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Teaching Philosophy

Taylor Cosci

Molloy College



Teaching Philosophy

I would characterize my philosophy of education as an eclectic combination of progressive

ideas and ideas unique to me. My job as a teacher is to recognize every student's potential and help

each student embrace their unique abilities in and out of the classroom. Every student has the ability to

achieve greatness and it is up to me as their teacher to guide students to reach their greatest potentials.

I believe in John Dewey's student-centered classroom which incorporates students' natural

curiosities and focuses helping students integrate old and new knowledge. Students in my social

studies classes will be able to understand the progression of historic events by integrating their prior

knowledge of earlier historical events with newer knowledge of later historical events. Their previous

knowledge will give them the power and confidence to explore new realms and reach their maximum

learning potential.

I will give my students opportunities to critically think by comparatively analyzing

different events in history to ultimately better understand the present. I can accommodate all of my

students by providing a variety of activities from group work to projects, lectures to PowerPoints,

which will help all of my students succeed regardless of their preferred learning style.

As a teacher, I vow to be a lifelong learner. To effectively teach my students about the workings

of our government as well as current events taking place at the local and international levels, I will

keep myself up to date through reading the news, reading articles, watching televised political

broadcasts, and even attending workshops to learn more about my field. I also plan to actively reflect

on my practice through keeping a journal of successful lessons and incorporating observation notes

given to me from my colleagues and administrators.

To conduct an efficient classroom, I believe it is important to collaborate with other teachers,

parents, and the community. I plan to actively engage in an online personalized learning network with

other teachers to share ideas and methods that work in the classroom. I also appreciate the importance

of professional development and plan to work with other teachers and professionals in my field to



enhance my own teaching. Through attending workshops and conferences frequently and sharing my

findings with my colleagues, I can achieve that collaboration. Since I find that students learn just as

much at home as they do in the classroom, and can benefit greatly from a strong teaching partnership

between their parents and teacher, I plan to collaborate with my students' parents through class

newsletters and emailing to ensure that learning is continued beyond the school doors.

As a teacher, my goal is to create a positive learning environment which fosters creativity and

construction of knowledge. I hope to not simply bestow knowledge on my students, but to partake in a

constructivist approach in which I guide students towards forming their own knowledge. I plan to give

my students the tools they will need to become active learners and the confidence they will need to

explore their world. My classroom will be a place in which all students are accepted and wanted, no

matter their needs or abilities. I aim to engage my students in comprehensive and thought-provoking

lessons by including exciting technology and opening constructive, analytical conversations in which

we discover historical events together in light of past units. As a social studies teacher, I wish to spark

my students' interest in our nation's story and provide them with the ability to appreciate the diversity

of cultures that our country and our world is founded on. It is my goal to help my students develop the

same passion for learning that I have and I hope to achieve that for all types of learners through class

discussions, activities, related field trips, and technology.

I understand that I will encounter a diversity of students throughout my career. I will embrace

my students' unique abilities and help them discover their role in the classroom and world. I believe in

helping students maintain their unique identities and create their own destiny. I also find it beneficial to

include a variety of culturally diverse sources in my teaching, and especially as a social studies teacher,

I aim to help diverse students learn about their culture and heritage by emphasizing lessons on their

ethnicities and countries so they can embrace their important role in our amazing nation.