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10 APRIL 2017 THROUGH 16 APRIL 2017

BREAKFAST 0600-0800 0630-0830 0930-1330 (BRUNCH) 0730-0900

LUNCH 1130-1330 1130-1330 1130-1330
DINNER 1700-1900 1630-1830 1630-1830 (SUPPER) 1630-1830


1 Cooked Eggs (Hard Chili Conquistador
0 Boiled) Cranberry Glazed
Grilled Eggs (Eggs to
Special chief SELF SERVICE BAR
Chili Dog w/
Garlic Roasted Potato

Omelet Bar
Creamed Ground Beef w/ birthday meal Cheese & Onions Wedges
Orange Rice
O Toast Green Beans w/ Mushroom
N Grilled Sausage Patties Cauliflower
D O'brien Potatoes Cream of Broccoli Soup
Fruit Bar
Hot Oatmeal See attachment Brown Gravy
Salad Bar
Pancakes, Buttermilk Bread Bar
Maple Syrup Hot Rolls
Bread Bar Ice Cream Bar
Pastry Bar Fruit Bar
Glazed Doughnuts

1 Cooked Eggs (Hard Roast Beef Chicken Fajitas Honey Ginger Chicken
1 Boiled) Lemon Baked Fish Ground Beef Beef Pot Pie w/ Biscuit
Grilled Eggs (Eggs to Mashed Potatoes Tacos Topping
Order) Herbed Broccoli Beef & Bean Lyonnaise Potatoes
Omelet Bar Calico Corn Burritos Seasoned Egg Noodles
T Minced Beef Brown Gravy Mexican Rice Brown Gravy
U Grilled Canadian Bacon Texas Tortilla Soup Refried Beans w/ Succotash
E Home Fried Potatoes Salad Bar Cheese Broccoli Parmesan
S Fruit Bar Bread Bar Jalapeno Corn Potato & Roasted Pepper
D Hominy Grits Hot Rolls Bread Soup
A French Toast Ice Cream Bar SELF SERVICE BAR Salad Bar
Y Maple Syrup Fruit Bar Cheese Nachos Bread Bar
Bread Bar Fruit Flavored Gelatin Hot Rolls
Pastry Bar Easy Vanilla Cake Ice Cream Bar

1 Lemon Pepper Catfish Grilled Baked Fish Salmon

2 Cooked Eggs (Hard Barbecued Spareribs Cheeseburger Chili Macaroni
Boiled) Red Beans w/ Rice French Fried O'brien Potatoes
W Grilled Eggs (Eggs to Baked Macaroni & Cheese Potatoes Brown Rice w/ Tomatoes
E Order) Peas & Carrots Baked Beans Mixed Vegetables
D Omelet Bar Southern Sytle Greens Baked Macaroni & Beans, Green
N Chicken Tocino Old Fashioned Bean Soup Cheese Beef Noodle Soup
E Grilled Bacon Salad Bar Old Fashioned Salad Bar
S Garlic Rice Bread Bar Bean Soup Bread Bar
D Hash Brown Potatoes Hot Rolls Hot Rolls
A Patty Ice Cream Bar Ice Cream Bar
Y Fruit Bar Fruit Bar SELF SERVICE BAR Fruit Bar
Assorted Cereal Fruit Flavored Gelatin Chili Dog w/ Fruit Flavored Gelatin
Hot Farina Brownies Cheese & Onions Brownies
Blueberry Pancakes Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Maple Syrup
Bread Bar
1 Cooked Eggs (Hard Teriyaki Beef Strips Fresh Assorted Honey Glazed Chicken
3 Boiled) Chicken Adobo Pizza Beef Stew
Grilled Eggs (Eggs to Filipino Rice Hot & Spicy Lyonnaise Potatoes
Order) Lyonnaise Potatoes Chicken Wings Steamed rice
T Omelet Bar Baked Egg Rolls Mozzarella Creole Summer Squash
H Oven Fried Turkey Bacon Sweet & Sour Sauce Cheese Sticks Peas & Carrots
U Sausage Gravy w/ Vegetable Stir Fry Marinara Sauce Knickerbocker Soup
R Biscuit Mixed Vegetables Asian Stir Fry Baking Powder Biscuits
S Italian Roasted Asian Stir Fry Soup Soup Salad Bar
D Potatoes Salad Bar Bread Bar
A Fruit Bar Bread Bar Hot Rolls
Y Assorted Cereal Hot Rolls Ice Cream Bar
Hot Oatmeal Ice Cream Bar Fruit Bar
French Toast Sticks Fruit Bar Fruit Flavored Gelatin
Maple Syrup Fruit Flavored Gelatin SELF SERVICE BAR Marble Cake
Bread Bar Marble Cake Cheese Nachos Congo Bars
Pastry Bar

1 Cooked Eggs (Hard Herbed Baked Fish Sloppy Joe Roast Pork
4 Boiled) Lasagna Sandwich Creole Fish Fillets
Grilled Eggs (Eggs to Toasted Garlic Bread Onion Rings Hopping John
F Order) Sicilian Brown Rice & Vegetables Cream of Oven-Glo Potatoes
R Omelet Bar Oven Browned Potatoes Broccoli Soup Brown Gravy
I Grilled Turkey Sausage Asparagus Steamed Broccoli
D Links Corn, Whole Kernel Glazed Carrots
A Grilled Bacon Cream of Broccoli Soup Cream of Potato Soup
Y O'brien Potatoes Salad Bar Salad Bar
Fruit Bar Bread Bar Bread Bar
Assorted Cereal Hot Rolls SELF SERVICE BAR Hot Rolls
Hominy Grits Ice Cream Bar Chili Dog w/ Ice Cream Bar
Waffles Fruit Bar Cheese & Onions Fruit Bar
Maple Syrup Fruit Flavored Gelatin Fruit Flavored Gelatin
Bread Bar Jelly Roll Jelly Roll
Pastry Bar Peanut Butter Cookies Peanut Butter Cookies

1 Cooked Eggs (Hard Chuck Wagon Stew Pork Chops w/ Apple

5 Boiled) Steak & Cheese Sub WEEKEND NO SPEED Rings
Grilled Eggs (Eggs to Garlic Roasted Steak Fry's LINE Sweet & Sour Chicken
S Order) Rice Pilaf Steamed Rice
A Omelet Bar Beans, French Style Cut Garlic Roasted Potato
T Corned Beef Hash Cauliflower Wedges
U Breakfast Ham Steak Chicken Noodle Soup Carrot Slices
R Home Fried Potatoes Salad Bar Vegetable Stir Fry
D Fruit Bar Bread Bar Egg Drop Soup
A Assorted Cereal Hot Rolls Salad Bar
Y Hot Farina Ice Cream Bar Bread Bar
Pancakes, Buttermilk Fruit Bar Hot Rolls
Maple Syrup Fruit Flavored Gelatin Ice Cream Bar
Bread Bar Chocolate Cream Pudding Fruit Bar
Pastry Bar Yellow Cake Fruit Flavored Gelatin
Chocolate Cream Pudding
Yellow Cake

1 Cooked Eggs (Hard Chicken Pot Pie WEEKEND NO SPEED Fish Amandine
6 Boiled) Onion Rings LINE Meat Loaf
Grilled Eggs (Eggs to Steamed Rice Garlic Roasted Steak
Order) Carrot Slices Fry's
Omelet Bar Beans, Green Steamed Rice
S Grilled Minute Steak Chicken Noodle Soup Brown Gravy
U Sausage Gravy w/ Salad Bar Corn On The Cob
N Biscuit Bread Bar Spinach
D Hash Brown Potatoes Hot Rolls Beef Rice Soup
A Patty Ice Cream Bar Bread Bar
Y Fruit Bar Fruit Bar Hot Rolls
Hot Oatmeal Fruit Flavored Gelatin Ice Cream Bar
French Toast Cheese Cake Fruit Bar
Maple Syrup Sugar Cookies Fruit Flavored Gelatin
Bread Bar Cheese Cake
Sugar Cookies