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Attraction, Course One.

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"The Sedona Method" Haie Dwoskin; "Minimum, Target, and Outrageous (MTO) Approach" Raymond
Aaron; "The Solutions Focus" - Mark McKergow; "Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)" Daniel G. Amen.
M.D.; "Stomping the ANTs" Doug Bench; "The Passion Test" - Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood

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First Edition April 2008

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&*$$vexf8xrg ?&:* fu*w *pf &9*r**?t*n:
Toble of Gonlenfs
Gourse One:
Acfivofing fhe Lqw of Affrociion............................ 5

Session l: Receive Inspirofion... .....,......7

Focus ......................8

Inner Wisdom Meditation........... .........9
Life Purpose Meditation............. ....... 10
Share Your Written Life Purpose ....... 11

Guidance from Jack Canfield.... ...............12

Notable Quotes...... ................. 13

Session 2: Form Infention.............. .......... 1s

Focus .................... 16

The InitationsList ...........I7
101 Goals and Dreams................ .......19
Clear Vision....... ...............25
The Come-As-You'11-Be-Party ..........28
Dreams andAffirmations ...................29
The Mir:ror Exercise ......... 31

Guidance from Jack Canfield.... ...............32

Notable Quotes...... .................34

www. [esrnin g$tro?egies,c6nr Ef{orfless $uccess * Course One - Ysble o* Contenfs - 3

&,c?xvxt!*g **r* l,ll* *f :b.9,rire:l}ft*l::
Tqble sf eontents

Session 3: Toke Action .............37

Focus ....................38

Creating Your Day ...........39
Mind Mapping anActionPlan.......... ...................42
Vision Board/Dream Board.... ............43
The Sedona Method .........44

Guidance from Jack Canfield.... ...............45

Notable Quotes...... .................47

Session 4: Experience Growfh .............4e

Focus ....................50

The Daily Review ............ 51
Solutions Focus ................53
Adopt the MTO Approach for Your Dreams.......................... 55
20 Things I Love to Do ......................56

Guidance from Jack Canfield.... ...............59

Notable Quotes...... .................61

Tools for lifelong Leqrning .....................63

4- &ffortless $uceess - Course Ome - Tsble of Confents rmruw. Leo rn in g$?rote g ies " e0 m
&c*iwx*{rag ?$:* Lsw *i &tfr*****r::
Acfivqfing the Inlroduction
!.trw of Attrqction
In Course One of the Effortless Success program, you will learn
core principles and practices for activating the Law ofAttraction
in your life. Success happens from the inside out, so becoming
familiar with your own inner guidance is essential. Throughout this
course you will often be directed inward-to recognize your life
purpose, to find symbols that inspire you and give you direction,
to discover your dreams and passions, to shape and evaluate each
day's actions, and much more. By connecting with this inner
guidance, you will feel confident and excited about where you are
headed and clear about how to get there. Wherever you direct your
intentions and your attention, you willfind the universe eagerly
supporting you there.

Listening and responding to what the universe offers is another

essential part of achieving success. Noticing and trusting what
emerges around you, focusing on solutions rather than problems,
and seeking feedback about your plans all keep you aligned with
the Law ofAttraction and the Law of Least Effort.

Your emotions, too, play a key role. Powerful positive emotions

propel you into action and generate a supportive response from
those around you and from the whole universe. Using the tools
in this course, you will be able to release difficult emotions and
generate positive ones to help propel you toward effortless success.

To gain the greatest benefit from your Effortless Success progmm,

be sure to listen to the supporting audio recordings that come with
Course One. Listen to the ParaliminalAskirzg several times during the
first week of study, then once a week thereafter. For extra inspiration
and guidance on living the Law ofAttraction, listen to the Effortless
Success Basics question and answer CD. Use the Fast Finish recording
for a quick review of everything you learn in Course One.

www, tes rn ingStrcx?eg ies,eom Etfortless Suceess - Course &ne - 5


& * trff*rt!*ss Su*eess * **xrss }nc wwsry. Lem rn ir:gSf reNtcg i*s,*{?!"s1


: , .. ' :, a.::: rii::

Activoflng the fusiru sf ,r&ttrse*iam:
Session I: Receive Inspirotion
Focus ......................8

Inner Wisdom Meditation............ ........9
Life Purpose Meditation............. ....... 10
Share Your Written Life Purpose ....... 11

Guidance from Jack Canfield

On Receiving Inspiration............ .......12

"And I would say the

Notable Quotes...... ................. 13
secret to my success is
that I've always listened.
I pay attention to my
Session 2: Form Intention ..................l4
mentors, my coaches, the
people who come into my
life. I leamed to question
whatever showed up in my
life-to ask myself what
is this opportunity, what is
trying to emerge here? And
instead of resisting change
and growth, I've always
been seeking it and willing
to cooperate with it."

Jack Canfieldx

*Al1 subsequent text within

quotation marks not attributed
to anyone comes from Jack
Canfield or Paul Scheele.

www LeorningStrofeEies"com Efforlless Suceess - Course One -7

&*flvx9l*g {h* l*txy *f .&?3'r**tr*r::
Session l: Receive lnsniretion

Focus On Receiving Inspirafion

We invite you to begin a joumey with us-to activate the Law of
Attraction by receiving inspiration.

This means going inward. You can gently access inner guidance in
several ways. One is to find personal symbols of success that inspire
you. Another is to discover your life purpose. These lay a foundation
for the remaining stages in activating the Law ofAttraction-
forming intention, taking action, and experiencing growth.

Going inward gives you clarity about where you're going and how
to get there. You "tune in" to a source of guidance that goes by
many names-God, spirit, higher power, inner guide, intuition,
inspiration The name doesn't matter. What does matter is to
access the guidance that's available to you at any time.

I - Etforfless $uccess - Course one wrvw. l"ec rn i n g$troteg ies. com

&**ivmfing ?he &mw of &$trse?is*:
Session I: Receive lnspirofion
lnner Wisdom Medifqtion Exercise
CD I, Trqck 3, 00:00:00
Use the space below to describe the symbol you received during
the meditation. You can describe the symbol in words or by
drawing a picture-or, if your learning style is auditory you
The image you received
might even include musical notation. The messages you receive
symbolizes an answer
are inscribed to you personally and come in the most appropriate
that can help you more
medium for your style of perception.
fully engage the Law
ofAttraction and enjoy
more effortless success
in your life. Contemplate
its meaning, engage it in
a dialogue, carry it with
you as an object, and
incorporate it into your life.

www !" Efforiless Success - Gourse One - 9

,&*?!v**1*:g ih* l*'w {}9 .iltir**?!**:
$esslom T: Receive lnspirction

Exercise Life Purpose Meditqtion

CD l, Trock 6, 00:00:00
What I experienced:

Consider finding an object

that represents the purpose
gift you received in the
meditation. When you look
atthat symbol, you can be
inspired by your pu{pose,
feel connected to it, and
manifest your purpose more
fullv in vour life.

? I * gttortless Success - Course One www. Leurnin g$?rcteg ies.corn

a*?iv*!iing fhe Lxw qr{,&ttr***i**:
$ession l: Receive lnspirotion

\- Shqre Your Written Exercise

Life Purpose CD |, Trock 7, 00:00:15

When you are clear about your life purpose:

tr Write it down, so you capture it and do not lose it.

My life purpose is

tr Share your life purpose statement with somebody you feel

connected to and will sive vou encourasement.
I will share my purpose with

By this date

tr Listen to yourself articulate your life purpose aloud.

tr Experience your purpose gaining clarity and becoming

more real to you.

wwvs" LeErn ingStrcf eg ies.e6rrl Xffortless $uccess - &surse One * I 1

&*f!w*x9ing6 fh* 3"qxw e*f &*frsx*?!*m:
Sessisn I: Receive Inspirolion

Guidqnce from On Receiving lnspirqtion

.fqck Cqnfield
Develop doily disciplines
Get into the habit of engaging in short daily sessions devoted to your
life purpose and goals. You might spend three minutes reviewing
your goals in the morning or 10 to 15 minutes completing one page
of a novel you always dreamed of writing. While almost effortless,
the daily disciplines you choose to complete in the corilse of your
day can over time bring huge results.

Trqvel to higher levels

Set aside time for meditationdaily or on a regular basis to access
your inner wisdom. Tuning into a higher level of consciousness
will more effectively guide you toward achieving and fulfilling
your highest purpose.

Benefil from processionol effecls

Follow your intuitive impulses and beneflt from what Buckminster
Fuller called processional effects. By following your intemal
guidance and taking committed action that aligns with your highest
good and the good ofothers, you experience results above and
beyond your original intent or desire.

Pqy qftenfion lo whot you qre feeling

Your internal guidance system provides feedback to let you know
whether or not you are on course to fulfilling your purpose. Feeling
a deep sense ofjoy or contentment, for instance, tells you that your
actions are aligned with what you are here to do, experience, or
express in the world. Feelings of discomfort or even physical pain, on
the other hand, can be sending a message that your life is offcourse.

Keep lhe essence of your life purpose

As you live your purpose you may sense its form changing over
time. Its core, however, is not likely to change but rather to unfold
as you gain a deeper awareness of your purpose over time. The
essence of your purpose remains while the qualities you bring
forward into the world expand.

12 - gffortless $uccess * Gourse One wurw" Leqrn lngSf roteg ies.c6m

&c?ivafing ?he Lsw of AttrsetXeprx:
Session l: Receive Inspirofion

\- Nolqble Quofes
o'Faith is believing the universe is on our side."
Marianne Williamson

ooThe secret
of my success is I bit off more than I could chew
and chewed as fast as I could."
Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee)

o'I am only a pencil in the hand of God."

Mother Teresa

"The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.t'

Mark Twain

belief is a thought we think over and over."
Jack Canfield

\-, ooA
good idea gives me goose bumps."
Jack Canfield

www !.esrnin g$trcfeg ies"conn Et{ortless $uccess * Course One * l3

&*tlv**ing ?he ilqx:rg c*f &?frry*?*$r::
Session ?: Receive InsplrEtion

Trqnsition Session 2= Forrn Intention

The next stage in activating the Law of Attraction is to form
intention. Flesh out your dreams by adding details about when,
how, and where you will take action on your inspiration.

This means translating your inner guidance into goals, which are
usually expressed in words. Words form a bridge between the
invisible world of thought and the visible world of people, things,
and events. When you form an intention to meet your goals, the
universe starts to comply. Circumstances fall into place. Resources
become available. Your inspired intention makes it all happen.

You can also express your intention in images-through literally

creating a vision of what you want to become. Exercises in the next
session of this course help you to richly imagine what you will see,
hear, feel, and do when living in alignment with your inspiration.

I4' - e*ortless $uccess - Gourse One www"


*f i-rij;1 r,i -' *,

..; t.j t , i-.'-I1." i-:-"
Ae*lvcfing th* &excr{r *f &?tn*cfisn:
Session 2: Form lnfenlion

\- Contents
Focus .................... 16

The Irritations ...........I7
101 Goals and Dreams................ ....... 19
Clear Vision....... ...............25
The Come-As-You'11-Be Party ..........28
Dreams andAffirmations ...................29
The Mirror Exercise .. .. ..... 3 1

"In this session we're

Guidance from Jack Canfield
going to focus on asking
On Forming Intention ......32
and really getting clear and
getting specific so that we
Notable Quotes...... ............,....34
have a very defined list of
the things that we want
to bring forward into our
Session 3: Take Action...... .................35
life-what we want to do,
what we want to be, and
what we want to have."

www. leorningStroiegies"com Effortless Success - Course One - I5

3.t:..9il.l*1i*S ?h*, L*x a:3 &li*x*l!*rt;
$ession 2: Forern lntention

Focus On Forming Intention

To activate the Law ofAttraction in your favor, a critical step is
to form clear, specific intentions that support your purpose. Then
the universe can respond accordingly. To help you form your
intentions and stay motivated, this session will guide you to:
. Clear away "initations" that bog you down.
. Dream a long list of big, positive, detailed dreams.
. Create a vision for four major dimensions in your life.
. Write effective affirmations to keep you focused and attract
your vision to you.
. Have a "Come-As-You'll-Be" party to act out your
reahzed vision.
. Build your self-esteem nightly by appreciating and
loving yourself.

These activities allow you to be a deliberate creator of your life. As

you do them, you will find pursuing your dreams to be exciting and
easier than you think.

I6 - gffortless Suecess * Course One www l,eo rn i n gtf rof eg ies. eorn
&c?iv**!:rg t**e L*rny of &$fns*f**ra:
Session 2: Form Infenfion
The lrrilqfions Lisi Exercise
CD 2, Trock |, 00:05:43
Begin the initations list by making a"T-chart." To the left of the
stem of the "T," you will list irritations. To the right, you will write
your goals. Now...
"While these are not the
tr Go through your house, your office, your garage, your big save-the-world, bring-
car, your attic, your basement-any place where you have
world peace, make-a-
control-and make a list of all the things that are not million-dollars kind of
exactly the way you want them to be. goals, it's getting me out of
I List the irritations on the left of your T:chart. this place of resignation, of

tr To the right of the irritations, list conditions you want to settling for not having what
have in their place. I want."

tr Schedule time for a"blitz day" to fix as much as possible,

preferably with the help of friends.
tr Schedule fixing big messes at least once a quarter.

My lrrilofions list New Condilions

www lecrningSf rategies,com Efforfless Sr.lceess - Course One - l7

&*.flvx?;ng $'h* |*e.v *f ;l'ftr**?**n:
$ession 2: Form lnfenfion

The lrritctions List
My lrrifclions List New Conditions
CD 2, Trock l, 00:05:43

tr & - fgortless Suceess * Course One www !"eo rn i n g$trc*e g i es. co rn

&*9*vw9rng f$'rc Lcxr** *f &?fx'<x*t$cw:
Session 2: Form Intention
I0I Goqls qnd Dreqms Exercise
CD 2, Trqck I, 00:12:38
Use the following space to list 101 goals and dreams. Do not be
afraid to dream big. And do not woffy if you stop short of 101
dreams (or if you have more than 101). As you review the list
"Everyone wants their
periodically, you can always add more dreams. The most important
dreams to come true but
criteria for stating a dream are:
obviously you can't have
. Feel your passion about achieving this dream.
a dream come true unless
. Be very specific and detailed. you have a dream. And
. Be positive-state what you want to have, not what you so we have to really take

want to eliminate or avoid. some time to sit down and

acknowledge our dreams."













www" LeorningStroleg ies.corn Ef{ortless $uccess - Course One - l9

&.*9*vexf*ng *lh* L*ci"r *:f &*frqx*9i{}m;
$ession 2: Fornr lnfention

t0I Goqls ond Dreams
Keep dreaming in detail (and technicolor)...
CD 2, Trock I, 00:l2:38























20 - fffortless Suceess - Oourse One www, Leq rningSiroieg ies.eonR

,&*?*v**d*g *h* F-exw *$ &$'*rx*?itl*:
Session 2: Form Intention
I0t Goqls qnd Dreqms Exercise
Dream BIG dreams...
CD 2, Trock l, 00:l2:38























www" l"eqrnin g$trcteg ies,com Effortless Suceess - Oeiurse One * 2X

&*tiverfi*96 fh* *"sxrv ep9 &?frx*ti*r*:
Session 2: Form lntention

Exere ise
10t Goqls ond Dreqms
CD 2, Trqck |, 00:l2:38

"It's very impofiant that 65)

when you have these
goals that you enroll your
family members, your 67)
team at work. etc.. to all be 68)
holding the same vision and
intention simultaneously. "
















22 - xnorxess sueeess - sourse One www, Leo rn i m g$f ncr?e g I es.c6 rY!
&c*{v*t*ang 9!rs L*w *$ S"ttrqx*f!<*r:l
Session 2: Form lntention
l0l Goqls qnd Dreqms Exercise
Never stop dreaming...
CD 2, Trock I, 00:l2:38


8e) "Once we set the goals, one

of the things that's really
valuable to do is to go back
e1) and to review them over

e2) and over."










Congrafulations on completing your list of dreams. When you are

directed to do so, go back to this Guidebook,read and follow the
instructions on the next page to help you review and, if necessary
rephrase your dreams.

vnww. lesrn in g$trcf stforfless Suecess - Course One * 23

&*fivex?img*h* Lexnr *? &*9r**9i*x:
Session 2: Form lnlenlion

I0I Gools and Dreqms
Frequently review your dreoms
CD 2,Trqck 2,00:0I:14
As you review your list of dreams, use the following spaces to
rephrase any that are stated in the negative. A negative dream
"The universe doesn't hear generates negative emotions, and these emotions will attract more
the word don't or not. It negativity into your life rather than bringing you what you really
only hears the specificity dream of having. For example, a negative dream such as "I want

of the order, and it feels the a house that isn't so cramped" could be rephrased as "I see myself
feelings you feel when you and my spouse and two children living in a 2500-square-foot,

think about those kinds of beautifully landscaped, two-story colonial house in a residential
qualities-what you want part of Philadelphia."

to have and not what you

don't want to have." Positive rephrasing of # _.

Positive rephrasing of # _.

Positive rephrasing of # _.

Positive rephrasing of # _.

Positive rephrasing of # _.

Positive rephrasing of # _.

24 - rnorness sueeess - course One www. Leolnin g$f rof

&***vmtirxg f9te fucxw *f &*tre*t;axm;
Session 2: Form Inlention

\- Cleqr Vision Exercise

CD z,Trock 4,00:00:00
You significantly increase your ability to remember your
experiences during the meditation by recording them as soon as
possible after the exercise. Use the spaces that follow to describe
what you experienced in each area. Use any technique that seems
appropriate to your experience-descriptive writing, poetry
drawings, or even musical notation.

My experiences in the success dimension:

www lesrning$ Efforfless $r.rccess - Ceiurse One - 25

eD 2, Trock 4,00:00:00

"One of the reasons most

people don't manifest their
vision, one of the blocks,
one of the places they
stumble up is that they
don't share it."

X& * X*t*rtl*ss Sai,**s* * *eq:rsep *n*: www" Lecrninc$trcrieg ie$.ce:m

&*tiv*t$ng fhe $"cxl# sf &ffrcet**al:
Session 2: Form lntention
CIeqr Vision Exercise
My experiences in fhe personol growfh CD 2, Trock 4,00:00:00

"When you share your

vison, it becomes more
real to you. People that are
listening to it nine times
out of ten say, 'Yeah, right
on-good. And me, too;
I want the same thing.'
Then you feel joined and

Congratulations on recording your experiences to make them more

real and more memorable. For even more powerful results, share
your experiences with someone you trust.

www. LesrningStroiegies.corn Effeirfless $uecess - Course One * 27

&*'fiv*ir*g f*t* *.*:*w {}f &f?rs*?**m:
$ession 2: Forrn lntention

Hxere ise The Gome-As-You'll-Be

CD 2, Trock 5,00:02:04 Pqrty
Give a Come-As-You'11-Be Party to energize your dreams. Plan
"When I had my first your party as follows:
Come-As-You'll Be P arty,
tr Invite a group of your friends or colleagues. You can do
my desire was to write
this as a personal gathering or as a business get-together.
some books, but I had not
yet started writing. So tr On the invitation write something like, o'Come as the

I made book covers for person you will be five years from now when you have

the books and walked achieved your goals."

around sharing what I had tr Date the invitation five years from the time of the pafiy.
done. It's an amazingly tr Encourage people to bring props and to dress as their vision
high experience." of themselves in five years.

28 - sttortless Success - Course One www. Leqrning$

&*9*vwtixrg ?hs &qxw *f &'$frm*?$per:
Session 2: Forrn lnfenlion

\!' Dreoms qnd Affirmctions Exercise

CD 2, Trock 5,00:07:50
Identify flve of your most important dreams and write an
affirmation for each one. Remember the rules for writins
. Start with "I am" to bring it into the present tense.
. Make a positive statement.
. LJse an action verb.

. Keep the statement brief and concise.

. Include a feeling word.
. Make affirmations for yourself only, not others.

Dream #1:

Affirmation: I am

Dream #2:

Affirmation: I am

r,nww. !.esrn ingSf rotegies.oom ttfeidless Success - Course One - 29

&ctivex?!mg **xs &"ssltr *f &t*rss*!*n:
Session 2: Form Intention

Dreoms qnd Affirmofions
CD 2,Trqck 5,00:07:50 Dream #3:

Affirmation: I am

Dream #4:

Affirmation: I am

Dream #5:

Affirmation: I am

Congratulations on writing affirmations for five dreams. Writing

your affirmations makes them more real and clarifies them. Say
these affirmations aloud, with feeling, at least once a day for at
least the next thirty days.

30 - gwortless $uceess - Ceurse Qne www, Leqrnin gSf rcf egies"eom

&ctivexfing **re L*xw sf A?$rm*fi**x;
Session 2: Form lnfention

\- The Mirror Exercise Exercise

CD 2, Trqck 6,00:06:52
Do the mirror exercise every night before going to bed to
appreciate yourself for all the things you did that day. This builds
up your self-esteem. It also focuses you on something very
important for the Law ofAttraction, which is to focus on that
which is working and not on that which is not working. Follow
these steps:

Step 1: Stand in front of the mirror.

Step 2: Say to yourself, "I want to appreciate you for doing

this, doing that, doing this, doing that...."
Step 3: At the end, look right into your eyes and say, "I
love you."

www. LeornlngSlra?eg Effortless Success - Course One - 3I

l,i,*9!v*?lx# fh* i"*w *{ ;lt?r**fican:
Session 2: Forn'l Inientisn

Suidsnce from On Forming lntention

.jsek Ssntield
Envision in four dimensions
As you seek to activate the Law ofAttraction in your life you will
focus primarily on four areas: success, relationships, health, and
personal growth. Examples within these include financial, job-
career-profession, relationship s, health and physical well-being,
recreation, personal growth, and contribution or legacy.

Follow fhe offirmEfion guidelines

. Start with "I am" to get into present tense.
. Make a positive statement.
. ljse an action verb.
. Keep it brief and concise.
. Include a feeling word.
. Make affirmations for vourself onlv. not others.

Motivqte with an imoge

Motivation arises out of a want or desire you have. When you
reinforce your new want or desire through images, pictures, and
statements, you strengthen and empower it, so it becomes greater
than what currently exists in your life, drawing you even closer to
it. The stronger the image, the greater the vibration it sends to the
universe so the Law ofAttraction can work to fulfill it.

Repeot sffirrnqfions every dqy

Recite your affirmations twice daily, in the morning and in the
evening before you sleep. Record them on three-by-five cards, on
a laminated sheet of paper, or on your computer screen saver for
easy access. To strengthen your desires, write each affirmation on
one side of a large five-by-seven card and on the opposite side add
pictures or photos of what you desire, such as a new home, car, or
dream vacation resort.

32 * gftortless Success - Course One www. Leornin gS?rcfeg ies,eom

&*t*vc**r"lg fhe Lcxier *f A*frmcf{*n:
Session 2: Form Inlention

\-' On Forming Inlenfion Guidance

Follow lhe thirty-dqy rule
Repeat your affirmations every day for thirty days to optimize their

Affirrn yourself
Acknowledge yourself for who you are. Do the mirror exercise
often to affirm all of your wonderful attributes.

Hove one qffirmqtion per goql

Create one powerful affirmation for every goal or dream on your list.

www. Leclrn ingSlrofeg Effortless Suecess - Course One - 33

&.:,; .

Sessicn 2: Form lntentlon


Notshle &ustes
: *lt doesn't take any more energy to create a big dream than it
i does to create a little one."
l General Wesley Clark

I "You are never given a dream without also being given the
; power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.oo
, Richard Bach

I 66If
you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember, this
r whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse."
r Walt Disney

: ooYou can achieve a goal; you never really achieve your purpose
I because your purpose is ongoing. It never stops."

"One hour of mental work, like doing affirmations, visualizing,

: focusing on your vision, doing your purpose statement, and so
forth is worth seven hours of activity in the world.'o
: Jack Canfield

34-- effsnfless Suceess * Course 8ne www. Lesrn ingSNroteg ies.e0m

&*fivex?ing ?h* Lsw *9 S"ftrm*f*eyrx:
Session 2: Form Infention
Session 3: Tqke Action Tronsiiion

The first two sessions of this course are all about thinking big-
opening to inspiration, dreaming big dreams, writing big goals.

Paradoxically, daily life unfolds in small ways. In this moment,

your life purpose might manifest as a phone call to make, an email
to send, or someone to meet. When your moment-to-moment
choices align with your inspirations and intentions, you activate the
Law ofAttraction at an even deeper level.

Exercises in the next session guide you to visualize each day's

activities. You will also learn a method for releasing negative
emotions and ways to "chunk" large goals into small steps. These
are ways to clear a path for inspired action.

To gain full benefit from Course One, remember to listen to your

Paraliminal, question and answer, and Fast Finish CDs.

www, Lesrn ingSf roteg ies,corn Gtfortless Success - Csurso One - 35


S& * X**crrless Su*eess * *r,:rse Sne w*nrs" !-*s rn ing$?rc?eg ies.e&r?3

&*?iv*xf&cng ?$'rs Lsw* *f &ttrqx*ii*r*:
Session 2: Form Infention
Session 3: Tqke Action Trqnsifion

The first two sessions of this course are all about thinking big-
opening to inspiration, dreaming big dreams, writing big goals.

Paradoxically, daily life unfolds in small ways. In this moment,

your life purpose might manifest as a phone call to make, an email
to send, or someone to meet. When your moment-to-moment
choices align with your inspirations and intentions, you activate the
Law ofAttraction at an even deeoer level.

Exercises in the next session guide you to visualize each day's

activities. You will also learn a method for releasing negative
emotions and ways to "chunk" large goals into small steps. These
are ways to clear apath for inspired action.

To gain fulIbenefit from Course One, remember to listen to your

Paraliminal, question and answer, and Fast Finish CDs.

www. Leo rn i n gStroleg ies. cot! Gfforlless $uecess - Course One - 35



*t rrrl rl'r.\ " I -l

:) U '-' l-,*l!;L:-)
, ! t I I |' il^
&**iv*f6etg ?!:s X"sq*a pf &.*frwcti*n:
Session 3: Tcke Action

Focus ....................38

Creating Your Day ...........39
Mind Mapping an Action Plan .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .... .... . 42

Vision Board/Dream Board........ ........43

The Sedona Method .........44

Guidance from Jack Canfield

On Taking Action .............45
"Every goal that we have
has steps to it, and it's
Notable Quotes...... .................47
important to begin to
create what we might call
an action plan or a master
Session 4: Experience Growth. ..........48
plan for how we're going to
achieve that."

wwvv, Lec rn i n g$tro*e g les.corr! Efforftess $uccess - Oourse One - 37

. ss*i*s1 3; Yq*k* &*t$*st

F**uss ffirru YwkHmg &e#F#ffi

To realize your dreams requires making day-by-day choices about
actions to take. As you have learned in the previous sessions, inner
guidance is the starting place for determining your life purpose
and your vision for the various dimensions of your life. The same
it comes to deciding what actions to
is true on a daily basis when
take. Your own inner wisdom will show you what to do next. In
this session, you will leam Creating Your Day, an action-planning
process for starting each day.

You will also find two bonus activities, not covered in the recorded
session of Take Action, to support your envisioning process and
action planning. They include:
. Mind mapping your action plan to chunk your goals into
manageable segments
. Creating a vision board or dream book to provide an
ongoing visual reminder of your intentions

Powerful positive emotions such joy, peace, and enthusiasm


support us in achieving success. You can use affirmations, your

vision board or dream book, and other methods described in this
course to help you generate these emotions. Sometimes difficult
emotional states can arise, but you do not have to be a victim
of your feelings. This session will give you the steps to release
unpleasant emotional states with The Sedona Method

With the ability to create your day and support your intentions
with visual symbols and powerful emotions, you will discover how
effortless living your life purpose can be on a daily basis.

3& * e*or*less Sueeess - &ourse &ne vvww. l"es rn lng$*rcieg ies.e6R't

,&*?9vex?img *hc furyw *$ &tfresetle*m: ,6fu
Session 3: Toke Acflon W-

Creqting Your Dqy Exercise

CD 3, Trock 5,00:00:00
After visualizing your ideal day, record below what you
experienced and what you plan to create today.

"Having a written
Significqnf imqges I experienced:
blueprint increases greatly
the likelihood that you
will create the day you

Quqlities I choose fo monifest:

www" Effortless $uecess - Course One - 39

ft* *exeer *f &f*r***l*r::
Session 3: Tqke Aclion

Greqting Your Dqy
CD 3, Trock 5, 00:00:00
My inspired infenfions:

"Are you ready to live

the day you created in
your visualrzation?"

Actions I will lqke in eqch dimension:

Finqnciql Suecess:

Heqlth ond Filness:

40 - fgortless $uccess - Course One www, lesrn lng$trateg ies,e6m

Lsws *f &t*r*stierrx:
&ctiv**iitg f?re
Session 3: Toke Action
Creqling Your Dqy Exercise

Relqtionships: CD 3, Trock 5,00:00:00

"Are you ready to live

the day you created in
your visualization?"

Personql Growth:

www. Lecrnin gStrofegles.eom Effortless Euceess - Coulrse One - 41

**ilvtxfiri* lhc L*rs *t &?3rcx{:f****l
Sesslon 3: Tcke Action

Exercise Mind Mqpping

Guidebook Only sn Actisn Plsn
To further your goals and create an action plan for your day, you
can use the right-brain technique of mind mapping.

For each goal you want to consideq follow these instructions to

"chunk it down" into manageable steps within your action plan:
Step 1: Put the goal in the middle of the page.

Step 2: Draw affows from the goal to "chunks" of the goal

(e.g., chapters of a book, divisions of a business).

Step 3: Draw lines out from each chunk to actions that suppotl
it (e.g., content of the book's chapters)
Step 4: Draft a list that puts the chunks, steps, and action items
in sequential order.

IDelrl. rF Y
coNrRAc f

DErERrn lNe

SuBm rr' uJR l7a

8oo< HouJ-ao Wt,

AhLD Ll-PeR't s
REvtSE DRAPT lNteR.vt6wJ

De\ret-r?aohrEpt- futHJ 2r{g3
WPIfE EO6X: TNdTH, 4 7H2o!6H 7

SEcuQ.e gtgutqER: mal'f H b

43 - rr*ortless $ueeess * Gourse One www. Leorni n gS?rcteg ies"com

&c*iwex$.!ng ?he &sxvaf &ttrscfispr:
Session 3: Tqke Acfion
Vision Boqr'dlDreqm Book Exercise
Guidebook Only
Creole o vision boqrd
A vision board is a collage of experiences you want to have, things
you want to own and buy, places you want to go, and successes
"When we're visualizing
you want to experience. Once you create your vision board, you
internally, there are all
can take a photograph ofyour vision board and cany it around
kinds of things that come
with you. Create yours as follows:
into our consciousness. It's
tr Get a big piece of poster board. very valuable to capture
these extemally so when
tr Place words on it describing qualities you want to
we're not inside, which is
experience such as love,joy, and passion.
the majority of the time,
tr Add pictures of things that you want to be experiencing we're being reminded of
and achievinq. what it is we were focusing
on inside. One of the most
Creqfe q dreqm book powerful tools for that is
When you are traveling and cannot carry a big vision board with called a vision board."
you, take a dream book instead. Leaf through it every day to stay
focused on your dreams. Create your dream book as follows:

tr Use a notebook or three-ring binder.

tr On each page put an image of somethingthaLyou want.

Add inspiring words.

wwvv. [esrnin gStrategie$"co,rl tffnrftess $uceess - Course One - 43

S,*9*v*t!ng fh* Lm'*c *f &ggr**9i*n:
Sessioll 3: Toke Action

Exercise The Sedonq Method

CD 3, Trqck 5,00:08:08 for Releqsing Emotions
When you are not feeling good about an emotion you are
"If we trust that the experiencing, you can use Hale Dwoskin's The Sedona Method to
universe is always bringing
release it:
the experiences we need to
have and the experiences
Step 1: Close your eyes, go inside, and ask yourself what you
are feeling.
that will help us grow, then
we have to trust that as the Step 2: Welcome the feeling that you have identified. Ask
feeling moves through, yourself, "Can I welcome this feeling as best I can?',
the next thing that comes Step 3: After experiencing the feeling deeply for a time, ask
will be just as useful, yourself, "Could I let this feeling go?"
valuable, wonderful for our
Step 4: Then ask yourself, "Would I let this feeling go?" Give
yourself some time to determine that you are truly
willing to let the feeling go.
Step 5: Finally, ask yourself, "When?"

Step 6: Repeat the process as many times as necessary to feel

completely emptied of the feeling.

44 - gftortless $ueeess - Course One www. LesrningStroteg ie$"e0m

&*?*v*t!*g 99xe &*w sf &?9r**?*em:
Session 3: Toke Action

On Tqking Action GuidEnce fron'r

Jack eqnfield
Add visuqlizqlions lo offirmqfions
Make it a daily discipline to add visualizations when creating
and reciting your affirmations. They serve as a command to your
unconscious mind to find ways to make your vision come true.

Acf on your inspirotions

After you create your intention and begin moving toward your
vision, heighten your level of awareness. When you are in flow
and in alignment with your life purpose, you are likely to receive
inspirations more often and from more sources. It's important that
you act on your intuition and these inspirations.

Chunk if down
Break every goal into smaller steps. Create an action plan or
master plan for how you are going to achieve the goal.

Be qccountqble to q pqrtner
Find an "accountability parhrer" to whom you can safely share your
goals and dreams. Knowing you have to report to another person can
give you added motivation to complete your tasks and objectives.

Creqie q Mqslermind Group

Create a group with six or eight people (including your
accountability partner) that can serve as a support network and
sounding board. Gather together in person or by conference call to
discuss your goals and your progress. Share new ideas, resources,
or anything you have come across that could help other members.
Encourage members to ask questions of each other.

www. l"eeirR inoStrstesies,eom ffsrtless $uccess - Course One - r{l5

&*f*v*?ing fhe $"*w *f &?trm*f**m:
Session 3: Tqke Aclion

On Tcking Action
Yield to fhe process
Avoid viewing the obstacles in your life as stop signs. They are
more like yield signs. As you take action and begin moving energy
into the world, the energy of the world may begin pushing back
against you. Join with the process-yield to it. It's a lot easier to
float downstream than to paddle upstream against the current. As
the universe unfolds. let it easilv take vou down the river.

Be I00 percent responsible for your life

Taking greater responsibility for your life gives you greater control.
When something does not work out the way you want it to, stop and
ask why: "How did I create that? How did I allow that to happen?"

Move up the sc<rle of emolions

Take responsibility for creating the feelings and emotions that will
bring you into alignment with producing the result you want.

Overeome fesr by toking qcfion

Be willing to take action. Most people take the "Ready, aim, fire"
approach to life. Adopt the "Ready, fire, now aim" approach instead.

46 - Ettortless Success - eourse One www, l-es rni n gSircf eg ies.eorn

&etXwcting the &sv,r mf &?frs*fip*r:
Session 3: Toke Acfion

\* Notqble Quotes
'oThe secret of getting ahead is getting started."
Mark Twain

"It's not important to get it right; but it is important to get

it started."
T. Harv Eker

ooSuccess leaves
Tony Robbins

ooThemain way to get past fear is simply to act. The greatest

growth is where the greatest fear is."
Jack Canfield

oolmagination is everything.It is the preview of life's

coming attractions."
Albert Einstein

www. Leornin gSf roteg ies,com Eflortless $uccess - Qourse One - 47

&*iivex?i*g t?r* i"c;lv'd clf A??r**fi*n:
$ession 3: TEke Aclion

Trqnsition Session 4:
Experience Growth
Previous sessions in this course guided you to receive inspiration,
form intention, and take action. You might find that your
circumstances are already starting to change and that people are
treating you differently. In addition, you are changing as well.
You're experiencing personal growth.

Over the coming days and weeks, you willfind yourself thinking
new thoughts, feeling new feelings, and taking new actions. These
attract new results into your life. The next session supports this
process with a variety of exercises.

When you trust that life is always bringing you the experiences
you need in order to grow, then you can see everything differently.
People that you used to resent are now chances to practice non-
judgment. Things that you used to call problems are now chances
to find solutions. The next thing that happens to you today-
pleasant or unpleasant-could usher in the next stage of your
personal growth.

4& - gfrortless $uccess - Course One www. [eErningSf retegies.corn

&ctivex*lr:g fhe &sw sf Atfrsc?ion:
Session 4: Experience Growfh

Focus ....................50

The Daily Review ............51
Solutions Focus........ ........53
Adopt the MTO Approach for Your Dreams.......................... 55
20 Things I Love to Do ......................56

Guidance from Jack Canfield

On Experiencing Growth ...................59
"All there is to do at
any given time is to say:
Notable Quotes...... .................61
'Where am I? Where do
I want to go?'Then do
whatever it takes to move
Course Two: Integrating the Law of Attraction ............... ......62
you there."

www. !.eornin Effortless $uccess - Course One - 49

&*$$vw?ier6fh* Lqxvu *f &ffrff*?**rr:
$ession 4: Experience Growth

Focus On Experiencing Growth

The universe is designed to support your success. Stay alert to the
clues and resources the universe is continually providing to make
things easy for you. Trust what emerges. Two exercises in this
session will help you discover how to align yourself with the Law
of Least Effort and to keep making improvements as you move
toward your vision:
. The Daily Review: Your evening check-in to celebrate
successes and listen in for suidance about what could
work better.
. 20 Things I Love to Do: An exercise to explore how to
generate income doing what you enjoy.

What you focus on is what you attract, so this session will show
you how to focus on solutions rather than problems. Keep your eye
on what's working by using Mark McKergow's rating technique,
celebrating how far you have come while reaching higher. Set
your goals at three different levels by using the MTO approach
minimum, target, and outrageous-to generate needed momentum,
especially when you only feel like starting small. Seeking feedback
along the way is also important to stay in harmony with those
around you.

5CI - r*tontless $uceess - Oourse One www, Leqrning$trotegies,com

&*fivm*6n:g ?he *-ww *f &*trssti*n;
Session 4: Experience Growth

\v The Dqily Review Exercise

CD 4, Trqck 2,00:00:00
Use the lines below to record your successes during the day,
including actions, thoughts, and qualities of being. (Feel free to
"So at the end of the day
make copies of these blank Daily Review pages for future use.)
we want to harvest the
wisdom and the insights
I was successful when I from a higher source
about how we can do it
betteq how we can keep
improving so we're moving
I was successful when I
toward this sense of
evolution and growth that
we want."

I was successful when I

. I was successful when I

I was successful when I

I was successful when I

I was successful when I

I was successful when I

\-- I was successful when I

www Lesrn ing$f rcteg ies"corn tffortless Success - Course OnE - 51

fi* ll': * !, *';.,;,:;: ii': t {: i:: tli i:t a'i l
:;i,i.: :'i r.ii1 : : 1

Session 4: frxperienc* Grsrrdif?

The Daily Review
Record times when you were out of alignment with your pulpose,
cD 4, Trock 2,00:00:00
intentions, or preferred way of being.

,.you could say to your , I was out of alignment when I

unconscious, please show
me where been
I could have l

more effective today' or

, I was out of alisnment when I
you could say, please show
me where I could have been
more conscious or more
loving or more asseftive or I was out of alignment when I
patient or whatever quality
you're working on bringing
more into your life'" Record ways in which you could have been more effective in being
, who you are or creating what you want:

I could have been more effective if I had

I could have been more effective if I had

I could have been more effective if I had

Looking back on the day's experience, I perceive the following

uplifting thought or insight (in words or images):

52 - f*fertless $ueeess - Co,ulrEe 6ne www. Leornin g$trotegies.e&rn

&*?Xvwt$ng fhe&mnrs *f &f*rw*?!*n:
Session 4: Experience Growfh

Solutions Focus Exercise

CD 4, Trqck 4,00:03:32
Adopt Mark McKergow's rating technique:
Step L: Rate your current situation (or your company's) on a
scale of 1 to 10 (1 is low, 10 is high).

Solulions Focus Scole

Step 2: List below all the things you are doing well to make
your rating as high as it is.

www N"esrningStrcfeg ies,conr Ffforfless $uccess - Oourse One - 53

,&etivating thc Lsw of Attrsstion:
Session 4: Experience Growfh

Exercise Solutions Focus


CD 4, Trock 4,00:03:32 Step 3: Focus and expand on those positive thoughts.

Step 4: Identify the next step you could take to bring your
rating up one point higher:

54 - Ettortless Success - Oourse One www, LeorninEStrc*egies,com

&c?&vct!ng the &uvw *f &ffrwct!*m:
Session 4: Experience Growth

Adopt the MTO Approqch Exercise

for Your Dreqms CD 4, Trock 4,00:05:45

Raymond Aaron suggests setting goals at three different levels:

Minimum, Target, and Outrageous (MTO). "Have you ever decided:
I don't really feel like
Select one of your 101 dreams and write it below: washing all the dishes
tonight and cleaning up the
kitchen but I'11just do the
silverware or I'11just do the
glasses? And the next thing
you know you've not only
done the glasses, you've
tr Identify the minimum level of goal achievement:
done the dishes, the pots,
and pans; you've wiped
down the counter and
you're reaching for
the broom?"

f Identify atarget level of goal achievement:

tr Identify an outrageous level of goal achievement:

www. LesrningStrafeg ies.corn Effortless Success - Ceiurse One - 55

_gffi -&ctivniin'g th* {-*qv *f &?*r**t***;
;F { Session 4: Experience Growfh

Exercise 20 Thlngs | love To Do

CD 4, Trqck 6, 00:04:41
Use the numbered lines below to record twenty things you love to
do. Then brainstorm five ways to make money doing each of the
twenty things, and record the best idea for each one in the space
indicated below.

1) I love to

Make money by

2) I love to
Make money by

3) I love to
Make monev bv

4) I love to
Make monev bv

5) I love to
Make monev bv

6) I love to
Make monev bv

56 - cmonless $uccess - Course One wwr*. Leorni m g$trcfeg ies,com

Aetiv*fing?fre !-sw of &tt*.setion: &
Session 4: Experience Growm

20 Things I love To Do Exercise


7) I love to CD 4, Trqck 6,00:04:41

Make money by

8) I love to
Make money by

9) I love to
Make money by

\* 10) I love to

Make money by

11) I love to

Make money by

12) I love to

Make money by

13) I love to

Make money by

www. Les rn in gSf rcrf eg les. corn Effortless $uccess - Oourse One - 57
&ativating the Lsw ef Atfrseficpn:
Session 4: Experience Growfh

20 Things | love To Do
CD 4, Trock 6,00:04:41 14) I love to

Make monev bv

15) I love to

Make money by

16) I love to

Make money by

17) I love to

Make money by

18) I love to

Make monev bv

19) I love to

Make monev bv

20) I love to

Make monev bv

58 - sfforttess Success - Course One www. Leornin gSlrolegie$.eom

Ac?ivuting fhe l,sw of ,&ttp'qetiom: gfu
Session 4: Experlence Growth

On Experiencing Growth Guidqnce from

Jqck Contield
Follow the joy
Follow your passions and you will more easily create the life of
your dreams. According to the Law of Least Effofi, what you want
to do most in life, the thing that will bring you the greatest joy and
fulfillment-and the greatest payoff-will not feel like work at all.

Pqy ottenfion qnd fqke lhe nexf step

Pursuing your vision is like climbing mountains. When you are
at the bottom of the first mountain, you do not see the one that
follows. When you arrive at the first peak, you are more prepared
and excited to tackle the next mountain until eventually you want
to climb Mount Everest. As you pay attention and respond to the
challenges before you, you minimize your resistance. You naturally
take actions that produce the next step of growth, both in terms of
your inner awareness and outer balance.

Follow lhe inner cooch, nol lhe crilic

Imagine what you could do if you could transform your inner
critic to an inner coach. The critic is living in the past, pointing
to your faults and judging you for actions you took in the past.
The coach is living in the present and recognizes that you cannot
change the past. You can only change what you are doing in the
present moment to produce a more effective and fulfilling future.
Your inner coach is on your side. Instead of beating you up about
the past, the coach says, "Look, I noticed this." Then the coach
encourages you and says, "Go out there and do it!"

www leorning$f rof egieE.conn Efforlless Success - Ceiurse One - 59

.&af*vxting the L*w *$ &?fr**t!**:
$ession 4: Experience Growth

On Experiencing Growth
Focus on solutions, nol problems
The Law ofAttraction says you get more of what you focus on.
You get more of what you talk about, think about, feel strongly
about, attend to, or put your energy toward. Focusing on a problem
is like driving down a road and encountering a big rock right in
the middle. You get out of your car and try pushing the rock aside,
getting upset that it's there and screaming to God, "Why did you
put this rock in my road?!" Sometimes it's as easy as saying, "Wait
a second. Three feet to the rieht there is no rock."

Never give up
The author Michael Crichton has been known to rewrite a book up
to 22 times before having it published. While Ihatmay not seem
effoftless, writing is what he loves to do. He loves the craft so
much that rewritins is not work to him.

60 - ettortless Sr"rccess - Qourse One www LeqrR lngStroteg ies.60m

,&c?ivctXxrg ?$re L*w *$ &tfrms{{msx:
Session 4: Experience Growth

\v Notqble Quofes
"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole
staircase. Just take the first step."
Martin Luther Kins

"Try things you've never tried and see if they work."

Jack Canfield

'6Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone."

Robert Allen

"If you're going to achieve a high goal, youore going to have to

take some chances."
Alberto Salazar

"We have an innate desire to endlessly learn, grow,

and develop."
\v Chuck Gallozzi

"You don't have to get it perfect, you just have to get it
Jack Canfield

www. leorningStrotegies"com Effodless Success * Course One - 61

"&*t8vmf*ng th* ilaxw **f &fir**{l*r:t:
$esslon 4: Experience Growth

Trqnsition Gourse Tvuo: Integrating

the Lqw of Attrsction
In this first course, you have opened four doorways to living
the Law of Attraction: receiving inspiration, forming intention,
taking action, and experiencing growth. Each of these is linked by
something that Jack and Paul call a pathway. The next course-
Elfortless Success: Integrating the Law of Attraction-invites you
to explore four pathways: expanding the self, integrating guidance,
empowering intention, and accessing will. These will drive your
practice of the Law ofAttraction to a whole new level.

The first pathway-expanding the self-takes place naturally and

effortlessly once you release self-limiting doubts, beliefs, and fears.
As you do, you will discover that there's no limit to the joy or love
that can enter your life. You do not have to seek out positive events
and people. They can simply show up at your doorstep.

The master key to expanding yourself is clarifying your life

purpose. You were put on this planet for a reason. If you want to
live a fully engaged and passionate life, then live in alignment with
this purpose. The next session includes exercises for bringing your
pulpose into focus.

To gain full benefit from Course One, remember to listen to your

Paraliminal, meditation, and Fast Finish CDs.

62 * gftortless $r.lceess - ourse 8ne www. [esrning$trctegies,cem