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Subject /Class /Topic Details Reflection

Subject Theme: World of Knowledge

Topic: Yesterday and Today Attendance: __/__
Learning Standards:
3.3.1 Able to create simple texts using a variety of media with guidance: __/___ pupils were
Class (a) non-linear able to achieve the
4 AL FARABI (b) linear objectives.
Objectives:. Pupils should be able to create simple non-linear texts using a variety of
media with guidance:
Time ___/___ of the pupils able
based on teachers guidance
to answer the questions
7.45-8.45 Teaching Aids: Sample of non-linear text
CCE/EE: Contextual Learning
___/___ of the pupils
1. Teacher distributes a sample of non linear text and asks the pupils to read it carefully.
need extra guidance
2.Teacher and pupils read the cards together
3. Pupils are asked to locate the information needed in the text.
4. Teacher divides the pupils in groups and asks them to create a simple non-linear text Teachers action:
based on the sample given.
5.Teacher guides the pupils and encourage them to try
6. Each group paste their text and teacher discusses the pupils product.

Theme: World of Self, Family and Friends Topic: 2. Appreciating Others

Learning Standards: 3.1.2 (a), 3.3.1 Attendance: __/__
English Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able
__/___ pupils were
a. write paragraphs in neat cursive writing with correct sentences
b. create texts using a variety of media with guidance: (b) linear able to achieve the
Class objectives.
Teaching Aids : text book, manila cards, flash cards/ppt ,
6 AL FARABI CCE/EE: Creative, thinking skills.
Activities: ___/___ of the pupils able
1. Teacher displays a card to the pupils. to answer the questions
2. Refer the textbook, elicits and get pupils to respond. correctly
3. Teacher displays flash cards/ppt of thanks appreciation.
4. Teacher explains to pupils when to use the words/ phrases. ___/___ of the pupils
5. Teacher distributes the materials and sample phrases need extra guidance
6. Teacher divides the pupils to group work and making their own card.
7. Pupils rewrite the sample phrases. Teachers action:
8. Class presentation,
9. Class discussion and teacher displays pupils work on the wall.

Subject Theme : World Of Knowledge

Topic : Do the right thing Attendance: __/__
Content Standard :
3.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to form letters and words
__/___ LBI pupils
Class in neat legible print including cursive writing.
Learning Standard : were able to achieve
2 Al Khawarizmi the objectives.
i. Able to write in neat legible print:
Time b) words
8.45-9.45 c) phrases ___/___ of the pupils able
3.1.1 (f), 3.1.2 (a), (b) (LBI) to answer the questions
Objectives : correctly
By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to :
d) write the words in neat legible print handwriting. ___/___ of the pupils
e) write the phrases in neat legible print handwriting. need extra guidance
f) write the letters B and b correctly; and copy and write in neat legible print.
(LBI) Teachers action:
Activities :
g) Teacher demonstrates to pupils on how to write the words.
h) Teacher demonstrates on how to write the phrases to pupils.
i) Teacher asks pupils to write the words and phrases in their activity book.
j) Teacher asks pupils to answer the exercises in their activity book.
k) Teacher drills pupils with the words and phrases.
l) LBI:
a. Pupils recall and recite the poem with guidance.
a. Demonstrate the correct way of writing letters B and b.
b. Complete the exercise on page 6 in the pupils module.
a. Distribute pictures. (Appendix 3)
b. Pupils paste and write the words in their writing exercise book.

Teaching Aids :
Activity book, textbook, chalk and blackboard.

Teaching and learning strategies :

Contextual Learning