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Lesson / Unit Plan Template for Global Learning Project


Group Name: Isabelle, Ngao, Roxanne
Lesson / Unit Title: Social Studies
Estimated time of lesson: 45-50 minutes

What is the learning goal for your students?

The goal of this lesson is to enrich the knowledge that the students have about South Korea.
The students will be able to research events, put them on a timeline, and present the time line to
the class.

What state adopted academic or content standard(s) are you addressing? (Provide the
name of the standards document, the grade level, the correct numerical citation, and the
text of the standard(s) you select. Add standards from different states if you have group
members from different states.)

Third grade social studies lesson

Sub strand:
Historical Thinking Skills
Understand that historians generally construct chronological narratives to
characterize eras and explain past events and change over time.

What is the learning objective(s) for this lesson/unit? Identify what the students will be
able to do following instruction. Include an action verb (observable behavior), and
criteria for success.

The students will be able to place events on a timeline and present to the class about them that
have taken place during the history of South Korea.

Assessment Plan: What tools/procedures that will be used throughout this unit and each
day/lesson to monitor and measure students learning of the lesson objective(s).
(Multiple and varied assessments should be used in the lesson.) Attach to your lesson
plan any rubrics, checklists or other assessment tools that you will use.
Lesson / Unit Plan Template for Global Learning Project

During this lesson the timelines that the students will be assessed in accordance to the rubric
based on content, creativity, and neatness. The students will also be informally assessed on
how they work in their groups and through questions asked befor they get into groups.

What materials will the teacher use?

Poster board or large pieces of paper for the groups to create the timelines on
Document with websites for the students to use in researching.
Yard sticks for creating straight lines

What materials will students use?

markers/ colored pencils

Plan your teaching steps by addressing What will the teacher do and What will students do.
Provide evidence of scaffolding, linking new content to prior learning, engaging students,
monitoring progress, supporting students so they can use academic language, and transitioning.
Think through each activity and the time it will take. Be specific.

Time What will the teacher do? What will students do?

Open the class up with a discussion on The students will join in the
what is already known about South discussion by providing information
3 min Korea. about what they know or think they
know about South Korea.

10 min Provide the class with general Students will listen and take notes
background information of South Korea about background information about
to give each student a background on South Korea
where korea is, and some things that are
important to the people who live there
(information can be found under the
cultural highlights, current events, and
historical figures tabs)

Split the class into groups and hand out Students will research historical
the list of websites to the groups. The events that happened in south korea
Lesson / Unit Plan Template for Global Learning Project

guidelines and expectations of the through the websites provided by the

20 min project should be explained before the teacher. The students will then put
students start to work on the timelines. the events they chose on a time line,
After the groups have started to work print out pictures for at least half the
walk around and monitor the progress of events and prepare a sentence or
the students. Provide more of less time two about each event to present.
for students to work depending on their

While the students are presenting assess The groups will take turns presenting
the presentation portion of the timelines their projects to the class. They will
based on the rubric. After the lesson be expected to talk about each point
assess the timelines based on the on their timeline. When they are
provided rubric. waiting to present or are done they
15 min will sit and listen to the other groups.
After presenting the groups will turn
the timelines into the teacher.