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SMART PLAN Mariah Ulfah

1st Semester Academic Year 2016-2017

Specific Measured Attainable Realistic/Resources Time Frame Target

Knowledge (Learning (How) (Concepts)
(Skills) Outcomes)

1. Social skills: The students By listening attentively, Perspective: BY knowing The whole year Open Minded
Resolving perform profiles, sensitively to others; different roles of
conflict; such as; caring students parents and communities that are very
Listening carefully to and principled. compliments. unique, we should respect
others; Able to deal with Show empathy. each other and be
compromising; parents complain Consult to peers and responsible.
reacting reasonably into great leaders. Source:
to the situation; comments. Making decision based http://www.educationworld
accepting Problem solved, on fairness and equality. .com/ Education World
responsibility no more conflicts. Recognize others point (connecting educators to
appropriately; being Students make of view. what works)
fair. better PYP standard and practice
improvement. Source:
leadership. Reflective

Always Finish report on time. Function:

responsible on Be available in any time As a person I have different
Adopting a
task is assigned. when is needed by the functions in school
variety of group
Able to take leaders. community, such as;
initiative without Do my responsibility in teacher, observer,
asked in needed appropriate manner. facilitator, learner, excul
what behavior is
Act according to the place coordinator.
appropriate in a situation.
appropriately. Source:
given situation and Able to
accomplish the
acting accordingly;
being a leader in target. leadership.
circumstances, a
follower in others.

2. Thinking skills. Able to deliver Read differentiation Form: The whole year Inquirer
Analysis materials, strategy. by discussing and sharing
(especially on facilitate students Attend seminar (read ideas, I could get better
teaching practices) with different some articles related) improvements.
learning style and Making a reflection Source:
abilities. Aljabr Professional
Students development.
behaviors, skills, Source:
attitudes http://www.readingrockets.
developed. org/article/what-
Differentiation differentiated-instruction
applied in class.

3. Self Less complain Identify problem of Source: The whole year Communicator
management skills: from parents and students. How to talk so kids will listen
Codes of colleagues. Record and follow up & listen so kids will talk.
behavior. Classroom parents feedback. (Adele Faber Elaine
Knowing and management Cross check Mazlish). New York
applying well organized. information. bestseller.
appropriate rules or Listen to both sides.
operating Be a good role model. educational-welfare-
procedures of services/information-for-
groups of people. schools-inc-absence-