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San Jose, CA 95130

Cell: (408) 655-8223 -

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Senior Technical Manager position to bring in 15+ years of technical
expertise and 7 years of Management skills.

SUMMARY: Over 15 years of leadership, Management, Program Management, Project

Management, Product Release cycles, Product Go To Market strategy, engaging direct & indirect
with customer issues, and engineering experience within cross functional environments in U.S. and
abroad. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Managed large and complex projects while
maintaining team morale and energy with excellent record of delivering mission-critical projects on
schedule with high quality.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Experience in Project Management, Program Management, Product

Release cycles, Solution Architect, Product Go To Market strategy, Product Quality, technology
assessment, and test automation strategy for continuous improvement which included performance
and scalability testing, System testing, and IaaS & PaaS Solution testing. Highly adept at
implementing software product in Agile and Waterfall development life cycle, set the Product
direction and tactical execution of cross-functional collaboration to support development and release
software and solutions. Manage customer escalations and guide products to customer satisfaction.


Operating System: Unix/Solaris/HP-UX/IBM-AIX, Linux, Windows, ESX.

Automation and tools: Python, Shell, VDbench, Jetstress, swingbench, Chef.
Software: Hyper Converged, Hitachi HCP content software On-Premise to Amazon Web Services
(AWS) cloud solution, Hitachi HCP-Anywhere mobile devices (iOS, Android) Integration solution,
JIRA, Hitachi Management Software, Hitachi Storage Virtual Platform, Hitachi replication technology
(HUR,GAD,SI,HTI), Hitachi Data Protection solution, Netapp ontap, Issilon One FS.
Network Hardware: 1G/10G/FC Cisco and Brocade Switches.
Network Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, DNS, LDAP, CIF, NFS, Rest API.
Storage: SAN, NAS, iSCSI, Fiber Channel, RAIDs.
Virtualization: OpenStack, VMWare, Hyper-V, KVM.
Database: Oracle, SQL, HBase.


Received Quality Improvement award from Information & Telecommunication Systems Company
CEO in recognition of test automation and quality improvement by leveraging new technology and
test methodologies of Global Information Solution Division.


10/15-present Hitachi Data System, Santa Clara, CA Integration Solution Manager

Responsible for Integration Solution delivery, covering Solution Development, Roadmaps, Product
Go To Market, and Solution Deployment for Hyper Converged, Hitachi HCP content On-Premise to
AWS cloud, and Hitachi HCP-Anywhere Mobile Devices Integration solution. Provide strategic and
tactical direction to manage customer problems, convey engineering release to the Field, and
Marketing for solution visibility. Manage the cross-functional Hitachi Management Software
Programs from project planning, product roadmap to product delivery. Conduct Product Workshops
and Webinars to internal and external Partners.

Key Accomplishments:
Manage the cross-functional Hitachi Management Software programs from product roadmap
to product delivery, covering a range of areas including feature development, QA,
engineering resources, and hardware capacity requirements.
Managed the overall product release schedule and engineering requirements to ensure all
milestones are met, and stayed within scope, budget and deadline.
Proactively manage changes in project and program scope, identify, communicate and
resolve potential risks/conflicts, and devise contingency plans.

Worked with Directors, Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers to identify, improve
and define new business processes, communications, and future growth.
Designed and implemented Hyper Converged scalable file duplication for VMware, and data
protection for Oracle solutions.
Managed performance release activities (delays, de-scoping, decommissioning, rollback)
and provided product post-mortem analysis for improvement.
Hands-on experience implementing, troubleshooting, and supporting Hitachi Management
software, Hyper Converged, HCP content cloud, HCP-Anywhere Mobile device integration,
data storage, and Linux/Unix operating systems.
Implement Hyper Converged and HCP content virtualization platform On-Premise to Amazon
Web Service (AWS) cloud solution.
Engage in customer facing issues and resolution, working with engineering team to simulate
customer workloads, identify network and I/O bottom neck to resolution.
Provide Solution Reference Architect and Best Practice documents to support sales and
customer use cases.
Managed engineering team to build chef automation framework with continuous
improvement for product deployment and GUI automation to accelerate product release
cycle while maintain quality.
Managed the Hitachi HCP-Anywhere mobile devices Integration solution delivery.

04/10-09/15 Hitachi Data System, Santa Clara, CA Software Integration Manager

Responsible for Software Integration Program portfolio, covering Product release, Product Go
Market, Acceptance Test and Integration of Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) content cloud, HCP-
Anywhere On-Premise Integrated solution for mobile devices, Hitachi Management software
solutions for Oracle and SQL. Managed Project schedule, cross functional teams to track progress,
customer issues, deliverables using wiki pages (Confluence), project (Jira Agile). Collaborate with
Engineering, Product Management, Project Manager, Professional Services and Marketing to
improve business processes, communications, and future growth.

Key Accomplishments:
Developed project schedule, and tracked engineering progress, product releases and issues
through JIRA to ensure Product and Integration feature test completion to meet committed
delivery dates
Managed Hitachi Management Software Integration Program, covering Product planning,
Product Development, roadmaps, resources, schedule, and Integration delivery.
Define best practices, create new or improve existing process and tools for project execution
and program management.
Managed the Product functional and Integration for Hitachi Management software, HCP
content to AWS cloud, and HCP-Anywhere On-Premise Integrated solution for mobile
Conducted product Workshops and Webinars to internal and external Partners.
Built and designed the Data Protection Software scalable solution for Oracle and SQL
Responsible for weekly status meetings and product sign-off.
Collaborated with Project manager, Product Management, Engineering, and Marketing to
drive features and Integration roadmap of product releases for Hyper Converged and cloud
Managed engineering team to build chef automation framework with continuous
improvement for product deployment and GUI automation to accelerate product release
cycle while maintain quality.

06/01-03/10 Hitachi Data System, Santa Clara, CA Software QA Lead

Worked with QA engineering team to perform usability test on Hitachi software, storage, and third
party applications. Worked closely with developer to review the test requirements, feature and
functions for hardware and software, and storage supports for Oracle, MS Exchange. Managed and
developed test plan for product feature, scalability and integration. Develop Python and Shell scripts
to automate test cases. Implemented and evaluated the partner Hitachi Content Platform and NAS
for objective store and file solutions.

Worked with developer to review test feature and function and create test plan, test schedule
for Hitachi storage, Software Management releases.
Build DNS for scalable integration test with Hitachi Data Discovery Suite search solution.
Performed Hitachi replication for block and file between Hitachi Storage and third party
Developed python scripts for Hitachi Storage CLI functional test, and Winrunner to automate
Hitachi Software Management GUI in conjunction with manual test.
Performed data archiving and verification of metadata with Hitachi Content (HCP) appliance.
Tested and qualified Hitachi software with BlueArc HNAS and NetApp filer. This included
site replication between HNAS and Hitachi storage via CIF and NFS.
Configure Hitachi Storage (RAIDs, FC) and built a test environment on different Operating
Systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX).
Performed VMware qualification for Hitachi software management, and created Best
practices and deployment document to support sales.
Perform regression test for each test cycle. This includes testing new functions and
features, and updating test plan.
Work closely with developers to identify the severity of the bugs and prioritize the fixes to
meet the release schedules.

01/00-05/01 Snap Appliance, San Jose, CA Software QA
Worked with a team of QA engineering to perform QA testing of the NAS product in various
platforms (Windows Red Hat Linux, Solaris, AIX) environment. Worked with developer on feature
requirements, planned and developed test plan for each product release cycle.
Set up and Configure NAS product and test in different operating system environment.
Perform stress and NetBench test of 40-80 clients on different network protocols (TCP/IP,
NetBEUI, SNMP, HTTP, AppleTalk and NFS) on Window, Novell, MAC and Linux operating
Monitor network traffic using Microsoft Network Monitor to analyze the performances.
Generate test plans and test cases to replicate user problems and document in FileMaker
Manipulate files sharing and attributes test on the NAS products of different network
protocols on different operating systems.
Perform and report failure analysis (hardware/software) on NAS product.
Work closely with developers to define and reproduce bugs on NAS Storage.

01/97-12/99 Sony Electronics, San Jose, CA Test
Configure and perform system test of fiber channel storage with Sony SCSI Tape backup
devices and tape library automation.
Setup user account and administering files and directories permission.
Perform daily backup and compatibility test on Windows, Netware, and Unix platform.
Perform failure analysis on the SCSI tape devices using SCSI Verisys tool to measure the SCSI
signal, and provide 8D report.
Perform driver and ISV compatibility test, and provide on-site support to OEM customer.
Define test procedures and system requirements for customer issues.
Maintain and post test result document on the internal web site.
Perform and monitor daily firmware test on the SCSI tape backup.
Generate test script using I-Tech, and SCSI analyzer.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Management Information
San Jose State University.

REFERENCE: Available upon request.

Key words: Project Management, Release manager, Product release, Software Quality Assurance, AWS, OpenStack, Public
cloud, private Cloud , data platform, automation, software, hardware, hyper converged, Usability test, acceptance test,
integration test, solution architect, Agile, Waterfall, program management, Strategic Planning, product management, SaaS,
PaaS, product marketing, On-Premise, iOS, Android.