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Espaol 1 Disclosure Statement

Ms. Castaeda

Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish 1! Im excited to be your teacher this semester.
Learning a second language is a great way to connect with others and learn about new
cultures and experiences. Consequently, we will explore Latin American culture, history,
and language while learning Spanish. For this class, I will be using the curriculum
guidelines provided by Granite School District as well as use authentic resources. These
resources may include songs, podcasts, videos (PG and PG-13), and newspapers, etc.

The Core Performance Competencies as stated by the Utah State Board of Education are as
Language Competencies Intercultural Competencies
1. Interpretive Listening (IL) and 4. Investigation of Cultural Products
Reading (IR) and Practices (CPP)
2. Interpersonal Communication (IC) 5. Understanding of Cultural
3. Presentational Speaking (PS) and Perspectives (CP)
Writing (PW) 6. Participation in Cultural
Interaction (CIA)

These are the guidelines I will be using for the class. For more information, please visit:

Classroom Expectations
o All students will be given a composition notebook. Students must bring
the notebook to class everyday as we will add to it and students will be
able to use it as a reference for class projects and assignments.
Hall passes
o Each student will be given 3 hall passes each quarter and they may use
them whenever they wish. If students dont use the hall passes, they may
turn them in for extra credit; each one will be worth 5 points extra credit.
Electronic Devices
o There will be appropriate times in class (which Ms. Castaeda will
indicate) in which students will be able to use electronic devices. Students
will learn how to use their devices to do research or look up word
meanings. If devices are used outside of this indicated time, Ms. Castaeda
will take it to the office and a parent will need to pick it up.
Food and Drink
o Bottled water is allowed; any other type of drink must be sealable.
Students may have food in class as long as they are quiet and clean up after

The following grading scale will be used in this class.

A 93%-100%
A- 90%-93%
B 80%-89%
C 70%-79%
D 60%-69%

Homework will be minimal in this class. It will be given out at the beginning of class.
Students must bring it back completed where it will be collected at the beginning of
class the day it is due. If the homework assignment is turned in later during class, it will
be marked a day late. For every day that it is late, there will be a 10% deduction.

Late/Missing Work
For every day that an assignment is turned in late, 10% is deducted from the overall grade
of the assignment. No late work will be accepted after October 19 (1st quarter), January 6
(2nd quarter), March 17th (3rd quarter), and May 19 (4th quarter). These dates are a week
prior to the end of a quarter. Regardless of this procedure, students should come talk to
Ms. Castaeda before or after school or during lunch to discuss questions about grades
and/or turning in assignments.

Quizzes will be given periodically throughout the term; tests will be minimal. If students
are absent the day of a quiz or test, they have a week to make it up.

Students are to be on time and prepared for class every day once the bell rings. If a
student has an excused absence, they have a week to make up work and turn it in for full
Student participation and collaboration is essential in this class. In order for all students
to fully engage and learn, all students must actively participate in all class activities. At
the beginning of class, all students get 15 points for participation, if they are on time and
prepared. Throughout class time, points are deducted for lack of participation.

Cheating will not be tolerated. If a student is caught cheating on an assignment or quiz,
they will receive a zero and Ms. Castaeda will have a discussion with the them and
their parents.

I believe in creating a safe and inclusive environment where all students can learn and
express themselves in their own way. In order for this happen, there must be an open
communication between Ms. Castaeda, the students and their parents. Please feel free
to contact me through email or phone, or talk to me before or after school and we can
discuss what is on your mind.

I have read and understand Ms. Castaedas expectations.

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