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Onboarding Accelerator

Deployment and Migration

Assistance for SharePoint Lite

Onboarding Overview
Accelerator The Onboarding Accelerator for SharePoint Lite is an end-to-end deployment
and migration service designed to provide achievable and consistent results.
The service consists of structured phases aligning to major milestones in
With the
implementation and migration project scenarios. The Onboarding Accelerator
for SharePoint Lite targets smaller, less complex, intranet-facing SharePoint
Accelerator for
SharePoint Lite,
you can: The service accelerates SharePoint deployment and migration tasks by
Accelerate the combining a proven framework for resource allocation and task scheduling with
entire Microsoft custom data collection tools, automated deployment solutions, and detailed
SharePoint step-by-step delivery guides.
process Framework and Deliverables:
Decrease the
time taken to
define Plan, deploy,
requirements and
and migrate to
Form a plan of 2013 with
action for a
Premier Field
deployment with
low risk services that
provide pre-
Schedule phases
1 and 2 to assure
resource engagements to
availability speed up your
Structured phases of
SharePoint planning,
preparation, deployment,
testing and migration.

Is the Onboarding Accelerator for Delivery Framework:

The Onboarding Accelerator Deployment and Migration Assistance for SharePoint Lite
SharePoint Lite right for your consists of a pre-engagement scoping phase (P0) and two primary phases (P1 and P2).
organization? Phase 0
Do you have an existing Qualify for the service
Define responsibilities and requirements
SharePoint farm with less than: Agree on the scope and deliverables
Plan and prepare for Phase 1 and Phase 2
Five servers running
Microsoft SharePoint Server? Phase 1
500 GB total database size? Perform an assessment of the existing SharePoint farms
Provide knowledge transfer on SharePoint 2013
6 solutions? Collect business requirements, dependencies and risks
Are you upgrading from a Provide guidance and recommendations on deployment and migration solutions
Deploy the SharePoint test farm
previously supported version Perform content migration testing
Validate and remediate content migration blocking issues
of SharePoint?
Do you want to ensure a Phase 2
Deploy the SharePoint production farm
smooth deployment and Perform go-live content migration
migration experience? Support go-live migration
Provide recommendations and next steps
Are you interested in learning
about the operational best Custom data collection tool that automates the assessment of source SharePoint
practices in SharePoint? farms and generates reports. *Supports SharePoint 2010 and 2013 farms only.
Custom chalk-talk presentations that provide knowledge transfer on SharePoint
Are you looking for an Guidance and recommendations through interactive planning and working sessions
automated and repeatable Advanced, customizable, and automated SharePoint deployment solution powered
by PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)
deployment solution for Scripted migration techniques combined with simple and effective step-by-step
migration guides improve the overall migration experience
Are you looking for a solution Outcomes:
A decreased amount of time spent on defining requirements, planning, and testing
that helps prevent migration
configuration drift from Accelerated and repeatable deployment solution of SharePoint 2013
Mitigation of common deployment and migration related risks
occurring in your SharePoint Alignment with Microsoft recommended best practices
environment? Improved probability of successful deployment and migration

Supported Migration and Deployment Scenarios:

One Onboarding Accelerator Deployment and Migration Assistance for SharePoint
Server Lite engagement targets, one test SharePoint 2013 farm and one production
SharePoint 2013 farm
Any version of Microsoft SharePoint Server that is still supported by Microsoft at the
time of delivery as outlined in:
All Microsoft components, server infrastructure, and topology must follow officially
supported configurations
Deployment of Microsoft products that integrate and interoperate with SharePoint
2013 are out of scope, such as Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint
2013, Workflow Manager 1,0, Microsoft Project Server 2013, and so on. The
Onboarding Accelerator for SharePoint Full version supports this scenario

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