats in total blocks with 168 this season.
dominated the Heart all season The Cats also held several other
and earned high honors within the top rankings, including being third
conference. Ben Lister was named in total 3-pointers made with 300.
The womens basketball team celebrates winning the Heart of America Athletic Conference Tournament
Heart Coach of the Year for the for the first time in program history. Photo by Chad Phillips This historic season marked the
third time, and senior Kelsey Larson fourth-consecutive appearance for
was named the Heart Player of the the Wildcats in the NAIA National
Year. After the national tournament, Conference. Kenzie Cook and Jessica Zweifel were Championships. The run to the
Larson earned a spot as an NAIA Second Team All- Second Team All-Conference, and Sydney Buchel finals in 2016 was the furthest Baker has ever
American. This is the fifth-consecutive year a Baker was named Honorable Mention All-Conference. made it in the tournament, as the Wildcats lost
player has been named an All-American. Three players also earned honors for their 49-35 to MidAmerica Nazarene University in the
Larson was also named First Team All- academic performances. Buchel, Sydnie Hanson championship game.
page 14

April 7, 2017

Rain disrupts spring sports schedules

BAILEY CONKLIN challenge student-athletes and and more and more reschedules are control.
Assistant Sports Editor coaches face is scheduling games that taking time away from athletes in the Other schools in the Heart of
interfere the least with class time. classroom. Stanclift is appreciative of America Athletic Conference are
A rainy start to the spring season The Baker baseball team has had an professors who have been working seeing the same scheduling difficulties.
has brought frustration to the Baker easier time being able to get games in with her athletes to make up that Three schools in the Heart of
softball and baseball teams. Rain and this season compared to softball. missed time, but not all professors are America Athletic Conference have
even some snow and cold weather Marcus Jones is a baseball player as easy to work played only 10 total conference games.
cancellations have caused the second for Baker and says that the team has with. Coaches in the Heart conference
half of both teams seasons to be been very fortunate in getting games approved a 100-percent completion
packed with games, which can cause completed despite the rain, especially rule that requires teams to make
stress both inside and outside the compared to previous seasons. up all conference games in
classroom. This year honestly has been pretty order to participate in the
This semester has become good, I dont think weve had any conference tournament.
increasingly more stressful for all rainouts this year. I think games have This puts added pressure
of us with each game that has been been moved up to prevent rainouts on the teams to complete
rescheduled, sophomore softball later in the week, but we still got their schedules to even
player Olivia Brees said. In the the games in, Jones said. be able to play in the
classroom, we are falling behind with Jones played on both junior tournament.
the lack of time we can dedicate to varsity and varsity last year, which Small
homework and managing classes. created conflicts with his time in inconveniences besides
Continuous cancellations can lead class. rescheduling can effect
to makeup dates, which often fill a It was actually pretty difficult being able to make
schedule to the brim as the season suiting up for both JV and varsity. For up games as well. Not
winds down. example, if we played two mid-week all schools in the Heart
For the Baker softball team, for varsity and JV games in the same conference have lights on the
rescheduling games has caused its week I could potentially miss all of my field, which can take late games
longest break between games during Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes out of the equation.
the season to be shortened to just two or potentially miss both my Tuesday, Stanclift often works with other
days without a game until the four-day Thursdays, Jones said. Youre missing schools to schedule games that
break before Heart of America Athletic a lot of information thats hard to So far weve had some allow both Baker athletes and their
Conference tournament. make up. professors that have been handling it opponents to stay in the majority of
The softball team is currently Jones relied on notes from phenomenally, Stanclift said. They classes on game days since Cavaness
scheduled to play 30 games in April, classmates and working with teachers understand that this isnt something Field has lights, allowing teams to play
while baseball is scheduled for 18 to turn in assignments early or after were doing on purpose. We have a later in the day.
games in April. he got back from the games to get him few professors who stick with their At Baker we have lights, so Ill
Softball coach Jamie Stanclift has through the semester, something Jones guns (on) their and academic policies, schedule as late as the other team is
been at Baker for five years and has doesnt have to worry about nearly as despite the circumstances, and that willing to play, Stanclift said, just so
never seen this many cancellations and much this season. is creating a little bit of stress on the that our ladies can be in classes as well
reschedules in a Baker softball season. This year we had a lot of Saturday- student-athlete. as the opposing team.
Ive actually been very grateful, Sunday series so that we wouldnt Brees and other softball players The baseball and softball teams
Stanclift said. Every season Ive miss as much class, but some of those have been working with their have been working to stay positive
been here, weve had very minimal Saturday-Sundays would be bumped teachers in advance to make up work as they make it through this month
reschedules. I think weve had two up to Thursday-Fridays or Friday- that is due. in hopes of getting to the Heart
years with zero [reschedules]. We were Saturdays, Jones said. So once again, We have Dean (Martha) Harris and tournament at the beginning of May.
lucky enough that it never rained on I was missing class, but I havent been Theresa Yetmar step in with emailing One way we are staying positive
our game days. missing nearly as much class this year. professors and make sure everyone about the situation is that we still
The cancelling and constant This year has been a breeze compared is on the same page, Brees said. For want to play, Brees said. So after
rescheduling of games doesnt leave to last year. the most part everyone has been two weeks of just practice, we were
many weekends open to play games. Baker softball hasnt been nearly very supportive in not punishing us pumped to be back out on the field last
Along with fitting in games, another as lucky with its schedule this year, as students for something we cannot Saturday.

Dance takes third at national competition

NATHALIA BARR Four Baker dancers earned All-American hon-
Sports Editor ors, the most from a single team. Alyssa Monson,
McKenzie Kula, Allie Howland and Alison Prather
The Baker University Dance team took third all earned the honor. Kula and Krista Porter were
place at the inaugural NAIA Competitive Dance also named Daktronics Scholar-Athletes, an that
National Championships on March 11 in Okla- award goes to athletes who are at least a junior
homa City. Baker was just 0.85 points behind and earned at least a 3.5 GPA.
second-place Aquinas and 5.6 points behind the As a team, Baker received the NAIA Cham-
first-place Midland team. pions of Character Award. As the Champions of
The NAIAs recent decision to consider dance Character representative, sophomore Maddy
and cheer as sports resulted in a change in the Lutz visited John Rex Elementary School and
setup of nationals as well. Senior dance team read to pre-K students. Representatives from
captain Michaela Jamison said the team finally each competing team talked to the students
received the validation they knew they deserved. about the NAIAs core values.
We practice year-round and do game-day I talked to them about how I live those traits Members of the Baker dance team perform their competition routine at
out and why they are important to me, Lutz halftime of a basketball game. Photo by Elizabeth Hanson
things as well as our competition, sometimes at
the same darn time, Jamison said. Its just so said. It was awesome seeing how interested
cool to be recognized for the work we put into they were and how eager they were to start ap-
our sport. plying these traits.
April 7, 2017 The Baker Orange | Sports page 15

Five things to know about Baker athletics

1 Regalado to coach at Clarke

After serving as an assistant coach for the Baker football team
since 2008, Miguel Regalado will now become the head coach
for Clarke Universitys first football team. Regalado has been
the offensive coordinator under head coach Mike Grossner
since 2011 and was named the 2016 Heart of America Athletic
Conference South Division Assistant Coach of the Year.

Cats to host Strikeout Sarcoma
The Baker baseball team will host its first-ever Strikeout
Sarcoma series with Avila University on April 28-29. The
series will begin with a doubleheader at Sauder Field on
Friday, and Avila will host Saturdays doubleheader. Both
While Miguel Regalado has been at Baker, the football team has gone 81-25, made five
teams will be collecting donations for Cancer CharityForLife. national appearances and won three Heart championships. | Photo by Chad Phillips

Sophomore David Dow finished eighth in his first-ever appearance at the NAIA
National Championships, earning All-America honors. | Photo by Alex Fortuna
Two wrestlers earn All-America
Two Baker wrestlers earned All-America honors at the NAIA
Wrestling National Championships in early March. Victor
Hughes finished eighth in the 149-pound bracket, and David
Dow finished eighth in the 197-pound bracket. As a team,
the Wildcats got 26th place.

Wildcat Classic to be in Olathe
The annual Wildcat Classic Golf Tournament will be held
on May 19 at Prairie Highlands Golf Course in Olathe. There
will be a morning and an afternoon round of golf as well as
a silent auction throughout the day. All of the proceeds from
the tournament go to Baker athletics.

Mens golf opens spring season
The mens golf team played in the Bethel College
Invitational to begin the spring season on April 1-2. Baker
finished seventh out of 16 teams. Riley Kemmer led the
Wildcats with a seventh-place individual finish. Both the
mens and womens golf teams will host the Baker Spring
Invitational on April 10-11 in Lawrence.

Junior Jordan Brown pitched 3.2 innings for Baker in game one of the MNU Senior Jaimie Myers reaches for a backhand shot in her match against Ottawa
series on March 23-24. Brown allowed three hits but no runs. | Photo by Justin University on March 28. Baker won the match 6-4. | Photo by Alex Fortuna
page 16 April 7, 2017

Parting Shot

Freshmen Nathan Sparks and Carlos Galindo participated in the pie-eating contest during Greek Games on March 30. | Photo by Justin Toumberlin