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5.1 Introduction

Each end of the semester students of Mechanical Engineering Department will

make a project group to meet the requirements to earn a diploma in Polytechnic.
Through this project, students will be able to gain knowledge and learn many
techniques and skills. Among them is an orderly and systematic management. Students
will also be more skillful at using hand tools and machines such as welding machines,
grinding machines, drilling machines and many more.

5.2 Discussion

During the process of finishing the project, we have faced several of problems.
Fortunately, we have solved all those problems that come through us. These are those
problems and solutions we did.

1. We need a bending machine to bend a plate metal and put it as mudguards in the
design. The problem were facing here is that Mechanical Engineering
Department of Politeknik Kota Kinabalu dont have any bending machine. We
solve this problem by buying two Yamaha LCs mudguards and put it in the
2. Oxy-acetylene gas is needed in order for us to bend the pipe of the exhaust. As
problem stated in number (1), Mechanical Engineering Department of
Politeknik Kota Kinabalu also didnt own an oxy-acetylene gas for the use. We
overcome this problem by buying a standard exhaust of Kriss MR1 motorcycle
that is perfectly fit into our design.

Other than having problems during the fabrication of project, we also have the
design being tested by Mr. Nasib (General Workers of Rehab Centre, Polytechnic
Commercial Centre Kota Kinabalu). Mr. Nasib has tested the design in a straight way
for about 600 meters and road bends. According to what Mr. Nasib has experienced
during the test, we have concluded that:

1. This design can run through a straight way.

2. This design can run through road bends.
3. Mudguards of the design is not hard enough. Persons with disabilities might
need to lean on the mudguard to support themselves in order to get on the

4. Those wheels are a little bit high from the ground and he dont feel much
comfortable with that.


Nasib with supervisor and project members after the test-run.

5.2 Conclusion

To conclude, planning and implementation of projects important to produce

quality. Thus, the project is made in groups to facilitate the students to do so, besides
making discussion to resolve any problems that may arise. Teamwork is not only able
to assist the students, but it can strengthen good relations between group members and
project supervisor.

Additional wheel (Tri-wheel) is related with Mechanical Engineering field, and

also some subject such as Engineering Design and Computer Aided Design. Therefore,
students are able to practice what they have learned in the module subject.

In completing this project, a collaboration between the group members is very

important because without good cooperation this project could not be completed on
time. In addition, the head of the group also plays an important role to ensure that each
member has a tolerance and perform jobs assigned. Through this, the values can be
applied in each and every member of the group. All weaknesses can be improved by
criticism of the project supervisor, lecture, and fellow member of the group.

5.3 Recommendation

Through this JJ 614 subject, we suggest that this subject should be held at each
institution in Malaysia so that students can learn some practical works.

Through observation we made in the process of completing this project, we have made
some suggestions as improvements and process to repair or prototype update the
existing design. The aim is to design the future better and more effective for
consumers. Among the reform proposals made are:

i. To produce Tri-Wheel that is compatible for all 4-stroke Modenas


Other than that, Mr. Nasib also has voiced his opinion as a suggestion to improve the
design of the Tri-Wheel. This included:

i. To put a stronger mudguard (for each side) so the rider can lean their weight
onto it to get themselves on the motorcycle.
ii. To put an object as a barrier so that rider's feet are not too exposed to the
Tri-Wheel for safety purpose.


Material cost

N List of component Units Cost per Unit Total costs

o (RM) (RM)

1 Angle bar(1.5 inch) 1 22.50 22.50

2 Shaft 2 10.00 20.00

3 Front wheel rim 2 30.00 60.00

4 Front wheel tires 2 15.00 30.00

5 Exhaust 1 50.00 50.00

6 Bearing 4 5.00 20.00

7 Bush 7 6.00 42.00

8 Bolt 4 1.00 4.00

9 Nut 4 0.50 2.00

1 Washer 8 0.50 4.00

1 Bracket 1 10.00 10.00
1 Plate (2x 4) 2 13.00 26.00
1 Mud guard 2 30.00 60.00
1 Screw (8mm) with bolt 2 1.00 2.00
1 Hollow metal pipe 1 38.50 38.50

ACTIVITIES/ WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Senior student registeration sessions in December 2015

Group discussion with the materials

Search and buy materials needed

The process of measuring and cutting the materials

Materials joining process using arc welding

Process of grinding on the project

Finishing work

Submission of fnal draft project to supervisor

Final presentation of the project & JKM open day

Submission of fnal report bound to a supervisor

Gantt Chart Weekly ActivityPlanning Work Planned

Work Performed

CATIA drawing


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