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Error display list

Symptom. Counter action (Please cut off main

Error displayContents
power during counter action)
C00 Clean up condenser filter Operationg hours reach more than 500 hours
Clean up the condenser (filter)
Inverter alarm if shown at inverter, otherwise
E002 U : Inverter alarm for fan
high pressure switch triggered.
Please refer user manual.
E003 THR1 : Compressor 1 thermal Check whether the compressor locked or not.
Check whether the pumping pump locked or
E005 THR2 : Pumping pump thermal
E006 FLTS : Float switch Check the water level, level up the water.
Water upper and lower Water temperature over than set temperature
temperature limit alarm range ( Initial setting : no alarm )
Alarm will auto release if the temperature
return back to set temperature range.
THR3 : Circulation pump Check whether the circulation pump locked or
thermal not.
Check whether the power supply lack of phase
or not.
E009 Power supply lack of phase
Check the connection area and re-supply the
Power supply become reverse phase. From 3
phase of power supply, change the connection
E010 Power supply reversed phase
of 2 phase and reconnect back the power
Outlet water have low
E011 Freeze or the outlet sensor disconnected.
temperature abnormality
Outlet water have high
E012 Reach over 50C or the outlet sensor short.
temperature abnormality
E013 Controler memory error Turn on the power again.
E014 Power failure recovery Power failure during operation.
Check the inductive foreign matter such as
E015 Others error metal powder,noise.
Check the voltage as specified.
The temperature inside the switchboard is
Caution alert for temperature
C021 rising.
inside switchboard
Take counter action as on E021.
Temperature inside switchboard abnormally
Alert for temperature inside rising. Make sure surrounding temperature is
switchboard within specification.
Check whether spray circuit is being use or not.
Caution alert for surrounding
C022 Surrounding temperature more than 43C
Return water temperature low Freeze or the return water sensor
abnormality disconnected.
Return water temperature high Temperature over than 50C or the return
abnormality water sensor disconnected.
Compressor discharge pressure abnormally
rising. Make sure surrounding temperature is
Compressor 1 discharge
within specification.
pressure abnormally rising.
Check whether condenser filter clogged or not.
Check whether spray circuit is being use or not.