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In a journal entitled The Little Doctor: An Innovative Health Education Programme in

Indonesia show that children in elementary school can do everything about general check up
such as vital sign, lungs, heart, blood pressure, teeth examination, and counseling about health to
their friends and teachers. After they do practice to their friends, it can be seen that they can do
such as preventive health care in their social environment.

A general check up such as vital sign as a part of curriculum that have significant impact
to community environment. Research about vital sign show that vital sign better started from
elementary school. Skill about vital sign must taught in school because children are easier to
motivate, easier to study, and easier to get skill.

Vital sign is objective sign that can change every time. Vital sign consists of blood
pressure, respiration, heart rate,and temperature. Vital sign can be an instrument for monitoring
and chain prevention for nurse, doctor to confirm is it right patient sick or not. Rationally,
physiology measurement about vital sign that deviate from normal score will followed by risk
improvement about disease that brings harm to their health. Early detection about vital sign
abnormality can be an opportunity for better situation.