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Name:- Phone:-

Address:- Fax:-

Email Id:-

Applying on behalf of Existi Prop Firm/Compa

ng osed ny
Prop Partn Priva Public ltd
rietary ership te ltd
If existing Name of Organization:

Nature of Activity / Business (in brief):

FY 2011-12 FY 2012 - 13 FY 2013 - 14

Annual turnover (in lacs): ____________ ____________ ____________
Profit (in lacs): ____________ ____________ ____________

Office Address : Phone:-


Email Id:-
Details of Years of Qualification Age
Proprietor/Partners/Directors: Professional /
Name Business

Please tick the line of business(es)/professions you are currently involved in:
Marketing Education & Training Manufacturing
Distributors Consultancy Maintenance
Trading Financial Service Other ___________________
Export IT / ITES / BPO
Experience in activities related to Education & training industry.

Give details of your strength that will help you in running the Edubridge.
(Please attach brochures, financial statements, newspaper cutting, etc. to support your resuming)
Give details of your proposed location / space

City / Town :

Locality : Space available (sq.ft.) :

What are the advantages of this location :

What is your business expectation from a Edubridge:

Year 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year

Annual turnover (in lacs): ____________ ____________ ____________
Profit (in lacs): ____________ ____________ ____________

Give details of your source of financing this project

% of total
from own source ___________
from private ___________
from bank loan ___________
others ___________

Note :
Please send this form completely filled along with a copy of your financial projections as per
the format given in the project worksheet sent along with our proposal. Enclosing a
processing fee of Rs.1, 000/- in the form of D.D in favor of Edubridge Learning Private

D.D. No. _____________ Date. ____________ Drawn on __________________

_____________ _______________________
Date Signature (with seal)

For Office use only

Justification from BD / Executive : (Please attach a separate sheet, if required)

Recommendation from the BD / Manager: (Please attach a separate sheet, if necessary)

Approvals :

_________________ ____________________ _____________________ _______________

Zonal Manager VP- F&A VP- Sales & Marketing CEO / MD

Project Worksheet
(For the First / second / third Year)
(To be filled by the applicant and submitted along with the Application Form)

o Franchise Fee & Deposit ______________
o Working Capital ______________
o Installation
General Interiors ______________
Computers ______________
Class Room ______________
Exteriors ______________

o Short term Courses ______________
o Career Courses ______________
o Skill enhancement ______________

o Rent for Premises ______________
o Salaries & Wages ______________
o Stationary ______________
o Advertising & Publicity ______________
o Electricity ______________
o Communication ______________
o Travel ______________
o Maintenance ______________
o Others ______________

Profit before Depreciation, Interest & Tax

Interest & Bank Charges ______________
Depreciation ______________

Profit before Tax ______________

Provision for Income Tax ______________

Net Profit ______________

Add Depreciation ______________

Available for Appropriation ______________