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Date: 22.3.


Time: 11 a.m - 11.35 a.m

Class: 4 Anggerik

Enrolment: 22

Language proficiency: Average

Topic: Literature Short Story

Sub-topic: Leaving

General objective: Students will be able to explain the plot of the

short story Leaving.

Specific objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able


1. Rearrange the correct sequence of the plot

elements in the short story.

2. Present their point of views regarding the

statement which is based on the short story.

Teaching aids: Laptop, LCD, Projector, Manila cards, Sticky Tack,

Marker pen and Whiteboard

Stage/Time Teachers activity Students activity Notes
Set 1. Show students a 1. Observe the picture Laptop

induction picture of Uhuru shown on the LCD. LCD

2. Answer question.
(3 minutes) Street using the Projector

2. Ask students to

answer question:

Based on the short

story Leaving,

where do you think

this place is? Why

do you say so?

Step 1 1. Show the plot 1. Get into groups. LCD,
2. Listen to the
(15 minutes) structure. Laptop,
2. Explain about plot instruction.
elements of a short 3. Rearrange the Projector,

story. fragments into the Manila cards,

3. Ask the students to
correct sequence of Sticky Tack
form four groups.
4. Distribute manila the plot. Marker pen

cards that are Whiteboard

marked with

Expository, Rising
Stage/Time Teachers activity Students activity Notes
Action, Climax

and Falling Action

& Resolution along

with the fragments

of the plot

5. Instruct the

students to

rearrange the given

fragments into the

correct sequence of

the plot.
Step 2 1. Ask one 1. Present the plot Manila cards,

(7 minutes) representative from elements of the Sticky tack

each group to short story.

2. Paste the manila
present what they
cards on the wall.
have done.
2. Tell them to paste

the manila cards on

the wall.
Step 3 1. Show a statement 1. Discuss and present LCD,
Stage/Time Teachers activity Students activity Notes
(9 minutes) to the students the answers. Laptop,

using the slide: Projector

Aloo should pursue

his dream and

study in America.
2. Divide the students

into two groups.

One group will

support the

statement and the

other will oppose it.

(maximum 3


3. Give them 3

minutes to discuss

the answers.
4. Ask representatives

to voice out their

Closure 1. Sum up the lesson 1. Students respond to

(1 minute) by recalling what the teachers

Stage/Time Teachers activity Students activity Notes
the students have reflection.

learned for todays