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IELTS 1 - Writing Practice Test 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The charts below show the results of a survey of adult education. The first chart shows the reason
s why adults decide to study. The pie chart shows how people think the costs of adult education
should be shared.
Write a report for a university lecturer, describing the information shown below.
You should write at least 150 words.
The figures illustrate the result of an opinion survey about the reason why adult people choose to study and
how tuition costs should be funded. It is clear that based on the survey result, the two main reasons why
adults have continued their study are due to they are interested in subjects and to obtain the degree. It is
also noticed that the survey also shows that most of the education cost should be funded by individuals
It can be seen that the two main purposes why adult continue their study are because they interested with
the program and to obtain the qualification, as these two reasons result reached 40% and 38%
respectively. Meanwhile, the percentages of the survey for reasons of helpful for their current job, improving
prospect and promotion, and that they like studying were in the range between 22% and 20%. As for
figures of those who study for the purpose of changing jobs and to meet new people, they were below 15%
As for the survey result of the education cost, it is obvious that 40% of the cost should become the burden
of the respective person themselves. Then 35% should be provided by the employer and 25% from the

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the
following topic:
There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the
traditional music of a country more important than the International music that is heard everywhere
You should write at least 250 words.
Use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and
relevant evidence.


Kinds of music people listen nowadays are of different tastes and types. For instance, modern international
pop and rap music, as well as classical traditional country songs all, vary from each other and people listen
to them with great interests. This is because music has been part of our daily lives even in the ancient
times. In this essay, reasons on why music is necessary for every Filipino people and the importance of the
Philippine traditional folk music over foreign songs that young Filipinos and Filipinas always hear will be

Music is a vital part of every Filipinos' lives. Firstly, Philippine folks considered it to be one of the most
popular and ancient modes of human expressions. It features largely in all histories and all cultures and
indeed has been one of the main ways of passing on cultural traditions to new generations of the country.
Secondly, because of this, many people view music as a positive influence for the societies. This influence
on individuals is wholly beneficial as it is a long-established way of communicating and helping us
understand the whole range of human emotion and experience in a more spiritual language than words can

However, the classical music traditions of the Philippines are not necessarily part of the music many
Filipinos and Filipinas experience today. In the modern world today, most of the country's young people
constantly exposed themselves to loud modern foreign songs as a result of globalization via the Internet.
But I think that it is more important for young people of the country to learn traditional music to enable them
to know the origins of our Philippine ancestors.
In conclusion, I think that we need traditional music because it is an integral part of the human expression
that we cannot reallyseparate from our lives even if there are the various evolution of modern music we
tend to listen every day through the webnowadays such as American rap songs and Korean pop music.

IELTS 1 - Writing Practice Test 2

The diagram below shows how the Australian Bureau of Meteorology collects up-to-the-minute information
on the weather in order to produce reliable forecasts.
Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

The given diagram shows how the weather information is collected by Australian Bureau of Meteorology to
provide accurate and updated weather forecasting. As is observed from the given illustration, the weather
information collection is done via satellites, radars and drifting buoys and then analyzed before
broadcasting them to the public.
As is presented in the diagram, the weather information is collected using three different types of sources
namely, satellites, radars and drifting buoys. The raw data collected from satellites is basically satellite
photos while radar information are observed from the radar screens and the synoptic charts are yielded
from the drifting buoys and these three types of data are fed in a computer system to analyze and prepare
the weather news for broadcasting.

After than the weather news is broadcasted in different public media like televisions, radios and telephones.
The final information regarding the weather is provided to the public via TV news, radio broadcasting and
as recorded announcement in devices like telephones.

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the
following topic.
Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer nations by providing such
things as food and education? Or is it the responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to
look after their citizens themselves?
Use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and
with relevant evidence.


Some school of thought believe that strong economies should aid the poor countries in terms of supporting
them in their primary needs, while some others think it is due to the local governments to deal with such
internal problems. Although both the parties have some strong justifications to support their ideas, I
personally agree with the first group more because of several key factors including lack of resources in
such poor economies, the fact that we are living in a global society.

The first important point I would like to mention is the fact that most of poor economies are suffering from
lack of having enough facilities and resources in the fields such as education and food. As the first may
lead to making them even poorer and also increases the amount of criminal actions and even worse in
some cases potentially making some people to join terroristic groups. While the latter causes several
unpleasant result such as children disability and death.

Another important thing is we should not forget all the people in the world are part of one community, the
human being. Regardless of all the things makes us different, we all share the same biology. Therefore, as
a human everybody should try his/her best to do what he can to make the world more pleasing place for the
others. Moreover as it mentioned above, some of the negative results such as terrorism may directly affect
the other nations including first world countries.

To put everything in a nutshell, supporting the poor countries to make a better life for their people will cause
several pleasant results not only domestically but in some cases internationally and more importantly, it all
is justified by humanity.

IELTS 1 - Writing Practice Test 3

The chart below shows the amount of money per week spent on fast foods in Britain. The graph shows the
trends in consumption of fast foods.
Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.
The given bar chart compares the per week spending of British citizens on three fast food items in 1990
while the line graph shows the consumption of these items from 1970 to 1990. As is seen from the given
illustration, expenditure on fast food varied based on peoples income and the pizza was the most
consumed item in 70s but in later years consumption of fish & chips become the highest.

According to the bar graph, high-income class people spent more money on the hamburger (more than 40
Pence/person) than on fish & chips and pizza. Their spending was also higher than average and low-
income class people on fast food. Average income class people also spent more on hamburgers but their
spending on fish and chips (25 pence) was more than other two income groups. Finally, the low-income
class British spent comparatively low on fast food items and fish& chips cost them most (about 17 pence
per person). They spent the least amount on purchasing pizza (only about 7 pence/person).

On the other hand, the line graph shows the consumption of these three fast food items by British people
from 1970 to 1990. Initially, Pizza consumption in Britain was highest (300 gm per person) in 1970. In this
year less than 80 gm of hamburger and fish& chips were consumed by an average person. Over the time
pizza consumption declined among British citizens and Fish and Chips became the highest consumed fast
food item in 1990 with 500 gm consumption per person.
Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the
following topic:
News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in newspapers. What factors
do you think influence these decisions? Do we become used to bad news? Would it be better if
more good news was reported?
Use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and
relevant evidence.

In todays modern world, a growing amount of news and information on television or newspapers have
considerably influenced the public. Besides, what factors are impacted on reporting information on news
media is an issue many people feel strongly about. This essay will discuss various influences as well as
associated with phenomenon above.

As far as I am concerned, there is a wide range of factor accounting for publishing news and broadcasts.
The most noticeable, I believe, is that aiming at a high audience rating so as to maximize profits. This leads
to pursuing the increasingly diverse needs of viewers from all walks of life in order to satisfy and cater to
them. Another contributory factor is that for many countries, news editors have to succumb to political
pressure, distorting facts and misleading the public. To put it another way, they are controlled entirely by
powerful political parties and enjoined to disregard the truth. This is particularly true in many undemocratic
countries like Chinese, North Korea, and Vietnam where information is seriously censored and even
disseminated political ideals to guide public opinions.

Moreover, living in the information era, people are bombarded with the daily amount of news, including
good and bad news, from multiple media. Todays coverage and press might sometimes be less trustworthy
mainly because it often exaggerates the level of the real information, in order to boost the attention of the
desired audiences. Furthermore, some media companies use the stories of peoples private life, seductive
images and violent or obscene contents to appeal viewers, especially teenagers. It means that their
thoughts and behaviors might be changed and shows a tendency to hatred, violence, jealousy, and even
copycat phenomenon. However, the role of news media in reporting good news, such as someones
achievement and human stories, should be acknowledged. That will make quicker progress toward society

In conclusion, what todays news and information on media we receive is influenced by some main factors
as hooking viewers, increasing profits, and obeying political regulations. Besides, the news media can have
a double-edged impact on society by the good and bad news. By doing so, we can ensure that choosing
information carefully before reading and watching are indispensable to us.

IELTS 1 - Writing Practice Test 4

Chorleywood is a village near London whose population has increased steadily since the middle of
the nineteenth century. The map below shows the development of the village.
Write a report for a university lecturer describing the development of the village.

The given diagram shows the development done in Chorleywood village of London from 1868 to 1994. As
is presented in the diagram, the development in this village had been done in different times and much of
these developments were done in 1970s to 1994 while the roads and railroads were built earlier. According
to the diagram, the main road of Chorleywood village was built prior to the motorway and railroads. The
Motor road was established in 1970 while the railway was built in 1909.

Before 1900, only a portion of the village was developed and later (Between 1883 to 1922) the station was
built and some development works were finished. The area near the station was then developed and during
the end of this development the motorway was completed. Later after 1970s the development process
seemed accelerated and many areas of the village came under the development process and at the
beginning of the 1900, the railway was established.

The land roads including the motorway, roads and railroads of this village connects almost all of the parts of
the city and the development had been done mostly based on the establishment of the transportation
systems. The park and gold course is in the middle of the village and makes the central place of the village.

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the
following topic:
The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. The new fashion mil be to
have several careers or ways of earning money and further education will be something that
continues throughout life.
Use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and
relevant evidence.

It is believed that focusing on a single career is out of date these days. The new trend is that people should
have several kinds of occupations in their life, and they should never stop learning. The following essay will
explain in details about why people should have several careers in their life and why they should continue
their education till the end.

It is a fact that in the old days, most of the people were loyal to their company, focused on their occupations
and stayed there until they retired. However, some people believed that the act is old fashioned and people
should have various kind of experiences in their life. Having a different kind of working experiences is a
precious asset since people could bring innovative ideas from their previous company and implement it in
their current workplace. Besides that, to become a general leader, people should have had experiences in
different types of working functions. For example, a Managing Director manages the company in overall,
and it would be best if he had experienced in the field of Finance, Production, Human Resources and

Furthermore, it is undeniable that continuous education is an essential thing these days. People need to
update with the current information of the economy, information technology and science as they change
and develop rapidly. Those who are not following the latest information and regulations will face difficulties
in their careers. For instance, people who work in the Information technology sector should update
themselves with the latest type of antivirus software, since many new viruses which are threatening the
networks these days. Those who fail to update their software will face serious problems in their database.

In conclusion, I personally believe that having different types of works in life is a positive thing and bring a
lot of benefits to the person's career, and it is important for people to study or learn throughout their life as
the world never stop to develop.


IELTS 2 - Writing Practice Test 2

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The table below shows the consumer durables (telephone, refrigerator, etc.) owned in Britain from
1972 to 1983.
Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

Consumerdurables 1972 1974 1976 1978 1979 1981 1982 1983

Percentage ofhouseholds: - - - - - - - -
Centralheating 33 43 48 52 55 59 60 64
Television 93 95 96 96 97 97 97 98
Video - - - - - - - 18
Vacuumcleaner 87 89 92 92 93 94 95 -
Refrigerator 73 81 88 91 92 93 93 94
Washingmachine 73 81 88 91 92 93 93 94
Dishwasher - - - 3 3 4 4 5
Telephone 42 50 54 60 67 75 76 77

The given presentation shows data on the number of different consumer durables owned by British people
from 1972 to 1983 and compares the percent of people use those devices during the years.

As is observed from the given data, 33% households had central heating machines initially in 1972 and the
percentage increased each year and reached to 64% in 1983, which shows that the central heating
machine users almost doubled in 12 years. Again, Television was the most common household equipment
with 93% households had them. This ration reached to 98 percent with slight increase year by year.
However, Video was introduced a later time as no data is given for this equipment except 1983 when only
18% houses had them. Then Vacuum cleaner, refrigerator and washing machines were three most popular
household appliances after TV which was owned by 70% house owners in 1972 and the percentages
increased to over 90 after 10 years. Interestingly, dishwashers were very less popular as only 3% houses
had them initially in 1978 and their user's percentages reached to only 5 in 1983. Finally, the percentage of
houses that had telephones was only 42% but with their popularity, this percentage reached to 77 after 12

In conclusion, the television was the most popular consumer durable while the dishwasher was the least
common type of durables the British people had during the years 1972 to 1983. Vacuum cleaner,
refrigerator and washing machine were three other popular consumers durables for the given period in
Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the
following topic.
"Fatherhood ought to be emphasised as much as motherhood. The idea that women are solely
responsible for deciding whether or not to have babies leads on to the idea that they are also
responsible for bringing the children up."
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with
examples and relevant evidence.

Parents are important character for children. Children can study to walk because parents care and guide
children to walk. Not only study to walk but children need parents control and more advice for what
activities children want to do inside or outside home. Parents can be like friend, can be like boyfriend or
girlfriend or can be like little brother or little sister for our children. Parents should to be a good actor for our
children because children need parents in all situations. Nevertheless, from my perspective, parents such
mother and father are do control and divide responsibility to make children grow better together.

Mother and father have different character for each other. In science of psychology, mother has character to
give affection area and father has character to give rule are for children. For example, children aware to
help other people who have problem, children get that moral value from mother while children understand
to kill someone is a crime, it is from father value.

Secondly, mother and father have to show good behavior together in front of children because children will
copy what parents do. For example, parents who like smoke and drink much alcohol, it can be make
children do same activities like parents.

Depend on that reasons, children need mother and father to make them personality. Gustav Jung said,
children will have incomplete for personality if just only mother or only father to guide and help children.
On other hand, mother and father have to same paradigm to bring the children up. If parents have different
paradigm and failed to compare for each other, children will get confuse. For example, mother give more
protect for children. It means children hard to get permission from mother to do activity. But, father give
freedom for children and give trust while children can do activity with own self. It possible to make mother
and father usually fight and it is not good for children.

To sum up, mother and father should to have intelligent and wisely to divide character and responsibility for
growing up children together. It means, mother and father have to make good team work for our children.

IELTS 2 - Writing Practice Test 2

The chart below shows the amount of leisure time enjoyed by men and women of different
employment status.
Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.
The provided chart shows the number of leisure hours enjoyed by men and women in a typical week in
1998-99, according to gender and employment status. As is observed from the graph, the unemployed and
retired men and women had more leisure time than the other type of people.

Among the full-time employed people, men had about 45 hours of leisure time on an average per week
compared to the 38 hours of leisure time for women. No data is given for the part-time employed men and
women from this category enjoyed 40 hours of leisure time in a week. This figure is slightly more than the
employed women perhaps because of their employment nature.

Unemployed and retired people had the longest period for leisure activity both for men and women and
men had a bit more hours than the women. As expected the retired and unemployed people enjoyed about
78 to 82 hours per week which is longer than people from other employment statuses. Lastly, housewives
enjoyed approximately 50 hours of leisure time which is more than the employed women but less than the
unemployed and retired women. The graph reflects that men had more leisure time from all employment
statuses than women which indicates that women spent more time working at home than their male

The graph summarises that the male enjoyed more leisure time than women and employed people had
less time for leisure activities than retired and unemployed people.

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the
following topic.
"Prevention is better than cure."
Out of a country's health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending
on health education and preventative measures.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with
examples and relevant evidence.

In this world, many people are dying from various types of health related problems due to the lacking of
appropriate health education and preventive actions. That is why a government should expend a huge
amount of money from health budget for cure-related education as well as preventive measure. It is agreed
that this policy has a great number of benefits and this will be proven by analysing economical point of view
of a country and the health aspects of people.

Firstly, many regimes spend an enormous amount of money in order to treat their people who are suffering
from different types of serious diseases. This extravagance can be easily diminished when state
commences of healthcare educational system by spending money to the health teaching system. As an
example, if the administration perceives to their slums that smoking, drinking, and so on is bad things for
human body through this educational program, many people will be not attacked by the severe sickness.
This could save a large amount of money of the state. As can be clearly seen from this illustration that the
idea may bring colossal economic benefit to the government.

Secondly, many governments fight against several types of diseases, especially diabetes and the heart
diseases. Before these health problems assault the people, it can be ceased by taking some preventive
measure. For example, exercise, sports, entertainment etc. can decrease the chances to become these
patients. Making parks, playground, and cinema hall can influence people to do exercise, which can protect
the people from these intense sicknesses. This can be achieved by investing the money in preventive
measures from health budget.

In conclusions, this idea is indispensable not only to the people but also to the governments. However, the
tremendous amenities of this policy fortify my argument. Therefore, a government should spend money for
health education and preventive measure from health budget.

IELTS 2 - Writing Practice Test 3

The first chart below shows the results of a survey which sampled a cross-section of 100,000people
asking if they travelled abroad and why they travelled for the period 1994-98. The second chart
shows their destinations over the same period
Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.
1994 1995 1996 1997 1998
Holiday 15,246 14,898 17,896 19,703 20,700
Business 3,155 3,188 3,249 3,639 3,957
Visits to friends and relatives 2,689 2,628 2,774 3,051 3,181

Other reasons 982 896 1,030 1,054 990

TOTAL 22,072 21,610 24,949 27,447 28.828


BY MAIN REGION (1994-98)
Western Europe North America Other areas Total
1994 19,371 919 1,782 22,072

1995 18,944 914 1,752 21,610

1996 21,877 1,167 1,905 24,949

1997 23,661 1,559 2,227 27,447

1998 24,519 1,823 2,486 28,828

The given table compares the figures of a research on why 100 thousand of the UK residents visited
overseas from 1994 to 1998, and the given bar chart illustrates which countries they travelled during this

As a whole, the majority of the UK citizens travelled abroad for entertainment, and Western Europe was
their most favourable destination. By looking at the table, it can be seen that generally there was a growing
tendency for the UK people to travel into other countries from 1994 to 1998. During the second year, in
1995, the total number of travellers marginally declined from just over 22000 to nearly 21500; however, it
steadily grew and reached the peak of approximately 29000 in the year 1998.
These people gradually became more interested in traveling to all three regions during this period, but
Western Europe was the best option. In 1994, just below 20,000 of the UK citizens went into Western
Europe, compared with only almost 1000 into the North America. Furthermore, after a small drop in 1995,
the population of Western Europe visitors remarkably increased and reached the maximum of above 24000
in 1998, which was far more significant than the other two locations.

In conclusion, the most proportion of the UK citizens had a trip to Western Europe to spend their holidays
and for business trips.

Without capital punishment (the death penalty) our lives are less secure and crimes of violence
increase. Capital punishment in essential to control violence in society.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with
examples and relevant evidence.

Before talking about the essential role of the death penalty, you have to think about the meaning, and the
purpose, of any kind of punishment. If you consider that the purpose is to prevent the guilty from being
nasty again, you can be seduced by an argumentation in favour of the suppression of capital punishment.

But you have to think about another aspect of the problem: a punishment is also useful to impress people,
to make them fear the law. In fact, let's take the example of a young misfit, which has grown in a violent
atmosphere, influenced by older delinquents, etc. He lives in the streets; he's got no aim but to survive.
This is the kind of person who could possibly kill someone for money, or even for fun .Why would he fear
prison? Life would be easier for him there. In addition, in many cases, when you behave normally, you can
benefit from penalty reductions. This young misfit needs to be impressed; he needs to know that the law is
a frontier. When you cross it, you can lose your life. That is why capital punishment helps keep a distance
between robbery and murder. If you abolish it, you suppress the difference between these two types of
crime, which are completely different.
But there is also a limit to define: even if the death penalty is unavoidable, it would be a crime to apply it to
inadequate cases. If there is no premeditation or past facts which can justify such a punishment, it is far too
strict to apply the death penalty. That is why the lawmakers have to establish precisely the context in which
capital punishment car being pronounced. That is the price to pay to limit violence without using excessive

IELTS 2 - Writing Practice Test 4

The table below shows the figures for imprisonment in five countries between 1930 and 1980.
Write a report for a university, lecturer describing the information shown below.

The given bar graph shows data on the number of prisoners in five countries namely Britain, Australia, New
Zealand, US and Canada between 1930 and 1980. As is given on the graph, Canada had the highest
number of prisoners initially in 1930 while Great Britain had the least prisoners in the same year but after
50 years in 1980 the number of total prisoners decreased in Canada and the United States had the largest
number of prisoners.
Initially, in 1930, there were 120 thousand prisoners in Canada and that was the largest number of
prisoners among the given five countries. There were 100 thousand prisoners both in US and New Zealand
which was second largest in this year. Australia had around 70 thousand prisoners and Great Britain had
only 30 thousand prisoners and that was the least in number. After ten years in 1940, Prisoners number in
Britain remained same while the number decreased in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. But this year
the total number of prisoners increased in the US by 30 thousand and reached to 130 thousand which was
highest among the five countries for this year. In 1950, the prisoners number increased in Britain and
slightly decreased in Australia and New Zealand. On the other hand, the prisoner in Canada increased and
got highest among the five countries and decreased in the US. In 1960, the prisoners, number increased in
all the countries except Canada and the US had the largest number of prisoners. Interestingly in 1970, the
number became same in Britain, New Zealand and Australia which was about 63 thousand and both
Canada and the US had more than 80 thousand prisoners in this year. Finally, in 1980, the prisoners
number all of the countries increased while the number decreased in Australia. The US had the highest
number of prisoners in this year amounting around 137 thousand and Great Britain, Canada and New
Zealand had more than 80 thousand prisoners in this year.

In summary, over the 50 years period, the crime and imprisonment number got worse in US and Britain
while Australia, Canada and New Zealand did some progress in it. In 1980, Australia had the least number
of prisoners which indicate their improvement in law and order.

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the
following topic.
The position of women in society has changed markedly in the last twenty years. Many of the
problems young people now experience, such as juvenile delinquency, arise from the fact that
many married women now work and are not at home to care for their children.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with
examples and relevant evidence.
Over the last twenty years, the women empowerment and employment have gone through rapid changes
and more women are working in the different sphere of society than ever. This is, in fact, advantageous for
the overall growth a country and at the same time this is one of the main reasons the juvenile delinquency
has increased nowadays.

First of all, a child needs the tenderness and guidance of parents and if both parents are working they have
very little time to spend with the children. The trends of both working parents are leading depression, lack
of morality and lose family tie which has severe psychological damage among the teenagers. This is
directly leading to issues like crime, drug and immoral activities conducted by the adolescents.

Again, this is a long time trend that a father would bring the daily bread for the family while mother would
foster and take care of the children in most of the society and with the women empowerment, this harmony
has been changed. There is no harm in women employment and in fact this is positive from many
perspectives and yet we can see an immense competition among the married couple especially regarding
their career while they totally overlook their needs for their children. Fatherhood is important and he has
many roles to play for the children but a mother, as we have seen throughout the century, makes the major
share of contribution towards upbringing the children. When a mother has very little time to share with her
kids, the problem related to juvenile crime increases.

The teenage time is a very sensitive time in everyones life and if parents cant contribute their duties at that
time, the children have a chance to go astray. With working mothers, this is happening more than ever.