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R Data Analyst

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Willing to learn Python
as 1st Language

Course Highlights

Govt. of India 3 hrs/week Live Lifetime Access To IIT & IIM Faculty
(Vskills Certified Course) Instructor-Led Online Sessions Updated Content and

15 days of Placement Support Personalised Training Program 24X7 Support On

Project Work Discussion Forum

Weekly Assignments Top Data Analytics Specialize in Industrys Top

Tools covered R, SAS & Python Data Analytics

Course Advisors
Vishal Mishra
CEO & Co-Founder Vishal is a Technology inuencer and CEO of Right Relevance.
(A platform used by millions for content & inuencer discovery)

Manas Garg
Manas Garg heads the Analytics for Marketing at Paypal. Architect
He takes Data Driven Decisions for Marketing Sucess.
Course Instructors

Ajay Ohri has a MBA from Indian Institute of Management Lucknow.

In addition he did graduate courses at University of Tennessee,
Knoxville. He has written multiple books, Articles & Journals on R for
Business Analytics, Python, Approach to Data Science etc.

Lynn has over 25 years of experience in data analysis and problem-solving,

including more than ten years at General Electrics Global Research Center,
where, among many other projects, she did extensive work in anomaly
detection, using large sets of time series data and others.

Course Curriculum
A streamlined range of courses with hands-on-experience to help you learn and implement data analytics
for career or business growth.

Course: Introduction to Data Analytics

What is Data Science? Tools and Techniques in Data Science

Introduction to Data Science Introduction to Tools and Technqiues in Data Science

Introduction to Cloud Computing Lifetime Value Analysis
Introduction to Data Driven Decision Making RFM Analysis
Business Strategy Models
Introduction to git and github

Course: Statistics for Data Analysts

Basic Statistics Advanced Statistics

Course Curriculum
Central Tendency
Central Limit Theorem
Bayes Theorem
Normalization Hypothesis Testing
Course: Introduction to R
Vectors in R
R Base Software, CRAN, Packages Date and Time Values
Interfaces to R, GUIs Handling Missing Values in R
RStudio The IDE Matrices and Data Frames in R
Basics in R Looking at Data in R

Course: Data Analytics using R

Exploratory Data Analysis Data Manipulation

Five Numbers Logical Statements in R
Boxplot Conditional selection using "and", "or" and "ifelse" operator
Hmisc Package Using apply, sapply, lapply in R
Data Manipulation using Data.Table and Dplyr
Using sqldf package

Course: Data Visualisation using R

Concepts in Data Visualization Basic and Advanced Plots. GGPLOT Interactive Plots

Historical Graphs Multiple Graphs, Title, Axes, Labels,

Tufte, Few, Maeda, Color Palletes, vcd, Tableplot,
Grammar of Graphics Googlecharts, Shiny, Rcharts, D3.js

Course: Machine Learning using R

Machine Learning using R ( Part 1) Machine Learning using R ( Part 2)

Covariance and Correlation KMeans Clustering

Regression Analysis Decision Trees
Multicollinearity and Hetroscedasticity in Model Association Analysis
Outliers and VIF Types of Problems and Tasks
Logistic Regression Modelling What is Machine Learning?
Understanding the ROC Curve Features, Models and Design of ML Study -Other Data Mining Methods
Understanding the Confusion Matrix Parameter Tuning

Course: Advanced Data Analytics techniques using R

( Part 1) ( Part 2)
Social Network Analysis
Time Series Analysis
Deep Learning
Text Mining
Neural Networks
Sentiment Analysis

Project 1: Data Manipulation Project (5 days)

Slice and Dice the dataset related to Credit Card Fraud to extract valuable insights

Project 2: Data Visualization Project (5 Days)

Tableau to R

Project 3: Data Mining Project (5 Days)

Use Data Mining technique to do Predictive Analytics on a Mortgage dataset

Duration 13 Weeks

Fee Rs. 29,900+ST

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