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I. Objectives:
1. Identify the figures of speech used in the sentence ( Simile,
Metaphor, and Personification).
2. Construct sentences using different types of figurative language
(Simile, Metaphor, and Personification).
3. Appreciate Mother nature.

II. Subject Matter:

A. Topic: Identifying Figures of Speech ( Simile, Metaphor, and
English For All Times, Reading 6, pp. 144- 147
Fun in English, Reading 6, pp. 136-139
C. Materials: Picture of a cloud, charts, flaglets,
D. Values: Love for nature


A. Preparatory Activities:

Good afternoon class. Good afternoon maam.

Who are absent this ( The pupils will report the
Are you now ready for our
Yes maam.
lesson this afternoon?

1. Stretching Drill
Lip Stretching 16 counts
Tongue Stretching 16 counts ( The pupils will do the
Jaw Stretching 16 counts
stretching ).
Kiss your palm

2. Review:
Before we proceed to our
lesson this afternoon, lets
have a short review of your
previous lesson, about
prepositional phrase.
Again, what is a
A prepositional phrase is a group
prepositional phrase, class?
of words that begins with a
preposition and ends with a noun
or a pronoun which is the object of

Very good.
I have here sentences.
What youre going to do is
to underline the
prepositional phrases, and
draw a circle around each

1. The girl in the red costume The girl in the red costume won first
won first place. place.
2. I came before you did. 2. I came before you did.
3. The stranger disappeared 3. The stranger disappeared
through the woods. through the

4. The boy climbed over the woods.

wall. 4. The boy climbed over the wall.

5. People went out during the 5. People went out during the
intermission. intermission.

3. Unlocking of Difficulties:

I have here a puzzle.

Youre going to fill up the
correct words that will
solve the puzzle. Choose
the words from the box
1. A young sheep. Dawn
3.The beginning of day; the Wilful
first light in the east. Beasts
4.Wanting or taking ones Rills
own way.
6.An animal except man,
especially a four- footed animal.
7.A tiny stream; a little
brook. Meadows
Down: Tears
2. Low grassy land by the Clue
bank of the stream.
5 . Extremely large.
8. Shining; bright; beaming.
9. A drop of salty water
coming from the eyes.
10. Sign or hint.

Yes, maam.
beasts radiant
huge Clouds, birds,etc.....
clues Picture of a cloud.
The cloud is white, soft and
4. Motivation:
Have you looked up the sky beautiful.
this morning, class?
What did you see?
I will show you a picture.
What can you see in the
What can you say about
the picture? How would you
describe a cloud?
I have here a poem
entitled, Clouds.

5. Motive Question:

After reading the poem,

be able to answer this

To what are clouds being Listen attentively.

compared to in the Understand what is being read.
poem? Do not talk with your
B. Developmental Activities:
1. Presentation:

One of your classmate will

read the poem for us.

While your classmate is

reading the poem, what
will you do?


Clouds all like silver lambs

On low green hills,
Feeding on blue meadows
Watered by rills.
Clouds are like snowy dawn
Playing with winds;
Clouds are small, willful clues
With playful minds.

Clouds are huge butterflies

Radiant with rays; Clouds are compared to silver
Clouds are beasts of the wilds
lambs, snowy dawn, small,
On stormy days.
Clouds are the sky giants willful clues, beasts of the
Their tears are rain
wilds, huge butterflies, sky
Dropping on leafy plants
Down the plain. giants.
To a silver lamb.
C. Comprehension Check up: Yes, maam.
Its fur or skin covering is

To what are clouds being white in color.

compared to in the poem? Their colors are both white.

In the first two lines of the

poem, what are clouds
being compared to? To a huge butterfly.
Have you seen a lamb,
How does it look like? They are both colorful and give
What characteristics of a life and beauty to our dull
clouds make them silver
lambs? nature.
Give the similarities of the
clouds and the lamb.
Very good. Clouds are
being compared to a silver
Lambs, dawn, clues, butterflies,
lamb because of its white
color. beasts and giants.

To what are clouds being We compare two things.

compared to in the 9th line We compare two different things.
of the poem?
Figures of Speech.
Why is cloud being
compared to a huge
butterfly? What common
characteristics of a cloud is The comparison between two
also present to a butterfly? unlike things.

2. Discussion:
What are the unlike things
compared to clouds in the
What did we do just a while
Very good. What did we
What do you call to the
comparison made between
two unlike things?

Ok. What is again a figure

of speech?
Alright. A figure of speech
is a group of words that
expresses a comparison
between two unlike objects. Lamb and a dawn.
There are different types of Yes, maam.
figurative language. The word like.
Study the following lines taken
from the poem. The word as.

1. Clouds are like silver

lambs. Simile
2. Clouds are like snowy
3. Clouds are huge It is the comparison of two
butterflies. unlike things with the use of
4. Clouds are beasts of the
wilds. like and as.
5. The cloud is feeding on
the meadow.
6. The cloud is playing with
the winds.
She sings sweetly like a bird.
Her skin is as smooth as silk.
Examine lines 1 and 2.
Clouds are being compared
to what?
No, maam.
Are they unlike/ different
things? Because it is a direct comparison
What word is used to of two unlike things.
compare the two things? Metaphor.
What other words are used
It is a comparison of two unlike
in making a comparison? things without the use of like or
What do you now call to as.
the comparison made in
these lines?
What is a simile?
Very good. Simile is a figure
of speech that expresses a
comparison between two
unlike objects having The sun is a ball of fire.
similar characteristics with
the use of like or as .
Who can give me a
sentence using simile? No, maam.
Because they are nonliving
Examine lines 3 and 4.
Did it use the words like
We human beings.
and as in making a
comparison? Personification.
Why do you think so?
It gives human characteristics
What do you call to the to animals, objects, and ideas.
figures of speech used in
these lines?
What is a metaphor? The leaves swayed gently with
Very good. Metaphor is a
the winds.
figure of speech that
expresses a comparison
between two unlike objects
having similar
characteristics without the
use of like or as .
Anyone who can give me
sentences using Follow instructions correctly.
metaphor? Cooperate and share ideas with
the group.
Examine lines 5 and 6. Do not make unnecessary noise.
Does the cloud has the Finish work on time.
capacity of feeding and
Why not?
Who do you think is the
only one who can do these
What type of figures of
speech is used in these
What is a personification?
Very good. Personification
is a figure of speech that
gives human
characteristics to non-
human things like animal,
objects, and ideas.
Give me now sentences
using personification.
The dictionary is the bankbook
3. Group Activity: that helps us use the words.
To better understand our The clouds are frisky puppies in
lesson this afternoon, we the sky.
will have a group activity.
The wind is a cat that prowls at
I will divide you into three night.
groups. Each group will
select a leader who will
present your output.

Before we proceed to our

group activity, let us
recall the standards for
you to follow while
performing your tasks.
( The teacher will explain Look
the temperature chart in Whispers
following the group
I will only give you ten
minutes to complete your

Group I
Use the following words in
a meaningful sentence
using simile as a figure of
Food, shelter and other basic
1. rainbow
2. flowers
I will not abuse her.
3. star
4. ocean I will throw garbage in the proper
5. birds
I will plant more trees.
Group II I will join campaigns that save
Mother nature.
Copy the sentences that
expresses metaphor.

1. The English language

is like a bankbook
account of a million About figures of speech.
2. The dictionary is the A figure of speech is a
bankbook that helps us group of words that expresses
use the words. a comparison between two
3. The flowers danced unlike objects.
happily with the wind. Simile is a figure of speech
4. The clouds are frisky that expresses a comparison
puppies in the sky.
between two unlike objects
5. The wind is a cat that
prowls at night. with the use of like or as
Group III Metaphor is a figure of
Tell what human speech that expresses a
characteristics do these comparison between two
sentences have. unlike objects without the
use of like or as .
1. The stars look down
Personification is a figure of
at the little Baby in the
manger. speech that gives human
2. The brook whispers characteristics to non-human
softly as it touches the things.
river banks.
3. The cool wind gently
kissed the flowers.
4. The leaves bow down
their heads.
5. The tall trees stood
mightily against the
howling winds.

(Presentation of the group

( Corresponding clap with
the group).

4. Value Integration:
What could we get from
Mother nature?
As a grade six pupil, how
could you show your love Clap
with her?

Thats nice to hear from Whistle


5. Generalization:
What have you learned this
afternoon,class? Stump
Again, what is a figure of

How about its types?



Very good children. It

seems that you really
learned from our discussion
this afternoon.

C. Post Activity: Red flaglet

1. Application:
I will read lines from
poems. Youre going to clap
your hands if the figures of
speech mentioned is a
simile; you will stump your Yellow flaglet
feet if it is a metaphor and
whistle if it is a
Are you now ready,

Zooming across the sky,

Like a great bird you fly,
Airplane Red flaglet
Silvery white
In the light.
Little sampaguita
With the wondering eye,
Did a tiny fairy Blue flaglet
Drop you where you lie?

The sun is an orange

Yellow flaglet
sailing across a calm sea.
It is a gold coin
dropped down a drain in

The moon, like a flower

In heavens high bower
With silent delight
Sits and smiles in the

Clouds are angry

With a water hose.
They can make me cold
and wet
They can plug my nose.

2. Enrichment Activities:
I have here another sets of
lines from a poem. Identify
whether the lines expressed
simile, by raising red flaglet,
metaphor by raising blue
flaglet, and personification by
raising a yellow flaglet.
Gentle as a feather
Softer than snow
Quiet as a cat
The evening breeze.

The candles screamed

with fury.
Her tears trickled down
her face.
With figure slumped,
She slowly dwindled into

Clouds are like waves

Rolling into the skys
blue cave.

The turtle is a tidy boy!

When he is tired of play,
He folds himself
And puts himself away.

The night was creeping

on the ground!
She crept and did not
make a sound.

IV. Evaluation:
Identify the figures of speech used in the sentences,whether it is
simile, metaphor or personification.

1. The bamboo trees swayed from left to right.

2. Her face is like a garden full of flowers.
3.The rich fields were the farmers treasure.
4. The stream was like a silver ribbon over the green plains.
5. The fat comedian is as plump as a pillow.
6. The north wind swings his whistling whip.
7. The traffic jam was a sea of metal.
8. The baby is as meek as a lamb.
9. The sun is a ball of fire.
10. The leaves whisper their secrets to one another.

V. Assignment:
Copy the sentences below. Identify the figures of speech used in the
sentence. Write S for simile, M for metaphor and P for personification.

1. His lips were as white as vinegar when he broke her moms

favorite vase.
2. The infants smile was a ray of sunshine to the whole family.
3. The moon faithfully controls the tides ebb and flow.
4. The contestant was a nervous butterfly o n the stage.
5. Her hair shines like twinkling stars in the night.

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