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Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Inc.

The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Inc.

- Owner of the brand - We have a license for the use

- Produces and sells the of the brand.
concentrate to various bottlers - Development and marketing of
in the world. "The Coca-Cola Company"
- Define criteria, labor standards within certain boundaries.
and norms (through audits) - Ensure quality standards of the
that must be met by the product.
Bottlers (eg Authorization - Operational Marketing:
providers) Material P.O.P.
- Strategic Marketing
FEMSA as leader of Coca-Cola brands in the world

Coca-Colas largest public bottler in terms of

sales volume
Presence in 10 countries: 9 in
Latin America and 1 in Asia
Over 3.9 billion cases sold.
More than 55 production facilities
in our operations. Guatemala
More than 100,000 employees. Mexico Costa Rica
More than 300 million consumers. Panama
Philippines Colombia Venezuela
More than 2.5 million points of sale.
Three main divisions: Mexico and Central
America, South America and Asia.
Coca-Cola FEMSA, listed on the Mexican
Stock Exchange and New York using the
acronym KOF. Argentina
Sales count for 1 in every 4 bottles of CC in
LatAm, 5 in every 10 of Mexico and 1 in every
10 in the world.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Inc.
Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Inc.
Our Portfolio

We currently offer different categories:

Coca-Cola Water
Flavored sparkling beverages Dairy products
Ready-to-drink tea Energy drinks
Sports drinks Coffee
Juice and fruit drinks Vitamin beverages

These categories include no-calorie products and a variety of serving sizes

to meet different consumer requirements.
We create beverage solution for every necessity of our consumers in
each country.
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