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Issue 420

5 - 18 April 2017 / Best software / New apps / Ya(boo) hoo!

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Bring your PC back to health

ts Issue 420 of Web User and, if I reset, restore and revive. Together this
understand my hipster references alliterative trio can help to speed up your
correctly, that makes it the perfect time to PC and phone, undo unwanted changes to
chill out with a refreshing cup of tea your software, recover lost files and
(served in a jam jar). In any case, its always settings, and much more.
beneficial to take a moment to rest your Also in this issue, we review the best free
aching joints, replenish your energy and tools for controlling your PC remotely,
rejuvenate your mind, but your poor old PC so you dont even need to be in the same
doesnt enjoy that privilege. Instead its room as your spluttering computer
forced to keep toiling away, getting slower until its brought back to health.
and stupider, with no hope of respite.
In this issues cover feature (page 38), we RRRobert Irvine
explain how to give your hardware a new
lease of life with the help of three simple Rs: #webuser

5 Things youll
learn this issue
1 How to explore the inside of
a volcano and survive to tell
the tale
page 6

2 How to share files securely

and anonymously over the
Tor network
page 28

3 How to scroll web pages

automatically without
touching your mouse
p38 page 31

4 How to send files and

folders from your PC to your
phone or tablet
page 54

5 How to bring back icons that

have disappeared from your

p36 Desktop
page 67

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& Restore YOUR PC
Three Rs to speed up your system
and make it run like new p38
Free remote-Desktop software p44

Find fast, free and safe Earn Google Play credit and
public Wi-Fi p48 enjoy secret hacks p46

IN DEPTH Articles on the latest tech topics REVIEWS Apps, sites and products on test

36 FAQ 14 Best New Websites

WebAssembly HarperCollins celebrates 200 years

38 COVER FEATURE 20 Group Test

RESET, RESTORE & REVIVE 10 of the most popular backup services for
Easy ways to speed up your PC and phone safely storing your irreplaceable data

44 Remote-Desktop software 26 Best Free Software

Six free tools to remotely access PC Desktops Free gaming with Game Jolt Client

46 Secret hacks for Google Play 30 Best New Browser Tools

Tips and tricks for the online app store Integrate Skype with Chrome

48 Find fast free Wi-Fi 32 Best Free Apps

Get online without wasting your data allowance Check your web connection with Meteor

4 5 - 18 April 2017


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Whats New Online
Explore a volcano in Street View
ot content with
letting you
wander the
surface of the Earth,
Google Street View
now shows you what
lies beneath. Its
cameras have delved
into our planets heart,
giving you an awe-
inspiring 360-degree
look at the Marum
crater on the volcanic
island of Ambrym.
You can get up close
to one of the worlds
largest boiling lava lakes the feeling explorers Geoff Mackley and Chris
of heat is almost palpable as you Horsley using a Street View Trekker
descend 400m to its edge. There are camera rig, and give you a real sense of
also stunning views of the 100m the size of the 39 square-mile caldera,
ledge below the crater rim, the areas complete with noxious gases.
dry environment, a volcanic black- To help you make sense of what
sand beach and the nearby villages youre seeing, there are brief We cant wait to see where Street
that are home to 7,000 people. descriptions as well as the option View goes next.
All the images were taken by to view the location on Google Maps.

Watch videos from Send web pages to Kindle

within Gmail via iOS
Gmail has made it easier to view videos people send you. Amazon is taking on
In the past, you had to download the video attachment Pocket and Instapaper
before opening it in a media player, but a new feature rolled by letting you save web
out to all Desktop users (not mobile yet) lets you simply pages, documents and
click the thumbnail to stream the video within Gmail, played images from the Safari
in a built-in media player not unlike that used for YouTube browser in your iPhone
videos. You can adjust the volume, watch full-screen and or iPad to your Kindle
change the playback speed. The feature only works with library. Provided you
videos smaller than 25MB (any larger and they are have the latest Kindle
automatically uploaded to Google Drive), but it saves you app, you can quickly
clogging up your hard drive with unnecessary downloads. convert sites and files to
the Kindle format, and store
the content in the cloud.
You can make alterations
to the text, font and page
colour, and read what you
save on any synced Kindle
app or device.
To use the feature, open
Safari on your iPhone or iPad and browse to a web
page. Tap the Share icon and swipe the middle row until
you see More. Tap and scroll down, and turn on the
Send to Kindle option.

6 5 - 18 April 2017
Whats New Online

We pick the 10 best things you must do on the web this fortnight

See live Tube times on a 3D map
Transport for London has just @jack
introduced a Tube map that Twitter founder Jack Dorseys
tells you how long it takes to account, which was temporarily
walk between stations ( suspended by Twitter
walking420), but this 3D map
is much more fun. As well @McDonaldsUK
as showing animated cars McDonalds is rerunning its
motoring along the capitals streets and colour-coded Tube lines and hover over Monopoly promo using the hashtag
planes flying overhead, it lets you follow every station to see live train times. #McDonaldsMonopoly


Find safe cycling Live-stream

Enjoy regularly posted bite-sized
reviews of films old and new

routes Facebook on @DLPHelp your PC Off to Disneyland Paris? Get help

and tips from this official account
If you worry about your safety when
cycling, this online map should steer @SSEWomensFACup
you in the right direction. It uses data Get the latest news ahead of the
from Open Street Map to colour-code Womens FA Cup final on 13 May
Britains roads, paths and dirt tracks,
using green for the safest routes and
blue for the most dangerous. You can
either search for a location or move Discover your ideal
around with your mouse, zooming in bedtime
and out of the area you want to view.
The map tells you when its best to Facebooks Live Video feature, which Find out the ideal time to go to bed
walk rather than cycle, and pinpoints lets you make broadcasts using your by telling this calculator when you
pubs, cafes, water stops, cycle shops mobile device, was launched last year need to wake up. It gives you
and toilets. and its now available on PCs, so a choice of bedtimes based on
anyone with a webcam can stream via your likely sleep cycles.
Facebooks web interface. Simply click
Live Video at the top of your news
feed or timeline and allow Facebook Skip Netlix intros
to use your camera and microphone.
Alternatively, go to www.facebook Fed up with watching the same
.com/live/create and use third-party opening credits of your favourite
software such as Wirecast or XSplit, programmes over and over? Netflix
which let you stream game footage has introduced a Skip Intro button
and add on-screen graphics and titles. that takes you straight to the action.
The button appears to the right of
the screen when a show starts.

Read iTunes T&Cs as a

Buy new Wikipedia
graphic novel merchandise The Wikipedia Store was offline for
Apples terms and conditions run to 20,000 words and a while, but its back now selling
theyve now been turned into a graphic novel. Artist clothes for men, women and
Robert Sikoryak has interpreted the contract in a varied children, and accessories including
series of comic strips, each starring Apple co-founder a water bottle, pens and a bumper
Steve Jobs as the lead character. The full 108-page book bag of badges. Click the button in
costs $15 (about 12) but you can click Excerpt for a free the top-right to see UK pricing.
flavour of what to expect.

Tell us your favourite new things at 5 - 18 April 2017 7

Need to Know
Google slammed for running
ads next to extremist content
What happened?
Google came under fire after a Times
report revealed that advertising for
major brands and even the British
government was appearing alongside
extremist content on YouTube.
Web giants such as Google, Facebook
and Twitter have been criticised in the
past for being slow to take down hate
speech, terror recruitment material and
fake news sites, but now theyre
accused of profiting from them, too.
The Times investigation found that
publicly funded ads for everything from
military recruitment to blood donation
were appearing beside YouTube videos
promoting homophobia, white suggest that as many as 200 advertisers on extremist content and hate speech
nationalism and other extreme content, have pulled their marketing. may be welcome, unrelated material is
including videos from jihadi groups. The boycott followed complaints from sure to be caught up in the purge, too.
This prompted the government to pull UK politicians that Google was profiting
all its advertising and demand that from online hatred. Labour MP Chuka What do we think?
Googles executives explain themselves. Umunna said YouTube was making its On one hand, Google brags about its
It wasnt only government ads that money from videos peddling hate, machine learning and AI research. On
were affected. Ads from major brands because ISIS-supporting videos were the other, it fails to recognise that it
including the BBC and Channel 4 were tagged to run ads. might be best to keep ads away from
also found alongside extremist videos. YouTube videos featuring ISIS imagery.
Adverts are placed automatically How will it affect you? Google has a tough job ahead, but it
by Googles ad-exchange system, Its not clear how Google and others will also has billions in profits and the
but although the company said it has address this issue. Google said it would sharpest minds in the business. Perhaps
policies to stop them appearing in pages tighten its policies and develop yet its time to set aside the moonshot
with offensive content, it admitted that more tools to help advertisers target projects such as broadband-supplying
they dont always work and has pledged their marketing. When called in by MPs, balloons and focus on fixing its
to review its procedures. however, Google, Twitter and Facebook advertising networks. That said, Google
Not everyone was convinced by the stressed that the sheer quantity of does at least use its networks to show
promise, and more major companies content uploaded every day makes it messages that make the case against
joined a growing boycott of Googles impossible to vet everything, and that ISIS alongside terror-recruitment videos,
advertising network, and YouTube they dont want to curb free speech. so some positive work is being done.
in particular, including KFC, AT&T, The industrys failure to find a solution Its also worth noting that the
Enterprise car rentals and GSK. Reports could encourage regulators to step in. information in the Times investigation
The EU is already pushing for action, wasnt hard to find. Companies that
while Germany is considering fines of advertise with Google or on YouTube
up to 50m for firms that fail to take should look at the internet from time
down such content. to time and take some responsibility
The impact of the advertising boycott for where their ad payments are going.
remains to be seen, and while it could MPs are right to point out that
hit smaller publishers and YouTube Google and other web companies
video creators, its likely that Google will could be doing more to deal with
simply introduce more tools and checks extreme content online. Hopefully
to ensure ads from its best customers the threat to ad revenues and the
dont land next to extremist material. prospect of fines will encourage
The Times found adverts for major brands In the longer term, this issue may lead them to invest more time and money
on YouTube videos promoting hate speech to regulation. While cracking down in addressing these problems.

8 5 - 18 April 2017
Need to Know

What we think of this fortnights top tech news stories and rumours,
and how they affect you

Laptops and tablets Get instant refunds

banned on flights for broadband failures
What happened? the United Arab Emirates, What
Britain has followed Qatar and Kuwait. happened?
Americas lead in banning The ban affects only ISPs could be
laptops and tablets from direct flights, so if you forced to pay
cabins on direct flights travel from one of those compensation
from a list of predominantly countries via another automatically
Middle Eastern and before landing in the UK or when their
African nations. US, youll be able to use engineers
Both governments cited your laptop in the cabin as miss an
security reasons for the usual. The ban doesnt appointment
ban, but said it wasnt specifically name laptops or a new
made in response to a or tablets, and instead subscribers
specific threat, with US targets electronic devices service fails to
officials pointing to past larger than 6.3 x 9.3in or start on time,
attempts to take down 0.6in thick. This means under plans
airliners using carry-on most phones wont be from regulator Ofcom. with less than 24-hours
items. British authorities affected, but e-readers The watchdog is battling notice, customers will be
said they werent advising such as Kindles could be. against poor service, handed 30.
against travel to the listed having said that broadband The consultation on the
countries, however. What do we think? and landline customers are plans runs until June, and
Security experts were Air travellers have long currently forced to fight Ofcom intends to publish
quick to question the ban, been jumping through tooth and nail to receive its decision at the end of
saying it made little sense. hoops for security reasons, the compensation theyre the year, so dont expect to
A laptop hiding a bomb but while most of us dont owed which means the find any credit on your bill
could just as easily explode grumble too much at charges fail to discourage until 2018 at the earliest.
in the hold, while a throwing away half a bottle bad behaviour from ISPs.
smartphone poses much of Evian, dealing with a The plan is under What do we think?
the same threat as a tablet. laptop is more of challenge. consultation, but if rolled Broadband is essential for
Theres good reason not to out it could cost ISPs up most of us, and ISPs should
How will it affect you? leave electronics in hold to 185m annually, based have learned by now not to
On direct flights to the UK luggage theyre at on figures stating that keep us waiting. Delays are
from Egypt, Turkey, greater risk of damage, one in eight broadband unavoidable sometimes,
Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia easier to steal and can be installations are delayed but even in those cases
and Saudi Arabia, travellers accessed for their data. and engineers fail to customers deserve some
wont be able to bring A better solution needs to turn up for 250,000 compensation. Such a
larger electronic devices be found, but in the appointments each year. gesture of goodwill would
into the cabin. The US ban meantime perhaps you calm many irritated
covers eight countries: should leave your larger How will it affect you? customers. Its a wonder
Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, gadgets at home when If approved, the plan will the industry didnt think of
Saudi Arabia, Morocco, flying. mean that customers who the idea on its own.
are left waiting for repairs Meanwhile, faced with
will automatically receive the prospect of being
credit on their bill or a cash forced to dole out cash to
payment. After a fault, ISPs unhappy customers, ISPs
would be fined 10 for have come up with their
every day their service own plans to offer
remains offline, and 6 for automatic compensation
each day without service through a voluntary code,
after an agreed start date. but Ofcom said their ideas
If an engineer fails to show didnt go far enough.
up for a scheduled Finally, this watchdog is
appointment or cancels showing its teeth.

Discuss web news at 5 - 18 April 2017 9

Need to Know

Google Maps lets people track your movements

What happened?
Google is adding a new feature
in Google Maps that lets people
track your location in real time.
Its inspired by a specific
problem: that organising
a meeting with a group of
friends can often be a chore,
involving games of telephone
tag and constant messages to the tune
of Where are you? and What time
are you getting here?. Google Maps
new location-sharing feature hopes to
make this a thing of the past.
Using location data gathered via
your phones GPS (global positioning
system), the new feature lets you
provide your friends with real-time Youll only be able to share your be shared with contacts when you
tracking information, which allows them location via the Android and iOS apps, explicitly choose to, and it automatically
to see your location, route and but your contacts will be able to view ends when you reach your destination.
estimated time of arrival on a Google shared locations via the Google Maps You can even cancel it mid-journey,
map. Likewise, youll be able to see website, too. if you want.
where they are and the direction theyre The feature is very similar to the Find
heading in, so you dont pass each other My Friends function in iOS, which is an What do we think?
without realising. established part of Apples ecosystem. Google Maps already knows exactly
Location sharing on Google Maps The crucial difference between the two where you are, for useful reasons such
is rolling out soon worldwide, the services is that Find My Friends does as providing directions (as well as nosier
company said as part of a blog post not offer real-time tracking. ones), so it might as well let other
announcing the feature ( people know, too. The location-sharing
location420). Whenever you want to How will it affect you? feature could prove especially useful
let someone know where you are, just Although the new feature raises in an emergency, and because it needs
open the side menu or tap the blue dot understandable privacy concerns, to be activated manually, it shouldnt
that represents where you are. Tap Google has assured users that they compromise your privacy inadvertently.
Share location and then select who to wont be permanently broadcasting We think its a welcome addition to
share with and how long to share. their location. Your location will only the Google Maps app.

AirSelfie iPhone 6 and 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Google Pixel, and each
includes a rechargeable battery that
If you think selfies and drones are the provides up to nine minutes of flight
scourge of the modern world, then time in total (three minutes per flight).
you probably wont be too enthralled Once in the air, the AirSelfie can
by the AirSelfie, the worlds first achieve a height of 66 feet, lifting
selfie-drone. For the rest of us, vertically into the sky to capture
though, its at least an interesting impressive birds-eye shots of you
idea, and it works surprisingly well. and your friends, or the scenery
Whereas most drones are pretty around you. Its ultrasonic sensor helps
unwieldy, the AirSelfie is not much it to remain stable as it hovers, and
larger than the palm of your hand, produce impressively clear and sharp
which means it slips easily into your images, which are saved to the supplied
pocket and wont scare anyone but 4GB microSD card. a button, where it will turn off
the twitchiest of birds. It features four To use the AirSelfie, you simply automatically.
powerful propellers and remove it from its case to turn it on and Priced at a reasonable 220, this is
a 5-megapixel camera, and slots into connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi. You a great little gadget, whether youre
a phone case that makes it easy to then control the device using its free a selfie addict or just a keen amateur
carry around and to whip out when Android or iOS app, switching between photographer, and despite the
a photo or video opportunity arises. three flight modes and returning it to occasional wobble it operates very
There are currently cases available for its departure point at the touch of smoothly.

10 5 - 18 April 2017
Need to Know


Is Twitter going to start WE LIKE...

charging users? Super Mario Run comes

to Android
Following its launch on iOS
Its been reported that in December 2016,
Twitter is considering adding Super Mario Run
a paid tier for power users has finally arrived
and businesses who require on Android. The
analytics tools to manage side-scrolling,
followers and trending news. auto-running game
Users of Twitters web app is only the second
TweetDeck may soon be mobile title
able to subscribe to Nintendo has released.
a premium option that
provides access to an Android O to improve
enhanced version of the battery life
social network, although the Google has released
main Twitter service would a developer preview
remain the same. Although of its next mobile
Twitter is only assessing interest at this your audience, and see even more operating system,
stage, it would allow for an additional great content and information in Android O, and
stream of cash at a time when real-time, Twitters email read. claims that it will
advertising, its primary source of This isnt the first time Twitter has focus on improving
revenue, is in decline. experimented with premium features. battery life on
In a statement seen by the BBC, In 2009, co-founder Biz Stone talked phones and tablets.
Twitter said: We regularly conduct user about the creation of subscription-
research to gather feedback about based tools, but these never
peoples Twitter experience and to materialised. WE DONT LIKE...
better inform our product investment Robots could affect up to
decisions, and were exploring several 30% of jobs
ways to make TweetDeck even more LIKELIHOOD RATING Robots and AI could affect up to
valuable for professionals. 30% of jobs by 2030, according
Twitter has contacted a number of Although it seems certain that to a study by accountancy firm
select users for feedback, and to explain Twitter will introduce a premium, PricewaterhouseCoopers.
how the new service might function, paid-for version for its business Jobs in retail and
and these users have been tweeting users, we cant see it charging its manufacturing were
screenshots of the surveys and sharing 320 million casual users. Much of identified as the
mock-ups of potential layout changes. Twitters appeal lies in it being most as risk, but
This premium tool set will be free, quick and easy to use, so the firm predicted
designed to make it easier than ever to why change a winning formula? that automation
keep up with multiple interests, grow could create new
jobs elsewhere in
the economy.

Whats new on Indiegogo New iPad more expensive
wdfunding site
Our favourite new project on the crowdfunding in UK
Available to order from
24 March, the new
Nimuno Loops 9.7in device retails | From $13 (10.40) for 339 in the UK
despite costing
Imagine a world made of Lego, where everything can be $329 in the US.
easily slotted together with no fuss and no mess. That That means UK
dream is now a reality, thanks to an ingenious invention customers pay
called Nimuno Loops, which is essentially Lego tape that turns any surface around 75 more.
into a Lego building base. Snip off some tape, stick it to your fridge, shoe, bike, The high price has been
forehead or wherever, and you can attach Lego blocks instantly. Nimuno Loops attributed to both the weakness
is available in six colours and various lengths up to a mighty 96m. The project of the pound and the strong
has already far exceeded its $8,000 goal but funding remains open until 12 April. Trump dollar.

Discuss web news at 5 - 18 April 2017 11

Stay Safe Online
News about the latest threats and advice from security experts

SECURITY ALERT! | Whats been bothering us this fortnight

Half of Android devices not Googles Android Year in Review Report, When some Three users logged into
getting security updates which revealed more than 735 million the My3 account-management portal,
Half of Android devices devices from 200+ manufacturers they found themselves presented with
werent updated with received a platform security update in the names, addresses and phone
Googles security 2016. Although manufacturers including numbers for random strangers, as well
patches over the past Samsung promised to issue fast-track as complete, time-stamped records
year because phone security updates, its taken three months of which numbers these people called
manufacturers and for some to be applied as part of the and texted. The companys My3 portal
operators didnt pass them on. companys quarterly security patch. was taken offline for maintenance,
Following the revelation that the Google has vowed to make it easier which drew anger from customers who
Stagefright vulnerability was for manufacturers and mobile networks were left unable to top up or check
jeopardising the security of millions to roll out the update, ensuring everyone their balances. We are aware of
of Android smartphones and tablets, gets security patches applied faster a small number of customers who may
Google promised to release monthly than before. have been able to view the mobile
updates to the platform, which would account details of other Three users
fix bugs and security holes identified using My3, the company said in
by its experts. Manufacturers and Three suffers a statement. No financial details were
mobile providers were supposed to another data breach viewable during this time and we are
roll them out to customers, but failed UK mobile operator Three investigating the matter.
to or issued them much later than may have landed itself in hot This incident follows an attack earlier
Google did which meant half of water again, after a data this year in which thieves made off
Android devices were unnecessarily breach resulted in some customers being with the personal information of
exposed to attacks. presented with the telephone histories 133,000 Three customers.
The news comes off the back of and personal details of other users.

Security Helpdesk | Your questions answered by security specialists

THIS ISSUES EXPERT: Deep packet inspection the day, monitoring a users avoid entering personal
Marty P Kamden, This allows an ISP to scan the whereabouts in real time. passwords and credit card
CMO of NordVPN packets of data a user sends information when using
( across the web, and is Another requirement for data open Wi-Fi networks.
generally used for user collection comes to ISPs from Ultimately, however, the
protection, such as checking the government. Mandatory best way to keep your
for malware or prioritising data-retention laws force information private and
data. However, it can also be ISPs to collect and store their encrypted from ISPs is to
used to log data including customers data for a period use a VPN, which encrypts
location, name, age, of time. Collecting and your data through a secure
How exactly do
shopping records and so on. sharing such vast amounts of tunnel to protect any
ISPs collect our data creates the risk of sensitive information and
data and how Monitoring internet activity system malfunctions or hide your IP address.
can we stop them? to track, log and store data hacking attacks, and peoples A VPN connects a user
Josh Rowe, Facebook This is lucrative information personal information can end to the internet through an
and several ISPs collect and up in the wrong hands. alternative path to that

Besides retaining sell this data to advertising There are still a few ways used by your ISP, so the
and selling users companies. you can protect your web only information visible to
browsing history, privacy and avoid personal the ISP is that youre
ISPs use specific methods Tracking user location data collection. For example, connected to a VPN server.
to collect data, some of through mobile devices you should regularly delete All other information is
which are more intrusive ISPs can track the location of cookies, install antivirus and encrypted by the VPNs
than others. mobile devices throughout anti-tracking software, and security protocol.

12 5 - 18 April 2017 Email us your security questions at

true-to-life colours
in an elegant design
227E7QD (22")
246E7QD (24")
276E7QD (27")
323E7QD (32")
Best New Websites
Site of the Fortnight

200th anniversary
Book publisher HarperCollins celebrates
its 200th anniversary this year and is TIMELINE
using this fantastic site to tell its story. Browse HarperCollins milestones and learn
The wealth of interesting content lets you about its most famous books and authors
delve into the companys rich past to
discover significant moments, get a feel
for 200 of its best books (from The
Hobbit to Moby Dick) and gain insights STORIES
from its authors. Images can be viewed Read the
full-screen, and we love how it
contextualises and cross-references its
firsts, tales
content with brief history lessons. You from the past
can also tweet about your favourite reads, and insights
making for a truly engaging experience. into social
Our rating


Vegetarians are well catered for on
Quorns newly refreshed website. Not
RELAUNCH only can you feast your eyes on mouth-
SHOPPING watering meat-free recipes, but you can
Lidl see dishes broken down by cuisine,
occasion, product type and season. The site is packed with nutritional information
If you enjoy window shopping, then Lidls new website will be right up your street and insights into what exactly Quorn is,
because although it has lots of appetising offers on display, theres no way to buy and its newsletter delivers tips and
online. This means youll have to head to your nearest branch if anything takes your offers. But while the FAQ helpfully
fancy. Luckily, there is a speedy store finder that also lets you check the opening explains mycoprotein and how Quorn
hours, and theres more than enough to keep you occupied before you head for the can be cooked and reheated, the product
high street, including online leaflets, recipes, wine advice and details of Lidls ethical pages use the same placeholder image
stance. Wed like to see more information about each product, though the current multiple times and it takes a lot of
descriptions are too brief, so you dont really know what to look for in-store. clicking to see the full range of food.

Our rating Our rating

14 5 - 18 April 2017 Reviews by David Crookes

Best New Websites

We review this fortnights best new and relaunched websites and

rate them for content, design and features

This section
letters, photos
and telegrams
to cast your
eyes over

and librarians
have chosen
200 influential
books from
back catalogue



InStyle Protect Seniors Online Good Web Guide
Fashion magazine InStyle closed in Its vitally important to protect ourselves The Good Web Guide has been reviewing
December and is now looking to survive from online scams so any attempt to websites since 2000 yet, ironically, it was
entirely online. This stylish makeover spread the word is welcome in our view. starting to look rather dated itself. Now
of its website certainly sets the tone, Protect Seniors Online is aimed at bolder and more accessible than before,
enticing readers with a blog-like layout Americans and Canadians but its the Guide adopts the format of an online
that uses snappy articles, vivid images message is just as relevant to UK web lifestyle magazine, using larger images
and personality-led videos. However, users and we found the advice to be very and fonts to make a greater impact.
we were disappointed by the clickbait sound. Its resources explain the latest Its a joy to read and we liked the way it
headlines and would like to have seen cybercrimes and what makes people flags the best content in the Most Read
more items highlighted to make it easier vulnerable, and include warnings against section and interviews celebrities such
to figure out whats most important. Still, oversharing and videos providing as Kelly Hoppen to find out their top
its certainly easy to find content youll security advice for email, passwords and Instagram feeds and online picks.
like via the menu at the top of the page, social media. Theres also a quiz that We also like the competitions, frequent
a handy Trending sidebar, a daily email everyone, regardless of age, should take guest editors and the Guides prestigious
newsletter and RSS feeds. to ensure they stay as safe as possible. Website of the Year Awards.

Our rating Our rating Our rating

Tell us about your website via 5 - 18 April 2017 15

Best New Websites



ShopAppy The Business Desk Moonfruit
This site was launched by a former Aimed at businesses in the Midlands, Website-building platform Moonfruit has
lecturer in Yorkshire to display products North West and Yorkshire, The Business relaunched with a new logo and a fresh
being sold in nearby towns and villages. Desk has been spring-cleaned with a look to help you produce your own site
Although its currently limited to a small faster, mobile-friendly design and a new more quickly and easily than before.
number of locations, it brings local shops logo. It now makes much better use of New features include the ability to search
together, placing them within categories the available space, eschewing a single- social media for images, and the
as varied as Food, Flowers and Beauty. column list of stories for a tiled approach enhanced page editor works with
After viewing items and adding them to and clearly tagging each article. A tighter third-party apps so you can integrate
your bag, you can pay and choose your menu bar is supplemented by a Google Maps, media players and more
pick-up time, and also arrange for items secondary list of news topics, making it into your sites. You can now add and
bought from multiple stores to be sent to easier to get to the content youre after. organise pages more easily, and
one shop for added convenience. Its a You still have to register (for free) to read improvements have been made to the
great idea, implemented well, with shop full stories, but with more space for chat help facility. Its a straightforward,
profiles, opening times and special offers. articles to breathe, improved social-media easy-to-learn tool that still requires
You can also ask questions and love sharing and better signposting to special no coding abilities. Bizarrely, the site
individual retailers. reports, this is worth doing. needs outdated Flash to run, though.

Our rating Our rating Our rating


First Street
This site for the First Street
NEW development which includes
POLITICS Home, Manchesters centre for
Plan for Britain contemporary art, theatre and film
is aimed at businesses but it also has details of events, places to eat,
Shortly after this site launched, it was blighted by error messages, leading many wags drink and stay, and images and plans
to joke that the Plan for Britain wasnt working. Now that its properly up and for First Streets future. Sadly, its
running, its well worth visiting because it aims to outline the governments position currently very light on content, with
on various elements of Brexit over the coming months and years. As well as keeping just two special offers and a sparse
you informed with key dates and details, it briefly sets out the 12 negotiating Whats On section despite the
objectives and attempts to discuss Britains economic and global hopes for a united forthcoming closing ceremony of the
future. You can also see a timeline of what has happened so far and watch a video Manchester International Festival.
of Theresa May discussing her vision for post-Brexit Britain. But it certainly looks trendy.

Our rating Our rating

Tell us about your website via 5 - 18 April 2017 17

Build a Better Site
Specialist tips, top tools and practical help

Top Tips of the Fortnight Web-building Helpdesk

Make responsive pages on processor is a good idea, but it Paul Nesbitt, Director,
Moonfruit can feel like an unnecessary extra PAC Web Hosting Ltd
Moonfruit ( step if youve then got to cut and (
has updated its online web- paste your work into a WordPress
building software so it can create website. To make it easier, Google
Could I save money by hosting
responsive pages that Docs ( now has
automatically resize to suit the a WordPress add-on called a website on my own PC?
device being used to load the for Google Docs. Marcus Spencer, via email
page. To add a responsive page Click the Add-ons menu and

to your Moonfruit website, select choose Get add-ons. Search for The short answer to this is yes,
pages, add new item, add the add-on and install it into your but if you need a website to load
page, then type the name of the Google Docs account. You can quickly, be online 24/7 and give
page and choose whether you now work on a document and your visitors (and Google!) the best possible
want it to appear in your menus. even collaborate on it with others; experience, then you would need to use
add images; and click the Save a hosting company.
Draft button to send it straight Your home broadband will be slow to
to any WordPress website that serve a website because your connection
has the Jetpack add-on installed to the internet is shared with others and
( your upload speed will be slower than
a web hosts connection. Also, web hosts
use powerful servers that are faster at
Deal of the Fortnight processing a site than your home PC.
Namecheap ( Besides, you can get top-quality hosting
Send Google Docs straight to is offering .me domains for 6.63 for the packages for a few pounds a month now
WordPress first year. less than the price of your morning coffee!
Writing your web pages in a word

MINI WORKSHOP | Make a photo album on your website

PhotoPageGen: | 10 mins | Self-hosted website
Google Photos and Facebook are fine for sharing photos with friends and family, but to properly showcase your snaps, youll
need to host them on a website. PhotoPageGen creates great-looking online albums you can upload straight to your site


2 4

1 3
3 2

1 Launch the software, then drag

the folder containing the photos you
want to use and drop it on the program
2 You can adapt the arrangement of
the pictures using the options on
the softwares interface. Adjusting these
3 Tick the Captions box 1 to add
caption text 2 to your images.
Youll need to press the Preview button
window. 1 The software processes all will instantly change the preview 3 to see them appear in the preview
the photos and arranges them into correspondingly, so you can see the window. 4 Click the Publish button
a preview website, which pops up at effect of your tweaks. For example, and put your sites FTP details into
the side. 2 You can use this to see how Razzle Dazzle 1 puts the photos at the Publish your album window to
the arrangement looks as you tweak a jaunty angle; and you can also change upload it straight to your webspace.
its settings. the background 2 and borders. 3

18 5 - 18 April 2017 Email us your website building questions at


View our complete Easter Sale at
UK only offer.
Group Test
We test and compare the latest products

Cloud backup
We test 10 of the most popular cloud-backup
services to help you decide the best place to
store your irreplaceable data

e all know that backing up is essential and
we all make excuses not to do it. But when HOW WE TESTED
disaster strikes and you lose the contents of
your hard drive, youll have plenty of time to regret We tested the performance of the backup services by
your carelessness and procrastination. backing up and restoring a 5GB folder of personal files
Cloud backup provides a stress-free solution to this including documents, PDFs, images and music. To
problem. Install the software and you can forget about ensure a level playing field, we performed all the tests
your backup, safe in the knowledge that its happening on a domestic fibre-broadband connection rated at
without your input. The software runs automatically in 52Mbps download speed and 10Mbps upload speed.
the background, so any changes you make to your files We also looked at the features, ease of use and price of
are sent to your big backup in the cloud. If you ever each service to help decide which one was best.
lose anything, all your data is just a download away.

CrashPlan | VERDICT

$59.99 (around 49) per year for 1 PC, unlimited storage
While the basic formula
of cheap, unlimited
CrashPlan is a set-and- archived, st
storage isnt unique to
forget service with according to their CrashPlan, the package is
unlimited storage, so age. For example, you
more rounded than its
you dont have to clear might specify that you
rivals. It may not be as
out old files to maximise want to keep an hour-by-
space or even think hour history of files from
packed with features
about your backups at the last three as Silver Award-winning
all. Its a persuasive months, but Acronis, but if youve got
pitch that sounds too only need a substantial archive
good to be true, but a monthly of data, CrashPlan is
weve tested it and it history of a versatile and
works extremely well. files that are cost-effective way to keep
CrashPlan was one of this Group Tests best more than it safe. It performed well
performers. Our 5GB folder of personal files was a year old. in our tests and has plenty
uploaded in under two hours only Carbonite If need be,
of options, giving you full
was faster. Downloading the data again was also you can keep
control over whats
fast, limited only by the speed of our fibre track of file changes as often as every 15 minutes.
connection: it took just 21 minutes only two The service supports multiple backup sets, so
backed up and when.
minutes behind the fastest in the group. you can have specific files and folders backed up
Theres no catch to its unlimited storage, either. to the cloud according to one schedule, while
The basic Individual plan that we reviewed lets a second backup job runs at a different time,
you back up from external drives and network moving another set of files to a range of
shares, if you have them set up in the right way. destinations elsewhere on your own PC, to
Moreover, while CrashPlan wont keep unlimited external storage or even to the hard drive of
versions of old files forever, the software lets you another CrashPlan user, so your data is safely
decide how frequently updated files should be stored in a third location for added security.

20 5 - 18 April 2017
Cloud backup Group Test
Acronis True Image 2017 | Carbonite |
29.99 per year for 1 PC, 50GB storage $59.99 (around 49) per year for 1 PC, unlimited
ited storage


Originally, Acronis offered Carbonite was the original

regular backup software but unlimited online backup
its standard subscription now service and the basics work
embraces cloud backup, too, as well as youd expect from
with 50GB of online storage. such an established company.
That may look mean next to Once installed, it
the unlimited services of the continuously backs up most
other award winners, but if user files including office
you dont have vast amounts documents, email archives
of data to secure, its better value for money and you can and music. If you dont want it running all the time, you can
upgrade to more storage fairly cheaply if you need to. limit when it runs its backups. One unique feature of
When you launch the software, the cloud option is Carbonite is its Explorer integration, which lets you right-click
automatically selected as the default and a non-stop backup any file to add it to your backup. It also marks your folders
of your personal files is initiated. You can, if you prefer, set this and files with coloured blobs, so you can tell at a glance
to run on a schedule, such as when you log on or restart, or whats been backed up and what is still scheduled. Just be
when your PC is idle. It can also be used for local backups or careful this doesnt clash with other software.
almost any other type of backup you can think of, which can Carbonite put in a good performance in our speed tests,
run simultaneously and are highly configurable. We found the beaming our 5GB of files to the cloud in the fastest time of
interface a bit cryptic at times: instead of labels, it uses visual 1 hour and 32 minutes. Files took 52 minutes to restore, which
icons that occasionally needed deciphering. was half an hour slower than some others we tested.


Acronis doesnt offer the luxury of unlimited backup but if you only need to store Unlike our Gold award-winner, Carbonite doesnt let you mirror your backup
essential files in the cloud, its powerful software can perform various different locally or save files from external drives. But it makes an easy job of getting all
types of backup. The upgrade to extra storage is reasonably priced, too. the important files on your PC backed up, no matter how many you have.


Backblaze ( | around 40.93 per year

Time to back up 5GB (hours)
per PC for unlimited storage |
) is an unlimited
backup service thats cheaper than B Carbonite
CrashPlan and easy to use. However,
it doesnt have as many advanced G CrashPlan
options and we found it very slow at Acronis True Image 2017
uploading files.
The great and unique thing about Livedrive
IDrive ( | 42.68 per year for unlimited
storage on unlimited PCs |
is that it backs up an unlimited Backblaze
number of devices, so its great value
0 1 2 3 4 5
if you have more than one PC with
important files on it. However, it was
very slow in our tests, particularly Time to restore 5GB (minutes)
when it came to restoring files, which took over 18 hours.
Acronis True Image 2017
Livedrive ( | 5 per month per PC for
unlimited storage |
) is a G CrashPlan
no-fuss option with a minimal
interface. It doesnt penalise you for Livedrive

opting for monthly payments instead

of an annual subscription, and was
reasonably fast in our tests, but it lacks the advanced B Carbonite
tools of the other services we tested.
Also reviewed: MozyHome ( | ); IDrive 1,098
SpiderOak One ( | ); SugarSync 0 20 40 60
( | ); Norton Online Backup minutes
( |

Discuss this review at 5 - 18 April 2017 21

Group Test Cloud backup

CrashPlan Acronis True Image Carbonite Backblaze IDrive



PRICE 49/year per PC 29.99/year per PC 49/year per PC 40.93/year per PC 42.68/year per PC

STORAGE Unlimited 50GB Unlimited Unlimited 1TB

DATA CENTRE Not stated User-selectable USA USA USA



BACKUP SCHEDULE Continuous/daily Continuous/daily/ Continuous/daily/ Continuous/daily Continuous
weekly/monthly/ manual

VERSIONING Adaptive 20 versions 30 days 30 days 10 versions

WORKS ON Windows 7, 8, 10; Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 7, 8, 10; Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows XP, Vista, 7,
MacOS 10.9+; Linux; 8, 10; MacOS 10.9+; MacOS 10.6+; 8, 10; MacOS 10.6+; 8, 10; MacOS 10.8+;
Android 3.2+; iOS 7+ Android 4.1+; iOS 8+ Android 4+; iOS 8+ Android 4+; iOS 8.1+ Android 3.2+; iOS 7+


CrashPlan wins our Gold Award because it provides

a fantastic all-round service at a competitive price.
Its not the only service in this test to offer unlimited
backup but it performed well at both uploading
and downloading data, and includes plenty of
options, so you can configure your backup exactly
how you want it.
If you want to run more than one type of backup,
perhaps also storing data on an external drive, then
Silver Award-winning Acronis True Image 2017 offers
the most versatility. It isnt as easy to use but with
years of backup experience behind it, Acronis knows
how to perform the task thoroughly and securely.
We gave our Bronze Award to Carbonite, which is
a no-fuss backup tool that doesnt have all the bells
and whistles of its rivals, but will provide you with
a reliable backup of your data and visually show you,
using Desktop icons, which files are safe.

22 5 - 18 April 2017
Web Users Best Buys

Web Users Best Buys

Web User and its sister titles test over 2,500 products every year

Asus AMD Radeon R7 250 TP-Link RE450
78.59 from 44.99 from
Tested: Issue 416 Tested: Issue 414

This graphics card provides enough power to The TP-Link RE450 provides a strong signal at
make less challenging games run smoothly in 1080p a price thats hard to resist. Its better at extending
resolution with high-detail settings enabled. Its very cheap the 5GHz network than the 2.4GHz, but it also acts
and benefits from plenty of speedy stream processors. as a bridge to transfer older devices to the newer network.


2,048 stream processors 128 texture-mapping units 2 x 60mm, 1 x 42mm antennae 3.8W power consumption
32 render-output units 926MHz GPU frequency 4GB 2.4GHz (450Mbps) and 5GHz (1,300Mbps) 802.11ac

RAM Supports up to six displays 4,096 x 2,160 pixels Wi-Fi WPS button Repeater and access point modes
resolution DisplayPort, DVI-D and HDMI video connectors 163 x 76 x 37mm Three-year return-to-base warranty


AOC Q2781PQ Amazon Fire HD 8
299.99 from 89.99 from
Tested: Issue 412 Tested: Issue 410

This good-value monitor offers impressive image quality, a For its low price, Amazons Fire HD 8 is a pleasant surprise:
lovely design and 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing its great for media streaming and web browsing, its battery
angles. You wont need to calibrate it, either. If youre after life is exceptional and its easy to use. Once its integrated
a monitor with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, buy this. with Amazons Alexa voice assistant, it will be even better.


27in flat screen 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution 1,000:1 Quad-core 1.3GHz processor 8in 1,280 x 800 pixels
contrast ratio 350cd/m2 brightness 60Hz refresh rate resolution screen 2-megapixels rear camera 16GB storage
DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA inputs 330 x 180mm base (12.09GB free) MicroSD memory card slot Fire OS
Three-year collect-and-return warranty operating system 214 x 128 x 9.2mm 341g


Acer Chromebook R11 Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14
229.99 from 199.98 from
Tested: Issue 409 Tested: Issue 407
All prices correct at time of review

The Acer Chromebook R11 laptop has a keyboard that flips The Cloudbook 14 is as good a laptop as youll get for less
behind its touchscreen, so it can also be used as a tablet. Its than 200. Its not particularly fast and doesnt have a
not hugely powerful but it runs all the web apps you might brilliant display, but its fantastic value, especially because
need and its battery lasted over eight hours in our tests. it includes a years subscription to Office 365 Personal.


Dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3050 processor 2GB of Dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3050 processor 2GB of
memory 11.6in touchscreen 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution memory 32GB SSD 14.1in non-touchscreen 1,366 x 768
16GB eMMC drive 1 x USB 2, 1 x USB 3 ports 802.11ac pixels resolution 1 x USB 3, 1 x USB 2 port 802.11n Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi SD card reader 295 x 203 x 20mm 1.2kg 339 x 235 x 17.9mm 1.6kg One-year return-to-base warranty

Subscribe to Web User at 5 - 18 April 2017 23

6bVodc @^cYaZ '%&+ BdidgdaV Bdid <)
  .)&       .)&     

 //7 = 
 //7 =

! #'% #/ %# !49# !4 .4 ). .#' ' !#/ '4/4# /&.4+!)' )./ 44. 47./
&4!/ +.##. .#8%/ ). 7/#%#4; ' )'4'4, !.-/ ') ' +.).&' 4!' '; )4!. +!)' ) 4!#/
.)'4 %# !4 74 #4-/ 4! /4 ".. ). 7'. 3*==, +.#, 4/ /.' 44.; %# ' &./ . %% :%%'4,

@:N HE:8H @:N HE:8H

1#'  '$ .% /.' Q == : 1== +#:%/ ./)%74#)' *10 ++# ,#' /.' Q 4"). *,< +.)//). Q *1 ) /4). 
Q +4#% 4)7!/.' Q  /4).  Q *1= : ** : (,*&& Q :+'% ; *6 Q '.)# 1,=,*
./!&%%)9 Q
*1* Q ) .)'4 %# !4 Q 3*= %// 9#4! &<)' +#% ./ *(= : *== +#:%/ ./)%74#)' Q *5 : 00 : 0,(&& Q *

Gd`j (
  .)&       .)& 

 //7 =5 
 //7 =*

! )$7 5 !/ %% 4! /4 %&'4/ ) 4! +.8#)7/ &)%/ ! %#)&+ 
 8' .-/ / +.)8#/ +%'4; ) .))&
' #/ / %)/ 4)  +.4 "/4.&#' 8# / ;)7-%% 4) 7+ ., 4/ .7%%; !)/' )&+)''4/ ). ))
#', 4 )./ %% 4! 4../4.#% 4!"7+ /.8#/, +.).&' /+#%%; 9!' +%;#' &/,

@:N HE:8H @:N HE:8H

 8#) )74+74 Q * :  5 +).4 Q *6
 #'4.'% /4).  7"). ,< 
 4!%)'  = +.)//). Q
9#4! &#.) /%)4 Q =6,**' #"# ' 4!.'4 )''4#8#4;  ) &&).; Q * !. .#8 6=  Q 6 :  6
Q %: '  ' /4.&#' /.8./ Q ( : ( : 6&& Q *6 +).4/ 5 :  5 +).4/ Q 4!.'4 Q  : 6= : 65&&









') * " &- 6eg^a '%&,

Web Users Best Buys


CLOUD BACKUP Web User Gold Award winners
49 per year from
Tested: Issue 420 Free from
Tested: Issue 419
If youve got a With oCam, you can record for as long as you like, in any
substantial archive of format, and use great extras such as picture-in-picture video.
data, CrashPlan is an impressively versatile and cost-
effective way to keep it safe. It performed well in our tests
and has plenty of options, giving you full control over MUSIC PLAYER
whats backed up and when. MusicBee
$59.99 (around 49) per year for 1 PC Unlimited storage Tested: Issue 418
Back up external drives Adaptive versioning Continuous MusicBee offers everything you need from a music player.
and daily backup schedules Compatible with Windows Its fast, easy to use and can be customised to your tastes.
7/8+/10, MacOS 10.9+, Linux, Android 3.2+ and iOS 7+

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Free from
Tested: Issue 417
19.95 from The excellent Webutation combines a reliable blocker with
Tested: Computeractive Issue 493 a database built on trusted services and users experiences.

Kaspersky is rock solid at protecting

your PC from the worst of the web, ANDROID KEYBOARD
and has come top in nine of our most SwiftKey
recent tests, blocking all malware with
its robust defences. Use the URL above to Free from
save 15.04 on the software (normal price 34.99). Tested: Issue 416
SwiftKey is the king of Android keyboards, with an unmatched
KEY FEATURES combination of features, usability and performance.
Antivirus and firewall tools Protects online shopping and
banking Identity and privacy tools Dangerous-website
alerts New software updater Secure-connection VPN STICKY-NOTES TOOL
Advanced ad-blocking system Multi-device version
Compatible with Windows 10

Free from

Tested: Issue 415
ONLINE STORAGE Stickies is simple to use, lets you display
almost anything in its notes and has lots of useful options.
Google Drive
Tested: Issue 389 Open Camera
Google Drive is easy to use Free from
and has lots of free storage. Tested: Issue 414
The Windows software Open Camera is by far the best replacement for your phones
integrates with Explorer, camera app, and offers an unrivalled selection of tools.
so saving and syncing files
is like keeping them in any
16GB free storage Web-based office software Works Free from
with XP, Vista, 7, 8+ and 10 Chrome browser add-on Tested: Issue 413
Android and iOS apps 100GB extra storage for 1.36 per AllDup frees up space on your hard drive by deleting
month; 1TB for 6.01 per month; 10TB for 60.16 per month duplicate files. Unlike similar tools, its completely free.

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Best Free Software

Game Jolt Client
Min requirements: Windows XP/
Vista/7/8+/10, MacOS or Linux
File size: 34.3MB

Game Jolt ( offers a

growing number of free and commercial
indie games. While you would normally
visit the website to browse, launch and
download the titles on offer, this new
free client which is based on Google
Chrome makes it much easier to find
great games to play. The software is
currently a pre-release preview but its
stable and we have yet to encounter any
problems using it.
The Game Jolt Client offers easy
access to thousands of games both
paid-for and free and you can filter
the list by price, operating system,
maturity rating, status (complete/
stable or early access) and more.
Browser games can be played directly section, browse games through
in the program, while downloaded ones Channels (#horror, #multiplayer, #retro
open in a separate window. and so on) and chat to other gamers in
All your games are accessible through the Forums. Theres also a Radio section
the Game Library (you can launch or thats supposed play songs from games,
uninstall them there) and the Activity but didnt work for us so its probably
Feed shows you whats happening on still in development.
the site, including any freshly uploaded The quality of Game Jolts games
games. varies dramatically, but there are plenty
You can find out about new and of gems to suit both hardcore and
forthcoming titles through the Devlogs casual gamers.

MINI WORKSHOP | Find and play games with Game Jolt Client

2 1 2
4 3

4 3

1 Log into the Game Jolt Client

through your existing Facebook,
Google, Twitter or Twitch account, 1
2 Once youre logged in, the client
will show your dashboard. To find
games to play, click the hamburger
3 Game Jolt has over 14,500 games
available to play, so you may want
to filter the list to find what you want.
or by entering your Game Jolt menu button 1 in the top-left corner Use the Price drop-down menu 1
username and password if you have and select Games. You can view them by to display only free games, or choose
an account. 2 You can sign up for one category 2 or browse the selections in to see games for your particular
if you dont. 3 You can also change the Featured, Hot, Best or New tabs. 3 operating system. 2 To find out more
the language from English (US) You can also enter the title of a game about a game, select it, 3 then click
to English (UK). 4 in the search box. 4 Quick Play or Install to get it.

26 5 - 18 April 2017
Best Free Software

This fortnights top new software downloads to help you make

the most of your PC, and theyre all FREE

New Windows Apps

Min requirements: Windows 10
File size: 268.7MB
Kubric is an optical-illusion puzzle
game based on Eschers famous
impossible objects. Use the
different pieces to construct the
goal shape. The hint system will
help if you get stuck.

Net Disabler
Min requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8+/10 File size: 910KB

Net Disabler does exactly what its name suggests it disables the internet for
as long as required which is handy if you want to block a childs web access, for Facebook Messenger
example. It offers a choice of ways to kill the internet it can disable the network
adapter, or block access via DNS or by using the Windows Firewall. To use it, just Min requirements: Windows 10
select the option you require and click Apply Setting. The menu is colour-coded File size: 254.2MB
so you can see the current network status at a glance. Facebooks official app for
Messenger lets you chat with
friends and offers Live tile support.
The app has just been updated
to introduce polls.

Mad Gardener: Zombie

Jovial Menu 2 NetCrunch Tools 2 Min requirements: Windows 10
Min requirements: Windows XP/ Min requirements: Windows XP/ File size: 135.58MB
Vista/7/8+/10 File size: 64.8KB Vista/7/8+/10 File size: 41.7MB This is a strategy game in which
you have to defend your location
Jovial Menu is a lightweight launcher If youre struggling to connect to the from an incoming horde of
for programs and documents. Its fully internet, this toolkit may be able to zombies. It features some amusing
portable, so you can run it from a USB diagnose the problem. It includes humour and lots of fun action.
memory stick. The program adds an 11 popular networking tools such as Ping
icon to your system tray just click this and Traceroute, and also offers Whois
and youll be able to quickly launch your and DNS info. It helps if you have an
favourite programs and documents. idea of what the tools do, but each item
The latest version adds a new floating- provides a clear explanation and the
menu mode and the ability add your software is easy enough to use. You
own icons. You can also easily edit items need to register the software before
that appear in the menu. you can use it.

Recommend free downloads at 5 - 18 April 2017 27

Best Free Software
Min requirements: Windows XP/
Vista/7/8+/10, or Linux File size: 113MB

Previously only available for Linux, the

powerful open-source video editor Kdenlive
now works on Windows. Before you can use
it, you will need to download FFmpeg (
ffmp420) and carefully follow the instructions
on the Kdenlive download page for adding it
to the software. FFmpeg is used for importing
and using audio and video files.
As with any video editor, Kdlenlive takes a
while to master, but it offers all the features
youre likely to need including multi-track
video editing, timeline preview, numerous
effects and transitions, automatic backup and
a skinnable interface. It also supports all
major audio and video formats.

Min requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8+/10,
MacOS or Linux File size: 21.1MB

OnionShare uses the Tor network to share files

of any size securely and anonymously. To use
the program, you first need to install the
Tor Browser from and have it
running in the background.
Once thats done, open OnionShare and drag
the file or folder you want to share to the
program window. The software will generate
a secure, cryptic URL that you can pass on to
the person you want to share with.
The recipient will need to paste the link into
the Tor browser to get the item, because it
wont work in any other browser. It sounds
complicated but once youve set up OnionShare,
its very easy to use and is completely secure.

TeraCopy 3
Min requirements: Windows XP/
Vista/7/8+/10 File size: 4.2MB

Copying lots of files from one location

to another especially over a network
can be very slow in Windows. TeraCopy
is designed to help speed up the process
and introduces a lot of handy additional
features. You can pause and restart file
copying, for example, and attempt to
resume broken file transfers.
New to the latest version is support
for an unlimited number of files (its no
longer reliant on how much memory you
have installed) and you can now queue
transfers for the same drive.
You can choose to install the program
or run it in portable mode.

28 5 - 18 April 2017
Best Free Software

Dont install... ...Install this instead

Show or hide Windows Update Blocker
updates Min requirements: Windows 7/8+/10
Min requirements: File size: 386KB
Windows 7/8+/10
File size: 46KB Windows 10 offers less control over system
updates than previous versions of the OS. This
The imminent Creators helps keep your system safe, but it also means
Update will let you delay that bad updates can be installed without your
Windows 10 updates until knowledge. Windows Update Blocker lets you
you want them but, until disable automatic Windows updates, and has
then, Microsofts only a Protect Service Settings option that stops the
provision is its Show or OS interfering with your preference. Theres no
GAME hide updates need to install the program just unzip the
Fragments of Euclid troubleshooter. This has download and run it. Update Blocker will mostly advanced options to stop appeal to to Windows 10 owners, but it also
Min requirements: Windows XP/ the OS applying repairs blocks updates in older versions of Windows.
Vista/7/8+/10, MacOS or Linux automatically and to
File size: 55.7MB prevent the installation of
hidden updates, but theres
Four issues ago, we wrote about a short no guarantee they wont
game called Non Euclidean Room (bit sneak through anyway.
.ly/neroom416). This is the bigger, more
advanced follow-up, which uses the
same black-and-white sketch graphics
and Escher-style 3D exploration, while
introducing some very tricky puzzles.
If you like games that offer a tough
mental challenge, youll love this.

UPDATED | New tweaks and fixes for your favourite free programs


CCleaner 5.28 LosslessCut 1.5.0 WinUtilities Free 14.51 Clover 3.3.2
ccleaner Min requirements: Windows Min requirements: Windows Min requirements:
Min requirements: XP/Vista/7/8+/10 or Linux XP/Vista/7/8+/10 Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Windows XP/Vista/7/8+/10 File size: 84.9MB File size: 6.3MB File size: 5.3MB
File size: 8.8MB
This simple but useful video WinUtilities is a Clover is a tab-based
This latest version of the editor lets you cut and trim comprehensive all-in-one alternative to Windows
hugely popular system- videos without sacrificing system-cleaning and Explorer, which lets you
cleaning tool improves picture quality. The latest optimisation suite thats easily jump between
cleaning and performance version fixes a reported completely free to use. The multiple open folders and
in Windows 10, and adds problem with capturing video latest version updates the bookmark your favourite
browser cleaning frames, and adds some program database and locations. The new version
enhancements for Firefox, missing Win32 metadata. improves the language optimises the shortcut key
Chrome and Opera. Additionally, you can now translations. It also adds function, and fixes copy
ZoneAlarm cleaning has view the help file by pressing more plugins to the History and paste problems, as well
been updated, too. the H key. Cleaner feature. as other minor issues.

GET FREE SOFTWARE FIRST subscribe to Web User at

Recommend free downloads at 5 - 18 April 2017 29

Best New Browser Tools

Integrate Skype with other web tools

Considering that Google has its own Skype rival, Hangouts,
you might question the need for an official Skype add-on
for Chrome (, especially when it
does little more than launch Skypes web interface and let
you share sites you visit with Skype contacts. Microsoft
clearly thought so, too, because its now revamped the
extension with a new feature that makes it at least slightly
more useful. This integrates Skype for Chrome with several
popular online services including Gmail, Twitter, Google
Calendar and, so you can insert Skype call
links in messages and calendar events simply by clicking the
S button. People can then click the link to chat live to you
in a video conversation, without needing to register with
Skype unless youre using Linux or Chrome OS, in which
the feature doesnt work. Theres also a Skype add-on for
Firefox ( but this hasnt yet been
updated with the call-link option.

Sort Amazon products by View Chromes new

number of reviews Extensions page
Customer reviews on Amazon are In last issues Improve your
a useful way to determine the quality browsers built-in tools feature,
of a product, but their star ratings can we criticised Chromes extensions
be deceptive. After all, an item with only manager for being overly
one review may have a five-star rating, simplistic, so were pleased to
but wont have been as thoroughly report that Google has taken
tested as an item with hundreds of our concerns on board. A new
reviews but a lower average rating. experimental feature in Chrome 57,
A new Chrome extension called Sortem likely to be introduced in a future
for Amazon ( See who deletes you on stable release, applies Googles
addresses this problem by letting you Facebook Material Design interface to the
sort Amazon search results by the When your Facebook friend count Extensions page. Not only does
number of reviews rather than the decreases, its often difficult to know this make the manager look much
average customer rating to ensure you who has defriended you unless smarter, but it also makes browsing,
get a well vetted product. Click the youve had a specific disagreement disabling and enabling your
drop-down Sort by menu in the without combing your whole friend list extensions a lot easier. To activate
top-right corner of the page and select to deduce whos missing. Who Deleted the feature, type chrome:flags
Number of Reviews to move items Me (, which is available into the address bar, press Enter,
with the most reviews to the top of for Chrome and Firefox, monitors your then find and enable the entry
the results. The add-on works with friend list and alerts you when someone Enable Material Design extensions. and disappears, even revealing whether Relaunch Chrome and go to
theyve deactivated their Facebook More tools, then Extensions,
account or they just dont like you to see the new look.
anymore. The add-on has been around
for a while, but recently suffered a
security scare when an old Chrome
version was infected by malicious code
that injected web pages with ads.
A recent update has fixed that problem,
along with another one involving
unnecessary permissions, to provide
a safe way of spotting whos quietly
ditched you.

30 5 - 18 April 2017
Best New Browser Tools

This fortnights most useful tips and add-ons to help you get the
most from Chrome, Firefox, Opera and more

Find the IP address
Block unsafe scripts on any of any site

Concealing your
IP address from websites helps
protect your privacy but
With more than websites cant hide theirs from
two million users, you, thanks to the logically
NoScript (noscript named Opera add-on IP Address
.net) is one of the Finder (bit
most popular .ly/ip420).
Firefox add-ons and Click this
has been protecting add-ons
web users from toolbar
dangerous scripts button and
and plugins for 12 years. However, times are it will tell
changing and as Mozilla abandons traditional you your
add-ons in favour of WebExtensions, NoScript has been updated accordingly. own IP address and approximate
NoScript 5 bridges the gap between a classic Firefox add-on and a WebExtension, location. You then type in any
offering improved performance on data-heavy web pages and better blocking of URL and click Get IP for details
Google trackers, including its nosy Analytics tool. As before, you can customise of that site. For example, we
NoScript to suit your blocking needs by allowing scripts such as JavaScript on discovered that the IP address
specific sites, while forbidding them on all others, and by automatically blocking for Googles headquarters in
Flash, Java and other plugins on untrusted sites. It also uses ClearClick Mountain View, California is
technology to protect you from clickjacking and lets you force sites to use their Note that, as with
secure HTTPS versions. Note that some Pale Moon users have reported problems any IP finder, location estimates
with NoScript 5 so are advised to stick with the previous version. arent usually very accurate, but
IP addresses are always precise.

Scroll web pages down. Its the perfect tool for busy Perform reverse
automatically and lazy people alike. image searches
Ever tried to browse a web page while Vivaldi is adding new
both your hands are occupied? No, Refresh specific tabs features and refining existing
were not implying anything rude automatically ones at an impressive rate,
perhaps youre eating your dinner in Another new add-on that saves you and is rapidly catching up with
front of your monitor, time and effort is Tab Auto Refresh Chrome and Firefox. One of our
performing your morning (, which eliminates favourite new additions is the
workout or playing a the need to reload pages manually option to perform a reverse-
musical instrument while when youre waiting for an update image
following on-screen to appear. Instead, you just click its search
lyrics. In any case, youre toolbar button, select a time interval by
likely to be frequently at which to refresh the current tab right-
interrupted by the need from 1 to 100,000 seconds then get clicking
to scroll down the page, on with something more important. a picture
because websites dont You can set multiple open tabs to on a web
move by themselves. reload automatically at different page
Until now, that is, intervals, and cancel each refresh- and
because a brilliant new schedule individually or all of them choosing Search Google for
Firefox add-on called in one go. If you dont cancel, the image. This finds matches for
Page Scroller ( reloading will resume next time the picture on Google Images,
scroll420) does the hard you open your browser. so you can find out more about
work for you, so you can its subject and photographer,
carry on reading without and when and where it was
even touching your taken. There are also new
mouse. Simply press options to open an image in
the + key on your keyboard to begin a new tab or private window,
scrolling the page automatically you and to save the picture as the
can press it four more times to increase background to your Start page.
the speed or press the - key to slow

Tell us your favourite add-ons at 5 - 18 April 2017 31

Best Free Apps
App of the Fortnight
Meteor Check if your internet is fast enough for your favourite apps

Using internet-hungry apps

on a slow connection is like
running a marathon on an
1 Install and launch
Meteor. Tap Lets Go
and allow location access.

empty stomach. New app Tap Skip to get rid of

Meteor tests whether your Cosmo Monster (for now)
internet is strong enough and choose Start Testing.
to get the best out of apps The three speed tests take
1 3
such as Facebook, Spotify a few seconds. Tap Got It
and Skype, and even which to get rid of Cosmo again
room theyd work better in. and see your colour-coded
Meteor was created by results. Yellow indicates
internet mapping firm fast (Awesome); 1 red is
OpenSignal (opensignal Very good; 2 blue is OK;
.com), which monitors 3 and grey is Poor. Tap
signals all over the world, Test Again to repeat. 4
even in war zones where
relief efforts are affected
by internet availability.
Meteors basic test
couldnt be easier to run. Tap once, then wait 10 seconds
2 To see how your speed
affects certain apps,
swipe left and right 2
or so to get the measure of whatever network youre through the default apps
connected to either Wi-Fi or mobile data. Your results under App Performance.
are logged on a timeline and map, so you can trace To change the default
patterns linked to time of day as well as location. line-up, tap Add apps.
The test consists of three measurements upload speed, First, remove any apps
download speed and a ping test that sends an anonymous that dont interest you.
signal to a nearby server. What sets Meteor apart from Tap blue-circled apps 1
other benchmarking tools is the way it puts the results in to remove them, then tap
a useful context. For example, if your download speed is uncircled apps to add, to
slow, youll notice it when waiting for photos to appear in a maximum of six. Tap the
WhatsApp, and you may not be able to download high- arrow to finish, 2 or tap 3
quality music in Spotify at all. Request More Apps if your
Be aware (because some favourite app isnt listed. 3
users seem disappointed)
that these app-specific
measurements are projections.
Meteor isnt literally testing
3 Select an app to see
how your speed
affects its features. Spotify 1
WhatsApps photo-download gets an overall Awesome
speed, just using it to illustrate on our Wi-Fi 1 but drops
available speeds. to Poor for downloading
Meteor is not music at best quality. 2
groundbreaking but its quick, Swipe left and right to see
accurate and thoughtfully detailed illustrations for
designed. It even has a cartoon the other five apps. On the 2
meteor called Cosmo Monster main screen, tap History
to bring it to life, to see a timeline. Tap
but if you find him Dashboard to see a map,
as annoying as we view best and worst
do, you can easily results, and to hide
shut him up. Cosmo for good.

Our rating

32 5 - 18 April 2017
Best Free Apps

This fortnights top free and paid-for apps for

Android, iOS and Windows phones and tablets


Shout Squigglish Giphy MoGA
weallshout (Museum of GIF Art)
.com squigglish420
9.2 9.2
Content Take a look 8.1
curation is at this iPad
nothing new photo of a cat
after all, and imagine
mixtapes that the green
have been and yellow
doing it for squiggles are
decades, wiggling about. If your imagination GIF repository Giphy ( has
and art galleries for centuries. But the isnt up to this, you can check out the commissioned 20 illustrators to create
internet has made it much easier to animated version on Instagram: looping videos for the first exhibition
collate content into collections that you squigcat420. Cat, photo and Squigglish in this new VR (virtual reality) GIF art
can save privately or share. Shout lets come courtesy of comic-book artist gallery. To view the exhibition, Loop
you create lists of articles, videos, Olivia Walch, whose new app brings Dreams, you have to play an interactive
photos and more from all over the web your colourful squiggles to life. You can adventure game which entails aiming
a bit like Spotify playlists and Pinterest either adorn your photos with moving your screen to jump down holes. The
boards. And just as with those services, doodles or start on a blank screen GIFs are fantastic but the gamification
you can follow other Shout users, and create cartoons using dozens is pretentious and fiddly, and may put
collaborate with friends of brush tips and colours, you off before youve even
and share lists by then export your wiggly managed to see any of the
grabbing a link. Theres work as a GIF or video. wonderful work within.
a Chrome extension, too An Android version is due Choose 2D mode if you
( out soon. havent got a VR headset.

Our rating Our rating Our rating


10 Our updated
Android MagBook
Build a website in under is packed with
a minute, goes the bold 148 pages of apps,
claim from this new app workshops and
for iPad and iPhone. It just advice to unlock the
about lives up to the full potential of your
promise, making it ideal tablet and phone.
for creating a quick online
party invitation or Discover how to:
greetings card. Itll even Master new tools in Lollipop
throw in a domain name and Marshmallow
for free (albeit one with a Stop apps leaking your
clunky personal data
suffix bolted on the end). Record anything on your phone
Universe is much easier and tablet
to use than most PC-based Prevent updates from wrecking
web-building tools. Start with a grid background, then add and your device
remove elements such as links, photos, icons and text by dragging and Remove hidden junk so it never
dropping. In the time it takes to boil a kettle, you can create a basic comes back
About Me page with links to your email and Facebook. With a bit more Switch from iOS without
time, you can build an interactive photo gallery or club site just dont losing data
expect anything too sophisticated. Order it now from Amazon at
Our rating

Recommend free phone apps at 5 - 18 April 2017 33

Best Free Apps
Wetherspoon Order & Pay Fliky
4.4 7 10 Mobile

In the mood for a pub lunch? Fancy There are Flickr apps for Android
being able to pay without having to and iOS, and a Flickr Uploadr program
queue at the bar or behind 15 people ( for your PC
at the cash machine down the road? but if youre on Windows 10 Mobile,
Then this new app from the youve always been stuck with using
ubiquitous pub chain should appeal. the website in your mobile browser.
Start by choosing a Wetherspoon So third-party Flickr client Fliky is
branch, then browse the detailed a welcome new arrival. The app, which
food and drink menus, which include works on Windows 10 PC as well as
allergy info and special offers. Place Mobile, includes full photostream and
your order and you can pay securely using a stored bank gallery management along with notifications, searching,
card, Android Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal. You social features and automatic backup of your
cant order anything until youre seated at a table phone and tablet photos using Flickrs generous
theres no takeaway option but the app does 1TB of free storage. Its a must-have for Flickr
make lunch much less of a hassle, especially users with small Windows Mobilr screens
if youre with a big group. despite the annoying banner ads.

Our rating Our rating


PERSONAL FINANCE using this gesture-based organiser,
Moneybox which is at pains to point out that its not just another to-do list.
Price: From 1 per month Costs 1.99 at the time of writing,
5 9 rising to 3.99 in April.
Save your spare change in a Stocks &
Shares ISA, with the help of this GAME
free-to-download app thats now Cluedo
on Android (iOS savers had a head
start of several months). Price: 3.39 (Android)
3.99 (iOS)
Cassette Play the classic whodunnit on your phone and tablet, with Professor
Price: From $10 (8.20) per month Plum, Colonel Mustard and the rest
9 of the sinister suspects rendered in
Cassette lets you record your fabulous graphics. Now on Android
important conversations, then as well as iOS.
automatically transcribes them.
You can tap to bookmark key moments SOCIAL
as you record. Like Moneybox, its free Keep or Delete
to download but you have to pay
a subscription to use it. Price: 99p
ORGANISER Sign into this third-party Twitter
Sorted client using one or more Twitter accounts, then easily delete your
Price: 1.99 rubbish old tweets by swiping
9 them off a timeline. You can
Create an interactive daily schedule undelete, too.

Moneybox Cassette Sorted Cluedo Keep or Delete

34 5 - 18 April 2017
Best Free Apps

Best New Mobile Games

Sky Dancer Pocket Arcade Coach Bus Simulator 2017 4.0.3
4.0.3 7 4.0.3 8

With so much stress in the world right Experience all the energy and fun of There are dozens of bus-simulation
now, what better way to let off steam an amusement arcade, without games in the Play Store, suggesting
than by running around and jumping annoying kids getting in your way. The that many of us secretly yearn to jack
off cliffs? Thats the premise of this four classic arcade games reinvented in our boring desk jobs and take to
fantastic game, in which you guide a for your phone or tablet are: Hoop congested city roads, collecting fares
nimble dancer around stunning but Hero, in which you shoot basketballs and dodging cyclists. In this one, you
precarious landscapes of large through a hoop; a Whack-a-Mole drive a coach, which means you get to
boulders, flying islands and hazardous variant called Alien Whacker; one of see more of the country, make fewer
precipices. Unlike other running those frustrating games in which you stops and can ramp up the speed on
games, falling is as important as try to grab prizes with a claw; and the open highways. Realistic graphics
sprinting if you want to avoid Mayan Coin Pusher, a version of and fluid gameplay are
tumbling into the ether. Tap with two rip-off 2p-shove machines. You earn complemented by simple controls,
fingers to jump, and tap the left- and rewards for high scores, which unlock traffic sound effects and a variety of
right-hand sides of the bonuses as you move camera angles. But as
screen to navigate. Sky between games, though its not a British game,
Dancer is completely we dont recommend youll have to master
free, with all in-app spending real money on driving on the wrong
purchases optional. extra virtual coins. side of the road.

Our rating Our rating Our rating

Dont install... ...Install this instead

ITV Racing At the Races
4 8
Horseracing fans worried about ITV taking
over race broadcasts wont be reassured by its This app from the leading website for
new mobile app. Rather than focusing on race UK and Ireland racing is an absolute
cards and results, this seems more concerned must for racing fans, and far superior
about getting you to bet to the messy, ad-heavy offerings from
with its advertising most bookies (and ITV, see left).
partners, enter its prize Its detailed race cards are clearly
draw and test your presented and easy to browse on
racing knowledge with your phone or tablet, so you can see
our fiendish quizzes. race times and distances, horse and
Rather than streaming jockey names, betting odds and
live races, it only offers much more at a glance, for up to five
catch-up clips, and days in advance. Theres also a
many users have found wealth of editorial content, including expert
registration impossible. tips, trainer interviews and racing news,
Talk about falling at but none of this gets in the way of the
the first fence. all-important results. A resounding winner.

Recommend games
free phone
apps at 5 - 18 April 2017 35
FAQ Everything you need to know about the most
interesting new technology trends and events

Our guide to

WebAssembly is being touted as the future of the web but youd be

forgiven for wondering what on Earth it is. David Crookes explains all

What is WebAssembly? any software. But these browser apps are computer language (one which uses
WebAssembly ( is typically not very sophisticated, whereas more natural syntax) and turn it into
a relatively new web standard that has WebAssembly opens the door to more code that a web browser can use
the potential to revolutionise how we use complex applications, all without the (a process known as compiling).
high-performance need for any plugins. It also allows them All this takes place behind the scenes,
applications such to run with near-native performance so it wont be obvious to you as you
as games, video that is, pretty much as if they are browse. Both the parsing (the analysis
players and image- installed and running on your computer. of the code) and the compilation take
editing software. place before they reach your browser.
Rather than making How much faster will This means the browser simply sees the
us download WebAssembly apps be? low-level, machine-ready instructions
and install these WebAssembly significantly improves and acts on them. Combined with the
resource-heavy start-up speeds, with the technology compact nature of WebAssembly, this
WebAssembly apps, WebAssembly said to run 20 times faster than makes the process very fast indeed.
shares initials with
the postcode for
offers the potential JavaScript. It is also claimed that apps
Warrington to run them in your using WebAssembly run just 1.13 times So how do I use these apps?
browser with full slower than your processors maximum All you need to do is visit a web page.
functionality. Developers say this will speed.
make computing far more convenient,
with some going as far as calling it the How exactly does WebAssembly
dawn of a new web era. work?
We were afraid youd ask that. To explain
But we already have web apps, WebAssembly, we first need to get under
dont we? its skin. At its heart, WebAssembly is a
Indeed we do. Over the years, weve low-level programming language, which
become accustomed to running tools means it is effectively written in a code
in our browsers; for example, we can near-identical to the one that computers
word process using Google Docs, check directly understand. When this is run,
our emails in Gmail and edit videos it allows developers to take the source These spiders are proficient in a different
in YouTube, all without having to install code of an app written in a higher-level kind of web assembly

36 5 - 18 April 2017

Youll be able to dive straight into playing SEE WEBASSEMBLY IN ACTION

a game, for example, and have it run
fluidly, and youll also be able to move There are already two fun ways
from device to device because the for you to put WebAssemblys
technology will be entirely portable. abilities to the test. The first is via
Additionally, theres nothing to stop you Unitys WebAssembly version of
launching a mobile app within your a multiplayer sandbox game called
tablets browser, as long as its capable Tanks, which you can check out at
of using WebAssembly. Everything runs, provided
entirely within the web platform. youre using Chrome 57 or Firefox
52. Boasting some lovely retro
So well all have to use apps? music and attractive, fluid 3D
Its possible. There are certainly plenty visuals, this lets you control one
of advantages to using WebAssembly. of two tanks using your keyboard.
Because you dont need to install But for real graphical impact,
software, the risk of malware infection try Epics Zen Garden experiment smooth, high-performance 3D
should be reduced. Also, apps will at This lets you look offerings that we can expect to enjoy
become cross-platform, so it wont around the exterior of a rather nice in future. It works best on 64-bit
matter which operating system you are house (see main image, left) and computers because 32-bit systems
using because theyll simply run in any brings a taste of WebAssemblys may struggle with its awesomeness.
browser that supports WebAssembly.
The standard of web-based apps should
be improved, too. Were likely to see Will developers widely used JavaScript remains.
more games, with virtual-reality and have to learn a Although its true that Mozilla,
augmented-reality apps using the game whole new Microsoft and Google have made
engines Unity and Unreal Engine, and language? separate attempts to extend
have high performance, browser-based Not necessarily, JavaScript by releasing Asm.js,
computer-aided design and scientific and this is the Typescript and NACL, respectively,
visualisation software. exciting thing. WebAssembly is intended to
Although Mozilla broaden the number of languages
says it could that can be compiled to the web
change what it This stereotype web rather than replace JavaScript
means to be a web developer will feel at altogether. Indeed, WebAssembly
home with WebAssembly
developer, the idea will allow its applications to integrate
of WebAssembly is that coders with JavaScript so there will be room for
are able to create software in multiple both languages for some time yet. What
languages. Among those languages is will happen as WebAssembly gathers
C++ and, given that C++ is so widely momentum remains to be seen, though.
understood by coders (it is even used
to create software as important as So which web browsers are
Windows), many developers should feel using WebAssembly today?
right at home. Indeed, developers have Version 57 of Chrome and version 52 of
It may have a dull website, but Unity could
been quick to see the potential and there Firefox, which are the most recent stable
bring a whole new depth to online life is hope that WebAssembly will soon be releases, are both WebAssembly-enabled.
used with Java, Swift and C# languages Microsoft Edge and Safari will follow
Will there also be a web app that are often used for mobile apps. soon. Theres not a huge amount of
store? support around at the moment but the
No. One of the beauties of being able Isnt JavaScript still the top web- creators of the game engine Unity, for
to simply visit a website to access an programming language? instance, have been working on switching
app is that it gets around the walled Well, yes, but WebAssembly will allow its WebGL platform to WebAssembly
gardens of app stores, especially on developers to bring their own byte code in supported browsers. WebGL
tablets and phones. Anyone will be able applications to the web and go well allows interactive 3D and 2D graphics to
to publish apps to the web, which will beyond the capabilities served up by be rendered, and WebAssembly will make
ensure that software is accessible and JavaScript, which is indeed a high-level this faster and less resource-hungry.
in the full control of developers. programming language used to write
much of the software we already see
Who is behind WebAssembly? running in our browsers. The issue with
Development is being driven by the W3C JavaScript is that it was designed to be
WebAssembly Community Group ( easy for novice developers, but it isnt
wa420), which was launched in April ideal for starting large applications
2015 with the backing of the Mozilla quickly, whereas WebAssembly is.
Foundation, Microsoft, Google and Apple. JavaScript has also been abused by
There is a concerted and unusually hackers as a way to run malicious scripts.
cooperative effort to make WebAssembly
a true standard, which is good news Will WebAssembly replace
because it means that it will eventually JavaScript? Chrome has quietly enabled WebAssembly
find its way to all the major browsers. Its very unlikely at this stage, given how behind your back

Discuss web technology at 5 - 18 April 2017 37

& Restore YOUR PC Fixing a slow PC or phone neednt involve paying for
COVER E technical support. Wayne Williams reveals the easiest
FEATU ways to speed up your system using three simple verbs

ack in July 2015, in Issue 375 of phone run like new again.
Web User (, Over the following six pages, we
we ran a cover feature that look at how to quickly reset your
focused on the three essential Rs of operating system, browser and other
fixing PC problems removal, repair programs without losing your
and recovery. In this follow-up, we personal data and explain how to
look at three other, equally important restore lost folders, files and settings.
Rs resetting, restoring and We also explain how to overcome
(hopefully) reviving that comprise more serious problems, such as
a reliable triumvirate for tackling hard-drive failure, that cant be
performance problems. By following solved simply by resetting or
our simple advice, youll soon be able restoring, so you can revive even
to beat the causes of slowdown and the most lethargic and unresponsive
crashes, and make your PC and devices.

38 5 - 18 April 2017
Reset, Revive and Restore FEATU

Reset Windows 10 without losing non-standard apps and programs
anything (youll have the option to keep your
If youre experiencing major problems personal files). To get the tool, open
on a PC running Windows 10, such as Settings, go to Update & security and
slow performance or programs that click Recovery. Click the link under
wont run properly, resetting the More recovery options that says Learn
operating system should fix things. how to start afresh with a clean
This gives you a fresh copy of Windows installation of Windows and download
and lets you choose whether to keep the tool from the subsequent page.
your personal files which is usually Alternatively, you can get the tool
preferable or remove everything and directly from
start over from scratch. Make sure Uninstall lots of programs in one go to
youve backed up all personal data Reset Windows 7 to make it free up system resources
beforehand (just in case), then go to faster
Settings, Update & security and click If youre having similar problems in go to work. It also removes any leftover
Recovery on the left. Youll see an Windows 7, you can install the operating traces and Registry entries.
option to Reset this PC. Click the system over the top of itself, which will
Get Started button and choose whether leave your existing files and applications Erase partitions from your hard
to Keep my files or Remove untouched, although wed still drive
everything, then click the Reset button recommend backing them up Partitioning an old hard drive can have a
on the next screen. beforehand, just in case something goes negative effect on the speed of your PC
wrong. You will need your installation (this isnt true on newer drives where
media for this and can either boot from the speed will remain consistent), but
the disc or run the setup.exe file on the you cant just delete partitions in the
DVD from inside Windows. usual way. Fortunately, Windows comes
Click the Install Now button to start with its own partitioning tool that you
the process and youll be given the can use to erase one or more partitions
option to go online and check for the in a jiffy. Click Start, type partition
latest updates and patches. Selecting and launch the Disk Management
the Upgrade option lets you install the feature. Right-click a partition and youll
new OS over an existing version of be able to delete it from there.
Windows. This will leave your personal Alternatively, you can use a free
You can easily reset Windows 10 while still files and applications untouched. program such as MiniTool Partition
keeping all your files To format your hard drive and install Wizard Free 10 (www.partitionwizard
a brand new copy of Windows 7, choose .com) which lets you delete, wipe, copy,
Start afresh with a clean install of the Custom (Advanced) option. resize and move partitions, and more.
Windows 10
There is another option you can try if
Windows 10 starts to misbehave, which
is to start over with a completely clean
installation. The problem with this
approach is that once youve installed
your original copy of Windows 10, youll
then have to install all the newest
updates and that could take a while.
Fortunately, Microsoft has a free tool Remove unwanted partitions to reclaim
that installs only the most recent version drive space and speed
of Windows 10 on your PC, so youre Install Windows 7 over itself to solve
instantly up to date, while removing any performance problems Refresh thumbnails of media files
Windows shows thumbnail previews
Batch-uninstall unwanted of all compatible image and video files,
software but these sometimes become
The more software you have installed, corrupted, or dont show at all for some
the more strain it places on your PCs reason. The easiest solution is to use
resources, which can negatively impact Disk Cleanup to clear and reset the
its speed. Windows lets you remove Thumbnail Cache. Click Start and type
unwanted programs and apps through disk cleanup to launch the tool. Make
its built-in uninstaller, but youre limited sure the system drive is selected and
to removing one item at a time. A click OK. Disk Cleanup will check to see
third-party tool such as IObit Uninstaller how much space it can free up. When
( can remove multiple its finished, scroll down the list and
Perform a clean installation of Windows programs and plugins in sequence. locate Thumbnails. Make sure this
10 and start afresh Select the items to uninstall and it will option is selected (select or deselect

5 - 18 April 2017 39
Reset your Android device
If your Android phone or tablet is having
major problems, resetting it is often the
best solution. Open the Settings menu
and tap Backup & reset under
Personal. Make sure Back up my data is
switched on, and you have access to the
selected Backup account. Tap Factory
data reset and read the information
that appears on screen, then tap Reset
phone (or Reset tablet). You will need
to enter the pattern, PIN or password
used to unlock the device. Tap Delete
everything to remove all data from the
internal storage. When thats done,
reboot your device.
Resetting your Android device in this
way is pretty drastic because it removes
your Google account, system and app Apple gives you several options for
Reset your Thumbnail Cache to fix data and settings, downloaded apps, resetting your iOS device
problems with image previews music, photos and other user data. The
upside is that once you set up your Reset All Settings
other areas to clean at the same time), Google account again, any data stored Erase All Content and Settings
then click the Clean up system files in the cloud will be restored and your Reset Network Settings
button. Once complete, your thumbnails apps will be downloaded again. Reset Keyboard Dictionary
should appear without any problems. Reset Home Screen Layout
Reset Location & Privacy
Reset your browser securely Youll be prompted to enter your
If youre having problems with your passcode and Apple ID to complete the
browser, the cause will probably be reset process.
down to one or more add-ons you have
installed, so you should first try Stop default apps being reset in
removing any recent additions. If that Windows 10
doesnt work, then resetting your Windows 10 will occasionally, and
browser probably will. This will remove frustratingly, reset your default apps.
all add-ons and load the browsers Resetting your Android device doesnt For example, one day you might have
default settings, while keeping your mean losing all your data Chrome as your default browser and the
bookmarks and passwords safe. next find Edge starting every time you
To reset Firefox, click the three-line Reset iOS devices in different click a link. This usually happens after
hamburger button, click the blue ways Windows has been updated or
question mark at the bottom and select If you have a seriously misbehaving Microsoft has pushed out an update to
Troubleshooting Information. You can Apple device an iPhone, iPad or iPod one of its built-in apps (such as Edge,
either choose Safe Mode, which will Touch you can reset it to the defaults Photos or Groove Music). You can stop
restart the browser with all the add-ons by going to Settings, General. Scroll to the built-in apps from being set as a
disabled, or Refresh Firefox, which will the bottom of the screen and tap Reset. default by using Stop Resetting My
remove all add-ons and customisations, From here, you can choose any of the Apps ( To use it, you just
and restore the browser to its default following options, with the most need to run the program and select the
settings. extreme two at the top: apps to block.
To reset Chrome, click the three-dot
icon in the top-right corner and open
Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and
click Show advanced settings. Scroll
down again and youll see a Reset
settings section. Click the Reset
settings button and confirm you want
to proceed by clicking Reset. Once the
reset is complete, your browser should
be back up to speed.

Resetting Chrome can stop it being slow

and prone to crashes Prevent Windows 10 from forcibly resetting your default apps

40 5 - 18 April 2017
Reset, Revive and Restore FEATU

Restore your browsers scan it using a tool such as the free that you dont install Recuva on the
homepage and search engine version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware same drive that contains the files you
Unwanted changes to your web browser ( want to recover, because it might
are usually caused by malware or an You can also use System Restore to overwrite them.
unscrupulous program or add-on. roll back your operating system to
As well as steering you away from the a time before the browser changes were Find old versions of deleted files
search engine and homepage that you made. To do this, click Start and type Volume Shadow Copy is a built-in
want to use, the background processes restore. Click Create a restore point. Windows service that takes regular
responsible can seriously slow you In the System Properties window, click snapshots of your system. These
down and pose a threat to the security System Restore and select a point to contain older versions of your files and
of your PC. restore from. folders so if something goes missing,
or gets overwritten, you may be able to
Recover accidentally deleted files get it back without needing to tear out
When something gets deleted in your hair. ShadowCopyView (www
Windows, it usually ends up in the lets you browse these
Recycle Bin, but thats not always the snapshots and save a copy of anything
case. The good news is that the data you find. PreviousFilesRecovery, from
doesnt physically go anywhere; all that the same developer, is a similar tool and
happens is its directory entry and lets you recover old content that no
allocation table data get removed. This longer exists.
means that although the file may no
longer be visible, it is still there and Restore missing drivers
it can probably be restored using the Missing or corrupt drivers can prevent
excellent free tool Recuva (www hardware connected to your PC from
You can use System Restore to rescue Just make sure working properly or at all, and cause
your infected browser other serious performance problems,

You can try manually changing things

back to how you want them but if that
doesnt work, youll need to identify the
source of the annoyance and remove it.
If you know a recently installed program
is responsible, uninstall it and try
changing back your browser settings.
To check for malware, first start your
PC in Safe mode. To do this quickly in
Windows 10, hold down Shift, tap Start,
click the power button and select Recuva provides a reliable way to restore Driver Booster stops dodgy drivers
Restart. When your system reboots, accidentally deleted files causing performance problems

MINI WORKSHOP | Restore a missing disc drive with DVD Drive Repair


3 2

1 3

1 Download and run DVD Drive

Repair ( there
are installable and portable versions
2 In the Device Manager window, click
View 1 and select Show hidden
devices. Right-click each entry under
3 If it isnt found, open DVD Drive
Repair again. Make sure the Just
Repair option is ticked 1 and click the
available. Youll see a Repair DVD both the DVD/CD-ROM drives 2 and Repair DVD Drives button. 2 It will
Drives button, 1 but dont click it just IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers sections, make some simple changes to the
yet because theres another method and select Uninstall. 3 Next, go to Windows Registry and show you
you should try first. Go to Tools 2 and Action 4 and select Scan for hardware whats going on in the window. 3
select Device Manager. 3 This will changes. Reboot your PC and, hopefully, Reboot and your DVD drive should
open the Windows Device Manager. the drive will be found. reappear.

5 - 18 April 2017 41
too. The powerful program Driver of the memory card and it will
MINI WORKSHOP Booster ( scans hopefully find and let you recover
Find missing drivers using your system for driver problems the missing images.
Driver Booster and lets you install new copies with
a single click. If any of these newly Restore a missing CD or DVD
installed drivers cause problems, drive
you can use Driver Booster to If Windows no longer recognises
1 restore a previous version or roll your DVD drive, try shutting down
back your PC using system restore. your PC, disconnecting the power
See our Mini Workshop on the left and making sure that all the drives
to find out how to use Driver cables are securely plugged in.
Booster effectively. Reconnect the power and reboot.
If that doesnt do the trick, then try
Find your lost Windows key Rizone Soft DVD Drive Repair (bit
If you need your Windows product .ly/dvdrepair420). In some cases,
key perhaps to perform a clean the drive may simply have died and
install of the operating system youll just have to replace it. See our

1 Run Driver Booster and it will scan your

system looking for outdated and missing
drivers, then present you with the results. The
but you cant physically locate it
anywhere, dont panic because its
actually stored in Windows itself.
Mini Workshop on page 41 to find
out how to use DVD Drive Repair

banner at the top 1 shows the number of NirSofts ProduKey (www.nirsoft Restore lost sound on your PC
problem device drivers detected. Each one is .net/utils) can find it for you almost If audio and video files on your PC
colour coded 2 so you can see how old it is. instantly. Right-click to copy the key no longer play sound, first check
Any missing drivers will be listed, too. to save somewhere safe. that the speakers or headphones
are plugged in and havent come
loose it might sound obvious, but
it happens a lot! Next, check to
1 make sure that the sound on your
PC hasnt been muted. You should
see a speaker icon in the system
tray. Double-click this and youll be
able to mute and unmute sound,
and adjust the volume.
Use ProduKey to restore a lost
product key for any Windows version

Recover images from a

2 You can download and install the latest

version of a driver by clicking the Update
button next to it. 1 Click the down arrow next
memory card
SD and microSD memory cards
need to be very robust so the files Check that your volume isnt muted if
to the button to see a drop-down menu of they contain dont just disappear you seem to have lost sound
additional options. 2 These let you view the overnight. If the data on a card has
driver details, update it, roll back changes, been lost, it can usually be If some files are playing sound
uninstall it, ignore it and export the list for recovered using the brilliant free but others arent, then it will likely
later viewing. program Lazesoft Recovery Suite 4 be a codec problem. Install the free
Home Edition ( Just K-Lite Codec Pack from www
run the software, choose the Fast to restore missing
1 Scan option, point it in the direction codecs.
Suite program
4 can rescue
files that have
been deleted
5 from memory

3 Alternatively, you can update all the old

or missing drivers in sequence by clicking
the red Update Now button. 1 If there are
any drivers you dont want including, just
untick them. Click the UpToDate tab 2 to
view a complete list of all the drivers on your
system. 3 You can see when they were
installed 4 and check further details. 5

42 5 - 18 April 2017
Reset, Revive and Restore FEATU

Revive an old PC uninstalling it first, then reinstalling it.
If you have an old PC thats running If you still get no joy, try running it in
very sluggishly but you dont administrator mode. In Windows 10,
want to get rid of it, and right-click the programs executable file
upgrading or replacing it or shortcut, and select Run as
isnt an option, then you administrator.
could try running a less You can also try using the
resource-hungry operating compatibility wizard. Right-click the
system. If youve only ever used program and select Troubleshoot
Windows, then switching to a compatibility. The wizard will try to
Linux distro will take a little getting Upgrading to detect any problems and give you the
an SSD will do
used to, but the good news is that option of using recommended settings
wonders for your
you can try the OS live, without PCs performance or troubleshooting the program and
needing to install it. Three excellent trying various compatibility options.
lightweight operating systems you can
try are Puppy Linux (, cost more than traditional hard drives,
Lubuntu ( and Pixel ( and tend to have a smaller capacity, but
pixel420). The latter is the Debian- you can always add a hard drive for
based operating system thats used on storage to keep your photos, music,
the Raspberry Pi. videos and documents on alongside
the speedy system drive.

Replace a dying hard drive

If your hard drive is failing, its important
to get the data off it as quickly as
possible. Check on the drives SMART
(Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and
Reporting Technology) status using Windows 10s compatibility
CrystalDiskInfo ( to troubleshooter can fix program problems
make sure the problems youre
experiencing are due to hard disk Replace your phones battery
failure. Assuming they are, use a tool Some Android phones have removable
such as Clonezilla ( or batteries, so if your phone is no longer
Try a Linux distro such as Lubuntu to see MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 10 (www charging, or is failing to hold its charge,
if it speeds up your PC to clone as much then its time to get a new battery.
of the drive as you can to a replacement You may be able to find a cheap
Switch to an SSD disk. The sooner you act, the more data replacement on Amazon or eBay, but
You may think your old, slow laptop or you will be able to save. make sure you check the reviews first.
desktop PC is on its last legs, but if it Flagship phones, such as the iPhone
has an HDD (hard disk drive), then Fix a program that wont launch and Samsung Galaxy S7, dont have
upgrading to an SSD (solid state drive) If you have a program that has stopped removable batteries but your phone
will give the device a whole new lease of launching, try reinstalling it over itself. manufacturer will be able to replace it
life. Your computer will boot up much This may overwrite any problematic for you. For iPhone, go to
more quickly, and writing and reading Registry entries and replace any missing iphonebatt420, and for Samsung
data will be significantly faster. SSDs components. If that doesnt work, try devices try

NEXT ISSUE on sale Wednesday 19 April 2017

What The PLUS...


Web Hides
We reveal the 10 best new
features in the Creators Update

From You Stop people seeing pictures

they shouldnt on your phone
Make the internet faster on
Access secret content the devices that need it most
and hidden tools on the
sites you use every day SUBSCRIBE TO WEB USER AT

5 - 18 April 2017 43
Best free remote-
Desktop software
Remote-Desktop software lets you access your computer from
anywhere in the world and offer technical support to others.
Edward Munn tests the six best tools

TeamViewer | |

What we liked:
TeamViewers impressive
array of features
immediately elevates
it above its rivals. It not
only works as a powerful
remote-Desktop program,
but it also supports file
transfers, remote presentations and
video calls, making it an excellent
choice whether you want to access your
own PC remotely or offer technical
support to friends and family.
Setting up the software is very
straightforward you can choose
between basic installation or running
TeamViewer just once. To initiate
a remote connection, simply type the How it can be improved:
remote PCs ID and password into the Ctrl+Alt+Del. You can also opt to record Theres little to fault in TeamViewer,
PC youre working from. Theres no the remote session, transfer files or start but it does frequently invite you to buy
need to set up an account, although an internet call. a commercial licence (its free for
doing so brings some perks including Despite the wealth of tools and personal use) and it also includes ads
faster access to PCs you use regularly. options, TeamViewers interface is for the developers security software.
After starting a session, TeamViewer simple and intuitive, even if you arent
offers a handy summary of important familiar with remote-Desktop software.
information about the remote PC at the We found the softwares performance OUR VERDICT
click of a button, including its current was fast and seamless, to the extent TeamViewer is packed with features,
processor, memory and hard-drive that we almost forgot we were using it easy to use and completely free.
usage. There are also details about its (and ended up writing large chunks of If youre looking for remote-
system and security software, which this feature remotely!). Desktop software, whatever the
can be useful when troubleshooting. There are TeamViewer apps for iOS reason, it comfortably tops our list
TeamViewer has shortcuts for frequent and Android, so you can access your PC of recommendations.
actions including lock, reboot and send remotely from those devices, too.

44 5 - 18 April 2017
Free remote-Desktop software

AnyDesk | |
What we liked:
Developed by AeroAdmin is a lightweight remote-
ex-TeamViewer Desktop tool that can be set up
employees, AnyDesk quickly and easily without
is incredibly simple to set installation. However, some features
up and works immediately including file transfer are not
wit requiring supported
installation. Creating a remote in the free
connection is as easy as entering a PCs version,
unique ID (given by AnyDesk) on your which is
PC and then approving the connection marred by
from the remote PC. Alternatively, you pop-up
can set a password on any PC to enable How it can be improved: ads. We
unattended access. If youre looking for tools such as video also found
The program offers a range of handy chat and remote screen recording, the
options including whether to give the AnyDesk falls short. Unlike our other programs
host full control of the PC (as opposed award winners, it also caused Windows interface looked ugly and outdated
to just screen sharing) and whether Firewall to throw up a warning the first compared with those of our other
to allow them to hear sound. Seamless time we used it. award winners.
file transfers are supported via a shared
clipboard, meaning you can copy and Screenleap
paste any files from the remote PC to OUR VERDICT
your Desktop, and as with TeamViewer AnyDesk lacks some of the fancy If you want to share your screen
there are shortcuts for important features of TeamViewer, but is with several people, Screenleap
system information and common otherwise a fast remote-Desktop is the perfect tool for the task.
actions. AnyDesk also supports text- tool that includes support for file By downloading its lightweight app,
based chat, which is useful when giving transfers. If, for some reason, you which allows viewers to see your
technical support. If you want to control want an alternative to TeamViewer, screen in their web browsers,
your PC on the go, AnyDesk has free AnyDesk is well worth a try. you can share a URL in seconds.
apps for both iOS and Android. Unfortunately, viewing is limited
to an hour a day and, unlike some
other tools in this round-up, theres
Chrome Remote Desktop | |
no option to give users control of
your PC.

Wh we liked:
Chrome Remote Desktop
offers quick and easy
remote access to your Ultra VNC
own and other peoples
PCs Although remote Ultra VNC is a powerful, open-
con are initiated via source remote-Desktop tool that
a browser app, it works like any supports file transfers and text-
other remote-Desktop tool, giving you control your PC from your smartphone. based chat. However, its aimed at
full control over the remote PC. This advanced users, not those looking
means you can open any program or How it can be improved: to help less tech-savvy friends and
file, access important Windows settings Chrome Remote Desktop lacks many of family. Indeed, even downloading
in Control Panel and shut down or the features of our other award winners, the setup file feels like hard work
restart the PC when youre finished. in particular the option to transfer files. and setting up the tool requires an
In fact, Chrome Remote Desktop runs Theres also no support for unattended understanding of port forwarding,
in the background all the time, so you access on PCs belonging to others. so wed steer clear unless youre
can use it to log back into Windows a networking expert.
when the PC starts up again.
If youve set your browser to sync OUR VERDICT
apps, you only need to install it once and Chrome Remote Desktops easy
itll be available on all your PCs. Youll setup will appeal to Chrome users
need to enable access on any PC you who dont want to install additional
want to use remotely, but once youve software, but its light on features
done so, you can access it at any time so wed recommend trying one of
by simply entering the appropriate PIN. our other award winners if you want
As with our other award winners, you a full remote-Desktop experience.
can use iOS and Android apps to

Discuss remote-Desktop tools at 5 - 18 April 2017 45

Google Play
Google Play just celebrated its fifth birthday, but theres always
something new to learn about the app-and-entertainment
store. Robert Irvine reveals its best secrets

Earn credit towards Add useful new Try new apps

Play purchases features to Play before everyone else
You dont get something for nothing in Several developers use the Play Store
this world, but thanks to Google Opinion to recruit brave, foolhardy guinea pigs
Rewards ( you can sorry, eager early adopters to try
make easy money for very little effort. new features in apps before theyre
Just answer a few quick questions released to the public. As described
about shops you visited recently or in the previous tip, you can use the
similar topics and the app will reward Toolbox extension to see which apps
Join the
you with credit, which you can save up currently run beta-testing programs.
beta program
to spend on Google Play. If one is available, select the More
The information you provide in the info link, then click Become a Tester
short, simple surveys about your views to receive the special testing-version
and habits is collected anonymously, update (youll need to download the
and you can trade your credit for app if you dont already have it).
Android apps, music, films, TV shows View Read Download Alternatively, if you dont want to install
and books in just a couple of taps. info on Android the APK Toolbox, you can check the apps
AppBrain Police posts file
Theres usually at least one three- description or website to see if a beta
question survey per week, with rewards Toolbox for Google Play Store adds test is mentioned, then follow the
ranging from 6p to 60p. This writer several useful options to the site relevant link.
earned an incredible 10.39 in just Popular apps that are currently
six months more than he gets paid The simplicity of the Play Store is one running tests include All 4, Avast
for editing Web User! of its biggest strengths, but that doesnt Antivirus, BBC iPlayer, Facebook,
mean it wouldnt benefit from a few Google Maps, Kodi and WhatsApp,
extra features. You can improve your which should give you plenty to play
Android experience by installing the around with for starters. Remember,
Chrome extension Toolbox for Google though, that in return for these feature
Play Store (, which adds previews, developers ask you to provide
several useful options to each apps feedback on their hard work, so make
page. These include a button for sure you keep your side of the bargain!
downloading an apps APK file to your
PC, one that links to information on
alternative app store AppBrain
( and another
that takes you to coverage of the
app on the Android Police blog
Additionally, Toolbox can tell you
if an app offers a beta-testing program
that lets you try the latest version
before everyone else see our next tip
on the right. You can choose which
Earn credit to spend on Google Play options to show or hide by clicking Become a beta tester on Google Play to
by answering simple questions the extensions toolbar button. try new app features first

46 5 - 18 April 2017
Secret hacks for Google Play

Install apps that Update all your

Google Play blocks apps in one go
When Google tells you that an app is
only compatible with some of your
devices, its usually because it will work
on your phone but not your tablet,
or because one of your devices doesnt
have the necessary version of Android.
This is different from an app being
Save Play items to your wishlist until you
incompatible with all your devices,
have money to buy them
which is usually due to geographical
restrictions and regular Web User game, album or film, then not be able to
readers know how we feel about those! find it again when you decide to buy it
If youre unable to use an app for the (perhaps when youve earned enough
latter reason, you could feasibly solve Rewards credit, as per our first tip).
the problem by using a VPN. However, if To make sure this doesnt happen, its
youve previously bought worth compiling a wishlist of content
an app from Play, your account will you want to purchase or download
be locked to the UK, so youll still be at a later date much as you would on
blocked. One way around this is to Amazon. Just click the Add to wishlist
create a new Google account, add it to option above the Buy or Install button.
You can update all your apps at once from
your Android device and open the Play You can access your wishlist via the link
within the Play Store app
Store app from there using a VPN such on the left-hand side of the page.
as TunnelBear ( The Play Store website lets you see To remove an item, click the Added
Alternatively, you could go into all the apps you have installed, but to wishlist option above the button.
Settings, then Security on your device, if you want to update them either
allow the installation of apps from individually or collectively youll need
unknown sources, then find and to use the app version. Open this on Get refunds for
download the APK file of the app. your phone or tablet, then tap the unwanted purchases
However, this can be very risky because three-line menu button in the top-left
many APK files contain malware. corner and choose My apps & games.
In the list of installed apps, either click
Update next to all those that need
updating or tap the Update All button.
This screen also lists any beta apps you
may have volunteered to test, so you
can get the latest updates.

Create a wishlist
of Play content Claim your money back within 48 hours
if youre unhappy with an app
Geo-restricted apps are likely to be The Play Store is so vast that its easy
incompatible with all your devices to stumble across an interesting app, You can claim a refund for an unwanted
app or other purchase by going to your
Account on the Play Store website
DISCOVER GOOGLE PLAYS SECRET APPS or in the app and scrolling down to your
order history. If the item is an app or
Youre no doubt familiar with Google game, you can claim your money back
Play app categories such as Tools, without question for two hours after
Entertainment and Photography, but you installed it, simply by selecting
the store also has a hidden section Refund. If the app or game is defective,
called Indie Corner. Here, youll find not as you expected or was bought
apps from small developers who risk accidentally, click the three-dot icon
getting swamped by larger ones in the next to the purchase and choose
main store. Or, as Google puts it: the Report a problem. Select your reason
latest and most innovative releases, for not wanting the app or game and
our current favourites and must-have click Submit, but make sure you do so
Indie masterpieces all in one place. within 48 hours, before the option
Indie Corner isnt listed in the Play Discover secret apps and games in disappears.
Stores menus, but you can access it Google Plays hidden Indie Corner Likewise, you have up to seven days
directly at Currently, to request a refund on any Google Play
the section features the Top 10 finalists of the Google Play Indie Games Music, Movies and TV purchases,
Contest, including the amazingly cute and addictive Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump. provided you havent started playing
the song, film or show.

Discuss the Google Play Store at 5 - 18 April 2017 47

Find free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi is widely available, but connecting isnt always easy.
Edward Munn reveals how to access fast, safe and free public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi on public always offer fast or reliable internet

transport connections. Speed Test (
Most rail operators only offer free Wi-Fi speedt420) provides crowdsourced
in First Class, but some networks allow data displaying the location of the
free internet with a standard ticket. For nearest hotspots along with details of
example, if you book a ticket directly download and upload speeds.
through Virgin Trains East Coast, you WiFi Mapper (
can get free Wi-Fi throughout the train is another excellent free app that can
(for more details, see help you find the best free hotspots
Great Anglia also offers free Wi-Fi to all nearby. Available for Android and iOS,
customers using its Intercity services also access a range of entertainment for it covers nearly 500 million Wi-Fi
between Norwich, Ipswich and London the full duration of your journey via the networks worldwide and more than two
(, and more than 50% companys VUER app, which is available million recommended free hotspots.
of South West Trains come with free on iOS ( and Android Not only does the app show what kind
internet on board ( ( Download the app of venue the hotspot is in and how
Free Wi-Fi can also be found on all before you travel, though, because the reliable the internet connection is, it also
Gatwick Express, Grand Central, Hull on-board Wi-Fi restricts app downloads! tells you if the place has good coffee!
Trains and Chiltern Railways services,
and most ScotRail routes, although Essential apps for free Wi-Fi Get free Wi-Fi from your
terms and conditions vary from one Having the right app installed on your internet provider
operator to the next. phone can make it easier to find and If youre a BT broadband customer,
access free Wi-Fi. The Android and iOS youre entitled to unlimited free Wi-Fi at
app WiFi Map (, for more than five million hotspots via BT
example, shows WiFi (formerly BT OpenZone). Most BT
you the closest HomeHubs double up as hotspots, so
Wi-Fi hotspots you should never struggle to find a safe
and also includes and stable connection. If you do, simply
passwords to visit and enter
make joining your current location to find the nearest
them quick and hotspot. The easiest way to get online is
easy you wont to simply install the BT Wi-Fi app for
even need to ask Android ( or iOS
Free Wi-Fi access is currently being for login details. (, which saves your
rolled out across all National Express The problem username and password and connects
coach services (it should be available on with many free you automatically whenever youre in
all routes from this summer). Sessions Wi-Fi networks range of a hotspot.
are limited to 30 minutes, but you can is that they dont Sky Broadband customers can access

48 5 - 18 April 2017
Find free Wi-Fi

McDonalds, House of Fraser, Costa and open Settings and, under Wireless and
Pizza Hut. networks, tap More, then Tethering and
personal hotspot. Next, tap Portable
Use your phone as a hotspot Wi-Fi Hotspot to turn the hotspot on
If you cant find a free Wi-Fi hotspot and then choose Set up Wi-Fi hotspot
using any of the above tips, another way and Show password to see the network
to get online quickly is to use your name and password. Finally, choose this
phone as a personal hotspot. Only some network on your wireless-enabled
devices support tethering, and costs devices and enter the appropriate
can vary significantly (according to your password to get online and start using
tariff), so we recommend checking with your mobiles data connection. These
your network provider before risking steps might vary, but should work in
any additional charges. a similar way on Android devices from
To enable tethering on your phone, most manufacturers.
a similar, albeit smaller service by Note that tethering will cause your
installing Sky Wi-Fi for iOS ( phones battery to drain more quickly
skywifii420) or Android ( than normal usage. If youre browsing
skywifia420). You can register up to six the web on a laptop, youre likely to use
wireless-enabled devices. The app more data than if loading the same
includes a handy hotspot finder and will pages on a mobile device. To keep an
automatically connect you to free eye on how much data youve used,
hotspots whenever youre in range. install Glasswire (,
Virgin Media which displays a permanent notification
helps to keep indicating your data usage for a set
its broadband period. We had a Workshop about this
customers excellent tool in our last issue.
connected when
theyre out and
about with Virgin STAY SAFE ON PUBLIC WI-FI
Media Wi-Fi.
The company There are inherent security risks and
claims its service privacy implications to using public Wi-Fi
enables you to networks, but its easy to protect yourself
connect to if you know how. First, check the terms and
nearly half of all conditions of the hotspot provider carefully
UK public Wi-Fi hotspots in all sorts of to see what personal information youre
places cafs, bars and restaurants, expected to share to get online for a short
up and down the high street, in airports period of time. Next, make sure you only
and even underground! The Android visit websites that support secure https
app is available from connections. Youll know that your connection is encrypted when you see
and you can install the iOS version from a padlock in your browsers address bar and this makes it much more difficult for would-be hackers to intercept your data.
If you dont have a contract with one You can also encrypt your traffic by installing a VPN.
of the above ISPs, you can access CyberGhost ( is one of our favourites and its
15,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots via O2 Wi-Fi. free on Windows, Android and iOS. If youre using a Windows
O2 customers can connect to 4,500 of laptop on a public network, make sure that file sharing is turned
these hotspots automatically and even if off. To check this, open Control Panel then click Network and
youre not a customer, you can preserve Internet, Network and Sharing Centre and Change advanced
your mobile data allowance by sharing settings. Finally, if you must do your online banking
registering to use free Wi-Fi. Just look on the go, its always safer to use your mobile data
out for O2 Wi-Fi in your devices connection than a public hotspot.
network list at establishments including

Discuss nding free Wi-Fi at 5 - 18 April 2017 49

Broadband Deals
Call FREE on 0800 083 2357 to switch your broadband
Contract Broadband First-year
Provider Package name Monthly price Allowance
length speed cost*

28.99 12 17Mbps
1 Sky: Broadband (18.99 for months max speed unlimited 227.88
12 months)

25.50 12 17Mbps
2 TalkTalk: Broadband (20.00 for
12 months)
months max speed unlimited 240.00

28.50 18 17Mbps
3 EE: Broadband (21.00 for
18 months)
months max speed unlimited

40.00 12 50Mbps
4 Virgin: Broadband (32.00 for
12 months)
months max speed unlimited

Terms & Conditions apply - see ISP sites for details

* Fair-usage or restriction policy applies.
Broadband Genies helpline
Data supplied by Correct as of 21 March 2017. is powered by Simplify
Digital, the Ofcom-accredited
switching service

xt issue of our sister title

In the ne
Computeractive SNEAK PREVIEW!

LOCK DOWN YOUR PC Powerful Instantly update unsafe software

NEW ways to thwart hackers, Add words to your screenshots
neighbours and burglars
PLUS: 1 tech at Poundland
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to win a 2016
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Enter the answers in the grid to
reveal a tech-related word in the
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Picture at this years Oscars 5
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6 Russian composer of Peter and

the Wolf and Romeo and Juliet
7 Team GB equestrian gold winner 8
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GEAR4 Buckingham iPad Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate
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GEAR4s new Buckingham iPad control of Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate.
TPU flip case range features Exciting new features include 360
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16 pages of workshops, tips, projects
and problem solving

Get Instagram-like photo filters

on your PC
Painnt for Windows 10 lets you turn photos into
works of art. Heres what you need to know
Painnt: | 20 mins | Windows 10

nstagram and Prisma (for Android Mosaic, Nature, Sketch and Trippy.
and iOS) come with fancy filters to There are a few restrictions in the free
transform your digital snaps into version some filters arent available,
works of art. Painnt is a photo-editing output resolution is limited to HD quality
app for Windows 10 that lets you apply and your image is labelled with a small
a similar range of filters. There are over watermark. But you can unlock
240 different styles to choose from, with everything via an in-app purchase one
new ones added regularly, all sorted into week of full access costs 1.49, one
categories such as Classic, Modern, month is 2.29 and one year is 7.69.

2 1

3 1

1 Launch the Painnt app and youll be

shown some featured filters, 1 as well
as ones that are free today. 2 You can
2 Select a photo you want to apply
your chosen filter to. Painnt gives you
a choice of three sources Gallery (which
also browse the full selection of available lets you browse your hard drive for
filters. Click the See more link 3 to view images), 1 Camera (uses your webcam,
thumbnails of them all. Click one you like if you have one) 2 and Social networks
the look of. (pulls photos from Facebook or
Instagram). 3

3 1


3 Painnt applies your choice of filter to

the image 1 and adds a watermark
at the bottom. 2 The sidebar on the right
4 During editing, you can click the
three-line button 1 for menu options
2 that let you mark the image as a
5 Click Done at the top to get the
option to save your finished artwork.
1 Click the menu button to upgrade and
lets you tweak the results. Youre limited favourite; review and try some related unlock all the premium extras; submit
to Medium or HD sizes in the free version, filters; reset the options; clear resources; your art to the users creations gallery;
3 and the toggle to remove the and delete the processing cache. The order a print; or share your image with
watermark 4 is greyed out unless you latter options may help to speed things friends using the Windows 10 share tool.
upgrade to a paid-for plan. up a bit.

52 5 - 18 April 2017
Workshop 1

These let you
tweak the
transparency of the
effect, and adjust
the brightness,
contrast, saturation
and hue

The drop-down box
lets you change
how the effect is
applied. Choose
from None, Grain
Merge, Hard Light,
Multiply, Soft Light
or Original


Compare your changes with
the original. Theres a choice of
views Off, Inside (like picture-
in-picture), Split and Juxtapose

Change the brush
intensity using the
slider. You cant
change the brush
size in the free

1 1 5


6 Painnt remembers the image you last

loaded, so when you choose a
different filter it will automatically apply
7 Go back to the homepage and click
the Categories link. 1 You can scroll
down the New selection 2 or filter the
8 Click the Settings link 1 to clear the
cache, 2 and to view and delete the
used resources and processing cache. 3
it to that photo. Click the arrow 1 in the results by selecting a style on the left. 3 You can also adjust the tile size to use
top-left corner to return to the Filters marked with a diamond are only less memory, and switch between
homepage so you can pick a different available in the paid-for version. 4 hardware and software rendering. 4
filter. To change the photo, click the Edit You can also search for a filter by name Always use hardware when possible
button in the top-right corner. 2 or topic. 5 because its faster.

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Workshop 2

Send files, folders and

messages to any device
Dukto: | 10 mins | 7, 8, 10 MacOS 10.6+ Linux 2.3+ iOS 7+

he joy of owning several different devices is that you can use
them in conjunction with each other using a PC program to
edit photos you shot on your phone, or viewing
Andy Shaw says
Dukto is open-source software, so its
documents on your tablet that are safely stored on your PC.
adapted to work on a range of alternative
However, transferring those files between your devices can
operating systems, which could breathe
be a convoluted process involving portable drives,
new life into your old devices. As well as
download cables and even emailing items to yourself.
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS,
Dukto ( is a file-sharing tool you can install
the software has been ported onto Nokias
on all your devices, whatever operating systems they use.
Maemo OS ( and RIMs
Unlike previous Web User favourite Pushbullet, which
BlackBerry (; and theres a
now restricts several features to its paid-for Pro
bizarre Linux variant called OpenPandora
version, Dukto is open-source software, so its
( that works on tiny
completely free of charge. You dont even have to
pocket-sized computers.
install it because theres a portable version available.

1 2

1 2
If you have more than one PC on a network, and you open You can send a text message, 1 text from the clipboard,
Duktos software on all of them, the computers will show 2 some files 3 or a folder. 4 The clipboard option will
up on each others interfaces. 1 Be patient because it can only become clickable if youve recently copied some text
take a couple of minutes for this to happen. Click the device to the clipboard. Otherwise, it will be greyed out. For now, click
you want to send something to. the Send some text option.


2 3

3 4
Type the text you want to send into the box, 1 then click The taskbar icon on the receiving PC will flash, and the
Send. 2 You can also paste any text you have copied to message can be viewed by clicking the recent tab. 1
the clipboard. 3 Note that if you choose the Send text The most recent messages are at the top. 2 To read
from clipboard option on the main menu, it will be sent a message, double-click it. If you need it, theres a Copy to
immediately. Using this option lets you view and confirm your clipboard button at the bottom.
clipboards contents before you send.

54 5 - 18 April 2017
Workshop 2


5 6
Back on the sending PC, the connection with the current By default, sent files land on the recipients Desktop along
recipient stays live, in case you want to follow up the with a notification in recent, which they can click to view
message with a file. Drag and drop anything you want to the file. To send files or folders at a later date, either click
send to the Dukto window 1 and it will be beamed across to the appropriate button 1 or drag and drop files to the window.
the recipient. If theres nothing more to send, click the Back Everything will appear in the recipients recent tab, as with the
arrow. 2 other files and messages.

If you have an
Android phone
or tablet, theres
a mobile version of the
app (
1 that works in exactly the
same way as the
2 Windows version.
As long as youre on the
same network, youll be
able to see all your other
devices and, reciprocally,
your Android device will
appear on their screens.

If youd prefer to have the files sent somewhere other than
the Desktop, you can change this by clicking the Settings
button. Click the Change folder button 1 and select
a different folder. You can also change the theme colour from
here. 2

The iOS app (
1 dukios420) has been
independently so it works
in a slightly different way
and is supported by
adverts. It uses the same
underlying process, though,
with contacts listed below,
and its completely
compatible. You may have
to set up the app in the
iOS version, for example,
tap User 1 to change the

name. Its possible to send files outside your network, as
long as the receiving device has an IP address that
can be accessed from the wider internet. If this is the
case, click on the IP connection button. In the Destination box,
type the IP address of the device you want to connect to 1 and
choose from the menu of options below.

Get more practical advice at 5 - 18 April 2017 55

Workshop 3

Find out if someones accessing your files

f youre suspicious that people are accessing the files and website that creates a file (or token)
folders on your PC, or youd like to know if it ever happens, which sits in any folder on your PC . If that
you can place a guard on your folders to inform you of any folder is opened, your token sends you
trespassers. Canarytokens ( is a simple an alert via email.

Canarytokens: | 10 mins | 7, 8, 10


1 2
Click the Select your token menu. The site lets you create In the third box, 1 type a descriptive reminder of where
lots of different types of token but if you want to protect youre planning to put the token. This information will be
folders on your PC, choose the Windows Folder option. 1 sent with the email alert, so if you have more than one
Type the email address you want the alert to be sent to in the token, youll know which one has been accessed. Click the
box below. Create my Canarytoken button. 2


3 4
Click the Manage this token link. If the token isnt yet Click Download your zip file and unzip its contents,
installed, you can only choose to enable or disable email placing them into the folder you want to guard.
alerts; 1 if the token has been triggered, you can also If someone triggers the token by opening the folder,
view its history. 2 Bookmark the URL or make a note of it, in the service will send you an email. 1 The Token Reminder 2
case you need to return before the token has been triggered. will correspond with the note you set up in Step 2.


5 6
Click the More info on this token here link to see a list of Click an event to see more information about it, including
all the times the folder has been accessed, 1 with the the location of the user 1 and the organisation
most recent events at the top. A map displays the location associated with the IP address. 2 This should give you
of the computers that created the events. 2 some idea about the trespasser and will confirm whether the
snooper is sitting at your PC or accessing it remotely.

56 5 - 18 April 2017
Workshop 4

Scan files for malware before you download them

etadefender is a handy Chrome add-on that lets Microsoft) to check that a file is safe and
you scan any file on the web for malware before provide important information about it, so
you download it. The tool uses a collection of you can be certain youre downloading the
39 security scanners (including AVG, Bitdefender and correct item.

Metadefender: | 10 mins | Chrome

1 1

1 2
Install Metadefender for Chrome. Right-click a file you It shows the number of scan engines that identify your
want to download, then select Scan with Metadefender download as a threat, 1 and displays other info 2
before downloading. 1 A new tab opens, displaying including the file type, its size and the dates for when it
the scan results for the selected file. was uploaded and last scanned. You can use the hash values
to confirm that the file hasnt been tampered with.

1 2

2 3

3 4
If the last scan date was some time ago, click Rescan If your download was identified as a threat by any of
to update the report. For executable files and setup the scanners, click the Known Vulnerabilities tab 1
files, you can click the PE Info tab 1 to view more for more information. If it wasnt, click Scan History 2
information about the file, 2 including the product name, to see if its been flagged as dangerous in the past. Click
publisher and file version. View details 3 on any entry to view the full scan report.

1 1

5 6
By default, Metadefender scans all your downloads, so To disable auto-scanning, click the extensions button in
wait for its pop-up tab to appear before opening any the browsers toolbar and untick Scan all downloads. 1
files youre unsure about. This method is more reliable From this menu, you can also view your own scan
than right-clicking files to use the extension, which history 2 and choose whether your scans should be shared
sometimes scans the HTML 1 instead of the source file. with the Metadefender community. 3

Get more practical advice at 5 - 18 April 2017 57

Weekend Project MTWTFSS

Get to grips with some serious PC DIY to boost

your computers performance

How to
... Control Kodi from
any web browser
Kodi has a fantastic built-in web server you can use to control it
remotely from any browser. David Ludlow explains how to use it

he Kodi smartphone app is From the web browser, anything
a great way to get all the you select to watch is played on your
features of a remote control for Kodi device. Youve got full control
Kodi (and a little more). However, the over playback, using the on-screen
media software also has a built-in controls, and the web interface can
web server that gives you even more send your keyboard commands to
control over Kodi from any device Kodi to control the box remotely.
that has a web browser. If youd rather just watch the
For example, you can use the web content on the remote device
interface to browse all your audio and you can do that, too. In this
is guide,
video content and select what to well show you how to sett up pa and
watch or listen to. Theres currently configure the web browser
wserr in
i our
no support for photos, but thats the Mini Workshop on page 59, and tell
only thing thats missing. you how to get more fromrom it

How to use the web interface Play content content will play immediately on your
The Kodi web interface gives you access To play content, choose a section from Kodi box. You can use the playback
to all the music and video you can the left-hand menu, such as Movies, controls at the bottom of the browser
access from Kodi, from any device with TV Shows or Music. Once youve selected to play, pause, fast forward and rewind
a browser. The display is designed to a section, youll get a thumbnail view through your content.
be used close up, so it includes more of your content, along with further
options and controls than the TV-screen categories to narrow your choice. For Get more info
version, making it easier to navigate. example, selecting Music lets you browse If you click a thumbnail, rather than the
You can even use it to access Kodi over by Genres, Artists, Albums and more. Play button, you get more information
the internet, as we show you in our Hovering over any thumbnail gives you on the content youve selected. In the
Mini Workshop, opposite. a pop-up Play button. Select this and the case of video, this means a plot synopsis

58 5 - 18 April 2017
Weekend Project

Hover over an album to get a pop-up play button you can use Click an albums thumbnail to get the complete track listing
to start the music

and more cast details. If you click an Stream and

album, you get the full track listing, download from
so you can pick which track to play. Kodi
Youre not
Queue content restricted to
On the right-hand side of the screen, playing content
if you click the Kodi button, you can see on the device you
the current playback queue with have Kodi installed
selectable headers for Audio and Video. on, because you
Playing an album puts every song into can stream live to
the queue automatically. You can add your web browser,
other audio tracks or create a video too. This works
playback queue. Just browse to the best over a local
music or video you want and click the network, although
Queue button. you can open up
Select any item in the queue to play Kodi to the internet
it immediately. You can drag and drop and stream music
queue items to reorder them. Hovering remotely, too.
over an item and clicking the X icon We show you how Set up your evenings viewing or listening
removes an item from the queue. in our Mini Workshop on page 61. using the softwares queue tool

MINI WORKSHOP | Set up the web interface


1 2

1 On your Kodi device, go to Settings,

Services, then click the Control tab.
1 Turn on the Allow remote control
2 Next, find your Kodi boxs IP address,
so you can connect to it from
another device. The easiest way to do
3 To connect to the web server, you
need to be using another device
on the same network. In a browser,
via HTTP option. 2 Make a note of the this is to go to Settings, System info, type the following code http://
port (8080) and username (kodi) 3 Summary. 1 Make a note of the reported <kodi_IP_address>:8080
youll need these later. Add a IP address. 2 replacing the middle section
password 4 for security, so that your (including brackets) with the IP
Kodi box can only be controlled by an address. The bit after the colon is the
authorised user. port number that you noted down in
Step 1. Press Enter. If you made a
password in Step 1, enter it now.

Subscribe to Web User at 5 - 18 April 2017 59

Weekend Project

You can download video and music to

Click the Stream button to send video to other devices watch and listen to while youre offline

Stream content change. First, you can use the drop- screen, click the icon to the right of the
Kodi can stream content directly to your down menu on the left-hand side of the remaining time indicator.
device. Just navigate to the content you screen to select the video stream:
want to play (audio or video), then click HTML5 is the default and best option, Download for later
the Stream button and Kodi sends it but you can switch to VLC stream if If youre on a slow connection or want to
straight to your browser. Video content youre having problems. To go full- make files available for offline use, Kodis
requires you to connect to web interface has a download option,
a local network and plays too. Just browse to the content that you
in a pop-out browser; music want to watch. For video files, click the
is contained inside the main More button. Select Download from the
browser and you can use menu and the original file will be saved
the controls to manage to your hard disk.
playback. Music downloads work in a slightly
different way and Kodi doesnt provide a
Manage a video method for downloading whole albums.
stream Instead, you can only save individual
The default settings for the files to your computer. Browse to the
video stream should work album, hover over a track, click the three
well, but there are a few dots (...) and select Download song.
settings in the pop-out Choosing the type of video stream can help solve any The original file will be saved to your
window that you can problems you may be having hard drive.

MINI WORKSHOP | Control Kodi from the internet


1 Weve only got room to cover

remote control and streaming music
here its harder to get streaming
2 Log into your routers web-
management page and look for the
port forwarding or virtual servers
3 Save your settings. Now, when
youre out and about, you can
type in your homes IP address or
video working. Set up a password on setting. Add a new rule and set the your dynamic DNS address, and
your Kodi web server and find out its external port as 80 1 (so you dont have youll be able to access Kodi 1 from
local IP address as in Step 2 of the Mini to type in the :8080 bit to connect); anywhere in the world.
Workshop on page 59. Youll also need the internal IP address as the one you
to know your external IP address or use to connect to your Kodi box; 2 the
use a dynamic DNS service such as internal port as 8080; 3 and the
No-IP ( protocol as TCP. 4

On sale
NEXT ISSUE How To... Back up your webmail Wedn
19 Apr

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Web User Masterclass
Organise your email with our
expert tips for Windows 10
Mail, Gmail and

Use Windows 10 Mail on touchscreen devices

he Windows 10 Mail app has some
excellent tools designed specifically
for touchscreen devices.
Swiping either left or right over an email
in the Inbox list performs an action such as
Archive, Delete, Move to Junk and so on.
You can set the action you want in the Quick
Actions panel. To access this, tap the cog icon
in the bottom of the left-hand panel, then tap
Quick Actions in the panel on the right. Choose
the action from the drop-down menus. If you
swipe halfway across the screen, the action
is displayed underneath the email to remind
you of whats going to happen.
If you long-press an email in the inbox list,
a menu of actions is displayed. Simply tap
the one you want to carry out the action.

Define the actions for swipes when using

Mail with a touchscreen

Pin emails and, in the new panel that opens, click to work in a similar way to folders.
As you receive new emails, your the plus button to add a folder. Open an email and click the Labels
previous messages are pushed Folders provide an excellent system button in the toolbar. Select Create
down the inbox and eventually for keeping your inbox free of clutter. new at the bottom. Enter a short
disappear off the bottom of the list. Simply click and drag messages from name for the label such as Work,
Outlook lets you pin important emails the inbox and drop them in a relevant Personal or Family then click Create.
to the top of the inbox so they dont get folder to move them. Select a folder Labels appear in the email list and
lost. Move the mouse over the message to see the email messages it contains. also in the sidebar. Select one in the
in the inbox list and click the pin. sidebar to see only emails with that
Use labels in Gmail label. Your labelled messages will still
Use folders Gmail uses labels to organise appear in the inbox so if you want to and the emails, but they can be made declutter it, click and drag the emails
Windows 10 Mail app to a label in the sidebar. This
provide folders for organising your removes them from the inbox,
messages. In Outlook, hover the mouse but you can still see them
over Folders in the sidebar, then click by clicking the relevant label.
the plus sign that appears and enter a
folder name, such as Work or Family. In Archive old messages
the Windows 10 Mail app, click Folders Archiving emails
removes them
from the inbox but it doesnt
delete them effectively, it just
If you see words that look like removes Googles Inbox label.
theyve been typed in a Its a great way to keep your
typewriter, follow the instructions inbox clear.
and type them exactly as they In Gmail, open or select an
appear, paying close attention to email and click the Archive
spaces and punctuation. Click the arrow next to a label to colour it, rename button. Existing labels arent
it, set its behaviour and more removed so it will still appear

64 5 - 18 April 2017
Web User Masterclass

if you click its associated label in the

left-hand sidebar. You can also find it TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL
by searching for it, or by clicking More, More advanced tips for when youre feeling brave
then All Mail in the sidebar.
In, open or select emails
in the inbox and click Archive in the Run Gmail like
menu at the top. The messages are an app
moved to the Archive folder, which will You can turn Gmail
be created if it doesnt already exist. into an app that runs
Select the Archive folder to see your in its own window instead of
archived messages. in your browser. Open
Explorer and locate Chrome.
Mark emails youve replied to Youll find it in either:
When you put off replying to C:\Program Files (x86)\
an email until later, you risk Google\Chrome\Application
forgetting about it altogether. Theres or
a way you can mark those that have C:\Program Files\Google\
been dealt with, so you can tell just Chrome\Application
by looking at your Gmail inbox which Right-click the Chrome
messages you have replied to. icon and select Send to, Automatically apply actions to incoming emails
Immediately to the left of an email then Desktop (create using Gmail rules
in the inbox is a star icon. Click it and shortcut). Right-click the
click it again until it becomes a double- Desktop shortcut and click Properties. Sort Gmail with rules
headed arrow or a green tick. Use this Change the name at the top of the The easiest way to create a rule
symbol as a reminder that you have General tab to Gmail. Now select is to open an email you want to
replied to or dealt with a message. the Shortcut tab, click in the Target label, move or delete. Click the More
If you dont see these symbols, click box, add a space to the end of button and select Filter messages like
the cog icon and select Settings. In the whatever is there and type: these. A form appears with lots of
Stars section on the General tab, drag --app= options the simplest is From. This
symbols from the Not in use to the Click OK. can be a specific person, such as
In use list. They can now be accessed You can now click the Desktop icon or anyone
from your inbox. to run Gmail like an app. It will open from a domain, such as
in its own window without an address Click Create filter with this search
box or toolbar. and a list of actions is displayed.
One or more can be selected, such as
Sort mail with Star it, Apply the label, and Always
rules mark it as important. Click Create
Rules perform actions on emails filter and the actions will
as they arrive. They can delete automatically be applied to matching
junk, add labels, move messages emails as they arrive.
Use stars and other symbols in Gmail to
and more, and are very useful for
mark messages organising messages automatically, Unsend emails
saving you time and effort. Have you ever clicked the
Find emails with attachments The easiest way to create a rule Send button and then
Your Gmail storage space is to open a message, then click the immediately realised you made
is limited and shared with three-dots icon in the menu bar and a mistake? Wouldnt it be useful
your Drive and Photos accounts. If you select Create rule. A rule is created to cancel it? Well, you can!
frequently send or receive mail with automatically, but you will probably In Gmail, click the cog icon and
large files and photos attached, they need to customise it. For example, select Settings. Select the General
could be consuming a lot of storage youll see a series of conditions tab and, in the Undo Send section,
and you may run out of space for displayed, including who the message find Send cancellation period. Click
your emails. is from, who it is to, and the subject. the list and select the longest time
One way to recover space is to find Delete the to and subject, leaving 30 seconds. Click Save at the bottom.
the biggest emails and delete them. just the from. Now, when you send a message,
In the Gmail search box, type Add actions under Do all of the an alert will appear for 30 seconds
has:attachment to list all emails with following, such as Move the message with an option to Undo it.
attached files and delete any you dont to folder. Click the link on the
need. These messages are moved to the right and select a folder. More
Bin but the space wont be recovered actions can be added, such as
until its emptied. Click More in the marking it, pinning it and so on.
sidebar, select Bin and click Empty Bin Click OK to save the rule.
now at the top.
With, search for
anything a for example then select
With attachments in the sidebar to list
messages with attachments. Delete Give yourself 30 seconds to change your mind after sending an email
any you dont need.

Visit our Hints & Tips forum at 5 - 18 April 2017 65

Ask the Expert
Roland Waddilove, computer programmer and PC
journalist since 1981, answers all your technical questions.
Email us for help at

delivery, so its worth a gamble even

HARDWARE if yours isnt on the compatibility list.

Get the web Your tablet should recognise the cable

and the USB memory stick as a storage
on your TV device when you plug it in. Use the file
manager to copy your music to the

Q Is there such a thing as a box

that plugs into a TV, and
which provides the full internet
USB stick. MP3 is the most widely
supported file format for music but
your car might support others.
access that you get on a PC?
Ive been searching for years but MOBILE
Send videos and photos from your
havent found anything that promises phone to your TV using Chromecast Solve app-updating problems
the complete internet.
I want to be able to watch videos on
my TV that I currently have to access
cast420); for Apple devices, theres
Apple TV ( Both of
Q I have two Android devices a
Motorola phone and a 6in tablet
and Ive had a lot of trouble updating
through my PC. As I understand it, these TV devices can receive apps. Whenever I update an app on the
such a box would need a high-end streaming video from a compatible tablet, its sent to my phone as well.
browser that supports Flash, and phone or tablet, and they couldnt be I solved this by deleting my Google
built-in software to play DivX videos. easier to use. Just start a video account on my tablet and setting up
Paul Aungiers, via email playing on your device, tap a button a new one, but why does this happen?
and it appears on your TV. Robert Cull, via email

A A standalone box would require

some sort of input device to type
URLs, click links and buttons on web
You can also mirror your phone or
tablets screen so that it appears on
the TV. This means you can browse
pages, access menus and so on. In the web using Chrome or Safari on
other words, what you actually need your mobile device and view it on the
is a box and a remote control. big screen. Mobile devices are pretty
If you already have a mobile device good at voice recognition, too, so you
such as a phone or tablet, there are dont even need to type anything
a couple of great options. For Android just tell your tablet or phone what you
users, theres Chromecast ( want to do.

HARDWARE Share your Android apps, music, movies

working due to a motherboard problem. and other items with your family
Transfer music from your I need to transfer the music from the
tablet to a USB stick
Q My old Samsung Galaxy Tab has lots
of music on it that I copied from CDs
tablet to a USB memory stick so I can
play it in my car, because it has no CD
player. Alternatively, I could transfer the
A Google Play Store has a feature
called Family Library (
fam420), which lets you share apps,
and transferred using my laptop. files to an iPad. I assume the tracks need movies, music, books and games
Unfortunately, my laptop has stopped to be in MP3 format to play in my car. between five family members. If any
Neal Latham, via email of these items is added to one Android
device, all the other devices have access

A Most modern Android phones and

tablets support USB storage, such
as hard drives and USB sticks. All you
to it. This is useful when installing
messaging apps, for example, because
it means you all have the same one.
need is a cable with a micro USB plug If Family Library has been set up on
on one end and a standard USB socket your Android devices, it would explain
on the other. Samsung calls this an why an app installed on your tablet
on the go (OTG) USB adapter cable. appears on your phone, because each
Theres an example at Amazon at device in the family group would get it.
otg420, and the related links section To check, open the Google Play Store,
shows several alternatives. Not all tap the menu button, then Account. Tap
Use an adapter like this from Amazon phones and tablets are supported, but Family, Family Library Settings. Select
to plug USB sticks into Android tablets the cable costs just 2.95 with free each category of items and tap Dont

66 5 - 18 April 2017
Ask the Expert

add automatically, Ill do it myself. solutions, and we dont know which Centre panel and click the Tablet mode
Deleting your Google account and applies in your case, so your best bet button at the bottom. Then return to the
signing up for a new one has fixed the is to try them all. First, right-click the same screen and click Tablet mode
problem because your devices are no Desktop and make sure View, Show again to switch it off.
longer in the same group. desktop items is selected. Hide the
See our feature on page 46 for more icons, then show them again. Right-click WINDOWS 10
Google Play Store tips. and select Sort by, Name. Fix Windows Update
Update Android TV
Do you have a clean-up tool? If so,
it might be cleaning up the Desktop as
part of an automatic scheduled clean
Q With another Windows 10 update
looming, please can you publish
some definitive recommendations for

Q How do I update my Android TV box

to Lollipop?
Terry Wareing, via email
and hiding old or rarely used icons.
If you have one, turn this option off.
You can see your Desktop icons in
those of us who are still stuck in older
versions and unable to upgrade, despite
multiple attempts? To compound
Explorer by viewing the Desktop folder. matters, Microsoft is planning to end

A Google doesnt supply its Android

operating system to the public, so
updates for your device have to come
Right-click an icon that has disappeared,
select Properties and check the
Attributes section to see if Hidden
support for the version Im stuck on
(version 1507) in May 2017, which will
leave loads of us in Windows 10 limbo.
from the manufacturer. They dont is ticked. If it is, remove the tick. Paul Roderick, via email
always provide them, though, so you Icons sometimes move around when
may be stuck with an older version of
Android. Go to Settings, About and
select the option to check for software
Windows changes the Desktop
resolution, so if you ever do this, it may
be the cause. Some games change the
A This is a common problem, and one
weve covered in previous issues,
so well answer briefly. Open Explorer
updates. If an update is available, your resolution automatically, so check to see and select This PC on the left. Right-
device will download and install it. if it happens after playing a game. click the hard drive and select
Connecting a second monitor or TV can Properties, then select the Tools tab
also cause icons to disappear. If you and click Check. Scan the drive.
unplug your second monitor and restart Right-click the Start button and select
Windows, the icons should come back. Control Panel. Select Small icons view
Another solution that works for and click Troubleshooting. Click View
some people is to right-click the all on the left, then Windows Update.
Desktop and select Display settings. Work through the wizard, right-click
Use the drop-down menu to Change the Start button and select Command
the size of text, apps and other items. Prompt (Admin). Type sfc /scannow.
Close Display settings, then reopen Then type: DISM.exe /Online
it and set the option back to 100%. /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
Android usually updates automatically, A final fix is to switch to tablet mode (Theres a space before each /).
but you can check in Settings, About and back again. Click the icon at the far This usually restores Windows 10
right of the taskbar to open the Action to full health.
Bring back disappearing icons
Q I have a 64-bit version of Windows
10, and the icons on my Desktop
sometimes rearrange themselves and
Provide AOL
even vanish. I can restore them by using with a postcode
Explorer to create shortcuts from my
Desktop folder to the Desktop, but this
means the same icon appears twice in
the folder once as the original and
Q My AOL home
screen keeps saying
Invalid Postcode! Pls
again as a shortcut. try again. Should I click
I tried all the recommended solutions this or leave it alone? Use AdwCleaner from Malwarebytes
from the web and, when Microsoft Fred, via email to remove adware from your computer
attempted to fix the problem remotely,
their support staff told me it must be
a bug that crops up in some PCs and not
others, and they would pass my problem
A If you have an AOL account and
are signed in, this could be a
legitimate request from AOL for your
Click Edit in the Postcode section
and enter a valid postcode.
If AOL was asking for the
to their developers for action. They also postcode. However, it could also be information, it now has what it wants
said it might be sorted in the next update. malware or spyware phishing for and the message should no longer
I have my doubts on both statements. information. So what should you do? appear. If you still see the message,
Do you have any suggestions? Ignore the message and sign into you may have some malware installed
Mike Sandon, via email your AOL account, if youre not on your computer. Run a malware
signed in already. Click Options in the scanner such as Malwarebytes or

A Youre not alone this has been

happening to people for years!
There are many possible causes and
top-right corner of the AOL
homepage and click Account info.
AdwCleaner (both available from

This fortnight, Roland has been taking some free online courses in an attempt to learn something new every day!

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Your Top Tips
Our pick of the best advice from our
readers. To get help or offer it to others,

TOP TIP winner

Save searched-for images online

Google may be the most popular GENERAL PC
search engine but Bing has some Stop windows snapping
interesting tools that you may not have In Windows 10, when I try to position
discovered. For example, my kids have a window at the top or side of the
introduced me to Bing image search, screen, it changes the size and position,
which they use to collect images for maximising the window or filling half the
their projects and homework. It lets screen, and covering all the other
you search for images and save them windows. Its particularly annoying when
at Bings website without having to Im trying to move one window out of
download them. the way so that I can see others.
Go to and search for I found the setting to switch this off in
something, then click the Images link. Save images in Bing and organise them the Settings app. Open Settings and click
Move the mouse over an image and, into collections to use later System. Select Multi-tasking on the left
in the bottom-left corner, click the plus and turn off Snap on the right.
icon. This saves the image to Bing. view them, download them, organise Alternatively, you can leave Snap on
You can now continue browsing and them into collections, delete them and and turn off some of the individual
save more images. more. Its a handy way of gathering options, such as resizing windows, using
To see all your saved images, click images for a project without cluttering the switches below.
the menu button in the top-right up your hard drive. D Cannon, via email
corner and select My saves. You can Jamie Hamilton, via email
Duplicate tabs in any browser
OFFICE This is useful for checking that your In Issue 418s Inbox (,
Hear your writing read back writing sounds good. Theres nothing like a Web User reader pointed out that,
OneDrives website ( hearing your work read out loud for contrary to what was said in another
lets you run an online version of spotting mistakes and awkward phrases. issue, you can make duplicate tabs in
Microsoft Word in your browser. It is Evan McGrath, via email Firefox without installing any add-ons.
almost as good as the PC version and is To do this, simply press Ctrl, then click
certainly adequate for my occasional use. GENERAL PC the Reload
An interesting tool I have just Make more of Desktops button; or press
discovered is Immersive Reader. Open I find using a laptop is more convenient Ctrl and drag
or create a Word document on the than a desktop PC, but the drawback the tab to a
OneDrive website, then select Immersive is the screen size, which is smaller than new position
Reader on the View menu. Click the Play a PC monitor. One way to get more from to copy it with
button at the bottom of the window and a laptops screen is to use Windows 10s all its Back
your document will be read out to you. multiple Desktops, so you can put each and Forward
app on its own screen. history.
Click the Task View button in the I wanted to
taskbar (it sits just to the right of the add that these
Right-click and select
search box), then click the plus (New methods will Duplicate to copy a tab
desktop) button on the right-hand side also work in in Chrome
of the screen to add one or more Pale Moon,
Desktops. Press Windows+Ctrl and the but if you want to make duplicate tabs in
left or right arrow to go from one Opera or Vivaldi, you need to right-click
Desktop to the next, and you can open the tab header, then click Clone tab.
different programs on each one. Click the In Chrome, its possible to duplicate
Task View button to show all the a tab by simply right-clicking the tab and
Run Word in a browser and get Immersive Desktops and windows as thumbnails. clicking Duplicate.
Reader to read your document aloud Callum Alexander, via email Madeline, Web User Forums

68 5 - 18 April 2017
Readers Tips
SECURITY In the as well as files in its Recent section, but
Test Dashlanes new tools meantime, Ive Ive just found out it doesnt need to. Just
If you use password manager Dashlane discovered a right-click a file thats part of a wider
(, you may like to way to combat project youre working on, select Locate
know that you can test drive the beta the problem. and it opens the folder that contains it.
version of its new app. To download it, By simply Nick Harvey, via email
log into with your turning off 4G,
user account. It offers two-factor your phone APPS
authentication, sortable lists and a grid should default Record TV from your phone
view for passwords and notes. to the next BT TV customers: did you know that you
If you dont have an account or are fastest can set recordings on your YouView+ box
Turning off 4G can
thinking about upgrading to Premium, connection remotely with the YouView mobile app
sometimes speed up
you can use my referral link ( your web connection usually 3G or ( The first time you
dashlane420) to get $20 off an annual the H+ band launch the app, make sure youre on the
subscription. Thats equivalent to six which, in my experience, seems to be less same network as
months and Ill get $20 off, too! congested and often produces faster the TV box and
Jack Gold, Web User Forums speeds than the 4G connection! youll be able to
To do this on my Samsung S6, I open connect to it. Now,
GENERAL PC Settings, choose Mobile networks and simply head to the
Create custom Windows Network mode. By default, 4G devices apps TV Guide,
toolbars will be set to LTE/3G/2G, or similar, select a program
Toolbars are useful for quick access and so select the next option down, which you want to record
I find the best way to keep a clear should be 3G/2G. and tap the R in
Desktop is to create a toolbar for it. Georgina Reid, via email the top-right
Right-click the taskbar, select Toolbars corner before
and make sure that Desktop is ticked. CLOUD STORAGE choosing Record
In the toolbar that appears (if its not Open recent folders in Google episode or
already there), double-click its double Drive Record series.
chevron to show a list of all the items on Last issue, there was an excellent tip This is very useful
your Desktop. You can move your cursor about creating shortcuts to the folders if you only realise
YouViews app lets
over folders to you access most frequently in Google after youve left you set recordings
show their Drive. I wanted to point out that theres the house that from your phone
contents and click another way you can access recent theres something
files to open folders without having to navigate your you want to record. Its an excellent app,
them. If you want way through a long hierarchy of even if you just want to use its TV Guide
to clear your directories. I always wished that Google and dont have a YouView box.
Desktop of Drive would include recently used folders Sam Atkinson, via email
clutter, right-click
it, select View and
Use toolbars to desktop icons is
quickly access files
unticked. MAPS
without minimising
your current window You can create
similar toolbars
Bring back disappearing streets
for anything you use frequently just For months, I thought there
right-click the taskbar, then choose New was something wrong with
toolbar in the Toolbars list and pick the Google Maps on my PC.
directory you want a toolbar for. As well Whenever I zoomed in
as my Desktop, Ive got toolbars for on a particular area, it was
Browsers, Notepad Texts and My impossible to see the outline
Documents all available for quick and of smaller roads, which made
easy access! the app almost unusable.
Madeline, Web User Forums I tried enabling Lite mode, in
case it was the fault of my Small roads might not show up on Google Maps if
MOBILE PCs graphics card or
your monitors contrast is too high
Get faster mobile internet something similar, but nothing As soon as I did this, as if by magic,
Ive had a 4G contract with Three for I tried worked. Then, eventually, the outline of the smaller roads started
several years but Ive noticed that when I discovered that Id caused the to appear! It sounds illogical that
Im in a busy area, especially in a city, problem myself by turning my a higher contrast should make
internet speeds leave a lot to be desired. monitors contrast up too high. On a something less clearly defined, but Im
Even when I have a full signal, Ive run long online thread describing a similar not going to complain now that I can
speed tests that have revealed download problem, someone suggested turning use Google Maps properly again.
speeds of less than 1Mbps. When Ive the monitors contrast down as a fix. Joe Miller, via email
complained to the network about this,
they blame it on congestion and claim
Have you managed to fix a PC-related disaster?
that theyre making efforts to improve
If so, please send your story to
the service.

Send your tips to win a Web User mug! 5 - 18 April 2017 69
Readers Helpdesk
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reader forums. Visit
its friendly and free!


When should
Should I delete all duplicate I install the latest
files? operating system?
Q I used BullGuard (www.bullguard
.com) to search for duplicate files in
the hope of helping with a rather sluggish Q I noticed on my Moto G4 that
Android 7.0 Nougat is available to
laptop. To my horror it found 1,749! download. Is it sensible to do it now,
Am I right in thinking I should go ahead or should I wait until version 7.0.1 in
and delete all these duplicates or do case of any bugs?
I have to examine each one to make sure? bob.gas, Web User Forums
Geordie582, Web User Forums
Software updates include the latest

A The quick answer is no. Different A My dad used to say you should
never buy the first edition of
security patches

programs use the same file placed in

different locations, and they wont work if
that specific file has been deleted. The
anything unless its a book, because
the new version exists to find the
problems. He always applied this rule
A I say update, update, update!
It wont break anything as long as
you follow the correct steps. Your
same can apply to Windows itself. especially with cars and, in the device will benefit from receiving all
To address the sluggishness that youre main, he was right. the current security patches and youll
experiencing, youre better off seeing I have followed his advice, so if the have access to Androids latest and
whats going on in Task Manager. older version you have is still working most improved features. Just ensure
Right-click the taskbar, select Task well and does the job even if its a bit that you either have a fully charged
Manager and, under the Processes tab, slower I would tend to leave the new battery or complete the update while
try sorting the items by CPU and Memory one alone. connected to a charger.
usage to see whats hogging your fossewayfella, Web User Forums Mouse, Web User Forums
resources. In Windows 10, you can also
click the Start-up tab and try disabling
any programs that dont need to be folder that you can
launched at startup. delete, which can be as
Have you checked how much free big as 20GB. Theres
space you have on the hard drive? a good article at
Instead of deleting duplicates, you should How-To Geek (
try using the built-in tool Disk Cleanup to htg420) if you need
remove some clutter. Just type its name more guidance.
into the Start menu and click it to run. If you must use
If your PC has been upgraded to a duplicate finder,
Windows 10 from an older operating Id only use it to delete
system, there might be a large Windows media files, such as
photos, videos
and music. 7-Zip is a lightweight tool that can be run from a USB stick
Stewart40, Cantrel

and tornado, Web User Forums
A 7-Zip takes up 4.8MB on my PC, so it
shouldnt be taking up so much room
on yours. Check whether youve been
Why does 7-Zip take up so extracting files to its folder. If thats not
much space? the cause of the problem, try uninstalling

Q Im using the 64-bit version of 7-Zip

but I notice its taking up 2.45GB of
space on my hard drive, so Im looking
it, then reinstalling it from
You can install a portable version of the
program on a USB memory stick by
for an alternative. Can anyone suggest downloading it from
Disk Cleanup helps you safely free up space one please? Helmut and Stewart40,
on your hard drive DRUSS, Web User Forums Web User Forums

70 5 - 18 April 2017

You can let us know your views via:,, and

Star Email winner
Twitter can be helpful for tech support

arry Collins makes some of more than 140 characters!
interesting points in his Dealing with customers via
column in Issue 419 ( social media cant be easy and
webuser419) about Twitter not I feel sorry for the support staff
being the best way to get who have to mop up problems
technical support, but I must caused by notoriously unreliable
respectfully disagree with his companies such as TalkTalk.
conclusions. Personally, Ive found They are expected to have instant
that one of the few things Twitter answers and some customers
is good for is contacting and can be very rude and impatient.
actually getting a response from Of course that doesnt excuse
customer-service personnel. unhelpful replies to complaints,
Ive often found that emailing a but Barrys comment that
support address yields nothing waterboarding is too good for
more than an acknowledgement In contrast, when you contact a [tech support] people takes things
message, and phoning these people is companys customer-support account a bit far!
a Kafkaesque nightmare of confusing through Twitter, you usually get a reply I think its good that companies use
menu options and endless on-hold very quickly because theyre desperate Twitter and Facebook to deal with
times with dreadful music playing on to avoid a public stream of abuse. Unlike customers face-on instead of hiding
repeat. When you nally do get Barry, Ive usually found the replies to be behind frustrating phone systems.
through to someone, theyre usually so helpful rather than antagonistic, and Its certainly preferable to using social
tied to their script that any deviation I dont mind continuing the discussion media to troll and harass people.
causes untold confusion. privately because it allows for messages Kevin Harlow, via email

My trials with video-editing a mineeld. Several free programs were OpenShot ( I nd it
software in fact trialware and some applied user friendly and it strikes a great
Since the demise of Windows Movie watermarks. Some of the genuinely free balance between complexity and useful
Maker, I have been trying to nd a free programs required an account to be features. I sincerely thank you for that.
replacement for my modest video- opened, while others such as VSDC Michael Sloan, County Down
editing needs, so I was interested to see Free Video Editor were overly complex
VideoPad recommended in Issue 418s for former Movie Maker users. Buering BT puts a bee in
Weekend Project ( Fortunately, in Issue 416 of Web User my bonnet
On the face of it, VideoPad appears (, you recommended I have a bee currently buzzing around
to be freeware, but it turns out that the
free version is actually trialware and
stops working after 14 days. I have no
issue with trialware as such, but I do
Quiz Answers: Issue 419
think it somewhat underhand when this WINNER!
is not clearly stated before the download 1 Surfin USA Jim Smith
commences. was the first
My search for a free replacement for to email us the
2 Eye of the Tiger correct answer
Movie Maker was something of s
and wins a Back
Issues CD
3 Cloudbusting

4 Bye Bye Baby

5 Ring of Fire
6 Heartbreak Hotel

Air your views, write to us at 5 - 18 April 2017 71

If you look up shutting the stable door
in the Oxford Dictionary of Idioms, it simply
says see Yahoo
Turn to page 74 to find out
whats making Barry mad this issue

in my bonnet will monitor it. Later, the same scammers extremist content. Looking at your story
which involves BT, call back, but this time its a woman who on page 6, Share your day on Facebook
Kodi, piracy and says your hub is full of viruses and every Messenger, I wonder why people need
unwanted time you go onto the internet you are to share their day with thousands of
advertising. Four downloading more viruses. She says that strangers. Personally I have never had
hot topics in one! she is the other guys boss and she then this inclination. Why would you actively
BT Sport buffers, tries to get you to give the scammers allow ID fraudsters and other assorted
skips and freezes on both my laptops remote access to your system to remove crooks to be on your track? And I think
even though I have BT Innity and am the viruses. I would be pretty boring most days,
using a wired Ethernet connection. I have already contacted BT and Sky, anyway.
It does this in IE, Firefox and Chrome. as well as the police, but I would greatly Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley
Other broadcasters dont. appreciate it if you could warn other
I have checked my download speeds, people that if they get a call from 00119 Google cant control YouTube
as has BT, which has also tested the line 3439 0407 it is a scam. I live in the I am not surprised that companies are
and all is as it should be. I suspect the Worcester area but the scam could be angry about Google placing their adverts
number of adverts on the BT Sport site a national issue. next to extremist videos on YouTube.
may be a factor since I noticed buffering Stuart Jolliffe, via email Its been clear to me for a while that
as they refresh, so now I use Adblocker, Google has lost control over exactly
which regularly stops 20 to 30 of them. Windows 10 can be very what appears on YouTube and that
And, no, it doesnt run better without annoying a lot of the videos
Adblocker. Its worse without Adblocker. Thank you for your advice in Issue 419 that are uploaded
I read a comment on a forum about blocking annoying adverts in are offensive and
wondering why a pirated BT stream runs Windows 10. I had already worked out potentially illegal.
better than the ofcial one. This prompts how to get rid of the ones in the Start If Google cant stop
me to wonder if, having paid BT for a menu and on the Lock Screen, but the people posting
service that it cannot provide, stupid pop-ups above copyrighted
you are entitled ethically, if not legally, the taskbar were material then its
to help yourself to such streams. driving me mad. hardly likely to stop
Alternatively, perhaps BT should Why cant Microsoft them posting
consider releasing an ofcial stream for understand that if hate-lled and
Kodi and similar platforms, but Im not I want to use Chrome inammatory rants.
holding my breath for that. The only instead of Edge, then You only need
stream BT seems eager to improve is its no amount of to look at the
income stream. So meanwhile, Ill keep nagging is going to make me change my comments below videos to see how
complaining and hope BT takes notice. mind? If it really wants me to switch to unpleasant many YouTube users are.
Dave Williams, via email Edge, then perhaps it should offer some Perhaps YouTube has been a victim
decent extensions for the browser. of its own success with so many videos
Watch out for BT hijack As for Cortana, I dont know why shared every minute, its impossible to
scam anyone would nd it useful. Who needs monitor them all. However, you would
I am emailing you to inform you of a personal assistant watching their think that a company as successful and
a computer hijack scam in which a man every move and constantly interrupting powerful as Google would make more
calls to say that he is a BT engineer and them with suggestions? Its not a useful effort to moderate YouTube and react
there is a fault with your hub and they feature, its just very annoying and Id be to complaints more quickly.
surprised if anyone actually uses it on Dave Kelsey, via email
a daily basis.
Dont get me wrong, I do like Windows Good riddance
10 but Microsoft has denitely got a few to CAPTCHA
things wrong that make it irritating at I was delighted to
times. That said, compared with read in your news
Windows 8, which was almost unusable, I story in Issue 419
suppose we should count our blessings that Google has
that its not worse. come up with a
George Lambert, via email way to replace
CAPTCHAs on the
Much ado about Facebook web. I absolutely
and Google abhor these things.
I suspect that your latest edition It was bad enough
(Issue 419) was printed before the when you had to
understandable uproar about Google type the letters or
and Facebook placing adverts next to numbers, which

72 5 - 18 April 2017

were usually displayed so skewiff that

they were impossible to read. But then No. Apple should assume people have
some bright spark came up with picture
CAPTCHAs, which are even worse. What you an ounce of common sense
Paul Wallace
For example, youd get things like:
Select all the images with rivers, which say... Why single out Apple? The same
sounds easy but denitely isnt when thing applies to all devices needing
youre looking at minuscule, poor-quality chargers.
photos. How am I supposed to tell if Lance Parkington
a splash of silvery-blue in front of
a mountain is a river, a lake, a stream, W HAT CHANGES TO
a fjord or some other body of water?
Similarly, how are you supposed to
identify tea when the cups in the
pictures could easily be coffee or Id like to have the option of not just THE MIDDLE EAST?
another hot beverage. Then if you guess my backgrounds syncing between
wrong, you are denied access to the site. machines, but my program settings, No! Thats asking for theft from
Its ridiculous! icon locations etc as well. If I turn off luggage, and breakage. Just another
I understand that these irritating app snooping on one PC, I want it off example of that idiot who is ruining
challenges are supposed to fend off on all of them. America.
robots and spammers, but theyre also Alan McClean Wendy Lilygreen
extremely unfair on us humans,
especially those of us whose eyesight Make it easier to install MacOS. You They should ban laptops on all ights,
isnt what it was. can install Windows on a Mac, but not until they provide enough room on
Laura Pringle, via email the other way around. Of course, seats for elbows, knees and legs.
Apple would need to authorise it. Pete Fitzsimmons
Sorry Tim, the web cant be Phil Graham
xed Stupid idea. I work abroad and need
Its all very well for Sir Tim Berners-Lee Stop the annoying pop-up that my laptop.
to complain about how the web has recommends you use Edge when you Iain Taylor
gone wrong, (Need to Know, Issue 419) use a different browser.
but its far too late now to do much Paul Emsley Im all for it. Well played UK.
about it. Web companies such as Gavin Green
Facebook and Google make all their Make it more like Windows 7.
money from harvesting and selling our Iain Kenworthy-Neale
data, so they are hardly
likely to abandon the W ILL YOU USE
practice just
because Sir Tim
has wagged his
spoon420 see page 34)?

nger at them. NEAR WATER FOLLOWING THIS Handy. My local Wetherspoon is one
Likewise, you DEATH ( of the better ones and they do a
cant blame the dairy-free menu, so I can see us trying
web for the spread Hell, KP put warnings on packets of this out at some point.
of fake news, when peanuts that they may contain nuts, Caroline Alderson
its the fault of the so why not?!
idiots who avidly share and Greg Talt Brilliant service. I live a good eight
like obviously made-up stories without miles from my nearest Wetherspoon. I
questioning them. Many objects in our house are hope they dont spill any.
Sam Mann, via email dangerous, but they do not all need Richard Morgan
safety warnings. Surely common
Misspelled download link sense has to prevail over stupidity. Worst pub meal Ive ever had! Also,
With reference to Web User Issue 419: Shamus Doherty wouldnt use this or any similar app
for the link to the beta test download because it means jobs will be lost if
for, you have put the No, its common sense. Water and everyone orders and pays this way.
following link:, electricity do not mix. Thats why Caroline Sharman
which comes up as an error. It should there are never any power sockets in
be Other than bathrooms (apart from shavers). How can we hack it for free food?
that, it works great. Brian Brown Kieren Dight
Neil Cameron, via email

Air your views, write to us at 5 - 18 April 2017 73

Page 404
Barry Collins wonders when tech company
CEOs will be punished for security breaches

Web fat cats should

pay the price for failure
othing makes my rat-snifng
sensors go off more alarmingly
than a boss forfeiting a bonus.
And, boy, have those sensors
been blaring out lately.
Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo,
the internet equivalent of The Spice
Girls: massive in the Nineties and
incredibly still earning a fortune to
this day, despite last having a hit
20 years ago. Mayer recently decided
to surrender her $14m bonus and
redistribute it to her hardworking
employees, after her company
belatedly admitted it had suffered
the mother of all security breaches.
In case you missed it, an attack
on Yahoo in 2014 spilled the account Whether thats a Rolex or a Cartier the CEO of TalkTalk, 18 months after
names, email addresses, telephone watch, nobodys quite sure, but she can tens of thousands of her customers
numbers, dates of birth, encrypted still afford whatever luxury timepiece were relieved of their personal details
passwords and, in some cases, she likes. Because despite losing the by a teenage hacker. You may recall
unencrypted security questions and equivalent of the entire population of that Harding spent the first two days
answers of 500 million customers. That Chinas account details, despite taking after the attack stumbling around
came a year after another similar attack, a $350bn hit on Yahoos impending sale TV studios, failing to answer the most
which yielded personal details of to Verizon and despite (according to basic of questions, such as how many
a staggering one billion customers a recent New York Times article, people had been affected or whether
including the nyt420) repeatedly the customer data was encrypted.
Sky and BT failing to invest Dido the singer would have made
customers for If you look up shutting sufficiently in a more reassuring spokesperson.
whom Yahoo the stable door in the Yahoos security, TalkTalks share price crashed,
provided the Mayer is still set to more than 100,000 customers walked,
email service.
Oxford Dictionary of Idioms, escape unscathed. the companys reputation was trashed
Yahoo it simply says see Yahoo She takes home and yet Harding survived. And while
reportedly an annual salary of she too waived her 220,000 bonus
noticed both $28m (about 23m), and handed it to charity, she also saw
breaches at the time, but apparently and even if Verizon decides to show remuneration double to 2.81m and
didnt realise quite how massive they her the door when the takeover will be paid her full salary this year,
Illustration: Andrew Torrens

were. Only two years later, in 2016, did is complete, shell receive a $23m despite the fact shes quitting only
the company finally come clean on the severance package. Thats a $50m two months into the financial year.
full extent of the damage, forcing reward for whats described as the single The only people whove paid a high
customers to reset their passwords. largest security breach in the history of price for the tech firms sloppy security
If you look up shutting the stable door the internet. Nice work if you can get it. are the ones whove had their identities
in the Oxford Dictionary of Idioms, Mayers not the only big boss picking stolen as a result of the breaches.
it simply says see Yahoo. up a handsome cheque after a massive Dont be fooled by these bonus
Mayer surrendered her bonus because security blunder. Dido Harding recently gestures. Theyre as empty as the
the breach happened on her watch. announced she was standing down as mansions these fat cats live in.

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