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Any correction to how society was shaping was lost to the neo-cons urge to conquer the

world instead. So, the white mainstream remained unattended and gradually
disenfranchised even during the Republican years. The sense of the white majority of
being outpaced thus had entrenched, finally erupting into an expressive frustration.

It is interesting that despite how Trump was framed during the campaign by the
mainstream media and denigrated for lack of stability in his thought and person, and
closeted in the corner of the white, rural American only, he was rewarded for his fortitude
in the face of such diminutiveness by an exemplary turn-out by those who supported him
in the belief that he will win back their US for them. If that tells you what is likely to
happen within the US, you are right to being highly circumspect of your own future if
you did not belong in that class. Remember, Trump promised to keep the Mexicans and
the Muslims out even if it meant building walls.

What would have been Barack Obamas legacy too is under threat. Obama had four
major policy areas of attention and initiation that he hoped will become his lasting
memory. Every American president will have international peace and security as his top
concern. Obama had to deal with the flashpoints of his era. He may not have wanted to,
and that got exhibited in how he engaged with the issues of Iraq and Syria cautious,
careful and defensive but he had to fight the wars that had been initiated by his

The reluctance was obvious, and he did not make significant gains in bringing those to an
early closure. Trump, for sure, will aim to bring the foreign diversions to an end. For this
his focus will be on doubling the effort in Syria and Iraq to achieve the aim. So yes,
greater intensity, more bloodshed and greater US involvement than what has let these
wars fester for so long. It just might work well for world peace.

International trade accompanies international peace; that is why peace is sought. Obama
used trade to forge alliances in pursuit of geopolitical interests. The Trans Pacific Trade
Agreement during his time was meant to broaden and reinforce a security alliance against
China. Otherwise, he mostly stuck to what had already been signed, like Nafta. Most of
Obamas time went in tending to wars while recovering from a debilitating economic
recession. He could not forge major initiatives on the economic front. Yet his single most
achievement was recovering a recessed economy in 2008 and moving it forward.
Bedevilled by such existential challenges, he rarely had the time or the opportunity to
bring rapid improvements to the lives of the people across the board.

Obamas policies tended to be inclusive. Obamacare is likely the first to be axed by

Trump to cut down on social security expense by the government. Trump will either
cancel or renegotiate most trade agreements that have been in vogue over the decades.
That should instil a sure wariness among most of Americas trading partners and the
larger corporate world. China should be rightly worried about what the future holds. The
World Trade Order may be in for some serious jolts. Most stock exchanges will need time
to adjust.
The two other global initiatives that President Obama enforced dealt with climate
change and nuclear proliferation. He got awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition
of his initiative to bring the world nuclear order under some regulation to mitigate the
possibility of proliferation. On both counts, these run contrary to Trumps world view.
Though Trump will hardly be cavalier on the nuclear issue as he deals with it in earnest,
climate change to him is a typically liberalist undertaking overblown to keep the US
lagging in economic growth.

Trump is likely to flaunt his military strength in consonance with the US nuclear power
to lever its uncontested status as worlds sole superpower. Trumps America will thus be
more assertive and less defensive. He will use such influence to forge a different order
rewriting the rules of global business in Americas favour. Re-industrialisation of the
American economy may be on the cards. That will bring jobs back to rural America, but
the world instead of moving forward will have moved backward.

This is the moment of Brexit Plus Plus, as Trump calls it. The Right nationalist
movements in Europe are overjoyed at Trumps victory. They all plan to win their
countries back from those originally not from there. The larger global village may not be
so anymore. But there will be one imperative: the imperative of markets which will test
the limits of Trumps cavalierism.

What he might make in the US while producing growth will need to be marketed. That
will bind him to the international market and subdue his instinct to shun others. That may
be the only saving grace in protecting this worlds internationalism and free trade. Any
wall that he might build will necessarily have to have very large windows. That doesnt
promise a smooth ride, but a ride it can still be.