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Template for Lesson Plan

Title of lesson: letter Gg

Name: Khulood Mohammed Date:19-3-2017

Time: 8 to 9:20 Location: Ajman- alhumaidya

- There are students in KG2 *who are they
- There are 26 students in the class * how many
- There ages start from 5 to 6 * what ages
- There are 13 males and 13 females in the class * What grade
- In my class the original language for all students are Arabic * male/female ratio
- There are many learning styles in my class and most of them have the * native language(s)
same level * learning styles (and
- In my class, there are different personals, but the characters that attract student intelligences
attention are one of them don't like anyone help him, he likes to do it with *personalities
himself and always say l know although, he doesnt know it also, one of the * special needs
students like to attract attention every class by saying or doing anything. * prior learning
- There are no special needs in my class * how this lesson fits into
- This lesson will help them to know the letter so, will help them in the future prior & future learning
to read sentence with this letter also, to write paragraph in addition, in the experiences
past they will remember that they were read words with this letter and it is
not the first time to see this letter.

*what specific skill or
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: concept would students
have learned or
experience by the end of
They will be able to read and write also, to sound the letter. the lesson
* always expressed in
terms of student
* concrete, measurable &
* maximum of three
* include name of
curriculum guide &
objective numbers when
& where applicable
* goals are connected
to students


Materials & resources: *how DAP are the
- Smart board materials & resources?
- Marker * have all safety & health
- Pencils considerations been
- Books taken into account?
- Papers
- Plastic eyes *remember technology is
- wool a tool & is not just limited
- colours to computers
- scissors *incorporate technology
- Small stars when & if it supports &
- box enhances what youre
already doing
* do you have a plan B for
technology upsets?

Technology integration:
- Smart board
- Video
- Photo story
- Projector
- speaker

- Transition: put music while they clean the tables also, while they
doing the activities and they will song while they switch the groups

Engagement: what will you do to grab
student attention & to
- Use many pictures generate
- Tell them story about the lesson by use (photo story) interest/enthusiasm in the
- Show them video lesson?

Teacher will Students will . *description of activities

- students will do the activities used to meet the learning
- explain what should they do Group1 - Do Letter G
by using glue and stick * articulated in terms of
starts on it. student activity & teacher
- do sample to help students activity
to know how to do it.
Group2 - Do thing
- open music while they do the that start with letter G and
activities. they will do girl.
- move around the tables while they
do the activities and encourage them. Group3 - puzzle

Group4 worksheet
(complete the words by use
letter G)
- Ask if they need any help
ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS (WHAT IF .?) *list the problems that
- if the children be noisy, I will put stamp for quit children may occur
to encourage other students to be quit. *anticipate at least two
*think of possible ways to
- if the projector didnt work I will use board.
deal with those problems
when & if they occur
- if anyone cry while I teach them, I will let children to
clap for this children.


- by ask them in the end of the lesson what they learn today and show *what will you do to
them little questions in the board and they should answer the questions. assess learning?
*what will happen to
measure that the goals
were met?
* how DAP is your
* my assessments are
very tightly connected
to my goals

* sources that you may
have used/consulted in
building your lesson
- Program: Pinterest- photo story (includes books,
- websites, magazines,
- journals, etc)
* use APA citation (refer to
Noodle Tools when in